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Read-Alikes for ‘The Paradise Problem’ by Christina Lauren | LibraryReads


Not in Love

Hazelwood fills the plot with tension and stress and employs a dual point-of-view that allows intimate access to both Rue and Eli’s roller-coasting emotions. It is less quirky-charming than some of her past work but showcases much of what her readers love.

The Phoenix Bride

Brilliantly narrated by Hardingham and Haynes, this lush historical novel smoothly incorporates complicated topics into a quiet, hopeful tale.

'Cross the Line' by Simone Soltani | Romance Debut of the Month

Read-Alikes for ‘This Summer Will Be Different’ by Carley Fortune | LibraryReads

Romance | Prepub Alert, November 2024 Titles

Romantasy | Prepub Alert, November 2024 Titles


Fake Flame

Buck’s first offering for the Afterglow line is a satisfying read as the characters deal with serious topics (stalking; familial expectations and dysfunction), along with the dubious romantic qualities of grand gestures, and manage to find romance along the way.

Out of Office

Cunningham’s characters struggle with a plethora of real-life issues( grief, guilt, chronic overachievement, and the impact of gentrification), which makes their story feel both relevant and highly relatable. Their romance has plenty of steam as well.

Swap and Smell the Roses: A Romantic Comedy

Fans of opposites-attract romances, especially those with small-town charm, won’t want to miss Booth’s (How To Fake a Wedding Date) latest, and the not-so-subtle hints about a follow-up novel (set in Willow’s NYC apartment) are sure to have readers anticipating it.

The 7-10 Split: A Romantic Comedy

Lee’s (Passion Over Pride) slow-burn second-chance romance makes a great addition to the Afterglow line and is sure to leave readers anxiously anticipating the next book in the series.

A Novel Love Story

This slow-burn love story from Poston (The Seven Year Slip) is as much an ode to romance novels and friendship as it is about romantic relationships. Fans of small-town contemporary romance will sink easily into quaint Eloraton.

Summer Romance

In this sweet romance, Monaghan (Same Time Next Summer) has created believable characters who are multidimensional, while her touches of humorous dialogue enhance the story and make the characters even more likable.

A Love Like the Sun

YA author Neilson’s (I’m Not Supposed To Be in the Dark) adult debut is a slow-burn, sexy, friends-to-lovers romance that deals with emotionally difficult issues like grief and chronic illness but also includes themes of friendship, family, hope, and learning to trust in the power of unconditional love.

Cross the Line

Soltani’s debut is perfect for fans of Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive To Survive docuseries and brings a unique subcategory and delightful addition to the sports romance genre.

Triple Sec

Told in three parts and featuring a wide spectrum of LGBTQIA+ characters, including a strong nonbinary love interest, Alexander’s (Second Chances in New Port Stephen) fresh take on the genre is a must-buy for any romance collection.

The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love

This isn’t as rompy as Holton’s earlier series, but it’s gilded with much the same sensibility. Watching Beth and Devon navigate each other as they tromp across Britain, as all around them birders and press agents plot and plan, is a fun spree.

The Pairing: Special 1st Edition

Lush scenery, well-drawn secondary characters, and believable, grounded conflicts lead to a sweet and satisfying ending for Kit and Theo in McQuiston’s (I Kissed Shara Wheeler) funniest, sexiest novel to date, here in a special edition with painted edges.

Slow Dance

While this novel doesn’t follow all the traditional romance beats, it’s guaranteed to make hearts flutter, likely while bringing tears to readers’ eyes.

Name Your Price

James’s (The Déjà Glitch) new rom-com gives second-chance romance a new twist that readers will love.

Hot Summer

Reality TV fans will swoon over this well-crafted, entertaining contemporary romance.

The Scenic Route

Ruggle (Fish Out of Water) kicks off her latest series, “Beneath the Wild Sky,” with a novel offering a delicious romance, laugh-out-loud banter, and edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep the pages turning.

The Design of Us

Patel (Isha, Unscripted) expertly designs a modern beach read and a sassy rom-com filled with fun tropes and a gratifying slow burn.

Viscount in Love

James’s latest book is a must-read for fans of historical romance.

Pardon My Frenchie

An adorable rom-com that’s perfect for pet-lovers craving a treat.

Match Me If You Can

Hegde doesn’t quite hit the mark with her debut.

To Love the Brooding Baron

Flint’s (Games in a Ballroom) slow-burn romance focuses on many mental health issues related to Henry and his family, while Arabella is a major support to him. Readers may still be troubled by Henry’s assumptions and inaction regarding his sister’s well-being for much of the story.

Frequent Fliers

This sparkling novel is highly recommended for all collections.

Under Your Spell

This excellent, unputdownable adult debut from YA author Wood (Agency for Scandal) is a must-purchase title.

Curvy Girl Summer

Allen’s (Guidance) sexy and hilarious novel illustrates the importance of self-acceptance and healing in one’s own time.

One-Star Romance

Fans of not only romance but women’s fiction as well will enjoy this multilayered, realistic novel from Hankin (The Daydreams).

Rules for Second Chances

Both a universal story of love and a unique story of social struggle, North’s debut is a laser-sharp and warmly comforting read that is not to be missed.

‘Frequent Fliers’ by Noué Kirwan | Romance Pick of the Month


This Spells Love

Fans of Tessa Bailey’s Hook, Line, and Sinker or Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation will devour Robb’s debut.

The Predictable Heartbreaks of Imogen Finch

Firkins’s (Marlowe Banks, Redesigned) latest is a solid purchase for libraries looking for funny and heart-warming romance with a bit of a twist.

Right on Cue

Ballard’s (Just My Type) latest is a sweet and steamy contemporary romance that should please fans of the genre.

K-9 Missing Person

Miles (K-9 Hunter) delivers another suspenseful, fast-paced read.

Big Sky Deception

The beginning of a new series from Daniels (Dead Man’s Hand), this novel is full of mystery, romance, and a touch of humor. Suspense and western fans will be intrigued by the storyline.

The Marquess’s Year To Wed

Belgado (Game of Courtship with the Earl) calls on characters from her other works to complete the cast of this steamy Victorian romance, featuring an unconventional heroine and an unexpected affection.

Innocent Witness

Lindsey’s (Always Watching) development of these main characters is top notch and easily draws the reader in.

Cold Murder in Kolton Lake

This fast-paced novel by Flowers (Murder in the Blue Ridge Mountains) will be eagerly enjoyed by fans of the series.

The Viscount’s Wallflower Wager

Tyner (Marriage Deal with the Earl) presents a spirited, closed-door Regency romance about intrepid, independent women making their own way in a world of wallflowers.

Peril in Piney Woods

Full of mystery, suspense, and romance, this quick read by Webb (Whispering Winds Widows) will have readers seeking out her previous works.

Scandalously Bound to the Gentleman

Dickson (Too Scandalous for the Earl) completes her “Cranford Estate Siblings” Regency romance series with this third installment, featuring a leisurely pace and lush detail.

How Not To Propose to a Duke

Allen (A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess) presents this first installment of the “Season of Celebration” Regency romance series, full of daring debutantes and steamy seduction.

Shadow Survivors

With lots of characters (both human and K-9) in the book, Miller (Sharp Evidence) goes to great lengths to give them each the story they deserve.

K-9 Shield

Severn (K-9 Detection) delivers another K-9 story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, with great characters and well-researched scenarios.

A Viscount for the Egyptian Princess

Helmy (The Earl’s Egyptian Heiress) employs lush detail to transport readers to the captivating Egyptian court in this Victorian-era romance, an enchanting forced-proximity, forbidden-love story.

Whispering Winds Widows

Webb (A Place To Hide) skillfully writes a small-town mystery full of twists and turns with a bit of romance.

Conard County: Murderous Intent

Lee (Conard County: Killer in the Storm) delivers book 59 in the series as skillfully written as the first, and the books can all be read as stand-alones.

Crash Landing

Johnson’s (The Sheriff’s To Protect) suspenseful romance features well-developed characters with vividly described scenery.

The Red River Slayer

Mettner (The Perfect Witness) delivers a well-developed story that unfolds over time and features a slow-burn romance.

Smoky Mountains Graveyard

In this deliciously written romance, readers will root for the couple while still sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the mystery to be solved.

Alliance with the Notorious Lord

Scott’s (Liaison with the Champagne Count) second installment in the “Enterprising Widows” series is a steamy Victorian romance about second chances.

Twice as Nice | Romance

Read-Alikes for ‘Funny Story’ by Emily Henry | LibraryReads

Romantic Retellings | Romance


Secretly Married to a Prince

First in a new series, Blake’s (Cinderella Assistant to Boss’s Bride) second-chance romance has it all: an instant connection that returns after years apart, plenty of steamy glances, and royalty.

Socialite’s Nine Month Secret

Seeing these two protagonists, both burned by their respective times in the spotlight, find love together makes for a charming story sure to please readers in the latest from Pembroke (Cinderella in the Spotlight).

Highland Fling with Her Boss

This contemporary romance from Baine (Pregnant Princess at the Altar) is a perfect read for those who want to do some armchair traveling, with the added bonus of an HEA.

It Started with a Proposal

In Meier’s (Fling with the Reclusive Billionaire) latest, the fake-engagement trope gets a fun twist in this charming story, perfect for readers who love a story with a close-knit family.

His Princess on Paper

A contemporary royal romance with the added flair of a marriage of convenience, Rohan and Elora’s love story will keep readers’ attention from start to finish in Milne’s (Wedding Planner’s Deal with the CEO) latest.

Accidentally Engaged to the Billionaire

Colter’s (Winning Over the Brooding Billionaire) latest is a contemporary romance perfect for readers who like their couples to have a history together.

Reluctant Bride’s Baby Bombshell

With passion that is off the charts and a unique story, lovers of contemporary romances will be devouring this second “One Year To Wed” title, after Secretly Married to a Prince by Ally Blake.

Breaking the Best Friend Rule

This friends-to-lovers romance from Lewis (Beauty and the Playboy Prince) will have readers oohing and aahing over the couple that is truly meant to be.

One Cursed Rose

Zanetti (Frostbitten) launches a new series with this shadowy and violent twist on “Beauty and the Beast” that will appeal to readers looking for a uniquely magical world filled with seduction and betrayal.

‘That Prince Is Mine’ by Jayci Lee | Romance Pick of the Month

Romance | Prepub Alert, October 2024 Titles

Romantasy | Prepub Alert, October 2024 Titles

Read-Alikes for ‘Just for the Summer' by Abby Jimenez | LibraryReads

The Mistress Experience

Peckham pairs polar opposites in a sexy, bawdy, fun, and yet deeply compassionate romance. A fitting end (after The Portrait of a Duchess) to the “Society of Sirens” series.

Lavash at First Sight

Voskuni (Sorry, Bro) writes a heartfelt, fade-to-black sapphic romance that focuses on Ellie’s Armenian-diaspora and queer communities.

You Should Be So Lucky

Sebastian’s (We Could Be So Good) latest is full of grumpy/sunshine goodness, with an absolutely delicious slow-burn romance.

The Next Best Fling

Gamez debuts with a contemporary rom-com, featuring hot chemistry and emotional depth.

Beautiful Villain

Kenney’s (A Hunt So Wild and Cruel) unique contemporary retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is perfect for fans of classics with a twist. New Adult and paranormal romance readers will enjoy the novel’s mystery and steamy, action-packed drama.

Tangled Up in You

A romantic joyride with roller-coaster plot reveals. Readers of Lauren’s (The True Love Experiment) books and fans of the beloved Disney original Tangled will adore this rom-com retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale.

Lady Scandal

A warmly refreshing read for the genre. Highly recommended for those who like historical romance, spirited characters, hard-earned success stories, and second chances.

Barely Even Friends

While the story delves into some difficult family relationships, Bennett’s debut is a good fit for those who enjoy sexy contemporary fairy-tale retellings and grumpy/sunshine tropes.

Four Weekends and a Funeral

This debut rom-com features peak grumpy/sunshine and friends-to-lovers tropes.

The Au Pair Affair

Bailey wonderfully portrays the chemistry between Tallulah and Burgess, creating a tension-filled narrative that keeps readers captivated from beginning to end.

The Villain Edit

While the romance storyline sometimes feels secondary, Devore’s (A Better Bad Idea) fast-moving novel full of entertaining behind-the-scenes reality TV drama will appeal to fans of dating shows and readers who enjoy a little chaos in their romances.

The Irish Goodbye

The magical atmosphere of Inishmore and its residents will captivate readers in YA author Ewing’s (The Alcazar) adult debut.

The Love of My Afterlife

Greenwood (He Will Be Mine) offers a charming, unique twist on a plethora of the best romance tropes. Sure to be a favorite of readers who love Sophie Cousens and Katy Birchall.

The Art of Catching Feelings

This fun romance from Thompson (With Love from Cold World) is perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey.

The Ex Vows

Touching, full of complicated emotions, and expertly written, romance fans will thoroughly enjoy this latest from Joyce (You, with a View).

That Prince Is Mine

Lee’s (Booked on a Feeling) latest is a tender and sexy romance that foodies will absolutely devour. A great read for fans of commoner-and-royalty storylines, such as Alyssa Cole’s “Reluctant Royals” series.

Unleashing Chaos

Hand Johnson and Vaughn’s (Spellbound) latest to readers who love quick whirlwind romances that feature lovable characters, a ton of humor, and favorite tropes such as forced proximity, fake dating, and only one bed.


Just Some Stupid Love Story

Doyle, who writes historical romance as Scarlett Peckham (“Society of Sirens” series), pens her first contemporary, a unique, sizzling second-chance rom-com with an HEA that will leave readers cheering.

What She’s Having

In Moher’s second novel set in small-town Galway, NC, after Curves for Days, readers will be caught up in Joe and July’s emotional journey.

Librarians in Love | Romance

Fall into You

Colleen Hoover and Lucy Score fans will be drawn to this deliciously explicit story.

The Marquis Who Musn’t

With an ease of plotting that showcases her deep skill and an effortless evocation of character, Milan delivers another of her winning romances. This one is particularly rich in detail about friendships, building a life, and pottery.

Bachelorette Number Twelve

A strong purchase for medical romance and LGBTQIA+ romance collections.


Readers looking for a sweet story, yet hot romance, will want to quickly pull this one from the shelves.

The One I Love

Sloan (The One I Need) delivers a tempting friends-to-lovers story with the skillful writing her followers have come to expect.

If the Duke Dares

Readers who can’t get enough of Regency drama will enjoy this diverting novel.

Pride and Preston Lin

In a landscape with dozens of Pride and Prejudice retellings, this clever rendition stands above. Austen fans and romance readers will be pleased.

Romance | Prepub Alert, September 2024 Titles

Romantasy | Prepub Alert, September 2024 Titles

‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ by Alexandria Bellefleur | Romance Pick of the Month


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