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20 Bestselling Crafts & Hobbies Books | The Most Sought-After Titles by Public Libraries

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Mystery | Prepub Alert, February 2025 Titles

Jo Callaghan Wins Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year | Book Pulse

‘Pocket Guide to Crochet: Take-Along Information on Tools, Popular Stitches, Tips, and Tricks’ by Jen Lucas | LJ Review of the Day

‘The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love’ by India Holton Tops Holds Lists | Book Pulse

‘Played’ by Naima Simone | LJ Review of the Day



A luminous tale of forgiveness, love, and hope that views a complicated relationship in the wake of tragedy.

Thrillers Open a New Pathway in Christian Fiction

‘The Faculty Lounge’ by Jennifer Mathieu | LJ Review of the Day

English PEN Translates Winners Are Announced | Book Pulse


Colored Television

The author of Caucasia, Symptomatic, and others writes with compassion for a heroine who is searching for her racial and social identities. In the end, Senna allows Jane the success her struggles have earned for her. Readers will be grateful for that.

The Singularity

Folding prescient philosophical musings on the nature of human consciousness into a satisfyingly eerie fable, Buzzati’s foundational work of Italian science fiction might well be subtitled “The Postmodern Prometheus.”

The Empusium: A Health Resort Horror Story

This novel won’t be every reader’s cup of tea, but the gothic elements keep the blood stirring. The book might also remind readers of the wilder writings of Isaac Bashevis Singer.

The Secret Keeper of Main Street

Readers will root for Elsa and Bailey to find love and acceptance in their worlds but may be disappointed at how all the loose ends are wrapped up a bit too neatly. Fans of Thomas and stories of friendships forged beyond social boundaries will enjoy.

The Big Book of Peanuts: All the Daily Strips from the 1990s

Collecting one of the most popular, beloved, and influential comic strips ever created, this volume and the four preceding it are essential purchases for all libraries.

Milk Without Honey

Elegant and tragic, this contemplative contemporary art comic succinctly snapshots an important example of humanity’s destructive dominion over the natural world.

Brittle Joints

Sweeney’s debut graphic novel embodies a plea for understanding and empathy regarding the possible hidden health problems of others. A sobering read-alike to What’s Wrong?? by Erin Williams, Ripple Effects by Jordan Hart, and Notes from a Sickbed by Tessa Brunton.

Viewfinder: A Memoir of Seeing and Being Seen

Looking through a camera’s viewfinder, a director focuses in on the best shots to tell a movie’s story; with his filmmaker’s eye, it’s no surpise that Chu’s memoir (written with Jeremy McCarter) tells an effective story. Film students will relish his insight into filmmaking.

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

This brief, potent book offers a fresh understanding of diaspora; readers of contemporary poetry will seek it out.

Till Death Do Us Part

Flynn weaves a terrific tale that could easily get complicated and dubious, but she adeptly keeps everything straightforward and believable. When readers figure out a piece of the puzzle, Flynn introduces other elements to keep the pace and story continuously surprising. Pair this with First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston for the perfect book club discussion.


Readers who enjoy thrillers by Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, or Vince Flynn will eat this up. Others may find it a bit formulaic.

Then Things Went Dark

Despite an uneven story, Fitzgerald’s thrilling “whydunit” will keep readers focused on the lights and drama of the reality show, while they try to figure out what really happened when things went deadly.

Trouble in Censorville: The Far Right’s Assault on Public Education and the Teachers Who Are Fighting Back

A timely look at the current state of censorship in American schools and a few ideas to fight against it.

Tempted by Her Greek Island Bodyguard

Douglas’s (Waking Up Married to the Billionaire) latest is highly recommended for contemporary romance readers.

How To Charm a Nerd

Readers who enjoyed the first series entry, The Bookbinder’s Guide to Love, may want to pick up this sequel.

You Had Me at Happy Hour

Janovsky’s (The (Fake) Dating Game) latest is a work nemesis-to-lovers, “we’re just friends with benefits until we’re so much more” story, with two adorably awkward protagonists who it’s impossible not to root for.

Going Toe to Toe

This fifth installment in St. John’s “Six Gems” series, after Frenemy Fix-Up, is best for readers who are already invested in the women and their HEAs.

Unexpected Family for the Rebel Tycoon

This story from Stewart (Consequence of Their Forbidden Night) will tug at readers’ heartstrings and is a must-read for contemporary romance readers who love the family dynamic.

A Murderer Among Us

Graham (Tangled Threat) delivers another entertaining and suspenseful story.

Bound by Their Royal Baby

An entertaining royal-baby romance from Milne (His Princess on Paper).

The Billionaire’s Plus-One Deal

Lewis (Breaking the Best Friend Rule) offers an adorable contemporary romance, featuring a fake-dating trope, that’s not to be missed.

Campus Killer

Flowers’s latest (Cold Murder in Kolton Lake) will appeal to fans of suspense featuring criminology and profiling.

Wyoming Mountain Investigation

Rushdan (Wyoming Mountain Cold Case) starts this new series with a skillfully told story full of adventure and romance.

Uncovering the Governess’s Secrets

Kaye (His Runaway Marchioness Returns) presents a sexy Victorian romance about secret identities and sordid pasts. In-depth detail about the era’s law enforcement and asylums, paired with alternating first-person perspectives, yield an absorbing reading experience.

How the Wallflower Wins a Duke

Morris (Beguiling Her Enemy Warrior) presents a sexy Regency romance full of complex characters. The wit and warmth are sure to win readers’ hearts.

Lakeside Secrets

Richards (Silenced Witness) writes an exciting story with likable characters and believable scenarios.

Never Date a Roommate

Brazilian author Ottoni’s English-language and Harlequin debut is a slow-burn, close-proximity romance about finding one’s place in the world and learning to be true to oneself that proves she’ll be an author to watch.

Winter Warning

Winters (Mountain Abduction) gives readers another adventure-filled story in this popular series, with well-developed characters and a vividly described setting.

Unexpectedly Wed to the Heir

San Andres’s (The Return of His Caribbean Heiress) fourth installment in the “Caribbean Courtships’’ series is as warm and witty as the others.

Ranch Ambush

With a fast-moving storyline, Han (Murder in Texas) will keep readers on their edge of their seats as the romance and mystery unwind.

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A Year of Granny Squares: 52 Grannies To Crochet, One for Every Week of the Year

This crochet book is a standout for its colorful seasonal designs that will bring out crafters’ creativity all year. An adorable purchase.

Pineapple Play Quilts & Projects: 18 Projects Using the Pineapple Trim Tool

Readers who are looking to learn this unique style of quilt block will find plenty of options in Wright’s book. Both beginners and more advanced quilters will be able to work their way through these projects, but all will be easier if they use the specialized ruler that the book calls for.

10 Step Drawing: Cute Animals

An easy-to-follow guide, best for the animal aficionado.

Cricut Celebrations: Digital Die-Cutting for Any Event

Digital die-cutting machines continue to grow in popularity, but there are few books on the topic. This title will inspire crafters interested in using a digital die-cutting machine to create a variety of decorative objects and party favors.

The Handmade Spa: Natural Soaps

An easily accessible guide to soap making, with color photographs that clearly show every step of the process. A must for DIYers.


Mad Hatter: Crazy, Colorful Crochet Designs To Hook and Show Off

This book’s customizable options and tiny accents are sure to compel crocheters to create distinctive pieces for themselves and for others.

Easy Acrylic Painting: Beginner Tutorials for Small Still Lifes

For readers ready to take on acrylic painting (a technique suitable for beginners, since it allows for easy corrections), this is a sound and highly informative guide.

My First Sewing Machine: 30 Fun Projects Kids Will Love To Make

This machine-sewing book is easy enough for beginners of all ages to follow, as long as they’re comfortable with metric measurements.

Crochet Monsters

A creative and detailed crochet guide for intermediate and experienced crocheters. The projects’ many options for personalization could make it particularly useful for leading group activities.

Colorful Crochet Cables: How To Crochet Celtic Cabled Designs in Vibrant Multicolored Hues

A unique approach to crocheting that’s backed by science. It’s suitable for advanced fiber artists who are ready to explore the magic that cablework and colors can add to their creations.

Peter Panda and Pals: 10 Sweet and Easy Amigurumi Designs To Crochet

Playful yet detailed, the 10 animal friends Vindevogel presents are sure to delight both the crocheter and the recipient of the fun, unfussy creatures, which come to life as easily on the crochet hook as they do in the book.

Brooklyn Tweed’s Knit and Crochet Blankets: Projects To Stitch for Home and Away

A cozy and welcoming collection of appealing knitting and crochet patterns with helpful instructions.

Pocket Guide to Crochet: Take-Along Information on Tools, Popular Stitches, Tips, and Tricks

An incredibly helpful guide for beginners, but readers who just want a refresher on crocheting techniques will appreciate this title too.

Shy by Design: 12 Timeless Principles To Quietly Stand Out

An encouraging read for anyone looking to hone their listening and observational skills while staying true to their own needs and abilities.

Good Grief

This title includes 40 new poems that supplement those found in Pastor’s self-published debut poetry collection of the same name. Recommended for anyone seeking encouragement, support, or commiseration when coping with grief, trauma, anxiety, and more.

80/20 Daily: Your Day-by-Day Guide to Happier, Healthier, Wealthier, and More Successful Living Using the 80/20 Principle

Koch empowers readers to improve their lives or mindsets by briefly reflecting on a daily concept. This book will appeal to all 80/20 adherents and anyone aspiring to better living.

Fighting for Our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women’s Relationships

After the isolation of the pandemic, many people want help making personal connections. This is a solid addition to self-help or psychology collections everywhere.

Dateable: Swiping Right, Hooking Up, and Settling Down While Chronically Ill and Disabled

With its mix of astute cultural analyses, quippy personal anecdotes, and deeper dives into sociopolitical and theoretical factors, this book does more than show disabled and chronically ill people that they belong. It also serves as a reminder that it matters how one shows up on dating apps and in relationships, in order to counteract the systems that try to render invisible the people whose bodies don’t conform to social norms.

Living a Conscious Life: How To Find Peace, Wholeness, and Freedom in a Chaotic World

There is no bibliography, nor is there a concluding chapter to reinforce the central message. However, Johnson’s book offers excellent meditation tips and practical advice to help readers live more fulfilling lives, even in times of unrest.

Life After Doom: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart

A helpful book that may appeal to those seeking a spiritual consideration of doom related to climate change and ecological disaster.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone: The Power of Friendship

Those who admire Nepo’s work and are seeking advice about friendship will relish this book. Reading it feels like having a discussion with the author over a delicious meal.

Loving What’s Next: What You Want Can Be Yours Now!

Readers who embraced the message in Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret will relish Barr’s book, but those with a more skeptical nature may want to skip this one.

The T in LGBT: Everything You Need To Know About Being Trans

This book will appeal to fans of Raines’s YouTube channel, allies, and trans people at any stage of their transition.

Rewire: Break the Cycle, Alter Your Thoughts and Create Lasting Change (Your Neurotoolkit for Everyday Life)

With quotations and references drawn from pop culture set alongside cutting-edge research on neuroplasticity and other facets of cognition, this is an easy-to-read addition to the growing ranks of biohacking books. Will appeal to readers of Tara Swart Bieber and Wendy Suzuki.

Food and Freedom: Discover Your Personal Recipe To Eat, Think, and Live Well

An excellent supplemental title for collections on wellness, both mental and physical.

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