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‘The Shortest History of Japan: From Mythical Origins to Pop Culture Powerhouse—the Global Drama of an Ancient Island Nation’ by Lesley Downer | LJ Review of the Day


Circus World: Roustabouts, Animals, and the Work of Putting on the Big Show

Fascinating, thoughtful research that will appeal to circus buffs and students of labor history.

Rethinking Rescue: Dog Lady and the Story of America’s Forgotten People and Pets

Readers will never look at animal rescue the same way again after reading this thoughtful and powerful behind-the-scenes look into the animal welfare world.

Gender Explained: A New Understanding of Identity in a Gender Creative World

This essential purchase accurately captures the pulse of the conversation about gender in the United States, expands awareness and knowledge about gender, and educates readers about common myths and misinformation.

Library 2035: Imagining the Next Generation of Libraries

Essential reading for all library workers and information professionals and, indeed, for any person concerned about the future of libraries.

Practicing Privacy Literacy in Academic Libraries: Theories, Methods, and Cases

This collection is a welcome resource for librarians who feel strongly about privacy literacy but are unsure where to start. Essential reading for scholarly-communication librarians, public librarians, and teaching librarians.

The Big Sourcebook of Free and Low-Cost Library Programming: 300+ Resources, Ideas, and Tools

A time-saving and relevant programming sourcebook; highly recommended for any library seeking to revitalize its programs and services.

Lies That Kill: A Citizen’s Guide to Disinformation

Librarians and educators will find this thorough and outstanding resource about misinformation highly useful for community activists and students.

How To Think Like an Economist: Great Economists Who Shaped the World and What They Can Teach Us

Mochrie shows how the study of economics developed from different traditions, including history, law, and engineering, all bringing a distinctive stamp to their respective theoretical approaches. A deeply researched, chronological, lively introduction to the history and theory of economics.

That Librarian: The Fight Against Book Banning in America

Jones’s deeply personal account of her battle to regain her reputation and combat intolerance in libraries is essential reading and ultimately a clarion call for others to help defend intellectual freedom and democracy.

History in Flames: The Destruction and Survival of Medieval Manuscripts

A gripping examination of medieval written sources. Will appeal to history enthusiasts and to readers who value written documents of bygone eras.

To the Success of Our Hopeless Cause: The Many Lives of the Soviet Dissident Movement

An expertly conveyed history of the Soviet dissident movement and the individuals involved. For readers interested in the history of censorship, human rights, international law, or the Soviet Union. It’s one not to miss.

I Heard There Was a Secret Chord: Music as Medicine

This fascinating and valuable title gives readers insight into the many neurological benefits of music. Most readers can easily identify what kind of music calms them, provokes creative sparks, or helps get them through strenuous exercises but until they read this, they may not know why music has that power or that it can be great medicine too.

Drawn Testimony: My Four Decades as a Courtroom Sketch Artist

Readers interested in true crime or the legal system will be delighted with Rosenberg’s narrative gift. They won’t want to miss her memoir’s unique perspectives.

The Mysterious Mrs. Nixon: The Life and Times of Washington’s Most Private First Lady

An enjoyable, detailed biography about a first lady perceived to be highly mysterious and private.

A Devil Went Down to Georgia: Race, Power, Privilege, and the Murder of Lita McClinton

A highly readable account of murder and systemic racism. This title is a compelling example of how to take stories that made headlines and find the deeper, more nuanced narrative strains that rarely come across in the media.

Red Dead’s History: A Video Game, an Obsession, and America’s Violent Past

Given the game’s popularity, this distinctive history book, both substantial and thoughtful, should dive off the shelves.

No Democracy Lasts Forever: How the Constitution Threatens the United States

Chemerinsky’s expertise enhances this examination of the Constitution and benefits readers concerned about the current state of U.S. politics.

Gertie’s Charmed Sewing Studio: Pattern Making and Couture-Style Techniques for Perfect Vintage Looks

For intermediate to advanced sewists, but beginners may also appreciate the book’s fashion history sections. This resource’s digital patterns will relieve librarians of having to keep track of pattern pieces.

Rainbow Quilt Color Method: Learn the Art of Creating Multi-Color and Monotone Quilts with 15 Modern Patterns

For quilters who love colors. The target audience is beginners, but this recommended title also contains detailed technique guidance for quilters interested in advancing to an intermediate level.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting: How To Add Texture, Design, and Style to Your Quilts

Mortensen’s patterns for 12 popular quilt blocks, varying in complexity, can be used to practice quilting and developing one’s personal style, a bonus of this highly recommended book. Readers with quilting machines will especially enjoy this title.

Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses: Step-by-Step Instructions and Plans for 15 Specific Birds, Including Bluebirds, Wrens, Robins & Owls

This book comes with easy-to-follow tips on building habitats for common bird species, suggestions for how children might participate, and safety tips when making the birdhouses. An excellent introduction and first stop for families and individuals interested in becoming bird watchers or at-home environmentalists. Highly recommended.

What’s Gaby Cooking: Grilling All the Things

Dalkin’s latest book, with clear and creative recipes, is playful in tone.

Radiant Raffia: 20 Inspiring Crochet Projects Made with Natural Yarn

A lovely, recommended book for crocheters with intermediate or advanced skills, but acquiring the recommended materials might be difficult.

Tunisian Crochet: The Japanese Way

A solid addition to collections of fiber arts books. With an appealing design and a variety of beginner-level projects that look advanced when completed, this title offers clear instructions, beautiful photos, and inspiration for readers interested in this style of stitching techniques.

Draw Like a Mangaka: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning To Draw Manga

This title gives beginners plenty of guidance on how to draw in the manga art style. The book’s illustrated instructions are a highlight, and there are even QR code links to Kühn’s YouTube tutorials for additional help and support.

Homemade-ish: Recipes and Cooking Tips That Keep It Real

A must-purchase cookbook with a variety of quick and flavorful recipes.

The Wanderlust Creamery Presents: The World of Ice Cream

Whether she’s recreating her family memories, exploring complex flavors, or adding her own twist to American classics, Borlongan knows how to sweeten the familiar while decolonizing the ice cream machine, one cone at a time.

A Whisper of Cardamom: 80 Sweetly Spiced Recipes To Fall in Love With

This is an excellent book for readers interested in expanding their understanding of how spices can be used to flavor and complement a variety of foods, as well as for budding chefs with an adventurous sweet tooth.

Fruitful: Sweet and Savoury Fruit Recipes Inspired by Farms, Orchards and Gardens

This is a great guide for gardeners with a bounty of fruit and for home cooks looking to mix it up with both classic and creative fruit recipes.

Nature Imprinted: A Complete Guide to Lino Printing, with 10 Nature-Inspired Designs

Accessible and eminently practical, this is an essential guide to linocut printing. What makes this book’s projects and directions exemplary is the freedom it gives beginners to personalize and choose their subject matter.

Birds and Flowers in Colored Pencil: Step-by-Step Tutorials and Techniques

Filled with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, this book works for beginning to intermediate artists, along with experienced artists who are looking to explore a new artistic medium.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy & Brush Pen Lettering

Both novice and experienced crafters of hand letters will find practical inspiration and guidance in this colorful, beautifully designed collection.

Elevate Your Sewing: Brilliant Techniques for Adding Personal Style to Any Garment

This is the book for sewists who want to move beyond the basic level and perfect intermediate and advanced techniques. Highly recommended.

Cottage Cross-Stitch: 20 Designs Celebrating the Simple Joys of Home

A well-put-together volume with charming designs to keep stitchers happy with year-round projects. Cross-stitchers of all levels will enjoy this book, but beginners will especially benefit from the colorful chart that shows them how to do basic stitches.

Making Things: Finding Use, Meaning, and Satisfaction in Crafting Everyday Objects

This is a book for makers and for readers passionate about recycling, upcycling, and crafting. Highly recommended.

Origami Polyhedra for Beginners: Amazing Geometric Paper Models from a Leading Japanese Expert

Readers who want to explore creating geometric models and evolving beyond traditional toy building will enjoy this book.

Sprout & Co Saladology: Fresh Ideas for Delicious Salads

In his first cookbook, Kirwan dishes up a bountiful harvest with options that are plant-forward, along with hearty meat-centered salads, with just the right balance of classics thrown in to feed people’s need for daily greens while also inspiring them to view salads as canvases for artistic explorations of flavors, colors, and textures.

Amigurumi Loveys and Blankets: 16 Adorable Animal Projects To Crochet and Snuggle

A gush-worthy crochet title containing projects that can be personalized and enlarged; a must-add.

Let’s Move the Needle: An Activism Handbook for Artists, Crafters, Creatives, and Makers

This is a practical manual for aspiring activists, crafters or otherwise, who want to make a difference in the world around them. This stimulating, thoughtfully-organized guide to craftivism will appeal both to activist-minded creatives and noncrafters looking for practical steps to help turn their intentions into action.

All-New Twenty To Make: Felt Flowers

A small but mighty book filled with felt flower projects that will boost the confidence of first-time crafters.

The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook

A wonderful volume that will appeal to all cheese lovers.

Greekish: Everyday Recipes with Greek Roots

With tantalizing photos, vegetarian and gluten-free options for most dishes, and kid-tested recipes, there is something here for everyone to savor.

Crafting a Better World: DIY Projects and Inspiration for Craftivists

Several creative projects are included in the book, but the general purpose is to inspire crafters to use their own perspectives and preferred techniques to create art that speaks to current events and movements. Activist crafters will find abundant motivating forces and community in this collection.

Asian Vegetables: A Cook’s Bible

Ideal for culinary collections focused on encyclopedic knowledge.

Cucina del Veneto: Delicious Recipes from Venice and Northeast Italy

Cooks hungry for a genuine taste of Venetian cuisine from cicchetti to dolci (and who don’t mind having to source some Italian-specific ingredients such as Italian 00 flour) will find this an excellent, elegantly written introduction to the subject.

Rocking Smocking: A Guide to Smocking for the Modern Sewist

An engaging book that combines clear instructions with detailed photographs of colorful garments created with the English smocking technique. For a modern makers of all levels who love a classic art form.

Housesketching: Learn To Create Energetic and Expressive Architectural Drawings

Kiefer’s words of encouragement for new artists, coupled with his whimsical sketches, make this a practical resource that is a pleasure to peruse.

Writing on Empty: A Guide to Finding Your Voice

A thoughtful, moving memoir about a writer navigating the pandemic. Suggest to writers who need inspiration and to memoir readers.

Amalfi Houses: Architectural Gems on the Italian Coast

A lovely, inspirational work. Readers who crave the sea will marvel at the views, while those dreaming of hand-crafted tiles will be thrilled by rooms whose floors glisten with coastal colors.

Pace Yourself: How To Have Energy in an Exhausting World

Anyone feeling exhausted by their current pace of life will find concrete steps and tools to energize, from someone who has been there and discovered a new way of living.

The Best Hits on the Blues Highway: Nashville to New Orleans on Route 61

This unique guide, with its modern look, is an easy read and can be used as a ready reference. It will motivate and inspire fans of Blues music and road trips to make travel plans.

Evolving While Black: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Transformation on Your Own Terms

Lomax has developed a pathway to facing and overcoming fears, for people who experienced similar feelings to hers. She respectfully and thoughtfully challenges beliefs and behaviors that are barriers for individuals and communities to achieve wellness and reach their goals.

Heal Your Past to Manifest Your Future: Trauma-Informed Practices To Release Emotional Blocks and Open to Life’s Possibilities

With research-based information, examples, and thoughtful exercises, Kress’s guidebook provides a path for readers to heal from trauma and embrace a joyful future.

Broken Heart, Shared Heart, Healing Heart: Navigating the Loss of Your Pet

This book will appeal to three types of readers: people who are grieving the death of a pet, readers who know someone who has recently lost a pet, and those who are interested in the bonds between animals and humans.

Radiant: Embracing Your Power and Beauty at Midlife

This would be a fun book club selection for wellness groups and is a solid addition for displays on related subjects.

The Maine House II: Inland, Inshore and on Islands

From wood panels across floors, walls, and ceilings to double-hung windows, model boats, wood piles, bookshelves, and crowded kitchens, these spaces speak to a way of life, a statewide aesthetic, and a time-loved sense of being.

Inside Yucatán: Hidden Mérida and Beyond

From pools to peacock chairs to peacocks roaming inside austere bedrooms, the images offer inspiration for design choices in garden landscapes and interior design. Many of the homes are lavish estates, and wealth is certainly on display. However, gazing at the photos of some of these buildings might leave readers with a feeling of mourning for the older structures whose walls have been weathered by time and history.

On the High Line: The Definitive Guide

LaFarge’s revised third edition doesn’t disappoint. It engagingly integrates the cultural, historical, and controversial aspects of New York City’s High Line.

How To Date a Foreigner: Why Do They Behave So Differently and How To Navigate It

A timely, highly informative, and practical guidebook for navigating cross-cultural dating experiences.

You Only Die Once: How To Make It to the End with No Regrets

Wellman does make liberal use of profanity, so readers who won’t enjoy that should look elsewhere, but this is an exceptional and amusing workbook for taking charge of future Mondays.

The Forever Dog Life: 120+ Recipes, Longevity Tips, and New Science for Better Bowls and Healthier Homes

Dog lovers interested in holistic care and diet options for their beloved companions will flock to this well-researched book.

The Art of Crying: The Healing Power of Tears

An empowering, boldly illustrated guide about the expansive world of human tears.

When Panic Happens: Short-Circuit Anxiety and Fear in the Moment Using Neuroscience and Polyvagal Theory

An excellent little volume that offers a big punch of ideas. Great for all psychology and self-help collections.

Everything Anxiety Ever Told You Is a Lie: *Well, Almost Everything!

An excellent resource for young adults feeling weighed down by adolescence and 21st-century life.

The Boston Handbook: An Irreverent Guide to the Hub of the Universe

A wonderfully written homage to Boston that’s sure to please readers who are either from there or have relocated to the area. It also gives readers who live elsewhere plenty of reasons to visit.

All That Happiness Is: Some Words on What Matters

Many authors have written about happiness, yet few write about it in such a succinct and memorable way.

New Coastal: Inspiration for a Life by the Sea

Just what ocean-obsessed readers have been yearning for. Each page is a pleasure and is flooded with a quiet, ocean-tinted glow.

Powerful: Be the Expert in Your Own Life

Filled with clear and pragmatic advice, this book is a thorough and fresh approach to embrace and bolster one’s inner power by considering its link to the nervous system and stress hormones. Recommended for readers who are interested in an approachable self-help volume.

Take Care of Your Friends: An Enneagram Guide to Interpersonal Relationships

The Enneagram is reliably popular on social media, and readers interested in navigating their friendships through the lens of the Enneagram will appreciate this well-organized guide.

Tender Paws: How Science-Based Parenting Can Transform Our Relationship with Dogs

This is a thorough guide that will be most helpful to patrons who need help training difficult dogs. It includes a good deal of background information and theory along with its practical suggestions.

Hiking Waterfalls Utah: A Guide to the State’s Best Waterfall Hikes

An excellent resource for readers who want to ensure that their hikes involve great scenic waterfalls along the way. This title is also a wonderful page-turner for armchair travelers to flip through.

Playing the Changes: Jazz at an African University and on the Road

A close look at what it takes to contribute to lasting and meaningful social change. For jazz musicians, teachers, and historians.

Reconstruction of the Poet: Uncollected Works of Zbigniew Herbert

Indispensable writing from one of this age’s major poets and moralists. Highly recommended.

The African Gaze: Photography, Cinema and Power

With its beautiful design and a wealth of accessible material, including 280 photographs, an introduction by Mamadou Diouf, and interviews with luminaries Samuel Fosso and Souleymane Cissé, this book is a valuable resource for contemporary art history collections and a must-read for those interested in African photography and film.


The (Good) Food Solution: A Shame-Free Nutritional Journey to Food Freedom, Spiritual Nourishment, and Whole-Body Health

Most of the recommendations offered in this book are not new to readers concerned about their weight and health. But this title packages wellness culture as a virtue, which could be dangerous if readers do not also seek help from medical professionals.

The Story of Elvis: The Rise and Fall of the Undisputed King of Rock ’n’ Roll

This lavishly illustrated book with stunning, oversized photos gives a straightforward, accurate, but often-told synopsis of the life and music of the man known as the King of Rock and Roll. Will appeal to Elvis fans, music lovers, and readers who enjoy perusing titles with strong and plentiful images.

Dolly Parton All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Track

This book may be about Parton’s songs, but it is also a walk through musical history beyond just one woman. An extensive volume that would be a great addition to music collections.

Bluff: Poems

Not to be missed; sure to be one of the best collections of the year.

Say It with a Beautiful Song: The Art and Craft of the Great American Songbook

A valuable addition for collections or courses on popular culture or music history. Fans of old musicals, movies, and music will appreciate learning more about the names and tunes they love.

King Vidor in Focus: On the Filmmaker’s Artistry and Vision

Film aficionados and scholars will welcome this informative and sympathetic book-length Vidor study, the first since 1988’s King Vidor, American by Raymond Durgnat and Scott Simmon.

Film Noir and the Arts of Lighting

This scholarly reference is a valuable source for film students and general readers interested in the art of Hollywood lighting.

Why I Am Roman Catholic

Levering uses numerous quotes from saints, theologians, and obscure sources to support his arguments about Catholicism, ecumenism, and theological interpretations. Best for traditionalist Catholics and like-minded readers.

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