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Fairy Fantasy | Two Novels Featuring Characters from the Fae Realm



This stand-alone story from Dickinson (The Tyrant Baru Cormorant) thrives on the unexpected, and while the characters aren’t necessarily likable, the way they wrestle with doing the right thing versus doing the hard thing is authentic and thought-provoking.

Night for Day

Lim’s (Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club) magical tale is like a cross between Lore by Alexandra Bracken and The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes as it leads readers on a twisted journey that will keep them guessing until the very end.

Tales of the Celestial Kingdom

Tan’s compilation of stories allows readers more insight into the characters from Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Heart of the Sun Warrior, allowing their perspectives to expand the view of this wonderful series.

The Lady in Glass and Other Stories

Recommended for fans who are curious about Bishop’s journey as a writer and are interested in reading about the inspiration and motivation behind her stories.

Display Shelf | Dragons

Read-Alikes for ‘Iron Flame’ by Rebecca Yarros | LibraryReads

SFF Genre Preview | Forthcoming Titles for 2024

Speculative Short Stories

Talking with 'River Mumma' Author Zalika Reid-Benta | SFF Q&A

The Serpent & the Wings of Night

A self-published hit picked up by a big publisher, this series launch from Broadbent (Mother of Death & Dawn) is a haunting, action-packed political fantasy with a doomed romance at its center, full of heartbreak and intrigue.

Twice Lived

West’s (Face) novel will speak to teens and their parents’ anxieties of identity and belonging but is reluctant to settle itself on the emotional aftermath.

The Imposition of Unnecessary Obstacles

Readers of their first outing, The Mimicking of Known Successes, will be thrilled to have Mossa and Pleiti back on the case as it takes its surprisingly cozy mystery into this sci-fi setting and grounds it in an on-the-nose portrayal of academic politics in all of its delicious viciousness.

The Dragons of Deepwood Fen

Provided readers can ignore its flaws, the first entry in the “Book of the Holt” series is worth the attention of those seeking an epic fantasy experience. Recommended for fans of Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan.

To Challenge Heaven

This is thrilling and philosophical military science fiction, in which vampires become saviors and aliens become allies. It will appeal to fans looking for a more fantastic take on what Star Trek could have become.

Grievar’s Blood

This remains a solid and innovative sci-fi fantasy series, and the precarious ending will leave readers hungry for more.

The Bitter Crown

The second entry in this saga is fast-paced, action-packed, and maintains its DnD and RPG undertones. Great for fans of Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan.

The Tusks of Extinction

Nayler’s (The Mountain in the Sea) compelling sci-fi thriller contemplates human greed and de-extinction through science. Highly recommended for readers of ecoterrorism thrillers and climate fiction.

River Mumma

Fans of magical realism, Jamaican folklore and culture, and the rediscovery of ancestral roots will enjoy this novel from the author of the award-winning Frying Plaintain.


Within an intricately built fantasy world, Porter takes a character that had all agency unwillingly taken away from her and gives her an incredible voice.

The Warm Hands of Ghosts

Like the fiddler himself, Arden’s (The Winter of the Witch) gripping historical fantasy will draw readers in and keep them engaged.

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny: Tales of a Very Weird West

Recommended for readers of Charlaine Harris’s “Gunnie Rose” series and Gilman’s “Huntsmen” series and those who appreciated Wild, Wild West, as the stories in this collection take that wild and run with it.

A Feast for Starving Stone

The sequel to A Thousand Recipes for Revenge is an intriguing intersection of culinary magic and political machinations.

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands

In this historical fantasy of manners, Fawcett brings readers back to a beautifully atmospheric world in which faeries exist in the regular human realm. Recommend to fans of Marie Brennan’s A Natural History of Dragons and R.F. Kuang’s Babel.

The Tainted Cup

Highly recommended for lovers of fantasy and steampunk mystery and readers searching for magically engineered combinations of alchemy and corruption in the same vein as Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham and In the Shadow of Lightning by Brian McClellan.


An intriguing start to a new series from El-Arifi (The Battle Drum).

Exit Black

Pitkin’s (Stranger Bird) science fiction thriller is fast-paced and, with multiple points of view, shows off the unusual twists of individual perspectives. Fans of the movies Knives Out and Die Hard, plus authors such as Blake Crouch and Andy Weir, may want to add this to their to-be-read list.

A Quantum Love Story

Combining the sweet redemption and understated romance of Groundhog Day with the multiple explosive resets of Edge of Tomorrow, this novel from Chen (Vampire Weekend) loops its way through a charming story about opposites attracting, the human ability to reset expectations and emotions against all the odds, and the power of one woman willing to make a big sacrifice for a small change that might just save the universe.

Salt & Broom

A pleasant, atmospheric romp that fantasy or romance fans will enjoy. There’s no need to be familiar with Brontë’s novel to enjoy this one.

The Longest Autumn

An ambitious debut into romantic godpunk.

Science Fiction & Fantasy | Prepub Alert, May 2024 Titles

‘The Tusks of Extinction’ by Ray Nayler | SFF Pick of the Month


The Surviving Sky

Despite the imbalanced narration, Rao’s strong, multifaceted debut shines.

A River of Golden Bones

Mulford’s (The Evergreen Heir) romantic fantasy plays with fairy tales, explores gender roles and societal expectation, and starts a delightful trilogy of wolf royalty.


Mislaid in Parts Half-Known

The ninth book of the “Wayward Children” series once again peels back the innocence and depths of desires and the need to belong somewhere. This delightful portal fantasy will stick in readers’ hearts.

Future AI Debuts | Science Fiction

‘The Parliament’ by Aimee Pokwatka | SFF Pick of the Month

‘Calamity’ by Constance Fay | SFF Debut of the Month


Uncanny Vows

The follow-up to Uncanny Times continues to build Gilman’s delightful world. Fans of gaslamp fantasy, Sherlock Holmes, and wry siblings should take a look.


A gripping, fast-paced, genre-bending novel full of heart and wonder. Give this one to fans of Ben H. Winters and Dan Chaon.

The City of Stardust

An engrossing, fast-paced read.

Sun of Blood and Ruin

Lares’s debut is an action-filled historical fantasy set in an alternate 16th-century Mexico, featuring Mesoamerican mythology and a unique blend of magic and adventure.

The Oxygen Farmer

With a fascinating fictional scenario that connects history with the future, Holmes once again tackles conspiracy, subterfuge, and murder, but he takes it out of this world in his latest novel. Readers who enjoy Andy Weir’s novels, books like The Manchurian Candidate and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and TV shows such as Babylon 5 will want to put this one on their to-read lists.

The Parliament

Must-read fantasy for readers who appreciate the catharsis of horror; perfect for fans of Whalefall by Daniel Kraus and Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison.


Evocative and a little mysterious, this literary fantasy is immersive and full of Nigerian mythology. Recommend this lustrous coming-of-age story to those who like to read across genres.

After World

This novel upends the typical postapocalyptic format and provides a fresh, compelling new perspective.

The Lost Cause

Doctorow (Red Team Blues) tells a thought-provoking story, with a message of hope in a near-future that looks increasingly bleak.


Fay’s debut is highly recommended for fans of pulse-pounding combos of sci-fi with sympathetic characters and melting hearts, like that from Valerie Valdes, K.B. Wagers, Rachel Bach, and Cat Rambo.

Warrior of the Wind

The second “Nameless Republic” book builds on a complex story of rising power, secrets, and unique magic in an African-inspired landscape.

Annie Bot

Unflinching in its examination of humanity, Greer’s debut novel is a must-buy for libraries.

The Olympian Affair

Butcher’s long-awaited sequel to The Aeronaut’s Windlass is an exciting epic fantasy, set in the sky and filled with airships, magic, and the connections of blood and found family.

The Princess of Thornwood Drive

A contemporary fantasy debut that draws on Trinidadian culture, modern medical concerns, and family bonds. Fans of magical realism will find this tale engrossing.

Werewolf at Dusk and Other Stories

Small’s fluid linework and exceptional visual storytelling result in a compelling, deeply affecting collection.

Tonight, I Burn

With polyamory and a strong, queer main character, this is a breathtaking must-read for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The Silmarillion

Though complex and intricate, this foundational history is a winner for listeners looking to learn more about the origins of Tolkien’s iconic worlds.

Science Fiction & Fantasy | Prepub Alert, April 2024 Titles


A Stroke of the Pen: The Lost Stories

Fans of Pratchett (The Shepherd’s Crown) will love questing through these stories for bits of Ankh-Morpork.

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023

Although all of the stories here have been previously published, this is always a much anticipated collection, and readers of SF/F in short form will be glad to have so many standout stories, some already award-winners, in a single volume.

The Wolfe at the Door

Wolfe (1931–2019) has always been considered one of the most literary of SFF writers; though he hewed closely to genre tropes, he also sent them in directions no one had imagined. This collection picks up where 2009’s The Best of Gene Wolfe left off and will be appreciated most by readers and scholars of the author’s work.

‘These Burning Stars’ by Bethany Jacobs | SFF Debut of the Month


Shards of Glass

Recommended for readers who have been caught up in the fantasy mystery trend, anyone looking for a way into Elantra without wading through its vast lore, and those who fell away from the series and are looking for a route back.

The Star and the Strange Moon

Readers who love timeslip fiction and twisty, puzzling stories will appreciate the latest from Sayers (The Ladies of the Secret Circus).

The Auditory Horizon Line | Top SFF Titles for Audiophiles

Tales Retold | SFF

‘Bookshops & Bonedust’ by Travis Baldree | SFF Pick of the Month


The Witch’s Lens

A delicious foray into a new series that melds history with the supernatural, from the author of The Raven Song. Smith’s fans, as well as new readers, will delight in the heady mixture of historical fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Sword Catcher

A luscious story about fierce loyalty, powerful friendship, illusory love, and a unique brand of heroism.

The Jinn-Bot of Shantiport

Between Moku’s endearing charm and Bador’s expressive eyemojis and heroic ambitions, including winning a bot martial arts tournament, the bots steal the show in Basu’s (The City Inside) fantastic, futuristic take on the “Aladdin” story.

An Inheritance of Magic

Readers looking for a new take on urban fantasy, those who enjoy coming-of-age or training stories, and anyone who likes watching the rich fall will be delighted.

System Collapse

Recommended for Murderbot’s legion of fans and for readers who love cynical antiheroes of all types.

The Bone Roots

This Slavic-inspired fantasy from Houston (The Second Bell) will appeal to readers who enjoyed Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver but want to see older women characters experience love and magic too.

These Burning Stars

Full of political intrigue and impressive worldbuilding, Jacobs’s superb debut launches this space opera trilogy.

Bookshops & Bonedust

This prequel is the perfect place for readers to start Baldree’s cozy fantasy series where folks band together for good, and evil is conquered through cleverness and friendship.

All the Hidden Paths

The follow-up to A Strange and Stubborn Endurance continues to grow the richly immersive landscape of these fantasy lands, and the character growth matches the pace.

We Are the Crisis

Turnbull continues to use his deft prose to tie themes of hate, social change, and backlash into an enthralling fantasy series in this sequel to the much-lauded No Gods, No Monsters.

Generation Ship

Hacker Eddie Dannin is a fantastic successor to Mammay’s (The Misfit Soldier) signature character, Carl Butler, as a blunt instrument who bowls over obstacles in the path of the truth and pushes the story forward at a thrilling clip. Highly recommended.

Yours for the Taking

Korn’s (Everybody (Else) Is Perfect) timely fiction debut indicts exclusionary corporate feminism.

A Power Unbound

The final book of Marske’s “The Last Binding” series, after A Restless Truth, is a satisfying conclusion to a charming, queer historical fantasy trilogy.

The Quiet Room

Readers who loved the first book in the series, Rabbits, will be caught up in the wild goose chase aspects of this technothriller, but those looking for more straightforward storytelling may be less than thrilled.

After the Forest

Recommended for fans of fantasy romance or fairy tale retellings with historical fiction woven in.

Princess of Dune

This is a worthy new addition to the Dune universe, after The Heir of Caladan, filled with all of the best parts of Dune: the political scheming, the mutant space navigators, and the mystery and menace of the desert.

The Kingdom of Sweets: A Novel of the Nutcracker

In this stand-alone novel, Johansen (“Queen of the Tearling” series) writes a beautifully twisted version of The Nutcracker, exploring the nature of revenge and its costs in horror-tinged fantasy. Recommend to fans of V.E. Schwab and Hannah Whitten.

The Judas Blossom

Romance, friendship, violence, and supernatural powers permeate the tale, making this a great option for fantasy fans and new listeners alike. The real-world historical context of Aryan’s novel adds depth and will have listeners eagerly awaiting the next installment in this planned trilogy.

The Combat Codes

Chang’s stellar performance and Darwin’s captivating story, mixing martial arts, dystopian science fiction, and fantasy, make for a top-notch listen. A thrilling series starter, highly recommended for fans of Pierce Brown’s “Red Rising” books.

The Magician’s Daughter

A surprising, heartwarming, and moving fantasy that should appeal to fans of Diana Wynne Jones, Naomi Novik, and Katherine Arden.

The Road to Roswell

Listeners will be over the moon with Hugo and Nebula Award winner Willis’s (Crosstalk) latest comedic gem, narrated by a voice actor at the top of her game.

Camp Zero

A fast-paced, timely sci-fi novel for fans of Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven or Sam J. Miller’s Blackfish City.


A fun and fast-paced thriller that climbs high and more or less reaches the summit. Recommended for fans of speculative fiction and cinematic sci-fi-horror.

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge

Strong women characters and an innovative magic system make for a highly recommended listen.

The Carnivale of Curiosities

For listeners who enjoy magic, the supernatural, and explorations of found families. Share with fans of Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus or Constance Sayers’s The Ladies of the Secret Circus.

Fractal Noise

This cinematic production pulls listeners into a character study of grief and religious zeal while making the most of the audio medium.


A convoluted and intriguing story that asks big questions and delivers big action. For cyberpunk and hard-core science fiction fans.

The Deep Sky

Interstellar explosions don’t diminish the inclusive and human tone of this novel, which is perfect for fans of To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers.

Wild Massive

Though listeners may occasionally need to take a breather from this thrilling roller-coaster ride of a novel, this audio adventure should appeal to fans of John Scalzi’s The Kaiju Preservation Society.

Titanium Noir

A winner for readers of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?? and Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon. Highly recommended for libraries with strong mystery and science fiction fan bases.

The Splinter in the Sky

A standout addition to the growing genre of anticolonialist, political SFF dramas.

The Thick and the Lean

A satisfying ending makes up for the imbalanced performances in this packed but intriguing narrative.

The Scourge Between Stars

An exciting listen with a dramatic ending that will leave audiences breathlessly awaiting a sequel. Share with those who prefer their science fiction with a tinge of horror.


This unique twist on the damsel-in-distress story is sure to delight listeners. A perfect listen for fantasy and adventure lovers alike.

Some Desperate Glory

An action-packed space opera that traverses the galaxy and considers issues of intolerance, homophobia, ableism, and misogyny. Perfect for fans of Ann Leckie and Tamsyn Muir.

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