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Reluctant Bride’s Baby Bombshell

With passion that is off the charts and a unique story, lovers of contemporary romances will be devouring this second “One Year To Wed” title, after Secretly Married to a Prince by Ally Blake.

His Princess on Paper

A contemporary royal romance with the added flair of a marriage of convenience, Rohan and Elora’s love story will keep readers’ attention from start to finish in Milne’s (Wedding Planner’s Deal with the CEO) latest.

Accidentally Engaged to the Billionaire

Colter’s (Winning Over the Brooding Billionaire) latest is a contemporary romance perfect for readers who like their couples to have a history together.

Breaking the Best Friend Rule

This friends-to-lovers romance from Lewis (Beauty and the Playboy Prince) will have readers oohing and aahing over the couple that is truly meant to be.

Socialite’s Nine Month Secret

Seeing these two protagonists, both burned by their respective times in the spotlight, find love together makes for a charming story sure to please readers in the latest from Pembroke (Cinderella in the Spotlight).

Secretly Married to a Prince

First in a new series, Blake’s (Cinderella Assistant to Boss’s Bride) second-chance romance has it all: an instant connection that returns after years apart, plenty of steamy glances, and royalty.

Highland Fling with Her Boss

This contemporary romance from Baine (Pregnant Princess at the Altar) is a perfect read for those who want to do some armchair traveling, with the added bonus of an HEA.

It Started with a Proposal

In Meier’s (Fling with the Reclusive Billionaire) latest, the fake-engagement trope gets a fun twist in this charming story, perfect for readers who love a story with a close-knit family.

The Next Mrs. Parrish

With scheming worthy of the soapiest television drama, readers will enjoy watching the match of wits and wills in this entertaining beach read.

Do What Godmother Says

Stratton delivers a tightly woven dual-timeline thriller. Elements of occult horror, historical fiction, and whodunit will intrigue readers of all stripes. Give this to fans of Alyssa Cole’s When No One Is Watching.

The Comfort of Ghosts

A must-buy to complete Winspear’s great series. The satisfying and emotional ending is perfect for fans.

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LJ Talks with Monika Kim, Author of ‘The Eyes Are the Best Part’

Cozy Science Fiction and Fantasy


The Library Thief

Shenjé shines a light on LGBTQIA+ love and people of color in Victorian England. No stone is left unturned or unexamined in this gothic mystery that offers a counterpoint to what is often a cis-het and white genre. Fans of Sarah Waters and Bridget Collins might have in Shenjé a new author to add to their TBR lists.

One Cursed Rose

Zanetti (Frostbitten) launches a new series with this shadowy and violent twist on “Beauty and the Beast” that will appeal to readers looking for a uniquely magical world filled with seduction and betrayal.

A Punishing Breed

Readers who like campus mysteries and intriguing, gruff detectives with a few redeeming qualities will enjoy this first book in a planned series.

The Sweet Blue Distance

These 800 pages are gone in a surprising flash. Highly recommended; don’t miss the invaluable author’s note.

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Silly but earnest, this cozy fantasy will appeal to fans of TJ Klune and Travis Baldree.

The Guncle Abroad

This follow-up has a humor and affection for the characters in a story with just the right amount of domestic tension but will still be a balm to readers.

The Unicorn Woman

Jones (The Birdcatcher) rambles somewhat aimlessly, like Buddy, offering a character that should have been more compelling and a story that plods along.

The Woman in the Sable Coat

Told in multiple POVs, Brooks’s latest features complex yet fragile characters that will engage readers until the end.

Still See You Everywhere

Fans of twisted cat-and-mouse thrillers, unconventional underdog protagonists, fiendish evil-doers, and surprise “holy cow” endings will devour this unputdownable novel.

‘That Prince Is Mine’ by Jayci Lee | Romance Pick of the Month

'Toxic Prey' by John Sandford | Mystery Pick of the Month

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Romance | Prepub Alert, October 2024 Titles

Romantasy | Prepub Alert, October 2024 Titles

‘Rakesfall' by Vajra Chandrasekera | SFF Pick of the Month

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Jackpot Summer

A fun read that poses deeper questions about marriage, sibling relationships, and inevitable change in life.

Love Letters to a Serial Killer

Witty, shocking, and wild, this is a must-have mystery.

An Art Lover’s Guide to Paris and Murder

Art, murder, and the Parisian atmosphere combine in a delightful, detailed mystery for Francophile fans of Rhys Bowen or Betty Webb.

Requiem for a Mouse

Charlie is on the periphery of the case in this sequel to Hiss Me Deadly, but fans of the series will be happy with the return of Charlie and Diesel, their friends and family, and preparations for a upcoming wedding.

Tangled Up in You

A romantic joyride with roller-coaster plot reveals. Readers of Lauren’s (The True Love Experiment) books and fans of the beloved Disney original Tangled will adore this rom-com retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale.


Mukherjee approaches terrorism and terrorist actors with a view that is more nuanced than cut-and-dried.

Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade

A compelling remembrance of real librarians who could very easily have been lost to history. Readers who like historical novels with strong women characters will enjoy.

Sharpe’s Command

Cornwell again makes writing flawless historical prose seem effortless.

The Next Best Fling

Gamez debuts with a contemporary rom-com, featuring hot chemistry and emotional depth.


No one writes like Felker-Martin (Manhunt), and her unrelenting and brutally honest novels are crucial inclusions to all horror collections. Pair with Chuck Tingle’s Camp Damascus or Lucy Snyder’s Sister, Maiden, Monster. This is also a great update to the classic film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Summers at the Saint

For readers who’d enjoy a blend of friendships (old and new), budding romance, and secrets held within the walls of a hotel that needs rescuing, as in Elin Hilderbrand’s The Hotel Nantucket.

The Windsor Conspiracy: A Novel of the Crown, a Conspiracy, and the Duchess of Windsor

Those unfamiliar with Wallis Simpson may wish for more backstory, but Blalock (An Indiscreet Princess) sketches out enough of the history that readers won’t be lost for long. A solid entry into the World War II subgenre that will entertain and educate historical fiction fans.

A Wedding in Lake Como

This book comes with discussion questions and is great for those who enjoyed Jodi Picoult novels or Ann Brashares’s “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series. Will make a great addition to library shelves and book clubs this summer.

Running Close to the Wind

Rowland (A Taste of Iron and Gold) dials up the humor, innuendo, and laugh-out-loud escapades in this pirate novel. Fans of the show Our Flag Means Death should definitely take a look.

We Were the Universe

Stream of consciousness is a literary device that doesn’t appeal to everyone, so buy for demand only. Steer this novel toward readers who loved Melissa Broder’s Death Valley, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated, or Joyce Maynard’s The Bird Hotel.

Lady Scandal

A warmly refreshing read for the genre. Highly recommended for those who like historical romance, spirited characters, hard-earned success stories, and second chances.

In the Shadow of the Fall

In Ogundiran’s (Jackal, Jackal) West African–based epic fantasy, the first in a duology, Ashâke learns the truths of her world and becomes a linchpin in the coming conflict between gods and godslayers. A sure hit for fans of Suyi Davies Okungbowa, Moses Ose Utomi, and N.K. Jemisin.

Beautiful Villain

Kenney’s (A Hunt So Wild and Cruel) unique contemporary retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is perfect for fans of classics with a twist. New Adult and paranormal romance readers will enjoy the novel’s mystery and steamy, action-packed drama.

How To Make a Horror Movie and Survive

A great read for fans of authors who embrace slasher-movie tropes in their storytelling such as Brian McAuley, Grady Hendrix, and Stephen Graham Jones, and also those who love tales where artists and cursed objects collide, such as Gothic by Philip Fracassi.

The Daughters’ War

Readers who were caught up in the political shenanigans, hopeless battles, and pyrrhic victories of Brian McClellan’s In the Shadow of Lightning or Daniel Abraham’s Age of Ash will be enthralled, while those who like their grimdark fantasy to trip over into horror will find similarities between the characters of Galva and Alex Easton from T. Kingfisher’s What Feasts at Night.

The Spice Gate

This is a sweeping, smart, and heartfelt tale that is perfect for readers who enjoy action-packed epic fantasy about family, survival, and the steadfast strength of the oppressed.

You Should Be So Lucky

Sebastian’s (We Could Be So Good) latest is full of grumpy/sunshine goodness, with an absolutely delicious slow-burn romance.

A Ruse of Shadows

Understanding this historical mystery requires thorough knowledge of the rest of the series, so it’s best for devoted fans.


Luciana’s emotional journey to self-acceptance, via the many trials she encounters, is compelling. The unique structure of the novel and its emotional and often hilarious dialogue will appeal to all audiences.

The Bright Sword: A Novel of King Arthur

Highly recommended for readers who can’t resist a story featuring brave knights, stalwart queens, and magic.


Those who enjoy jazz and swing music and fictionalized biographies will be interested.

The Alone Time

A steady build-up that questions the origins of a tragedy and the motives of the survivors and pits survival, ambition, and perhaps the truth against each other, leading to a finale that will surprise even the most perceptive readers. Will appeal to fans of Jennifer Hillier, Jordan Harper, and Michelle Sacks.

The Fall of Waterstone

Saintcrow’s attention to detail and fantastical worldbuilding, inspired by Norse Viking legends and places, merits her series’ comparison to classic epic fantasies like J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” and Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time.”

The Z Word

King-Miller’s (Ask a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls who Dig Girls) fiction debut expertly balances social commentary with fun in a novel that will have readers cheering for her queer heroes and questioning their own brand loyalties. Will have wide appeal for fans of Jennifer Government by Max Barry, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, and Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin.

In Our Stars

Campbell asks powerful questions about the way social structures collapse and how the loudest voices take advantage, all in a pulse-pounding adventure about saving the world and staying one step ahead of the forces that would destroy it.

A Pose Before Dying

While cat yoga may be an extremely cozy activity and setting for a novel, Erickson (“Bookstore Café Mystery” series) also offers a vexing murder mystery that will unsettle and intrigue readers. This series starter quickly piles up the tension and conflict and establishes a main character who’s worth rooting for.

An Ocean of Courage and Fear

Especially for historical fiction buffs with knowledge of World War II’s Pacific theater of operations.

The Mistress Experience

Peckham pairs polar opposites in a sexy, bawdy, fun, and yet deeply compassionate romance. A fitting end (after The Portrait of a Duchess) to the “Society of Sirens” series.

Lavash at First Sight

Voskuni (Sorry, Bro) writes a heartfelt, fade-to-black sapphic romance that focuses on Ellie’s Armenian-diaspora and queer communities.

The Eyes Are the Best Part

With obvious nods to the serious issues that underpin Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and clearly inspired by Gillian Flynn’s seminal Gone Girl, Kim has written a novel that every library needs to own.

The Heirloom

More women’s fiction than rom-com, this novel will find fans but it isn’t top of the pack.

The Queen City Detective Agency

While the historical mystery is slow-moving at times, it evokes the atmosphere and tension of the 1980s American South, emphasizing the rage and emotions of a woman of color who’s faced with the political clout of ruthless white power brokers.

The Ex Vows

Touching, full of complicated emotions, and expertly written, romance fans will thoroughly enjoy this latest from Joyce (You, with a View).

That Prince Is Mine

Lee’s (Booked on a Feeling) latest is a tender and sexy romance that foodies will absolutely devour. A great read for fans of commoner-and-royalty storylines, such as Alyssa Cole’s “Reluctant Royals” series.

Ghostroots: Stories

Aguda’s excellent story collection deserves a wide audience. With a breadth similar to the critically acclaimed Jackal, Jackal by Tobi Ogundiran, this will also appeal to readers of Eugen Bacon, Lisa Tuttle, and Karen Russell.

The Au Pair Affair

Bailey wonderfully portrays the chemistry between Tallulah and Burgess, creating a tension-filled narrative that keeps readers captivated from beginning to end.

Midwestern Gothic

A must-buy title that updates the enduringly popular form of the gothic novel from a new perspective (as in Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia or The Hollow Kind by Andy Davidson), while also adding depth to the horror that unites Thomas’s literary universe, similar to Goblin and Spin a Black Yarn by Josh Malerman.

Queen B: The Story of Anne Boleyn, Witch Queen

This prequel to Her Majesty’s Royal Coven leans into the real history of Anne Boleyn and creates a delightful origin story for the series.

Nice Work, Nora November

A hopeful exploration of living with depression and seizing second chances. Prolific romance author London (Highland Scandal; It Started with a Dog) has crafted an uplifting and engaging story with a plucky and likable heroine.

Craft: Stories I Wrote for the Devil

A captivating, alluring, and, at times, illicit book that is conscious of the craft of the storytelling process without sacrificing an extraordinary reading experience. It recalls Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin, Looking Glass Sound by Catriona Ward, and Coyote Songs by Gabino Iglesias.

When I Was Alice

At once frothy and dark, this book will appeal to mystery and thriller fans who loved TV’s Quantum Leap, the “Outlander” series, or the works of Susanna Kearsley.

The Villain Edit

While the romance storyline sometimes feels secondary, Devore’s (A Better Bad Idea) fast-moving novel full of entertaining behind-the-scenes reality TV drama will appeal to fans of dating shows and readers who enjoy a little chaos in their romances.

The Irish Goodbye

The magical atmosphere of Inishmore and its residents will captivate readers in YA author Ewing’s (The Alcazar) adult debut.

The Love of My Afterlife

Greenwood (He Will Be Mine) offers a charming, unique twist on a plethora of the best romance tropes. Sure to be a favorite of readers who love Sophie Cousens and Katy Birchall.

Blood Jade

The follow-up to Ebony Gate continues to build a delightful world of family magic, Japanese culture and diaspora, and strong ties of loyalty and friendship.

The Art of Catching Feelings

This fun romance from Thompson (With Love from Cold World) is perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey.

A Professional Lola: And Other Stories

A wonderful offering. Share this collection with those who enjoyed Megan Kamalei Kakimoto’s Every Drop Is a Man’s Nightmare or Anthony Veasna So’s Afterparties.

The Undermining of Twyla and Frank

Bannen brings readers back to Tanria (after The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy) in another charming romantasy full of humor and adventure.


In Chandrasekera’s (The Saint of Bright Doors) newest, the characters’ journey through fantastical worlds across millennia is reminiscent of This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. Recommended for fans of ambitious speculative fiction that tackles systems of oppression in fresh ways.

Barely Even Friends

While the story delves into some difficult family relationships, Bennett’s debut is a good fit for those who enjoy sexy contemporary fairy-tale retellings and grumpy/sunshine tropes.


The depth of ideas in Sloan’s excellent new book will entice readers who enjoyed James S.A. Corey’s “Expanse” series.

The West Passage

This fascinating debut nestles in the intersection between T. Kingfisher’s whimsicality and Premee Mohamed’s far-too-local old gods.

Trouble in Queenstown

The author of the “Ross Agency Mysteries” introduces another damaged character in an intriguing private eye story that examines family and roots.

Four Weekends and a Funeral

This debut rom-com features peak grumpy/sunshine and friends-to-lovers tropes.

We Speak Through the Mountain

Readers of hopepunk that asks difficult questions will find plenty to think about in Mohamed’s follow-up to The Annual Migration of Clouds.

Takaoka’s Travels

An arresting novel that readers will cherish.

Blue Ruin

Kunzru (Red Pill) has a gift for vivid, visceral description, whether it’s the drug-fueled squalor of London’s underground art scene or the gentrified New York compound where Jay finds himself. Along the way, there are thematic threads involving the commodification of art and conflicts of class and race (both Jay and Alice are biracial). Kunzru’s unique style and perspective make for a fun, though edgy ride.

Beyond the Bounds of Infinity: An Anthology of Diverse Cosmic Horror

A great introduction to today’s cosmic horror, featuring a plethora of talented new voices. An easy hand sell to fans of Jordan Peele, The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle, or the work of rising star Hailey Piper.

A Clock Stopped Dead

The sequel to A Pen Dipped in Poison is an unhappy story of family disagreements. Readers looking for British cozy mysteries might prefer Jessica Ellicott’s Beryl and Edwina series or the novels of M.C. Beaton.


Fans of Isabel Cañas’s The Hacienda and Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House will savor this solidly scary yarn.

The Edge

Baldacci’s many fans will be pleased with this twisty follow-up to The 6:20 Man.

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