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Beasts of the Earth

From reptiles in the swamp hunting prey, to reptilian men, cold and calculating, beasts feature in this disturbing novel. Best for readers who don’t mind brutal if the prose is beautiful.

Of Saints and Miracles

“We have the voice and we have the time. We have all time” proclaims Astur. Great reading for lovers of the mythopoetic.

Best of Friends

Even as it displays upheaval in the lives of two women who are “best of friends,” Shamsie’s fascinating novel takes readers through political change in Pakistan under Presidents Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and Benazir Bhutto while also plumbing tensions in UK politics today. It will be especially welcomed by book clubs, as it will inspire vibrant conversation.

The Bad Angel Brothers

As with any sibling rivalry, there are two sides to the story, and much of the tension hangs on whose perception is correct. Is Frank truly a villain, or is Cal an unreliable narrator whose perceptions are skewed by his experiences with Frank? Or are both statements true at once? A fraught psychological drama rich with mythic overtones.

The Slowworm’s Song

This novel about a life derailed early and the long shadow cast by the Troubles gathers strength as it unfolds; recommended for readers of serious fiction.

Elizabeth Finch

With a little too much ado about Julian (the author’s namesake?), Barnes blends fact and fiction as he has done before into an imaginative whole.

The Wrong Bridesmaid

Landish’s (The French Kiss) steamy novel begins as a standard wedding-fling romance but develops into an exploration of small-town life, the rising costs of real estate, and navigating family responsibility and personal ethics, all of which anchor a sexy love story featuring a bold heroine who loves a good innuendo and a decent hero who knows that the wrong bridesmaid is the right woman for him.

Read-Alikes for ‘The Bullet That Missed’ by Richard Osman | LibraryReads


Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life, and Influences

Best suited to libraries with strong horror collections.

Alaska for Christmas

In her second “Wild Coast” book (after Sweet Home Alaska), Snow has penned a sweet love story between two people who are a little lost in their own lives. Perfect for both holiday displays and those looking for daring rescues mingled with their love stories.

When Life Gives You Vampires

The book’s near-constant preoccupation with weight may be triggering to some, but readers of paranormal romance who enjoy more character growth than violence might enjoy this debut novel.

Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction

These stories are entrancing and provide a welcome introduction to speculative writers from the African continent and the African diaspora.

Read-Alikes for ‘Oath of Loyalty’ by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills | LibraryReads

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Bad Boy with Benefits: An Opposites-Attract Romance

Readers will enjoy the easy chemistry and the story of these two wounded people finding fulfillment in each other, though some of the same over-the-top backstory elements, which strain credulity in the previous books in the series, remain.

The Prince’s Pregnant Secretary

Grayson (A Cinderella for the Prince’s Revenge) spins a tale that will leave royal fans quickly turning the pages, looking for their happy ending.

Snowbound in Her Boss’s Bed

Readers looking for a holiday story will be drawn to this Hanukkah novel where temptations are abundant for all.

Crowning His Secret Princess

This story from Hardy (One Week in Venice with the CEO) will warm readers’ hearts.

Reclusive Millionaire’s Mistletoe Miracle

The latest from Douglas (after Wedding Date in Malaysia) features a charming hero and heroine, and fantastic banter that will leave readers chuckling. This book is sure to please.

Married by Midnight: A Marriage-of-Convenience Romance

As in previous books, the conclusion might be a little quick and ultimately convenient, but McKenna’s character work and writing allow it to feel earned.

Their Dubai Marriage Makeover

The desert reunion romance premise may entice readers, but they may find the pace too slow.

Killer in the Heartland

The pacing of this story feels uneven, since the threats to Mary’s life are resolved quite a bit earlier than her relationship with Lucas. An implausible antagonist and a serial killer that feels more cartoonish than truly terrifying, combine to make this first book in Cassidy’s (Gunsmoke in the Grassland) new series, “The Scarecrow Murders,” a less-than-satisfying read.

Six Days To Live

Despite the tension its title promises, Dodson (King of Hyde Park) never quite delivers on its pulse-pounding premise. The bad guys feel like little more than caricatures, and the bulk of the heroine’s work to save the hero appears off page. Uneven pacing makes this one more frustrating than satisfying to read.

Whirlwind Fling to Baby Bombshell

Full of fun and quirky characters, readers are sure to fall in love with this absolutely adorable romance from Blake (The Wedding Favor) that launches the “Billion-Dollar Bachelors” series.

Her Christmas Baby Confession

Kendrick (Confessions of His Christmas Housekeeper) writes a delightfully pleasant story set in a beautiful location that would be a wonderful addition to any bookshelf.

Nine Months After That Night

Readers will be happy with how Milburne (Cinderella’s Invitation to Greece) ties up this story.

Shielding Colton’s Witness

This is the 10th book in the multiauthor “Coltons of Colorado” series after Colton’s Rogue Investigation by Jennifer D. Bokal. Both the romance and the suspense of this story feel wildly implausible, and since the overarching series plotline isn’t really advanced here, this installment would be a safe one to skip.

The Earl’s Wager for a Lady

Fans of ’90s rom-coms and Shakespeare adaptations will adore this historical romance.

What Happens After Hours: A Workplace Romance

Alexander (After Hours Temptation) brings a real sense of Atlanta to the setting of the book, and her finely observed character work makes the happy ending feel earned.

Snowed In Secrets: A Mistaken Identity Workplace Romance

The engaging prose will keep readers glued to the page no matter what turns the plot takes. While some of the character changes might come a bit too quickly for some, the emotional ending is still deserved.

Tempted by Her Outcast Viking

A passionate, intensely moving addition to the Viking subgenre from Morris (The Viking She Would Have Married).

How To Cheat the Marriage Mart

Adams (The Duke’s Forbidden Ward) returns with a story that’s witty, sincere, and full of plenty of heat.

The Duke’s Defiant Cinderella

Cole’s (A Chance for Genevieve) writing and sense of place shine in this Cinderella story that takes place in pre-Revolutionary France. It will delight and entrance readers of historical romance.

His Christmas Guardian

This is Dee’s fourth “Runaway Ranch” book, after Her SEAL Bodyguard, and fans of the series won’t want to miss finding out just what was in the mysterious crate stolen in the dead of night. This grumpy/sunshine romance with its charming Christmas setting might also appeal to readers who prefer a side of danger with their holiday romance.

Reclaiming His Runaway Cinderella

Readers will flock to this hot title and love escaping in the beautiful, Italian story.


The Outlaw’s Claim: A Passionate Western Romance

Phire and Maverick are compelling characters. Readers will want them to get their happy ending.

Unwrapping His New York Innocent

Fans of slow-burn romances will be drawn to this one.

Cinderella Masquerade: A Western Opposites Attract Romance

Readers will enjoy this trip back to Royal, with check-ins on the subjects of several former books and a preview of what is to come.

Lady Helena’s Secret Husband

With secrets around every corner, this romance from Beacon (Falling for the Scandalous Lady) is an emotional addition for libraries with voracious romance readers.

Wearing His Ring Till Christmas

A classic fake relationship trope, plus genuinely sweet characters, make this series launch from Singh (Whisked into the Billionaire’s World) a comfort read.

His Convenient Duchess

Allen (The Earl’s Mysterious Lady) is back at it, creating Regency romances steeped in ambiance and wit, certain to satisfy fans of the convenient-marriage trope.

A Week with the Forbidden Greek

Readers looking for tropical locations with heated romance will definitely be drawn to this book by Williams (Bound by a Nine-Month Confession).

Silver Under Nightfall

Readers who love sinking their teeth into an absorbing story of vampire politics along with the perils of romancing the undead will find much to savor in this adult debut from YA novelist Chupeco (An Unreliable Magic). The epic saga will hold appeal for both horror and fantasy readers.

Gallows Hill

Coates (From Below) tells the kind of chilling haunted-house story that will keep gothic horror readers on the edge of their seats while hiding under their blankets right up to the shocking, terrible twist at the end.


This debut adult novel from YA author Hogarth (The Boy Meets Girl Massacre) is recommended for horror readers who like to see all of everyone’s issues eviscerated on the table and who won’t mind never again being able to eat chicken à la king after the novel’s disturbing take on it.

No Plan B

This humdrum, by-the-book thriller isn’t all that good, but it will still attract Reacher’s countless fans.


Part police procedural, part spy novel, and entirely captivating as normal life collides with ideology, nostalgia, and a reminder that perhaps the Cold War is not as settled as once believed. This debut will appeal to fans of Karin Slaughter, Kjell Eriksson, and Ragnar Jónasson.

Read-Alikes for 'Fairy Tale' by Stephen King | LibraryReads


Through a Darkening Glass

Maxwell’s debut novel is definitely not your traditional “murder in a quaint village” historical mystery; an optional purchase might be of interest to fans of Daphne du Maurier.

The Dark Between the Trees

Barnett’s debut is uniquely captivating as a series of ghost stories told within a time-jumping mystery. For fans of thrillers and gothic-meets-modern horror, recommend this to readers of Andrew Michael Hurley, Megan Shepherd, Sarah Waters, and EV Knight.

The Most Likely Club

This book is relatively entertaining but a little flat. The characters, unfortunately, are mostly shallow or uncomfortably obsessed with weight, which is concerning. The pacing is quick though, rushing toward an abrupt but satisfying conclusion.

A Minor Chorus

Less traditional “novel” than a ruminative constellation of ideas regarding colonial trauma, heteropatriarchy, and the innate sociality of writing; Belcourt’s boldest, freest, and most linguistically assured work yet.

Text for You

This book will soon be released as a major motion picture starring Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, but the audio remains a strictly optional purchase.

Finlay Donovan Knocks ’Em Dead

Libraries that didn’t buy the first audiobook should purchase both at this time.

2 A.M. in Little America

Listeners interested in immigration and its consequences will enjoy this audiobook.

Adult Assembly Required

This light, heartwarming story is a good addition to any library collection, although it may be best appreciated by Waxman fans looking to reunite with beloved characters.

Fellowship Point

Listeners looking for a novel that reads like a classic but tackles modern issues will enjoy this book.

The Orchard

This riveting saga, full of nostalgia, tumult, and bittersweet coming-of-age, will not disappoint.

The Investigator

A must-buy. Sanford fans will be captivated and will eagerly seek out more Letty Davenport novels.

Finding Grace

Recommended for listeners of suspense fiction and stories involving family dynamics.

Native Speaker

Recommended for listeners of general fiction.

Book of Night

Listeners who enjoy real-world fantasy such as Leigh Bardugo’s The House of Night will delight in Black’s latest.

The Other Mother

Perfect for readers looking for intricately plotted, fast-paced stories with multiple interwoven perspectives that span time.

The Soviet Sisters: A Novel of the Cold War

This thrilling mystery set just after World War II is filled with spies, lies, and double agents that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats for a bumpy ride.

The Seaplane on Final Approach

This is a powerful look at the bewildering world of young adulthood.

Flying Solo

Recommended for fans of the thoughtful contemporary romances of Emily Henry and Marisa de los Santos.

A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

A captivating start to the “Las Léonas” series. With its allusions to Austen and the historical romance canon, this is a perfect audio experience for those who enjoy Lisa Kleypas’s “The Wallflowers” series.

Never Tell

Recommended for fans of Abrams, romance, and stories set in New Orleans.

Free Love: A Novel

Personal and societal growing pains are deftly contrasted in Hadley’s highly recommended historical drama.

From Bad to Cursed

Harper has written a follow-up that is just as good as the first in the series, Payback’s a Witch.

The Homewreckers

Recommend to fans of light romance and mystery or anyone looking for a fun beach read.

The Next Ship Home

Webb’s historical novel sheds light on an interesting period in American history.

The Apartment on Calle Uruguay

A solid audio that will find traction in large public libraries.

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride

A wonderful new addition to any mystery collection.

When the Crow’s Away

Fans of the first novel in the series will enjoy Brown’s delightful performance and look forward to the series’ next installment.

The Good Left Undone

This audiobook is not to be missed for longtime Trigiani fans and those who appreciate dual-timeline historical fiction.

Two Nights in Lisbon

While some will guess parts of the ending, getting there is great fun.

Pure Colour

An optional purchase for libraries that own this in print.

Never a Duke

With more action than the other series installments, this is an engaging romp for readers who like some adventure and intrigue with their romance; recommended for fans of Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, and Cathy Maxwell.

Home or Away

Though it’s heavy on the sports talk, West’s story is really about the love of the game. This novel explores timely events with heart.

The Great Witch of Brittany

This women-centric historical fantasy will appeal to listeners who enjoy tales of family and magic.

At the Quiet Edge

A slow burner that propels listeners into a nail-biting conclusion, leaving them holding their breath. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jackson and Iris Johansen.

The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer

This is no mere, dark reflection of the world. This audiobook offers the listener stories with the timely and timeless message that appears repeatedly in great science fiction: the world may seem dark now, but everyone can strive to make the future better.

The White Girl

Listeners of historical fiction will enjoy this story.

The Close-Up

In this solid single point-of-view audio romance from Smith (On Location), narrator Donnabella Mortel brings the secondhand embarrassment and slow-burn buildup to Naomi’s and Simon’s steamy relationship to life, all while doing a great job keeping various character voices distinct. Recommended as a read-alike for The Roommate by Rosie Danan.

Death By Beach Read

Recommended for those who enjoy light mysteries and beach reads.

Cold as Hell

Recommend for listeners who enjoy Western tropes and supernatural horror. Perfect for fans of Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, and Mike Resnick.

The Foundling

A lively performance of a thought-provoking novel.

The Murder of Mr. Wickham

A captivating production that’s perfect for readers who enjoy historical mysteries and for those Austen fans who’d love to see Mr. Wickham’s ultimate comeuppance.

The Chase

Fox (Gathering Dark) mingles suspense with wit in a manner that is engrossing and entertaining. This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a compelling, character-driven thriller teeming with doubt and danger; recommended for fans of Karin Slaughter, Sarah Bailey, and Allison Brennan.


Fans of the author and supernatural thrillers will enjoy.

The Sacred Bridge

A solid addition to the series that will satisfy Hillerman’s many fans.

Vigil Harbor

Readers of general fiction will enjoy Glass’s novel; recommended for all collections.

Death and the Conjuror

Join the challenge presented by Mead to solve this mystery and hope the second book in the series comes out soon.

Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

A heavy-handed but well-written addition to the series that is drawn from the author’s own experience of unexpectedly losing a daughter.

Buried in a Good Book

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a cozy mystery that is compelling, comical, and clever. Recommended for fans of Ann Purser, Elizabeth Blake, and Avery Aames.

This Train

Listeners of thriller fiction will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

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