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Using Streamed Content in the Shakespeare Classroom: Spotlight on Soliloquies

Introducing the Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection

Academic Movers Q&A: Chelsea Heinbach and Dispatches from the LibParlor

LJ Survey: Academic Librarians See Increased Usage of AV Resources

Asian American Activism – An Excerpt from The Asian American Experience

Matt Huculak | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Allison Jennings-Roche | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Scott Summers | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Nicollette Davis | Movers & Shakers 2024—Advocates

Tarida Anantachai| Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Shamella Cromartie | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Nardia Cumberbatch | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Jenay Dougherty | Movers & Shakers 2024—Community Builders

Aisha Johnson | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

The Role of Humanities in Advancing STEM Research

Academic Movers Q&A: Shavonn Matsuda on Bringing Hawaiian Language Organization Systems to the Library

OA, AI, and DEI—Triple Advantage or Triple Threat? | Periodicals Price Survey 2024

Discover New Hosted Journals on Project MUSE

Native American Tribal Histories: Series 1–4, 1813–1880 | eReview

First Folios Compared | eReview

Project MUSE’s Global Impact

AI in Academia

Discover and Explore Academic Titles from Latin American Presses

How Academic Library Software Can Create a Bold Future

North to the Future: Alaska and Polar Regions Collections & Archives at the University of Alaska Fairbanks | Archives Deep Dive

How Well Do You Know Fantasy Literature?

Power to the People: Counterculture, Social Movements, and the Alternative Press | eReview

Environmental History: Conservation and Public Policy in America, 1870–1980 | eReview

Intersectional Accessibility: Creating Inclusive Spaces, Examining Ebook Accessibility

A Spotlight on Native American Language and Religion [Podcast]

Best Reference Books 2023

Best Free Reference Resources 2023

Best Databases 2023

Your 2024 Travel Guide [Reading List]

Academic Movers Q&A: Ry Moran on Preserving the Record for Truth and Reconciliation

A Q & A on English and All Its Varieties

Judges and the Judiciary: Exploring America’s Court System | eReview

USGS topoView | eReview

Which Imaginary Book Should You Read?

Empower Critical Thinkers: Ground News – Your Key to Campus-Wide News Literacy

A Librarian’s Reflections on 2023

Gotta Sing the Blues: The Blues Archive at the University of Mississippi

Academic Movers Q&A: Rhiannon Sorell on Sparking Conversations Among Indigenous Communities and Cultural Institutions

‘AsianWeek’ Database Project | eReview

Academic Movers Q&A: Willa Liburd Tavernier on Exploring and Expanding Open Access

Recollect Helps the University of Georgia Showcase Its Special Collections Online

Bloomsbury Food Library | eReview

Gale Business: Plan Builder | eReview

Academic Movers Q&A: Steven Frost Slays It for the City and the Kids

The World’s Largest Online Historical Archive of Eighteenth Century Studies Turns 20

Gale Digital Scholar Lab | eReview

ProQuest One Psychology | eReview

Test Your Knowledge of Gothic Literature! [Quiz]

An Invitation, a Love Song, a How-to Manual: Practicing Privacy Literacy in Academic Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

Academic Movers Q&A: Regina Gong, Advocating for Student Success and Library Integration

Librarians Are Instrumental in Supporting Open Access Publishing—and F1000 Can Help

Open Access and the Academic Community: A Librarian’s View

Local History | Digital Archives

LJ Reviewers Weigh In: Must-Have Reference Databases

New Print Releases | Reference Supplement 2024

Database Updates | Reference Supplement 2024

Magic Words (and More): Magic and Illusion at UT Austin and the American Museum of Magic | Archives Deep Dive

New Database Releases | Reference Supplement 2024

At UCLA, Political Cartoon Collection Gift Includes Provisions for Maintenance, Instruction

Subscribe to Open Grows with Project MUSE, Clarivate Partners with EveryLibrary, and More | News in Brief, October 2023

Academic Movers Q&A: Susan Ivey, Making Research Accessible

Librarians Can Help Make Research Assessment More Effective. Here’s How

Platino Educa | eReview

Academic Libraries Data | Year in Architecture 2023

Utah State Study Reveals Need for Teacher-Librarian Collaboration on Information Literacy Instruction | Backtalk

Digital Humanities Teaches Students Critical Analysis Skills

Political Extremism & Radicalism Part III: Global Communist and Socialist Movements | eReview

Education Magazine Archive | eReview

Supporting the Future of Peer Review [Podcast]

Academic Movers Q&A: Eileen Rhodes, Consolidating Resources Equitably

Sharing Research Data Is Becoming More Important. Here’s How Libraries Can Help

How to Write a Journal Article

Oxford University Press to Launch New Interdisciplinary Research Resource to Inform Global Policy and Decision-Making

Preparing for the Future of Open Access Publishing

“Lying” in Computer-Generated Texts: Hallucinations and Omissions

Bloomsbury Open Collections

University of Iowa Librarians Use Medical Imaging Technology To Reveal Hidden Book Fragments

East Asian Fashion

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at Texas A&M University | Archives Deep Dive

Interpreting Shakespeare: Discover The First Folio

Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent, 1870–1914 | eReview

Conflict in Indochina: Foreign Office Files for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, 1959–1964 | eReview

Championing Accessibility and Innovation in Scholarly Publishing

Music Traditions from Around the World

Inside the Anti-Ownership Ebook Economy | Peer To Peer Review

Punk: Subculture to Couture

Academic Movers Q&A: Emma Molls, Championing Open Access Publishing in the Library

Small Strategies: Wearing Many Hats in Small Academic Libraries

Data Storytelling for Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

Building the Digital Transgender Archive | Archives Deep Dive

Simplifying the Rigorous Reporting Requirements for Campus Libraries

Academic Movers Q&A: Dr. Shannon Jones on Wellness and Documenting Black Library Leaders

Do LIS Programs Prepare Future Librarians for Real-World Challenges?

Students Occupy UC–Berkeley Anthropology Library to Protest Its Closure

Library and Information Science: Meeting Evolving Challenges


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