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Cinderella in the Spotlight

This twin-swap romance from Pembroke (Baby Surprise in Costa Rica) is a perfect read for a cozy night in.

Winning Over the Brooding Billionaire

Colter’s (Hawaiian Nights with the Best Man) latest is a heartwarming read of love and family.

A Place To Hide

Webb follows up Murder at Sunset Rock with another well-delivered story of romance and intrigue.

Heiress’s Escape to South Africa

Merchant (Ballerina and the Greek Billionaire) writes a charming romance that readers will be unable to put down.

Consequence of Their Parisian Night

Renae’s (Parisian Escape with the Billionaire) latest is a fun romance with an adorable meet cute and an instant connection.

K-9 Detection

Severn (K-9 Security) writes a great second novel in this series that has well-developed new characters and past favorites.

Murder in the Blue Ridge Mountains

A fast-paced read from Flowers (Christmas Lights Killer) that will leave readers looking forward to the next title in the series.

Wetlands Investigation

Solving the murder and staying safe while exploring their newfound love, the characters Sarah and Nick make this a great third book in the series from Cassidy (Monster in the Marsh).

The Perfect Witness

Mettner (Going Rogue in Red Rye County) will keep readers on the edge of their seats with this well-written, fast-paced novel.

Swiftwater Enemies

Readers who enjoy suspense and search-and-rescue stories will find that this title does not disappoint.

Courting Samira

A humorous, heartfelt romantic comedy that will appeal to readers who enjoy gentle romance.

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‘The Prospects’ by KT Hoffman | Romance Debut of the Month

Romance | Prepub Alert, August 2024 Titles

Read-Alikes for ‘Fangirl Down’ by Tessa Bailey | LibraryReads

‘The Phoenix Bride’ by Natasha Siegel | Romance Pick of the Month


Manila Takes Manhattan

De Guzman (A Match Made in Lipa) gives readers a fun, frothy, and sexy story.

The Boyfriend Subscription

This will draw readers in with its Pretty Woman vibes and queer love story.

Three Holidays and a Wedding

An outstanding addition to any holiday romance collection, perfect for fans of Jean Meltzer’s The Matzah Ball or Jaqueline Snowe’s Snowed in for Christmas.

Accidentally in Love

An enjoyable but somewhat slow-going sophomore outing for Jackson (The Accidental Pinup).

The Wake-Up Call

Will appeal to listeners seeking an engaging opposites-attract holiday rom-com. Recommended for fans of Sophie Cousens, Emily Henry, and Katherine Center.

The Beginning of Everything

A solid friends-to-lovers romance with some thought-provoking elements. Recommended for fans of Abbi Waxman and Jenny Colgan.

Seven Summers

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cornish coastline, Toon’s (Only Love Can Hurt Like This) atmospheric romance, full of longing, mourning, and growing up, will appeal to fans of slow-burn novels.

Chloe Baker’s Lost Date

Stock the latest from Wicks (Hazel Fine Sings Along) where rom-coms are popular.

One Last Shot

Bayouette crafts an engaging story that jumps back and forth between the protagonists’ high school days and the present. The emotional aspects of the romance take center stage in this heartfelt first novel.

Savor It

DeWitt (Rootbound) delivers another emotion-packed rom-com that readers will be eating up, full of witty banter, comical hijinks, and tender moments of healing. Hand to those who enjoy grumpy/sunshine pairings as well as fake-relationship romances.

The Prospects

The plot follows the tried-and-true sports romance formula that will please fans, while the love story and the tenacious, hopeful hero at its center will give readers the warm fuzzies.

Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous

This first novel from Marvel (the pen name of Ruthie Knox and Annie Mare, coauthors of the forthcoming mystery Big Name Fan) is compellingly written, with a light touch on serious subjects and strong chemistry between the main characters. Recommended for readers who enjoy sapphic friends-to-lovers and celebrity romances.

Take Me Home

Sweeney’s strikingly realistic tangle of family dynamics and forced proximity between two believable characters overcoming past presumptions about each other, along with sexy love scenes, make this a must-read.

Effie Olsen’s Summer Special

A much less intense version of The Bear, but with all the same familial bonds and restaurant drama. Bilow (Ruby Spencer’s Whiskey Year), a classically trained chef and food writer, serves up a full dish of romance, humor, and meaty plot, with a perfect portion of sexiness on the side.

This Could Be Us

The second in Ryan’s “Skyland” series, after LJ Best Book Before I Let Go, is a gripping story recommended for readers who enjoy especially angsty and emotional romances like those of Colleen Hoover.

Hathor and the Prince

McAvoy’s third Du Bell novel (following Verity and the Forbidden Suitor) is an entertaining historical romance.

The Stranger I Wed

St. George (The Duchess Takes a Husband) kicks off her latest Gilded Age-set series with a romance that takes readers on a well-crafted, slow-burn journey through a marriage of convenience that eventually erupts into a steamy love story.

Earls Trip

Powered by feelings and friendships, rather than plot or pacing, Holiday’s latest deftly sets up a series that shows potential.

All’s Fair in Love and War

Heath (the “Wild Warriners” and “Merriwell Sisters” romances) starts an enjoyable new Regency series featuring a determined governess who knows exactly how she wants to live her life and a naval captain who is realizing that he doesn’t.

An Inconvenient Letter

Readers will enjoy how Etta and Gerard try to detangle themselves from the messiness of their lives and loves in Wright’s (Windsong Manor) latest, reminiscent of the humor and romantic hoax in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.


With a strong cast of characters and a gorgeous seaside New England setting, this mature and witty romance from DiDomizio (The Gay Best Friend) will appeal to fans of Alexis Hall and Emily Henry.

The Phoenix Bride

Narrated in alternating points of view and featuring diversity along multiple axes, including religion and LGBTQIA+ identity, this lyrically written and utterly romantic novel from Siegel (Solomon’s Crown) will appeal to readers of historical fiction and epic love stories.

One Last Word

Witty lines, touching reconciliation moments, and compelling career and romantic breakthroughs make Park’s (The Do-Over) latest novel a satisfying read. Fans of her previous books will enjoy the well-paced plot and the various personalities in the cast, as well as Sara and Harry’s strong compatibility and chemistry.

Hearts on Thin Ice

YA author Kennedy’s (What Goes Up) shining adult debut will delight readers and intrigue fans of Sarina Bowen’s “Brooklyn Bruisers” series and Icebreaker by Hannah Grace.

Romance | Prepub Alert, July 2024 Titles


Ne’er Duke Well

Vasti deftly builds a lovely world to set her story, full of endearing characters to cheer for, born and found families, plenty of good feeling, and details of libraries, book covers, and catalogues.

Las Vegas Love | Two Romances Betting It All


Cinderella’s Billion-Dollar Invitation

Not to be missed, this contemporary romance will leave readers desperate for more.

K-9 Security

Fans of Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and DiAnn Mills will be drawn to this closed-door romance.

Monster in the Marsh

This love story from Cassidy (Unsolved Bayou Murder) is one that will leave readers swooning and hoping for their own Jackson.

Cold Case Identity

Helm (Cold Case Kidnapping) delivers a delicious story with delightful characters and tantalizing scenarios that will leave readers wanting for nothing.

Frenemy Fix-Up

This frenemies-to-lovers story serves up plenty of steam, though the hero takes his own sweet time figuring out where his heart truly lies. Fans of the series definitely won’t want to miss this installment.


Their Fairy Tale India Escape

In this charming contemporary romance, Basu (Sailing to Singapore with the Tycoon) writes characters with such a genuine connection, readers can’t help but root for them.

The Library of Borrowed Hearts

This dual-timeline novel is a bookish love letter to anyone who has ever found solace between the pages of a book. This romantic story of found families and learning to accept help from others is sure to have wide appeal.

Beauty and the Playboy Prince

A charming love story with enough palace intrigue and secrets to keep readers eager to turn the page.

Helicopter Rescue

Readers looking for a quick, suspenseful romance should pull this off the shelves.

The Sheriff’s to Protect

Johnson (High Mountain Terror) tells a beautiful love story with well-developed background characters.

Part of His Royal World

Readers will love seeing Prince Riko and Elle fall for one another and finally find their HEA.

A Stalker’s Prey

Fans of second-chance romance will be drawn to this title.

The Devil in Blue Jeans

Kennedy (The Trouble with an Heir) launches a steamy new Western romance series. While some dubious choices propel the plot, readers will be interested in seeing Charly find her happily-ever-after and look forward to her co-owners finding their own HEAs in future books.


The Bookbinder’s Guide to Love

Perfect for readers looking for a witchy romance.

‘In a Not So Perfect World’ by Neely Tubati-Alexander | Romance Pick of the Month


The Déjà Glitch

A solid romance that lets readers believe in love in a single day.

How You Get the Girl

Kelly’s (Something Wild & Wonderful) latest has emotional depth and exceptionally well-drawn characters with instant chemistry; their slow-burn romance will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In a Not So Perfect World

Tubati-Alexander’s (Love Buzz) latest is a stellar romance rich in voice, humor, and expressive writing. A must-read for those who enjoy novels like Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation.

In Want of a Viscount

Featuring a strong, independent heroine to break down Rook’s walls, this slow-burn romance from Heath (The Notorious Lord Knightley) pays off, and the appearance of endearing series characters will please fans. Hand to readers who like Sarah MacLean and Christy Carlyle.

Falling for Alaska

Calhoune provides an enjoyable read, particularly for those seeking a quick and engaging escape.

A Governess’s Guide to Passion and Peril

Recommended for fans of Evie Dunmore, Collins’s fourth “Ladies Most Scandalous” book (after A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes) is a fast-paced, fun romp.

The Temple of Persephone

Historical-romance fans will enjoy this trip to 1800s England, where Persephone, who longs to be anything other than a damsel in distress, is a spunky heroine to match the brooding and mysterious Aidon.

The Friendship Study

This fantastic friends-to-lovers romance, featuring a bisexual protagonist and an academic setting, offers heat and tenderness as Jesse and Lulu find love and belonging.

Go Lightly

Readers expecting a romance are likely to be disappointed, but this is an engaging portrait of the kind of person who is used to just getting things without planning or asking, from an easy immigration path to free lines of cocaine, as she looks ahead to the next phase of her life.

Happily Never After

A rom-com for the cynics, Painter’s (The Love Wager) latest is peppered with sarcasm while the heat remains at a low sizzle. The supporting cast is equally funny and helps to round out an entertaining yarn that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck

Scott’s endearing page-turner, featuring royalty, fated mates, modern witches, and bucket lists, is a must-read.

The Love Remedy

Set against a backdrop of women’s health care, scientific discovery, and social change, Everett’s historical romance reads as quite a modern story. Suggest to fans of Evie Dunmore.

The Partner Plot

A fun, breezy rom-com that will please fans of fake relationship stories.

Happy Medium

Adler’s (Mrs. Nash’s Ashes) unique plot and excellent writing will draw readers in and keep them up late into the night. Highly recommended for all collections.

My Season of Scandal

Long writes romances for romance novel lovers. Suggest her to fans of Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, and Stephanie Laurens’s early “Cynster” novels.

What Is Love?

Comfort (Midnight Duet) goes “to the Max” with her plot choices, bold and hilarious banter, and full-on smoldering sexual tension, featuring two completely opposite yet perfect for each other trivia nerds. Patrons will want to buzz in early to get their hands on this wonderfully campy rom-com.

To Woo and To Wed

Waters’s “Regency Vows” series ends the way it started, with humorous escapades and passionate interludes. Readers can start with this title but will get a bigger payoff by beginning with To Have and To Hoax and tearing through the whole series.

Love You, Mean It

Gagnon’s (Scenes of the Crime) first foray into contemporary romance will appeal to fans of Tessa Bailey and Sophie Cousens.

The Rule Book

Fans of Sarina Bowen and P. Dangelico will love Adams’s (Practice Makes Perfect) newest laugh-out-loud and heartwarming tale.

The Single Dad Project

Fiercely sexy and warmhearted, perfect for readers of Brenda Jackson’s “Catalina Cove” series.

Flirty Little Secret

Unputdownable; will leave readers clamoring for more.

All Rhodes Lead Here

This new edition of a previously self-published novel, which features Zapata’s (The Wall of Winnipeg and Me) trademark humor and slow-burn pacing, includes a bonus scene after the original epilogue and is sure to be popular.

‘When I Think of You’ by Myah Ariel | Romance Debut of the Month

Romance | Prepub Alert, June 2024 Titles

‘At First Spite’ by Olivia Dade | Romance Pick of the Month

Best Romance of 2023


The (Fake) Dating Game

Fans of the fake-dating trope and game shows will find a lot to like here. Holden is a sympathetic narrator, and readers will happily root for him as he learns that while there are no quick fixes for grief, opening up to the right people can make all the difference.

Simply the Best

Funny and engaging, with twists and turns that keep it moving. Newbies to the series and even sports-averse readers will appreciate this modern-day Cinderella tale from Phillips.

Take Two, Birdie Maxwell

Scotch’s (The Rewind) passionate and fast-paced story follows a roller coaster of ups and downs involving fame, friendship, and family. Will satisfy fans of classic rom-coms like Notting Hill and You’ve Got Mail.

I’ve Got My Mind Set on Brew

Jayne (author of Lady and the Camp under the name Stephanie J. Scott) has found a unique niche with the brewing angle; beer aficionados and romance readers alike will enjoy learning about the brewing process just as much as Kat does in this enemies-to-lovers romance.

The Other Side of Disappearing

This slow-burn romance from Clayborn (George, All Along) has an intriguing mystery and will appeal to fans of true-crime podcasts, road-trip storylines, and novels with a deep emotional core.

Late Bloomer

Recommended for readers who enjoy contemporary queer romance, meet-cutes, and rural settings.

Never Blow a Kiss

An exceptional debut, braided with banter, wit, chemistry, and intrigue; perfect for fans of Tessa Dare’s humor and the cunning feminism of Sarah MacLean’s “Hell’s Belles” series.

Old Flames and New Fortunes

The world Hogle has created is cozy and warm, and fans of her previous work or of witchy romances will be crossing their fingers that this is the start of a series.

Kilt Trip

This enemies-to-lovers romance is captivating. The characters are well-developed, the story is well-written, and the beautiful descriptions of Scotland enchant.

The Lady He Lost

A fun and sexy historical. It is perfect for fans of empowered women and their supportive men, similar to Tessa Dare’s “Spindle Cove” series.

The Catch

Lea’s final “Influencer” novel is a fabulous rom-com brimming with magnetic chemistry and delightful tropes.

The Kiss Countdown

Easton’s debut is perfect for readers seeking romance with excellent character development and STEM at its center. It’s a good read-alike for Denise Williams and Ali Hazelwood.

One Dangerous Night

This novel will appeal to readers seeking Regency romance with an adventurous road-trip twist. Recommended for fans of Candace Camp, Mary Balogh, and Amita Murray.


Witty dialogue, plots within plots, and a surprising twist round out this excellent novel. Highly recommended.

Forget Me Not

Dalton and Hamilton’s performance of Soto’s debut contemporary romance will charm fans of Mia Sosa’s and Tessa Bailey’s recent works. This skillfully narrated enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance does not disappoint.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date

With emotional depth and engaging characters, this sweetly sexy third installment in Blake’s “Bright Falls” series satisfies.

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