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From Atwood to See: Barbara’s Picks, Mar. 2019, Pt. 2 | Prepub Alert

Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale in graphic format, Claudia Rankine’s first published play, Anuradha Bhagwati’s story of founding the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN), plus Eggers, See, and more.

History, True Crime, & the Law: Nonfiction Previews, Mar. 2019, Pt. 2 | Prepub Alert

From Roman emperors to FDR’s advisors during World War II to mid-1800s London crime and Lizzie Borden’s trial.

23 Essential Thrillers: Fiction Previews, Mar. 2019, Pt. 2 | Prepub Alert

Good, old-fashioned thrillers from Berry, Box, Coulter, and more, plus a Patterson stand-alone and lots of domestic suspense.

Greg Grandin, Ali Smith, G. Willow Wilson, & More: Barbara's Picks, Mar. 2019, Pt. 1 | Prepub Alert

March 2019 promises to be a big month with big titles. Here, check out fiction from Peter Heller, Ali Smith, and David Vann, fantasy from G. Willow Wilson, a graphic memoir from Mira Jacob, and nonfiction ranging from American mythologizing to two Harlem Renaissance greats to Christopher Columbus's son, who built a great library.

The World Today: Nonfiction Previews, Mar. 2019, Pt. 1 | Prepub Alert

From Red State LGBTers and unhidden racial bias to the importance of diplomacy and women working together, important stories for the world today.

From Black Souls to Black and Blue: Mystery Previews, Mar.  2019, Pt. 1 | Prepub Alert

Here you'll find favorite mystery authors from Emily Brightwell to David Rosenfelt, but check out surprises like Gioacchino Criaco's Black Souls, an international hit, and S.C. Perkins's Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery winner.

Choo, Doten, Kimberling, Luiselli, Mathews, Wang: Barbara's Picks, Feb. 2019, Pt. 5 | Prepub Alert

A half-dozen rising stars, from Mark Doten and Valeria Luiselli to Brendan Mathews and Esmé Weijun Wang, make their apearance in February 2019.

Arts, Wellness, & Putin's Footsteps: Last of the Nonfiction Previews, Feb. 2019, Pt. 5 | Prepub Alert

Joining with essays by Janet Malcolm and Russian studies by Khrushchev's great-grand daughter, film analyses and taking care of body and soul.

Women's Fiction, SF, & Fantasy: Pop Fiction Previews, Feb. 2019, Pt. 5 | Prepub Alert

Among the top pop fiction news: Hugo and Nebula award winner Leckie offers her first fantasy, and Renée Knight, who triumphed with the recent Disclaimer, returns with edgy women's fiction.
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