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They Drown Our Daughters

The novel takes a while to untangle the mystery, but its themes of familial bonds and generational curses, along with its overall spooky atmosphere, should keep readers hooked until the end.

Howls from the Dark Ages: An Anthology of Medieval Horror

With an overarching theme of a quaint museum visit and an introduction by medieval horror writer Christopher Buehlman, this is a delightfully terrifying trip through history.

Baghdad Blues: A Novel of the Iraq War

Kierkegaard is an imperfect hero, an efficient soldier who bridles at the bumbling orders of high command. Fans of the movies Jarhead and Full Metal Jacket will appreciate the journey Kierkegaard is on.

Bet on It

An excellent read full of heart, sass, and steam that’s perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey and Jasmine Guillory.

The Messy Lives of Book People

A chair on the sand or a window seat near a fireplace would be the perfect venue to soak in this simply delightful read.

Ashton Hall

With a strong sense of place and thorough research, this novel is a celebration of the academic work that goes into uncovering historical puzzles. For lovers of libraries and Tudor history.

Lady of Bones

Fans of the series will welcome another visit with Sarah Booth and the other quirky characters. So will fans of Southern-based sleuths. This fast-paced book, with its well-developed plot, will keep readers turning pages and following the action.

What a Match

This book is a sequel to Make a Scene but stands alone well. While it’s relatively short, it’s also somewhat slowly paced; romance readers who appreciate a steady journey from slightly oblivious friends to lovers will be its ideal match.

Read-Alikes for ‘Something Wilder’ by Christina Lauren | LibraryReads

The Immortal King Rao

Highly recommended for readers of climate fiction, social engineering sf, and dystopian catastrophe novels.

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

A fine historical romance full of wit and banter. Recommended as a read-alike for Julia Quinn’s “Bridgerton” series or Mimi Matthews’s The Siren of Sussex.

Read-Alikes for ‘The Summer Place’ by Jennifer Weiner | LibraryReads

Drunk on All Your Strange New Words

Fans of John Scalzi’s Lock In and Brandon Sanderson’s Legion will be enthralled with this deft blend of murder mystery and science fiction. In the end, the motives for the crime are all too human, while the means, methods, and opportunities are all firmly part of this futuristic setting. Highly recommended.

The Lies I Tell

This follow-up to Clark’s previous thriller, The Last Flight, will twist readers through an intricate, domestic thriller as the two women’s lies unravel. Perfect for fans of Kimberley Belle, Alice Feeney, and Michael Robotham.

The Resistance Girl

Robotham brings a lesser-known chapter of World War II to life with heart-pounding close calls and heartbreaking captures. The personal stories, set against the backdrop of an event that changes the world, allow readers to see the effect of the war beyond battles. Fans of Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale will enjoy this book.

The Scent of Burnt Flowers

This story has magic, political conspiracy, and romance, along with the historical elements of the U.S. civil rights movement and Ghanian colonization. It will appeal to readers of many genres who enjoy an eccentric cast of characters in a vibrant historical setting.

A New Clan

The large cast of characters and multiple points of view might be off-putting to those who want to spend all their time with Stephanie and Climbs Quickly, but the story flows smoothly, the already remarkably established world holds wide appeal, and there is plenty of fast-paced drama and trauma. All fans of this crossover YA series will appreciate the ongoing bonds between the humans and treecats.

The Summer Place

This highly recommended novel, with its well-written characters who revisit their pasts and reconnect with the present, illustrates exactly why Weiner is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to summer reads.

The Lunar Housewife

Woods (Fraulein M) intersperses chapters from Louise’s manuscript throughout her story, giving readers a clear view of how subversive her thoughts and beliefs are. An engrossing tale of a talented young woman longing to break free from the restrictive gender roles of the 1950s; ideal for fans of Anna Pitoniak and Suzanne Rindell.

My Wife Is Missing

Fans of psychological suspense will not be disappointed in this entertaining, fast-paced, and highly addictive page-turner.

Read-Alikes for ‘Book Lovers’ by Emily Henry | LibraryReads


To Get to the Other Side

This gentle contemporary romance has a unique close-proximity story line. Unfortunately, the writing style is primarily exposition and fails to draw in readers. Bear and Trixie are quirky and likable, but they remain flat characters and their interactions lack chemistry. Overall, the premise promises more than the novel is able to deliver.

Dangerous Consequences

The latest in Booth’s Hank Worth series (following Fatal Divisions) balances well-developed characters and dry humor with a solid police procedural. Readers who appreciate the teamwork in Steven F. Havill’s “Posadas County” books or Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder mysteries should catch up with the sheriff’s department in Branson.

The Woman in the Library

Ned Kelly Award winner Gentill (Crossing the Lines) presents a complex, riveting story within a story. The fictional story of an author writing about another writer with messy, complicated friendships and suspicion is an innovative literary mystery.

Other Birds

Languid and peaceful, gentle and comforting, Allen’s newest showcases her talent for tender stories of near magic. Her fans will be lining up for this.

Death Casts a Shadow

Skalka gives her readers a satisfying mystery with all the quirky residents of the peninsula and nicely wraps up loose ends from earlier books in the series. Fans of atmospheric locations and quirky characters will want to give this one a try.

The Men

Intriguing, but will be most appealing to readers with a high tolerance for the unresolved.

Dele Weds Destiny

The intricacies of female friendships and the complex nature of mother/daughter relationships are at the heart of this absorbing novel from BuzzFeed culture editor Obaro, a sharp new voice on the literary scene.

Voices in the Dead House

Lock captures the strong personalities of Whitman and Alcott without glossing over their flaws in this fascinating snapshot of history.

Adult Assembly Required

Not Waxman’s best effort, but fans of light romance with a bit of serious stuff mixed in might enjoy it.

The 13th Hour: Chaos

The twists and turns are nonstop, and knowledge of the previous book is not necessary to enjoy this thrill ride. Doetsch’s previous novels have been both high concept and imaginative, and this one is no exception. Nothing in the novel is predictable, and readers who enjoy the work of Blake Crouch will find a new favorite author.

The Return of the Duke

In Heath’s third installment to the “Once Upon a Dukedom” series (following The Duchess Hunt), readers can finally enjoy Marcus’s story, and it is well worth the wait for those who love a strong heroine who breaks down all the preconceived notions that the hero has of her. Hand to readers who already love Heath, as well as fans of Stephanie Laurens and Lisa Kleypas.

An Honest Living

Murphy’s writing is smart, ruminative, and referential. His narrator knows he’s in a story that mirrors the plot of the film Chinatown, and though the mystery itself is light on twists, it’s all worth it for this lovingly rendered snapshot of an already-bygone city, with details reeking of authenticity, down to the last barstool.

The Stardust Thief

An impressive first in an expected trilogy, one that hits high notes of several popular themes and trends (found families, classics retold), but offers fresh perspectives as well. It will delight readers who appreciate highly atmospheric books. Share widely, not just with fantasy readers.

The Assassins of Thasalon

The continuation of the adventures of Penric and Desdemona are given room in this story filled with all the adventure, humor, and action Bujold is known for. Highly recommended.

The City Inside

Readers will empathize with Joey’s dilemma and get caught up in the minutiae of her life. The novel’s theme, that the truth does not and cannot set anyone free, is as disturbing as it is thought-provoking.

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven

Readers who love a big fight between good and evil, who enjoy seeing magic in the everyday world, and those who like their heroine’s journeys to include all facets of heartbreak will savor the cut and thrust of this battle.

Daughter of Redwinter

McDonald (“Raven’s Mark” trilogy) begins an immersive new fantasy series, good for fans of George R. R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson.

The Knave of Secrets

This novel’s sleight-of-hand mix of gaming, thievery, secrets, and politics will remind readers fondly of Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora, although Valen’s crew is not quite as loyal or memorable. Fans of politically inspired fantasy will love watching the game.

A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder

While readers may beat the sleuths to the punch, the fifth in Freeman’s “Countess of Harleigh Mystery” series (following A Fiancée’s Guide to First Wives and Murder) is a delightful cozy that educates readers about the role of women in Victorian England and entertains at the same time.

Paradise Close

Ranging from the 1970s to the 2010s, this forthright and exuberant tour-de-force effectively plumbs a young woman’s artistic and sexual awakening.

The Book of Gothel

Readers who have enjoyed Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked Years” series will find McMyne’s perspective delightful.

Season of My Enemy

Avid readers will snap up this World War II homefront tale, which contains timely messages of overcoming prejudice. Musch (Song for the Hunter) weaves moral lessons with a gentle touch and strong background research. The unlikely friendships are reminiscent of classic stories like Bette Greene’s Summer of My German Soldier and Jack Cavanaugh’s Dear Enemy.

Switchboard Soldiers

Offer supplemental resources for further exploration of these groundbreaking women, and how they were treated after the end of World War I, to keep avid history readers engaged.

Buried in a Good Book

Fans of quirky small-town cozies, such as Joan Hess’s “Maggody” mysteries, might want to try this. The far-fetched scenarios and characters might also appeal to readers who enjoy the offbeat, including fans of Paige Shelton’s “Alaska Wild” books.

You Were Made To Be Mine

With a new set of intriguing circumstances and the familiar cast of charming characters, Long returns to “The Palace of Rogues” series in this fifth welcome visit (following After Dark with the Duke) to the Grand Palace on the Thames.

The Marlow Murder Club

Fans of Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club will like the amateur sleuths introduced in this puzzle from Thorogood (author of the “Death in Paradise” mysteries, which have been turned into a BBC TV series). While avid mystery readers might recognize the twist, the finale and its grand solution are worthy of Agatha Christie.

Should I Fall

The character-driven sequel to The Last Commandment is riveting and fast-paced. Readers will be hooked on the twisting story from Shepherd, whose screenwriting credits include The Equalizer and Miami Vice.

Maggie Moves On

Highly recommended, especially for fans of Nora Roberts and Tessa Bailey.

Red Blossom in Snow

Lin’s historical romance will satisfy readers who enjoy a well-paced mystery braided into their love story.

The Bride Goes Rogue

Once again, Shupe delivers a sparkling, sexy romance in a well-crafted and entertaining historical setting, filling the book to the brim with vivid, appealing characters that readers can’t help but love.

Wherever Is Your Heart

This new novella from Kelly (Love & Other Disasters) is recommended for readers who appreciate a character-focused romance and some quality queer postcoital processing. There’s nothing external preventing Mal and June from getting together; rather, they gradually unpack assumptions that each has internalized about what makes them undesirable to potential partners.

You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince

Fans of Alexandria Bellefleur and Courtney Kae will clamor for this slow-burn, opposites-attract holiday treat.

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Poet and short story writer Van Pelt has written an irresistibly wonderful, warm, funny, heartbreaking first novel, full of gentle people (and one octopus) bravely powering through their individual scars left by lives that have beaten them up but have not brought them down.

The Bridesmaids Union

Family drama, politics, and religion are interesting fodder but may turn off some readers. Should appeal to fans of Jonathan Tropper.

Death Doesn’t Forget

Once again, it’s hellzapoppin’ time in Taipei. If readers haven’t tried Lin’s stylish mysteries, here’s a good place to start.

Vigil Harbor

Deftly weaving together eight intersecting stories, Glass offers fiction steeped in current events that her loyal followers will appreciate.


Perceptive and personal, this compelling novel eloquently clarifies ongoing issues of race and racism while authentically telling a unique story. Highly recommended.

Dream On

Fans of Hockman’s debut novel, Shipped, will be excited to enjoy another delightful rom-com. Hand to those who appreciate a slow burn and the sweetest surprises for their heroines. Cassidy is a smart, independent, and strong woman who will have readers rooting for her happy ending and hanging on for the gratifying twist late in the book that shows that dreams and fate are not always as straightforward as they appear.

The Garden of Broken Things

Superlative in her ability to portray the interior lives of mothers and their 24/7 litany of self-recrimination, Momplaisir also tackles themes of racism, immigration, and the lasting effects of colonialism. A notable achievement.


Byrd (“Daughters of Hampshire” series) delivers a crossover hit for fans of Susie Finkbeiner and Cynthia Ruchti. This is women’s fiction as it is meant to be written with intriguing characters making decisions that ripple through generations. This is also a timely pick featuring the story of an Asian immigrant and her descendants facing both struggles and triumphs while creating community in the U.S.

An Island Wedding

Fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy this latest addition, but others may want to start with the first book, The Cafe by the Sea. For those who enjoy Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Katie Fforde, and Sophie Kinsella.

A Duchess by Midnight

A charming story of people learning to live with their past and commit to their futures, Michaels’s fairy tale finale is joyful and redemptive. The mix of retold stories, the governess trope, and winning characters makes this a solid addition for all libraries and a great pick for readers new to the author.

Mistakes Were Made

Wilsner’s steamy, fast-paced secret-lovers contemporary romance features fully realized queer protagonists and secondary characters. Told from Erin’s and Cassie’s perspectives, it gives readers a window into their relationship, in and out of the bedroom. It’s not a romantic comedy, but definitely has humor, as well as great dialogue and hot sex scenes. Recommended for general purchase.


Perfect for readers who love winter-themed thrillers in the vein of Allie Reynolds’s Shiver and Ruth Ware’s One by One.


Undeniably bleak but littered with small beauties and a powerful discourse on the dehumanizing effects policing can have on marginalized communities, bodies, and minds (and especially on Black women). Mottley’s novel understands that sometimes a happy ending just means surviving.

The Roughest Draft

Well written, but excruciating in terms of human behavior. Better to read than to listen.

Getting His Game Back

De Cadenet’s debut romance is a great listen as a sympathetic, inspiring, encouraging story of how far compassion and patience can go to helping depression.

What the Fireflies Knew

This wonderfully written and beautifully narrated story will be a big favorite for book clubs and audiobook clubs.


Koontz’s fans will enjoy the familiarity of the novel, while new listeners will enjoy the plot.

Mermaid Confidential

Longtime series fans will enjoy this entry with its usual offering of murder, sex, Florida-isms, well-known tourist sites, and offbeat characters. Newbies should skip this entry and start from the beginning of the series when the material was fresh and original.

The Wayward Assassin

An enjoyable spy thriller from an authentic source.

The Astronaut and the Star

Comfort’s debut lighthearted beach read (or listen) is only recommended for those with an interest in “opposites attract” rom-coms.

The Missing Piece

This enjoyable, labyrinthine legal thriller will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Nobody’s Princess

A strong title in an essential collection-building series. Ridley, who has a deft hand with dialogue and detail and crafts bookmark-it scenes and byplay, is fast becoming an auto-buy author and makes a good read-alike suggestion for fans of Lisa Kleypas, Grace Burrowes, and Elizabeth Hoyt.

Her Favorite Rebound

A strong choice for readers who are skeptical about the ethics and logistics of dating a billionaire, but still interested in assertive heroes who get what they want.

Our Last Days in Barcelona

Historical fiction fans will love this novel by Cleeton (The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba) and its perfectly detailed descriptions of a long-gone era.

The Accidental Pinup

Body positivity and inclusivity are popular current topics which, combined with the fast-paced plot and fascinating descriptions, make Jackson’s debut novel a good choice for general purchase.

Blind Owl

Ranking alongside the masterworks of Poe, Dostoyevsky, Kafka, and Pessoa, this indelible existential nightmare is rendered with startling clarity through Tabatabai’s assured new translation, in an accessible edition certain to expand Hedayat’s renown, and notoriety.

The Original Bambi: The Story of a Life in the Forest

While it isn’t clear that Zipes’s fine translation improves upon the prior one, this handsomely illustrated unabridged edition of an enchanting and moving fable for adults (and older children) belongs in every library.

Dr. B

This complexly plotted, fact-based tale filled with shadowy characters and unlikely coincidences is an altogether engaging piece of literary historical fiction.

Ordinary Monsters

This grim but poignant debut showcases a bleak Victorian England, engaging characters, and the desire to belong.

Bayou Book Thief

Fans of Byron’s award-winning “Cajun Country” mysteries will enjoy her return to New Orleans with an engaging, fun cast of characters.

1,000 Coils of Fear

An original, wise, and thought-provoking work probing current issues. Essential reading.

For the Throne

This lush feminist world may draw inspiration from European fairy tales, but the magic, politics, and relationships are firmly rooted in adult reading. Fans of Naomi Novik and Alix Harrow will enjoy this duology.

January Fifteenth

Swirsky’s slice-of-life UBI stories present just a few possible effects of this hotly debated topic. Without either political rhetoric or exhortation, these brief glimpses of other lives give readers the chance to see what might be in a world with a social safety net. Highly recommended for readers of political and social science–oriented SF.


The Clockwork Man

Odd but no mere curiosity, this whimsical yet haunting novella reads like a missing link between Victorian and Golden Age science fiction, as befits the aim of MIT Press’s new “Radium Age” series to recover neglected classics of early 20th-century science fiction.

Trans Love | Collection Development

Read-Alikes for ‘Dream Town’ by David Baldacci | LibraryReads

The Younger Wife

As much a mystery as a character study of three young women coping with love, loss, and trauma while struggling with the discovery of being deceived by the one they count on most. This title will appeal to fans of Jamie Brenner, Jodi Picoult, and Celeste Ng.

The Girl They All Forgot

Seven years after The Dungeon House, Edwards returns to England’s Lake District for a bleak, leisurely paced mystery. Some might find there are too many viewpoints represented in this novel, but readers who appreciate an atmospheric story with a strong sense of place will be satisfied.

Look Closer

The characters are papier-mâché-thin, and the story (narrated by four characters and in passages from Simon’s secret journal, jumping backward and forward in time) is hard to believe, but Ellis’s thriller will appeal to fans of bad-guy novels set among the hyper-rich.

Summer at the Cape

The fourth captivating “Cape Sanctuary” novel (following The Path to Sunshine Cove) shows how overcoming past hurts and tragedy can pave the way for positive change. Will please readers of the series as well as fans of authors such as Susan Mallery and Debbie Macomber.

‘Orphans of Bliss’ and the Final Fix of Addiction Horror

Read-Alikes for ‘The Investigator’ by John Sandford | LibraryReads


The Fell

Is it too soon for pandemic-era novels? For anyone who can bear a reminder of lockdowns, masking, isolation, and social distancing while still living through them, this fast-paced gem is worth the novel exposure.

The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle

With its wealth of historical detail, Ryan’s latest historical novel (The Kitchen Front) will appeal to World War II buffs as well as lovers of cozy English village novels.

Let’s Not Do That Again

A bit lopsided, but fans of television’s Veep may enjoy this political comedy-drama.

Feathers of Hope

Tough spiritual and societal issues are addressed in this new installment making for a difficult, if necessary read. A strong addition for libraries with large spiritual collections and fans of Brown’s “Sensible Shoes” series.

Ocean State

Readers who enjoy the fiction of Elizabeth Strout or Kent Haruf will love this book, which shows a big heart without a whiff of sentimentality.

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