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The Plot and the Pendulum

With a cold case, a sinister mansion, a book collection, a skeleton, and Edgar Allan Poe, this is a treat for fans of McKinlay’s “Library Lover’s” series, Halloween-themed mysteries, and well-written cozies.

The Medici Murders

History buffs may appreciate this intricate character study more than most casual mystery readers.

Swann’s War

Fans of Jess Montgomery’s “Kinship” series may appreciate another historical mystery featuring a woman struggling to take over her husband’s role.

Still Waters

Fans of the series will enjoy this entry, which includes fascinating details about search dogs and their work as well as a unique settings and a colorful cast of recurring characters.

A Quiet Teacher

The chapters are short, and the writing is sharp as Oyebanji demonstrates a confident and developed voice and style. Never pulling punches, he smoothly places societal issues in service of the story and ends up multiplying the power of both.

Blackwater Falls

Readers who enjoy a meatier mystery that grapples with contemporary themes, along the lines of a James Lee Burke thriller, will find much to admire.


A strong entry in a series best read in order.

Murder at the Jubilee Rally

Suggest for fans of mysteries featuring small-town police forces, including novels by Claire Booth, Steven F. Havill, and Tricia Fields.

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

For fans of creepy, cunning locked-room thrillers based on controversial social norms. Readers will revel in the search for genealogical justice amid best-kept secrets, while wondering who will live and who will die.

Death in Heels

This character-driven mystery flips convention on its head when the straight amateur sleuth is an outsider to the drag community where her best friend is welcome.

City Under One Roof

The claustrophobic atmosphere in this unique one-building town, isolated by tunnels, weather, and secrets, builds a memorable debut crime novel.

Heroes Ever Die

Fans of both superheroes and pulp noir are sure to love Crawford’s action-packed dialogue and descriptions.

Stay Awake

Recommended for Goldin fans and those who enjoy listening to tales of suspense.

22 Seconds

This expertly narrated audio is a fast and entertaining listen. A solid installment in this ever-popular series.

A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder

This charmingly narrated audio will appeal to followers of the series and fans of Victorian cozies and light romantic mysteries. Previous knowledge of the series is helpful but not necessary.

The Favor

This haunting thriller is recommended for most collections.


The complex plot and interlinked characters won’t disappoint series fans.

Nobody But Us

This dual-narrated psychological thriller is a must-have for public library collections.

The Echoes

A fitting finale to this historical fiction series inspired by the first woman sheriff in the state of Ohio.

Better the Blood

Bennett (who is Maori and of Te Arawa descent) deftly illuminates the historical plight of the Maori people and its continuing effects in New Zealand. His action-packed narrative, blended with various cultural references, recalls the novels of Tony and Anne Hillerman, Craig Johnson, and William Kent Krueger.


The Prisoner

Paris (Behind Closed Doors) reduces a woman to a state of near incapacitation and then enables her to face a terrible situation with resolve. For fans of Joy Fielding.

High Spirits

The charming sequel to Be My Ghost will delight readers of paranormal cozy mysteries who enjoy quirky characters and a Christmas setting.

Never Name the Dead

The mystery is secondary in this debut wrapped in Kiowa history, stories, and culture. This novel is slow-paced, but a perfect fit for a story keeper account. Recommended for readers of David Heska Wanbli Weiden’s Winter Counts.

Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man

Edwards’s strength is in the creation of the setting and atmosphere of New York in 1950. For fans of hardboiled PIs with hearts of gold.

The Sanctuary

A tepid mystery that will appeal primarily to aficionados of Scandinavian noir.

Someone Had To Do It

Fans of Alyssa Cole and Zakiya Dalila Harris, whose characters navigate the issues women of color face in the workplace, and of psychological thrillers like Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train will enjoy this one.

Corpses, Calypso, and Cooking

The first “Caribbean Kitchen Mystery,” Mango, Mambo, and Murder, won the 2022 Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery, but Reyes’s sequel is somewhat convoluted and ends abruptly. Add this title, with its varied cast and a great deal of Spanish dialogue, where the first was popular.


The Enigma of Room 622

Twists abound in this elaborate mystery, but readers will have to power through clichéd dialogue, jarring time shifts, and thin characterization to enjoy them.

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No Plan B

This humdrum, by-the-book thriller isn’t all that good, but it will still attract Reacher’s countless fans.


Part police procedural, part spy novel, and entirely captivating as normal life collides with ideology, nostalgia, and a reminder that perhaps the Cold War is not as settled as once believed. This debut will appeal to fans of Karin Slaughter, Kjell Eriksson, and Ragnar Jónasson.

Through a Darkening Glass

Maxwell’s debut novel is definitely not your traditional “murder in a quaint village” historical mystery; an optional purchase might be of interest to fans of Daphne du Maurier.

Finlay Donovan Knocks ’Em Dead

Libraries that didn’t buy the first audiobook should purchase both at this time.

The Investigator

A must-buy. Sanford fans will be captivated and will eagerly seek out more Letty Davenport novels.

Finding Grace

Recommended for listeners of suspense fiction and stories involving family dynamics.

The Soviet Sisters: A Novel of the Cold War

This thrilling mystery set just after World War II is filled with spies, lies, and double agents that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats for a bumpy ride.

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride

A wonderful new addition to any mystery collection.

When the Crow’s Away

Fans of the first novel in the series will enjoy Brown’s delightful performance and look forward to the series’ next installment.

Two Nights in Lisbon

While some will guess parts of the ending, getting there is great fun.

At the Quiet Edge

A slow burner that propels listeners into a nail-biting conclusion, leaving them holding their breath. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jackson and Iris Johansen.

Death By Beach Read

Recommended for those who enjoy light mysteries and beach reads.

The Murder of Mr. Wickham

A captivating production that’s perfect for readers who enjoy historical mysteries and for those Austen fans who’d love to see Mr. Wickham’s ultimate comeuppance.

The Chase

Fox (Gathering Dark) mingles suspense with wit in a manner that is engrossing and entertaining. This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a compelling, character-driven thriller teeming with doubt and danger; recommended for fans of Karin Slaughter, Sarah Bailey, and Allison Brennan.


Fans of the author and supernatural thrillers will enjoy.

The Sacred Bridge

A solid addition to the series that will satisfy Hillerman’s many fans.

Death and the Conjuror

Join the challenge presented by Mead to solve this mystery and hope the second book in the series comes out soon.

Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

A heavy-handed but well-written addition to the series that is drawn from the author’s own experience of unexpectedly losing a daughter.

Buried in a Good Book

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a cozy mystery that is compelling, comical, and clever. Recommended for fans of Ann Purser, Elizabeth Blake, and Avery Aames.

This Train

Listeners of thriller fiction will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

Red Warning

Quirk’s fans and readers of spy stories will enjoy this audio.

Our American Friend

Listeners of spy stories, political fiction, and journalistic exposés will enjoy this tale.

December ’41: A World War II Thriller

Reminiscent of the thrillers of the 1980s, such as those written by Frederick Forsyth and Ken Follett, this is a supplemental choice for public libraries who cannot keep enough World War II spy novels on the shelf.

Her Last Affair

Worth a listen for those up for a unique mystery that is out of the ordinary.

Smile Beach Murder

Mystery fans will enjoy Vacker’s delightful performance of this compelling series launch.

The Heretic

Fascinating details about the detectives’ personal lives, a vibrant city atmosphere, class differences, and the many conversations that always include the listener make for an affecting listening experience.

The Silent Sisters

Listeners of spy novels and Dugoni fans will enjoy this audiobook.

Strangers We Know

Listeners will get wrapped up by the narrators as the many layers of secrets within the family are revealed.

The Shop on Royal Street

This is a satisfying beginning to the new “Royal Street” series and will be especially appreciated by fans of the “Tradd Street” series. It will also interest those who like old houses, ghost stories, and determined Southern women.

Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies

Fans of The Great British Baking Show will enjoy hearing about the pies made by Daisy. This first in a new series is for fans of cozy mysteries looking for one with a modern twist.

In the Blood

Carr’s latest entry is a masterpiece, sure to be a hit, especially considering this summer’s new Amazon series Terminal List, starring Chris Pratt. Highly recommended for fans of military action and spy thrillers.

Blood Sugar

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a psychological thriller with an amiable yet amoral protagonist. Recommended for fans of Greer Hendricks, Gilly Macmillan, and Michele Campbell.

The World of Pondside

Avid readers of mysteries won’t necessarily be shocked by the numerous twists and turns, including the big reveal. While not an essential purchase, this audiobook is perfect for mystery listeners who like a fun story with lots of odd suspects.

Her Dying Day

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a missing-person mystery brimming with suspicion and secrets. Recommended for fans of Lisa Jewell and Shari Lapena.

Mirror Lake

A true delight, especially for those who enjoy cozy mysteries.

I’ll Be You

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an intricate plot that is both moving and menacing, a fast-paced roller coaster of suspense and surprises. Recommended for fans of Lisa Jewell, Holly Seddon, and Bev Thomas.

Last Call at the Nightingale

Traditional mystery readers and lovers of 1920s historical fiction will enjoy this subtly inclusive listen.

Things We Do in the Dark

Listeners may guess some of the twists in this fast-moving thriller, but likely won’t guess them all. Recommended for fans of the author and writers such as Mary Kubica and Simone St. James.

The Lioness

This is a good read, full of adventure and with twists aplenty.

Vital Lies

Listeners of spy thrillers will enjoy this book. Recommended.

Dark Circles

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a creepy cult story that is as entertaining as it is eerie. Recommended for fans of Riley Sager, Janelle Brown, and Lisa Jewell.

The House Across the Lake

Fans of Sager, and those just discovering his works, will enjoy this novel.

The Island

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a sinister and suspenseful tale of survival, an adrenaline-fueled story of the lengths one would go to for family; recommended for fans of Candice Fox, Alice Feeney, and Rachel Hawkins.

The Lightning Rod

This exceptional audio will have listeners wanting more and hoping that the next installation won’t take long. Highly recommended.

City on Fire

Listeners who enjoyed The Godfather or the GoodFellas film based on the book Wiseguy will find this work to be similar.

Kingdom of Bones

Readers who enjoy Michael Crichton’s books and fans of Rollins’s (The Last Odyssey) previous work will want to tackle this new entry in the “Sigma Force” series, which can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

The Last Party

Thriller fans will be intrigued. Recommend to readers of Gillian Flynn and Liane Moriarty.

The It Girl

Ware’s newest novel is a must-add for mystery collections that will appeal to her fans and new readers alike.

A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons

The mixture of niche mystery elements (cozy, historical, academic) combined with Harris’s appealing narration make this debut a must-buy for audio mystery collections.

The Dark Flood

Recommended for those who enjoy listening to mystery and to fans of the author.


This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a spine-tingling and suspenseful tale of survival, full of creepy, compelling twists. Recommended for fans of David Moody, S. A. Barnes, and Matthew Lyons.

A Trace of Poison

Reminiscent of Jessica Ellicott’s “Beryl & Edwina” series, this novel will please readers with its historical world and a plot that would satisfy Poirot.

The Twist of a Knife

Readers of character-driven novels will love the twists and turns of this Agatha Christie–style mystery that leads to an unexpected reveal. Perfect for fans of G.  M. Malliet, Elly Griffiths, and Richard Osman.

The Body Falls

The weather, as an additional character in the plot, is very effective. Though part of a series, this book can be read as a stand-alone. Recommended for fans of Carlene O’Connor and the “County Cork” series by Sheila Connolly.

Lavender House

Rosen’s deftly clued, noir-tinged plot successfully walks the line between hope and heartbreak, all while thoughtfully exploring the role of family in our lives. This fresh take on the classic private investigator begs to be brought to the big screen.

Vanishing Hour

Cold cases, romance, and several search-and-rescue missions combine in a riveting novel for fans of Paula Munier, Margaret Mizushima, and Jeffrey B. Burton.

The Widow

Told with Rouda’s signature first-person technique, this is a guilty-pleasure read, laden with silver-tongued politicians who revel in their duplicitous dance with the truth. It’s a deliciously diabolical take on marriage, politics, and the lies that bind.

Secrets of the Nile

Fans of avant-garde women sleuths, Dame Agatha, and plot-driven mysteries will enjoy this twisty read.

The Bullet That Missed

Although the third in Osman’s series (after The Man Who Died Twice) is confusing at times, it’s a character-rich mystery that will be eagerly received by fans of the Thursday Murder Club.

Holmes Coming

“Sherlock in modern times” has been done, but having the actual character adapt to modern times is a fresh take on the detective. Johnson nails Holmes’s voice, and his relationship with a new doctor to tell his story is fun and engaging. Fans of the original adventures of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy.

Treachery on Tenth Street

Belli follows Betrayal on the Bowery with another well-researched, intriguing historical mystery depicting culture and social class in Gilded-Age Gotham.

Reptile Memoirs

The persistent listener will be rewarded with an extraordinary story and a satisfying audiobook experience.

Portrait of an Unknown Lady

One of those wonderful listens in which the audiobook edition may well be the best way to experience the story.


Portrait of a Thief

Listeners may finish this book feeling as if they’ve learned plenty, but so palatably wrapped in cleverly delicious plotting.


The Marlow Murder Club

Cozy mystery fans will be lining up for the next series installment.

Sinister Graves

There’s a bleak tone in this emotionally intense follow-up to Girl Gone Missing. Rendon, an enrolled member of White Earth Nation, skillfully handles sobering social issues of stolen children and isolated young adults who feel loss. Recommend to readers of David Heska Wanbli Weiden’s award-winning Winter Counts.

The Socialite’s Guide to Murder

Evelyn is quite spoiled, something of an acquired taste as an amateur sleuth. Suggest to readers who enjoyed other hotel-set mysteries with young amateur sleuths, like Nita Prose’s The Maid and Audrey Keown’s Murder at Hotel 1911.

A Book Club To Die For

This cozy mystery full of books, romance, and a crime-solving cat will appeal to readers of Kate Carlisle’s “Bibliophile” mysteries.

Anywhere You Run

In this viscerally frightening novel of the Jim Crow era, Morris writes a stunning, heartbreaking portrayal of being Black in the 1960s U.S. South.

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