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The Flower Yard in Containers & Pots: Creating Paradise Season by Season

Parkinson’s love for plants, gardening, and wildlife shines through in this conversational, lovely book. Most useful for intermediate or advanced gardeners.

The Encyclopedia of Cut Flowers: What Flowers To Buy, When To Buy Them, and How To Keep Them Alive Longer

A distinctive ready reference that will provide an abundance of positive takeaways and tips for both novices and the most seasoned florists.

Elevate Your Scrap Sewing Projects: 20+ Beautiful Techniques Using Your Fabric Stash

For libraries that cater to experienced sewists who want to try something a little different, this collection of projects certainly fits the bill.

Crochet Furry Friends: 12 Faux Fur Amigurumi Animals To Make

The inclusion of fur yarn for these patterns differentiates this resource from other amigurumi books. Great for experienced crocheters.

Kawaii Doodle Café: Learn To Draw Adorable Desserts, Snacks, Drinks & More

Readers will likely be inspired to spend countless hours drawing and composing Kawaii characters and capturing their own dining establishments and experiences.

All-New Twenty To Make: Knitted Baby Hats

From the practical to the whimsical, these cute items are perfect for gifts and for new and weekend knitters. Also great for readers looking for a fresh way to keep their baby’s head warm this winter.

Knitted Socks: 20 Gorgeous Patterns Inspired by Places Around the World

From lace to cables to complex colorwork, sock knitters will be sure to find something that appeals to them in this beautifully photographed and delightful collection of patterns. Perfect for intermediate to advanced sock knitters looking to take on a challenge.

The Embroidery Stitch Companion

A well-organized and thoughtful embroidery guide. Great for beginners wishing to learn an exciting new skill. Also for experienced embroiderers who need or want to brush up on their techniques and improve their skills.

‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’ Im-peck-able Crochet

Something a little different from standard amigurumi crocheted characters and books. A must for crafty fans and collectors of whimsical Chicken Run memorabilia.

Forage & Stitch: Using Natural Materials in Textile Art

An excellent addition to craft and DIY collections. For readers who would like to expand their knowledge of making textile art with foraged materials and a variety of techniques.

InstaKnits for Baby

Whether readers are looking for last-minute gifts or projects to keep them busy during a TV show, this book delivers cozy, cute creations. Some projects are practical or whimsical, whereas many check both of those boxes.

Cute Creature Art Class: Learn To Draw Over 50 Magical Monsters

A one-stop shop for some beginners and experienced artists who want to learn how to draw creatures in an anime style.

Beginner’s Guide to Rug Tufting: Make One-of-a-Kind Rugs, Wall Hangings, and Décor with a Tufting Gun

A fun option for readers who want to learn how to create colorful rugs, wall hangings, and contemporary home furnishings.

Modern Day Quilter: 16 Patchwork Quilts and Projects for Everyday Life

A great book for beginner quilters, and intermediate quilters can learn from this title too.

Ultimate Binding and Edge-Finishing Guide for Quilting and Sewing: More Than 16 Different Techniques

For beginner and seasoned quilters who want to learn new techniques. A good addition to collections.

Dust Collection Systems and Solutions for Every Budget: CompleteGuide to Protecting Your Lungs and Eyes from Wood, Metal, and Resin Dust in the Workshop

Beyond a simple buying guide, this highly recommended volume provides essential dust-control and safety information for a wide variety of workshop set-ups.

The Soul of Gift Wrapping: Creative Techniques for Expressing Gratitude, Inspired by the Japanese Art of Giving

A mindful option that takes back the commercialism in gift giving and makes it a personal experience again. These ideas will fit everyone’s budget, and the book is sure to be a joyful experience.

Rags to Rugs: 30 New Weaving Designs for Repurposed Fabrics

A superb offering for readers who want to repurpose and recycle materials in a creative way.

Knit a Mini Ocean: 20 Tiny Sea Creatures To Knit

A whale of an addition to the world of amigurumi. Knitters who enjoy the ocean and the tiny creatures who live in it will appreciate these delightful projects.

Pocket Guide to Sashiko and Boro Stitching: Carry-Along Reference to Stitches, Tools, and Projects

For readers who want to see the potential in their used clothing, this quick guide is small but mighty. Marvelous for beginners but also ideal for people with embroidery knowledge who need some reminders while they work.

Punch Needle Tattoo Designs

An easy-to-follow guide that is sure to excite both aspiring and experienced crafters.


Amigurumi Family Adventures: 4 Cute Dolls To Crochet, with Summer & Winter Outfits

Simple and straightforward. A good recommendation for crocheters of any skill level.

Colourwork in the Round: All the Techniques You Need Plus 5 Stunning Projects

An excellent primer for creating colorwork projects that’s size-inclusive and for all skill levels. Knitters will also be able to apply this versatile technique to Fair Isle, Icelandic, Norwegian, and many other knitting patterns and designs.

Quilt Your Story: Honoring Special Moments Using Uniforms, Scrubs, Favorite Shirts, and More To Make Memory Quilts and Projects

Quilters will learn how to give new life to old items. Beginner memory quilt projects are included, but ideal readers are those with basic knowledge of textiles and the know-how to create with them.

Retro Curved Pieced Quilts: 15 Throwback Designs for Today’s Quilter

For serious quilters who are looking for detailed patterns and new and different designs to try.

Realistic Painting with Alcohol Ink: Learn Intermediate and Advanced Techniques with 17 Animal, Landscape, Still Life, and Portrait Projects

Experienced artists interested in painting with alcohol inks will be well served by this book’s thoughtful advice and beautiful examples.

Vibrant Watercolor: A Creative and Colorful Exploration into the Art of Watercolor Painting

Perfect for readers who want to dabble in a new art form or for those in need of a refresher.

30 Day Challenge, Embroidery: A Day-by-Day Guide To Learn New Stitches and Create Beautiful Designs

This book is squarely aimed at right-handed embroidery novices with no prior experience, whom it shows how to start and complete embroidery projects in a few hours.

Projects in Leather: Techniques, Patterns, and Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Over 20 Projects with Endless Variations

A great resource for readers who want to start or continue creating leather crafts.

Exploring Tunisian Crochet: All the Basics Plus Stitches and Techniques To Take Your Crochet to the Next Level

A great purchase about Tunisian crochet, suitable as an introductory guide but also for those experienced in the craft.

Sewing Perfect Little Bags and Totes: Fine-Tuning Essential Techniques from Cutting Out to Hardware

Good for experienced sewists who are looking to expand into bag making.

All-New Twenty To Make: Amigurumi Animals

A great collection of projects for crochet or animal lovers that would make excellent gifts or decorations.

Beginner’s Guide to Glass Painting: Learn the Easy Reverse Technique for Making Endless Works of Art

Mistry’s thorough guidance and the vibrant project examples are certain to inspire many readers to take up glass painting as a new hobby.

How To Draw Super Cute Things with Bobbie Goods

For parents, teachers, and whimsical souls looking for instruction and inspiration. Also recommended for younger artists ready to put down their coloring books to make their own cute cartoons.

Modern Papermaking: Techniques in Handmade Paper

A great introduction to papermaking that enables practitioners to develop their skills. Ideal for public libraries and academic papermaking programs.

Embroidering Plants and Flowers for Beginners: 33 Plants To Stitch

Best for readers who have never tried embroidery, but those looking for some new patterns or inspiration will benefit from this title too. A welcome addition to crafts and hobbies sections.

Hooked on Shakespeare: Crochet Projects Inspired by the Bard

A perfect addition to the crafty reader’s shelf. Will have Shakespeare readers and English teachers crocheting characters in no time.

Wear It Well: Reclaim Your Closet and Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed

A thoughtful approach to showing readers how to tackle their closets, lean into their personal values, and let go of some of their concerns about style.

Start Painting Now: Discover Your Artistic Potential

This book will appeal to artists of all experience levels or to readers who are interested in using art as a means of self-expression.

This Is a Book for People Who Love Cats

Written in an engaging and entertaining tone, this selection is suitable for feline fans of all ages.

A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting: Step-by-Step Lessons for Portraits, Landscapes and Still Lifes

A wealth of practical and clever advice that beginner artists will find useful.

Made To Measure: An Easy Guide to Drafting and Sewing a Custom Wardrobe

A welcome addition to sewing technique and pattern books. Readers interested in creating their own wardrobe will seek out this title.

Painting with Brusho: Create Vibrant & Expressive Paintings Using Watercolour Ink Powder

While some artists may not have the skills to draw similarly beguiling images, Thomas’s Brusho techniques are appealing enough to be used for abstract pieces or simply for enjoyment of the painting process itself. Many readers will certainly be inspired to give Brusho a try.

Knitting California: 26 Easy-To-Follow Designs for Beautiful Beanies Inspired by the Golden State

Bates’s collection of patterns will appeal to knitters who enjoy stranded colorwork, nature-inspired motifs, or knitted hats.

Manga Art Fashion Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Stylish Artwork in the Manga Style

An unusual but highly insightful guide that also looks at artists who do this kind of drawing and their multiple career paths. An essential purchase where drawing books and manga are popular.

Watercolor Made Simple: Techniques, Projects, and Encouragement To Get Started Painting and Creating

An innovative, highly useful work for beginning watercolorists.

Capture Your Own Life with Collage Quilting: Making Unique Quilts and Projects from Photos and Imagery

A great choice for beginning collage artists or readers who wish to take the craft to another level.

55 Fantastic Japanese Knitting Stitches

Knitters drawn to blends of color and texture will enjoy the new horizons opened by Hayashi’s stitch patterns. Those who specialize or create works using the brioche technique will be drawn to this title too.

Art of Custom Sneakers: How To Create One-of-a-Kind Kicks; Paint, Splatter, Dip, Drip, and Color

A sure hit. For aspiring custom shoe designers.

Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder

This well-researched, intriguing drawing guide is essential reading for Disney fans and for those who want to learn more about animation, its history, or the world of Walt Disney. A valuable purchase.

Painting Skies in Pastel

A great title for refining or learning pastel sky techniques. Best for artists who already have some experience working in this medium.

Painting Cats: Curious, Mindful & Free-Spirited Watercolors

Still, this joyful book will inspire cat-loving creatives to pick up their paint brushes.

Cat Mania Embroidery: Zany and Fun Feline Motifs

Cat fans and readers who are completely new to embroidery will gain a solid set of skills by the time they work their way through this book. Experienced embroiderers will find adorable patterns that could be easily replicated or adapted.

Sustainable Wardrobe: Practical Advice and Projects for Eco-Friendly Fashion

Consider this a personal trainer for sustainable fashion and feasible, environmentally friendly lifestyles. It can also easily complement library collections in fashion design, home economics, or crafts.

This Is a Book for People Who Love Dogs

A fun addition to libraries in pet-loving communities, this heartfelt book will resonate with anyone searching for a quick, well-illustrated read about canine friends.

Colorful Baby Crochet

A fun and simple book to add to fiber-arts collections.

The Flower Hunter: Creating a Floral Love Story Inspired by the Landscape

A lovely, easy-to-follow book for readers looking for ways to capture the allure of nature around them. Great for craft sections and art students.

Knit a Mini Safari: 20 Tiny Animals To Knit

A delightful book for readers looking to expand their knitting repertoires to small toys.

Sewing for Children with African Wax Print Fabric

A fun introduction to African wax prints. Accessible for beginning sewists.

Fry’s Ties: The Life and Times of a Tie Collection

An intelligent book that invites readers, especially fans of Fry and fashion history, to laugh and learn. An excellent addition to collections.

Drawing Digital: The Complete Guide for Learning To Draw & Paint on Your iPad

Beginners will be drawing as soon as they start reading through this gorgeous, easy-to-follow book.

Cute & Cuddly Crochet: Learn To Make Huggable Amigurumi Animals

Bergstrom has a strong Instagram presence, so her fans will be asking for this cute book. A good addition to any crochet collection.

Sew Gnomes: 12 Magical Friends To Stitch

An essential purchase where gnomes and sewing titles are popular.

A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Buildings & Landscapes: Perspective and Proportions for Drawing Architecture, Gardens and More

A technical but highly useful guide to perspective and proportion.

60 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars, 2nd Ed.: Includes 10 New National Parks Blocks

This volume by a star in the quilting world would enhance any quilting collection.


Punch-Needle Craft

A practical guide for getting started with punch-needling and a good choice for libraries looking to expand their crafting collection.

365 Days of Stitches: How To Create a Personal Embroidery Journal

A charming guide for embroidery fans, whether they’ve been practicing the craft for 10 years or 10 minutes, to create a highly individualized, meaningful, and memorable record of the year.

Every Dog Deserves an Adventure: Amazing Stories of Camping with Dogs

This is an easy title for any library to recommend and could be the highlight of an outdoor-activities display.


Our Little Farm: Adventures in Sustainable Living

Most likely of interest to only the readers who have already embarked on self-sufficient farming and want detailed information.

Palette Knife Painting: Deep Impasto: Paint Beautiful Masterpieces Using a Palette Knife and the Impasto Technique

Far from a how-to for beginners, this book includes projects that expertly teach processes, such as color blocking, blending, and multiple effects that can be executed with a knife. This will likely be a popular addition to craft collections.

Painting Abstract Nature on Canvas: A Guide to Creating Vibrant Art with Watercolour and Mixed Media

An outstanding instructional art book with pictures that illustrate each step. Creative readers of all skill levels will likely love this title.

Art for Self-Care: Create Powerful, Healing Art by Listening to Your Inner Voice

This is an excellent companion for those who may need to express themselves and heal but aren’t sure where to start. Worthwhile to have in any library, especially for readers who may be hesitant to reach out.

Coastal Kitchen: Nourishing Seafood Recipes for Everyday Cooking

This is a must-purchase for coastal libraries or those with access to fresh seafood.


Painting Calm: Connect to Nature Through the Art of Watercolour

A great title for beginners or readers looking for new inspiration in watercolor techniques. The illustrations are all nature-based, making it an excellent option for the summer season.

Wallace & Gromit: Cracking Crochet

This book includes delightful patterns, but it’s niche in topic and its UK terminology may hinder some readers’ ability to finish their projects.

Chinese Brush Painting Four Seasons: Paint Flowers, Birds, Fruits & More with 24 Step-by-Step Projects

A great addition for arts or craft collections. The featured projects will likely keep novice painters interested, and there are clear instructions for absolute beginners.

Draw Kawaii Style: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide for Drawing Super-Cute Creatures, Whimsical People, and Fun Little Things

This easy-to-follow approach to kawaii drawings will likely have even nonartists feeling inspired and confident enough to get started.

Summer Knitting for Little Sweethearts: 40 Nordic-Style Warm Weather Patterns for Girls, Boys, and Babies

Suitable for libraries with robust selections of knitting books but not for the faint-of-heart fiber artist.

Sew for Yourself: 50 Great Garments from Recycled Fabric, Using 5 Basic Patterns

This book will likely appeal to readers of all sewing levels, especially those who are environmentally conscious and interested in learning to sew with recycled materials.

No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects: 50 Elegant Projects To Make for the Home

Purchase where craft books are popular.

Easy, Beautiful Handmade Rag Rugs: 16 Illustrated, Step-by-Step Techniques with Dozens of Patterns and Projects

A wonderful overview of rag rugs and how to create them. A perfect complement to titles that solely contain patterns.

The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook: How To Write Great Patterns That Knitters Will Love To Make

Good for public libraries with robust craft collections. Many readers might view this as a compact reference book.

Design for Jewellery Makers: Inspiration, Development and Creation

A comprehensive overview of jewelry design that also offers creative exercises for aspiring artists.

Norway’s Knitted Heritage: The History, Surprises, and Power of Traditional Nordic Sweater Patterns

Likely to appeal more to those studying the history of clothing than to the casual knitter.

Macramé Christmas: 24 Festive Projects Using Easy Knotting Techniques

Crafters interested in adding macramé touches to their homemade Christmas decor will likely enjoy this book. This is a strong selection for libraries with well-circulating holiday craft collections.

Hand-Stitched Quilts: Choose from 27 Block Designs and Hand-Piece Your Own Unique Quilts

An excellent guide for beginning quilters and for those wanting to return to basics.

Special Effects Lettering and Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Amazing Lettered Art

A great lettering and calligraphy resource that’s filled with inventive ideas, rather than traditional approaches. Readers interested in exploring creative lettering will likely find this to be a helpful title for getting started.

The Kew Book of Nature Samplers (Library Edition): 10 Embroidery Projects with Reusable Iron-On Transfers

This book is exquisite eye candy for fiber artists of all levels. Libraries with craft book collections can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs: The Scrap-Smart Guide to Finishing Quilts with Two-Sided Appeal

Quilters, or those aspiring to be, will find something to fit their style and their skill level.

Amigurumi Chocolate Cozies: 20 Crochet Candy Covers To Gift & Love

A well-structured title filled with detailed instructions and photos. The book’s projects would make cute gifts, but its focus may be a little too narrow for some collections.

Cozy Coastal Knits: 21 Shawls, Sweaters, Ponchos and More

Perfect for rookie knitters and all craft collections.

Anyone Can 3D Crochet: 20 Fun Animal Designs and 8 Adorable Projects

The book’s cute animal designs include sloths, dinosaurs, unicorns, rabbits, foxes, and a veritable menagerie of animal friends, so there’s sure to be one that fits any child’s unique interests and imagination or a nursery’s theme. This book is as joyful and simple as its title suggests.

Dressmaking: The Easy Guide

Essential for libraries supporting a fashion design program. Also useful for programs such as 4-H, Extension Homemakers, and others wanting to go to the next level.

Animal Amigurumi Adventures, Vol. 2: 15 (More!) Crochet Patterns To Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters

Crocheters of all skill levels will be able to produce cute creatures that any child (or adult) will beg to cuddle. Librarians should add all of this author’s books to their crochet collections.

Creative Wanderlust: Unlock Your Artistic Potential Through Mixed-Media Art Journaling Techniques

An exuberant introduction to art journaling for self-expression and well-being.

Easy Shibori Tie Dye Techniques: Do-It-Yourself Tying, Folding and Resist Dyeing

The projects are great for those new to shibori techniques, but readers are likely better off choosing titles that are more current and less focused on the use of a specific kit.

Crochet Impkins

Crocheters will truly delight in picking features for their own creations of Impkins.

Mending with Kids: Patching, Painting, Sewing and Other Kid-Friendly Techniques

A fun book for eco-conscious parents who aren’t afraid of a little extra work in order to extend the life of their kids’ clothes. Children can help with these projects as well.

Granny Squares To Crochet

All levels of crocheters can benefit from this title. A valuable addition to any library’s selection of crochet guidebooks.

The Innovative Artist: Capturing Light: Creating Radiant Landscapes in Watercolour

For experienced watercolor painters. This book, illustrated throughout with Beale’s beautiful landscapes, will provide ample inspiration and instruction.

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