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FIU Transforms Library Services with AI | ALA Annual 2024

Resource Sharing Leaders on Creating a Borderless Community

Skidmore College Uses Ithaka to Amplify Its Special Collections

Bloomsbury Visual Arts | eReviews

Colonial Caribbean Module III: Economic Change and Indenture Labour, 1850–1870 | eReviews

A Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing the Academic Library Experience

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Delivering on the Expectations of Digital-Native Users

Portico Pilot Project Offers Digital Preservation to Underrepresented Community Collections

Improving Library Performance and Student Outcomes: A Conversation with Jessie Ransom

Exploring the Impacts of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot on Asian American Communities

JSTOR, MIT Press Illustrate the Positive Impact of Open Access in Recent Reports

MLA Handbook Plus | eReview

Librari | eReview

Using Streamed Content in the Shakespeare Classroom: Spotlight on Soliloquies

Introducing the Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection

Academic Movers Q&A: Chelsea Heinbach and Dispatches from the LibParlor

LJ Survey: Academic Librarians See Increased Usage of AV Resources

Asian American Activism – An Excerpt from The Asian American Experience

Nicollette Davis | Movers & Shakers 2024—Advocates

Tarida Anantachai| Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Shamella Cromartie | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Nardia Cumberbatch | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

Matt Huculak | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Allison Jennings-Roche | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Scott Summers | Movers & Shakers 2024—Educators

Jenay Dougherty | Movers & Shakers 2024—Community Builders

Aisha Johnson | Movers & Shakers 2024—Change Agents

The Role of Humanities in Advancing STEM Research

Academic Movers Q&A: Shavonn Matsuda on Bringing Hawaiian Language Organization Systems to the Library

OA, AI, and DEI—Triple Advantage or Triple Threat? | Periodicals Price Survey 2024

Discover New Hosted Journals on Project MUSE

First Folios Compared | eReview

Native American Tribal Histories: Series 1–4, 1813–1880 | eReview

Project MUSE’s Global Impact

AI in Academia

Discover and Explore Academic Titles from Latin American Presses

How Academic Library Software Can Create a Bold Future

North to the Future: Alaska and Polar Regions Collections & Archives at the University of Alaska Fairbanks | Archives Deep Dive

How Well Do You Know Fantasy Literature?

Power to the People: Counterculture, Social Movements, and the Alternative Press | eReview

Environmental History: Conservation and Public Policy in America, 1870–1980 | eReview

Intersectional Accessibility: Creating Inclusive Spaces, Examining Ebook Accessibility

A Spotlight on Native American Language and Religion [Podcast]

Best Reference Books 2023

Best Free Reference Resources 2023

Best Databases 2023

Your 2024 Travel Guide [Reading List]

Academic Movers Q&A: Ry Moran on Preserving the Record for Truth and Reconciliation

A Q & A on English and All Its Varieties

Judges and the Judiciary: Exploring America’s Court System | eReview

USGS topoView | eReview

Which Imaginary Book Should You Read?

Empower Critical Thinkers: Ground News – Your Key to Campus-Wide News Literacy

A Librarian’s Reflections on 2023

Gotta Sing the Blues: The Blues Archive at the University of Mississippi

Academic Movers Q&A: Rhiannon Sorell on Sparking Conversations Among Indigenous Communities and Cultural Institutions

Academic Movers Q&A: Willa Liburd Tavernier on Exploring and Expanding Open Access

‘AsianWeek’ Database Project | eReview

Recollect Helps the University of Georgia Showcase Its Special Collections Online

Bloomsbury Food Library | eReview

Gale Business: Plan Builder | eReview

Academic Movers Q&A: Steven Frost Slays It for the City and the Kids

The World’s Largest Online Historical Archive of Eighteenth Century Studies Turns 20

Gale Digital Scholar Lab | eReview

ProQuest One Psychology | eReview

Test Your Knowledge of Gothic Literature! [Quiz]

An Invitation, a Love Song, a How-to Manual: Practicing Privacy Literacy in Academic Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

Academic Movers Q&A: Regina Gong, Advocating for Student Success and Library Integration

Librarians Are Instrumental in Supporting Open Access Publishing—and F1000 Can Help

Open Access and the Academic Community: A Librarian’s View

Magic Words (and More): Magic and Illusion at UT Austin and the American Museum of Magic | Archives Deep Dive

Local History | Digital Archives

LJ Reviewers Weigh In: Must-Have Reference Databases

New Print Releases | Reference Supplement 2024

Database Updates | Reference Supplement 2024

New Database Releases | Reference Supplement 2024

At UCLA, Political Cartoon Collection Gift Includes Provisions for Maintenance, Instruction

Subscribe to Open Grows with Project MUSE, Clarivate Partners with EveryLibrary, and More | News in Brief, October 2023

Academic Movers Q&A: Susan Ivey, Making Research Accessible

Librarians Can Help Make Research Assessment More Effective. Here’s How

Platino Educa | eReview

Academic Libraries Data | Year in Architecture 2023

Utah State Study Reveals Need for Teacher-Librarian Collaboration on Information Literacy Instruction | Backtalk

Digital Humanities Teaches Students Critical Analysis Skills

Political Extremism & Radicalism Part III: Global Communist and Socialist Movements | eReview

Education Magazine Archive | eReview

Supporting the Future of Peer Review [Podcast]

Academic Movers Q&A: Eileen Rhodes, Consolidating Resources Equitably

Sharing Research Data Is Becoming More Important. Here’s How Libraries Can Help

How to Write a Journal Article

Oxford University Press to Launch New Interdisciplinary Research Resource to Inform Global Policy and Decision-Making

Preparing for the Future of Open Access Publishing

“Lying” in Computer-Generated Texts: Hallucinations and Omissions

Bloomsbury Open Collections

University of Iowa Librarians Use Medical Imaging Technology To Reveal Hidden Book Fragments

East Asian Fashion

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at Texas A&M University | Archives Deep Dive

Interpreting Shakespeare: Discover The First Folio

Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent, 1870–1914 | eReview


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