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Read-Alikes for ‘The White Lady’ by Jacqueline Winspear | LibraryReads

Display Shelf | Short SFF Reads


Saved by the Texas Cowboy

Best for fans of this author and of the Harlequin Romantic Suspense titles.

Colton’s Undercover Seduction

With a nonsensical reason for their undercover assignment and plot twists that are obvious from the beginning, reading the latest installment in this series is far more frustrating than it is entertaining.

Baby Surprise in Costa Rica

Part surprise pregnancy and part second-chance romance, this love story will leave readers glowing from the undeniable attraction between the two, as well as the Costa Rican climate in Pembroke’s second “Dream Destinations” book, after Their Icelandic Marriage Reunion.

Pas de Don’t

A sexy, smoldering romance that pulls back the curtain on the world of ballet and deftly portrays the ambition, drive, and passion of those who live and work in it.

Off-Limits Fling with the Billionaire

The tension between Cassandra and Matheo is palpable and makes for an enticing, steamy read from Merchant (Their Wildest Safari Dream). Readers are sure to devour this in one sitting.

Casing the Copycat

Helm delivers a suspenseful story that is full of romance and adventure, and readers will be eager to continue their way through this series (whose previous installment was Shot in the Dark).

Ozarks Missing Person

Wells (Trial in the Backwoods) delivers a well plotted mystery along with the romance in this new series.

Riding Shotgun

Han delivers a top-notch romantic mystery in book two of this series about a ranching family in Cider Creek, TX (following Rescued by the Rancher).

Wyoming Mountain Hostage

Rushdan delivers a fresh, suspenseful story with deep character development and sexy dialogue. While part of a series (a sequel to Wyoming Christmas Stalker), this can be read as a stand-alone.


Like the scent of chlorine on one’s skin, this not-to-be-missed debut novel lingers.

The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn

Logan’s debut novel will appeal to listeners who enjoy detailed settings and character growth, but those seeking strong mystery or suspense may want to look elsewhere.

Fiji Escape with Her Boss

Lewis’s latest, after Billionaire’s Snowbound Marriage Reunion, is a solid first-tier purchase for library romance collections, especially where contemporary romances are popular.

Hunted on the Bay

Fans of Williams’s “Fairhope, Alabama” series, part of the now-defunct Superromance line, will likely appreciate seeing favorite characters and places once again.

Jana Goes Wild

This satisfying second-chance romance offers a big-hearted, clear-eyed examination of parenting and rekindling of old flames.

His Accidentally Pregnant Princess

A solid contemporary romance from Faye (Second Chance with the Bridesmaid) that will appeal to readers of royal romances.

The Strange Inheritance of Leah Fern

Although some listeners may wish for more momentum to carry the story along, Chin’s touching tale speaks to the enduring bonds of family and community. Recommended for fans of Aimee Bender’s The Butterfly Lampshade or Therese Walsh’s The Moon Sisters.

The Bounty Hunter’s Baby Search

Best for loyal readers of this series.

Crime Scene Connection

Readers will be quickly enthralled in the mystery of this story.

Multiverses: An Anthology of Alternate Realities

The collection’s wide range of international authors means it has something to offer everyone. Recommended for libraries with strong SFF collections and readers who enjoy short fiction.

Over Her Dead Body

Written with suspense, romance, and mystery, this is an excellent addition to Severn’s “Defenders of Battle Mountain” series (following Presumed Dead).

The Sister Effect

Mallery (The Boardwalk Bookshop) knows that happy endings never disappoint. Contemporary fiction and romance readers will love the drama of Jericho’s and Finley’s lives.

Read-Alikes for ‘I Will Find You’ by Harlan Coben | LibraryReads


This Bird Has Flown

The characters in Hoffs’s sexy, fun debut are relatable, and their struggles feel real. It shows readers that celebrities and musicians, regardless of fame and fortune, have relatable problems.

The Home for Wayward Girls

Readers will sympathize with the characters, thanks to Bradley’s writing abilities and subject choice. Homes for “wayward teens” remain a contemporary issue today. Recommended for YA and adult fiction collections.

You Shouldn’t Have Come Here

For diehard fans of Rose’s (One of Us Is Dead) novels and fans of romantic thrillers with not so many thrills.

Night Flight to Paris

Black always delivers a great story featuring strong women. Buckle up and start turning the pages.

Murder Under a Red Moon: A 1920s Bangalore Mystery

Offering this one to fans of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is a no-brainer, but cozy mystery readers will also find much to love in the adventures of the indomitable detective.

Read-Alikes for ‘Pineapple Street’ by Jenny Jackson | LibraryReads

Trends in Crime Fiction | 70+ Titles To Add to the Collection

LJ Talks Mystery Mash-Ups with Novelist Valerie Wilson Wesley


The Twyford Code

Puzzle fans will undoubtedly enjoy Hallett’s bighearted thriller. While listeners’ opportunity to solve the code is somewhat lost in the audio version, Judd’s exhilarating performance more than makes up for it.

The Wrong Good Deed

A huge swing and a miss. Libraries and readers should skip this one.

Quest for Kimchi

Some readers may be distracted by the frequent use of parentheses and quotation marks to infer sarcasm. Fans of young-adult fiction might find this title to be a good transition piece to adult fiction.


Fans of Madeline Miller, Jennifer Saint, and Natalie Haynes will enjoy this sweeping tale. This feminist retelling would be an excellent addition to any Greek myth collection.


An affecting, expressively told tale of a woman whose illness teaches her many wonderful things. Share with fans of Emma Straub and Rebecca Serle.

The Levee

This novella will grab listeners from the first moment and keep them guessing until the last.

Marigold and Rose: A Fiction

Though this work is as tiny as its infant narrators, the audio brings a perspective not often found, and by an award-winning wordsmith full of interesting ideas. Recommended for libraries with patrons who appreciate poetry.

A History of Fear

Riveting literary horror superbly realized in audio, highlighted by narrator Graham Halstead, who effectively conveys Hale’s disintegrating mental state. Narrators Toni Frutin, Shiromi Arserio, Jennifer Aquino, and Gary Tiedemann further enhance the audio by giving voice to reporters, interviewees, and medical personnel.

The Furrows

This slippery book twists and turns on itself in beautiful but confounding ways, blurring boundaries between truth and perception, reality and memory. Share with fans of Onyi Nwabineli’s Someday, Maybe.

How To Sell a Haunted House

Hendrix is poised to be one of the greats of horror fiction, and libraries will want to put this audio at the top of their lists. A must-add for any horror collection.

The Blue Window

Berne’s novel expertly highlights the internal struggles and effects of long-standing emotional trauma. A great selection for book clubs and lovers of drama, psychology, and family relationships.


This early work of Crouch, only recently brought to life as an audiobook, is ultimately a tale of how humanity, under the right circumstances, can become very inhumane.

No One Left To Come Looking for You

Spinal Tap fans will enjoy this Gen X romp, but the audio does not elevate the story, making this an optional purchase for most libraries.

Windswept Way

Hannon, who has long been viewed as a successful writer of Christian thrillers, proves she can excel in the contemporary-romance genre as well.

After the Shadows

Cabot (The Spark of Love) is becoming a must-buy. Her sensitivity and realistic portrayal of characters often on the margins of history really shine in this new historical series, which includes a child with Down syndrome, a domestic-abuse survivor, and a family impacted by suicide. Read-alikes can be found in the works of Melanie Dobson, Ann H. Gabhart, and Tamera Alexander.

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau

Wright (The Premonition at Withers Farm) pens another delightfully creepy tale where nothing is quite as it seems and characters seek freedom from nightmares both real and imagined.

The Words We Lost

Deese (All That It Takes) is a master wordsmith, deftly weaving a story that readers won’t be able to put down. This latest book has crossover appeal for fans of contemporary romance seeking realistic and endearing characters.

The Year of Jubilee

In her adult fiction debut (a semi-autobiographical novel), singer/songwriter Morgan (How Could I Ask for More: Stories of Blessings, Battles, and Beauty) highlights the hardscrabble life of the 1960s working poor. Fans of classic coming-of-age stories such as To Kill a Mockingbird or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn will enjoy this unflinching tale of an American family longing for a “Year of Jubilee,” where debts are forgiven and captives are set free.

The Insatiable Volt Sisters

Twists and turns keep readers riveted through the entire novel, and the ending will stick with them for days. Fans of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House will appreciate it.

The Wishing Pool and Other Stories

These stories come together to create an excellent jumping-off point for discovering Due’s body of work.


A wild romp that will appeal to readers who like their horror tinted with a little wry humor.

The Marigold

Sullivan’s story blends body horror, urban dystopia, and eco-horror into a unique tale about the high price of progress.

The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies

Fans of Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels will savor this mystery from “Dark Days Club” series author Goodman. Well-developed characters, a touch of romance, and cases involving social issues of the period enhance the experience.

What Have We Done

This is perfect for fans of suspenseful thrillers such as those by Riley Sager.

Code of the Hills

The writing in the follow-up to Shifty’s Boys is as beautifully descriptive of the scenes in Detroit as in the Kentucky hills. Offutt’s Mick Hardin novels are powerful books that feature characters with questionable ethics.

Dark Angel

While the Russia/Ukraine hacking scheme already seems historical, the second Letty Davenport thriller (after The Investigator) will satisfy Sandford’s numerous readers, with its high-octane action and gallows humor.

The Ghost Goes to the Dogs

The ninth “Haunted Bookshop” mystery (following The Ghost and the Stolen Tears) is a little scattershot in the solution, but it will appeal to Jack’s fans.

Hard Rain

The slow-paced, atmospheric sequel to the Tony Hillerman Award–winning Pay Dirt Road will appeal to fans of Marcie R. Rendon’s Sinister Graves, in which another young female PI searches for answers after a flood.


Give this one to suspense readers eager for a different kind of thriller, as well as fans of survival fiction.

Vivianna Valentine Goes Up the River

Some questions are never fully answered in Edwards’s sequel to Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man. Sexist male attitudes toward working women are on full display in this 1950s period piece, which might only appeal to fans of the earlier book.

Murder Visits a French Village

The quirky village residents make this an appealing series debut. Characters from Shea’s “French Village Murder” series also appear in this book, but that does not detract from the storyline. Recommended for those who enjoyed the author’s previous series and for fans of M.L. Longworth, Martin Walker, and Serena Kent.

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Stolen Necklace

A streetwise Italian Miss Marple is a shrewd amateur sleuth in this atmospheric series installment (following Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride) that leaves a hint of more Nonna Maria mysteries to come.

The Last Songbird

This debut mystery has a good storyline with adequate characters. However, a plot digression and Adam’s amateurish song lyrics sprinkled throughout mar its even flow. Still, worth the read.

The Body in the Web

The 26th Faith Fairchild mystery (after The Body in the Wake) is fresh and remarkable in its ability to bring back memories of the day-to-day aspects of living through COVID. The reader and the victim are both trapped in a web in this skillful combination of mystery and pandemic story.

The End of the Road

The viewpoints of Pryor, J.P., and Penny are featured, but it’s single-minded Penny who stands out. The author of the Andy Hayes mysteries separates his gritty rural noir from other thrillers by featuring a woman who isn’t a cop or detective as she tracks the villain in this violent novel.

The Last Remains

As Griffiths teases on her Twitter feed, this is the last Ruth Galloway book “for now.” The novel has a nostalgic feel, and readers will feel satisfied with how things are wrapped up.

The Chateau

While the plot in this novel from Goldis (When We Were Young) is unique, it is slow-paced and filled with clichés and unlikable characters. Avid mystery and suspense readers will be able to predict the ending, but some readers will enjoy the twists and turns.

First Position

This story of dreams, disappointments, and determination has lots of varied and explicit sex scenes. For libraries looking to build their erotic fiction collections.

The Audrey Hepburn Estate

Janowitz’s (The Grace Kelly Dress) crisply written novel, inspired by the Audrey Hepburn film Sabrina, provides swift twists and turns. The author also ties in neat historical details about Hepburn’s life, making this a fun read for those who like historical fiction.

The Half of It

Best-seller Fay (Catch Us When We Fall) presents a touching story of friendship, love, and forgiveness with relatable characters managing the emotional challenges of daily life. Fans of Anna Quindlen who enjoy expressive stories of human connection will enjoy this novel.

Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl

Gloria is a likable protagonist who makes bad decisions due to her unresolved guilt over her family’s past. Readers will enjoy rooting for her to find her happy ending in this highly recommended read.


Appiah’s storytelling is heartrending, with a sharp insight that few have dared attempt.

Silver Alert

Readers who love a quirky story filled with beguiling characters will enjoy Smith’s road-trip novel.

Banyan Moon

Readers who savor many unexpected twists and a surprising conclusion will be rewarded.

Hotel Laguna

Harrison’s third historical (after The Show Girl) is a fascinating story that would benefit from further explorations of her characters’ motives. In the end, it is Laguna Beach itself that becomes the protagonist, thus the novel will appeal mostly to people who love this region and reading about the immediate postwar era.

The Radcliffe Ladies’ Reading Club

Thomas’s (For Those Who Are Lost) novel is a great choice for book clubs and will include a reader’s guide and interview with the author.

The Retreat

Raheem’s story is lively and funny, and readers will feel like cheering on lovable Nadia as she takes desperate measures to save her marriage and find peace.

A Dress of Violet Taffeta

Fans of fashion, historical fiction, and women’s history will especially appreciate this novel. Share with those who enjoy the works of Marie Benedict and Jennifer Chiaverini.

Mad Honey

This gripping story has elements of great courtroom drama and incorporates social issues that have lately been at the forefront of public discussion. Expect high patron demand.

The Family Izquierdo

A glorious and sprawling tale of a family living close to the border, perfect for fans of Luis Alberto Urrea’s The House of Broken Angels.

The Chinese Groove

An enjoyable new-immigrant story that adds a fresh perspective to the genre. For fans of Jean Kwok, Lisa Ko, and Lyn Liao Butler.

One Woman’s War: A Novel of the Real Miss Moneypenny

Wells’s well-written and enthusiastically narrated novel is a winner. Share with fans of Jennifer Chiaverini and Beatriz Williams.

The Secret of Elephants

Devar’s performance of this riveting, cross-continental, generational family saga, with its sharp explorations of class, income, and gender inequality, should make Tailor’s debut a hit with armchair travelers as well as contemporary-fiction fans.

The Vibrant Years

Recommended where stand-alone contemporary romances are popular, with some production reservations.

The House in the Orchard

Gothic fans should enjoy this atmospheric historical tale, with Porter’s measured narration heightening the tension and instability in the slowly developing saga, full of richly drawn, marvelously unreliable characters.

New York Stories, Vol. 1

Recommended for libraries refreshing their audio classics.

The Passenger

This latest from literary giant McCarthy lives up to the hype and is a must-add to any collection.

The Full Catastrophe

This tender and affirming audio is a must-listen. Recommend to listeners who enjoyed Douglas Stewart’s Shuggie Bain and Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex.

Tell Me I’m Worthless

This book’s haunted house doesn’t stop at a few creaky floorboards, cold spots, and moans that could be dismissed as caused by the wind. Rumfitt’s house forces its victims (and listeners as well) to confront the horrors just outside their windows.

Nights of Plague

Ghazalla’s soothing voice will draw listeners into this captivating story. While set in a very different era, this is a timely listen in the ongoing age of COVID.

The Bandit Queens

From beginning to end, Nankani inhabits characters of all genders, castes, and faiths and applies impeccable comic timing for a funny, dramatic experience with broad appeal. Highly recommended for all public libraries.

The Hero of This Book

A surprising and thought-provoking audio, narrated with genuine emotion. Listeners won’t want to miss this tale of a heroic mother who raised an amazing writer.

The Picture Bride

This sensitive production will transport listeners into the past. Share with fans of Min Jin Lee and Lisa See.

The Frederick Sisters Are Living the Dream

Zusy’s casual writing style and talent for dialogue are perfectly realized in audio. An outstanding production that may be even better than the physical book.

The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone

Listening to these gentle souls orbit each other as they solve the mysteries around their homes is a salve to the heart.


Goodman’s affecting character development makes this a heartrending portrait of adolescence, studded with moments of joy and hope for the future. Recently selected for Jenna Bush Hager’s book club, this is a must-add to any collection.

Such a Pretty Girl

Greenwood’s (Keeping Lucy) latest is a troubling look into the bohemian lifestyles of artists and actors in 1970s New York. Suggest to historical-fiction readers and fans of Tessa Hadley, Janelle Brown, and Ashley Audrain.

The Circus Train

Though set during the Holocaust, this uplifting and sensitive story offers a heartwarming look into the lives of two young people. Perfect for fans of Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus.

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