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The Caretaker

Listeners will become utterly absorbed in this gothic drama with echoes of Wiley Cash and Tom Franklin.

Wild Things

Though the romance is a bit slow to ignite, patient listeners will be rewarded with an enjoyable sizzle at the end. An excellent fit for those seeking a low-key queer romance full of fun and engaging characters.

Normal Rules Don’t Apply: Stories

Atkinson’s many fans will love this collection, and newcomers will be enchanted as well. Showcasing Atkinson’s ingenuity and Joseph’s nuanced narration, this audio is an essential purchase for all libraries.

One of the Boys

Listeners will be riveted by this complicated family drama that wrestles with the ethical implications of profiling and experimental medical treatments. Share with fans of Delilah S. Dawson’s The Violence or Naomi Alderman’s The Power.

Lucky Dogs

Though uncomfortable and disturbing, this account of one woman’s experience of sex abuse and its consequences makes an impact. Recommended for readers of Lisa Taddeo’s Animal or Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive.

12 Months To Live

Patterson’s and Lupica’s many fans may put up with the novel’s flaws, but this is an optional purchase for most libraries.

Unrealistic Expectations

Contemporary romance fans who enjoy steamy stories featuring reformed rakes will savor this expertly narrated, uplifting story of finding true love in unexpected places.

Small Worlds

Richly complex literary fiction, highly recommended for lovers of romance in the vein of Tia Williams’s Seven Days in June or the lyricism of Elif Shafak’s novels.

A Cowardly Woman No More

In this smart, fanciful slice of life, a woman finds she has the courage to defy her corporate bosses in the male-dominated Massachusetts tech sphere. Excellent audiobook narration captures her frustrated ambition and a wealth of well-characterized emotion.

Nobody Needs To Know: A Memoir

Pagonis’s memoir is an intimate look into their life being intersex, offering readers a glimpse into their triumphs, struggles, and journey toward self-acceptance. A raw, can’t-stop-istening experience.

An Honest Man

Recommend to fans of the author and fast-paced thrillers.

The Handyman Method

A haunted-house story possessed by the shades of Stephen King’s The Shining and The Tommyknockers. Horror fans will be enthralled.

The Civil War: In Their Own Words

An informational and atmospheric audiobook that checks all the boxes. Recommended for Civil War buffs and anyone interested in literature, history, and stories well told.

Land of Milk and Honey

Zhang’s sophomore novel (following the multi-award-winning How Much of These Hills Is Gold) is as delicious to devour as the feasts prepared within.

Old Enough

Balancing humor and hope with the grittiness of becoming an adult, this poignant work satisfies. A potential crossover title for older teens and a solid recommendation for fans of Nina LaCour’s Yerba Buena.

Dracula: A Full Cast Audio Drama

This dramatized adaptation of Stoker’s classic tale is a perfect spooky listen for those seeking a new experience of the original novel. Recommended for any audio classics or horror collection.

Starling House

Harrow weaves an intricately plotted gothic fairy tale featuring emotionally complex characters, brought to life through Naudus’s skillful narration. Fans of T. Kingfisher’s gothic fiction, dark academia like Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House, and grim fairy tales in the vein of Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber will find themselves right at home.

Do Tell

Give to fans of Jerome Charyn’s Big Red and those interested in stories set in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

One Tough Cookie

Though the narration is excellent, the disagreeable characters make this a strictly optional purchase for most libraries.

Night Watch

A powerful listen for those seeking meditative and haunting historical fiction. Share with fans of Jennifer Cody Epstein’s The Madwomen of Paris.


This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a witty workplace rom-com that turns competition into chemistry. Recommended for fans of Christina Lauren and Katherine Center.

Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City: A Memoir

A uniquely told story full of vibrant characters and heart-wrenching emotion, this is a surefire recommendation for any library where memoirs and poetry circulate well.

North Woods

Mason’s enchanting prose, exquisite attention to detail, and affecting characters, combined with pitch-perfect narration, make for an unforgettable listen. This is a treat from start to finish.

The Seven Year Slip

Poston (The Dead Romantics) deftly weaves the magical apartment into the story and pulls off a spectacular happily-ever-after. For fans of Emily Henry and Abby Jimenez.

At the End of Every Day

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking atmospheric, unsettling horror that blends otherworldly chills with childhood nostalgia. Recommended for fans of Megan Collins, Kiersten White, and Jennifer McMahon.

Through the Snow Globe

With a tidy ending wrapped up in a bow, this emotional listen satisfies. Share with fans of Josie Silver and the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Sleeping with Friends

This audio will appeal to cinephiles seeking a fast-paced amateur-sleuth mystery full of flawed characters and their sinister secrets. Recommended for fans of Tarryn Fisher, Lisa Scottoline, and Colleen Hoover.

The September House

This perfect synergy of author and narrator will have broad appeal. For fans of Rachel Harrison and Grady Hendrix and anyone seeking a unique haunted-house story.

A Tidy Armageddon

In this unique twist on postapocalyptic science fiction, the suspense and action seamlessly entwine, capturing the audience’s imagination with every turn. An excellent addition to any audio sci-fi collection.

Dark Water Daughter

A great addition to the recent spate of pirate-themed fantasy, such as S.A. Chakraborty’s The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi.

Vampires of El Norte

This complex blend of historical fiction, romance, and horror captivates on many levels. Share with fans of Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Alma Katsu, and Andy Davidson.

Recipe for Second Chances

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a playful nom-nom rom-com full of food, friendship, and fun. Recommended for fans of Christina Lauren, Jennifer Weiner, and Amanda Aksel.

Schrader’s Chord

Music and horror fans who like their ghost stories gooey and their music loud should give this story a spin.

Sammy Espinoza’s Last Review

Villarreal’s nuanced performance captures Sammy’s journey toward a more promising future. Listeners won’t want to miss this layered second-chance contemporary romance.


Jarhead meets All You Need Is Kill in a refreshing look at near-future warfare. A superb recommendation for military sci-fi fans.

Grave Expectations

A delightfully funny whodunit with plenty of depth and heart. Share with patrons looking for a ghostly cozy with a millennial bent.

Spin a Black Yarn: Novellas

A great sampling of Malerman’s novellas, brought to life by an ever-engaging group of talented voice actors.

Pulling the Chariot of the Sun: A Memoir of a Kidnapping

McCrae has created a nonlinear and intricate patchwork, stitching together the forgetting and remembering wrought by childhood trauma. This poetic meditation on family and history should appeal to readers of Harrison Mooney’s Invisible Boy and Natasha Trethewey’s Memorial Drive.

The Young Man

Although this audio is brief, listeners will be riveted by Ernaux’s exquisite insight and heartfelt memories of a precious year in her life. This latest addition to Ernaux’s oeuvre is a must-purchase for all nonfiction audio collections.

The Golem of Brooklyn

Mansbach’s irreverent and farcical retelling of Jewish golem folktales will have listeners laughing aloud.


Though the subject matter is disturbing, Clake’s window into the horror wrought by abusive relationships resonates. A haunting literary horror for fans of Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties.

The Sweetest Revenge

Pressley’s charismatic performance makes for an entertaining production that listeners will enjoy. Dent’s (The Setup) latest is a solid choice for any audio romance collection.

The Rachel Incident

O’Donoghue’s complex coming-of-age story captures the fun, messiness, and unpredictability of youth. A winner for fans of Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends.

Girls from the County

This audiobook may be short, but it is seriously spooky. Recommended for those who love gothic poetry or true crime or listeners wanting to get in the Halloween spirit.

Lucky Girl

A nuanced look at the complexities of race and culture in Nairobi and New York City. Share with fans of Daphne Palasi Andreades’s Brown Girls.

Masters of Death

Fans of Christopher Moore who don’t mind sifting through multiple layers of backstory should enjoy the immortal gameplay in this fantastical romp.

Murder by Degrees

Listeners will find much to love in this story that weaves social commentary and descriptions of period medical practices into a taut mystery. Mukerji is an author to watch.

Book of Queens: The True Story of the Middle Eastern Horsewomen Who Fought the War on Terror

Narrative nonfiction at its finest. A solid recommendation for horse lovers and listeners interested in women’s rights, women warriors, and the ramifications of territorial infighting on a remarkable breed of horses.

These Still Black Waters

An auspicious start to a captivating new series. Mystery/crime fans will be delighted.

The Dragon Reborn

A superior creation to be purchased by libraries that have acquired Pike’s new recordings of the first two books or those looking to provide a version for fans of the popular television series.

The Darkness Surrounds Us

This atmospheric, evocatively narrated audio will captivate fans of gothic mysteries in the vein of Rhiannon Ward’s The Quickening.

That Summer Feeling

This fluffy queer romance delights. A perfect addition to any audio romance collection.

New Adult

Give to listeners who enjoy some whimsy with their romances.

The Midnight News

Baker’s atmospheric tale of friendship, love, and self-discovery should appeal to readers of character-driven, suspenseful historical fiction.

The Vaster Wilds

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking haunting historical fiction about the complex, consequential realities of the human instinct for survival. Recommended for fans of Geraldine Brooks, Charles Frazier, and Jesmyn Ward.

Fever House

Rosson’s dialogue and characters may attract fans of noir-adjacent fiction, but it’s the true horror fans who will love riding out this apocalypse.


Aki will win audiences over with her sweet demeanor and quick mind. This fantastic historical mystery is a must-listen.

The Siberia Job

This outlandish, smart caper illuminates a little-known and intriguing chapter in post-Soviet Russian history. Recommended for readers of Matthew Klein’s Con Ed or Eli Yance’s Consequence.

Kick Out the Jams: Jibes, Barbs, Tributes, and Rallying Cries from 35 Years of Music Writing

For listeners interested in reexamining musical gatekeeping, Marsh’s writing and Boutsikaris’s delivery provide a portrait of the music industry that goes well beyond the usual fare.


Ridker’s exploration of a contemporary Jewish American family plagued by poor choices resonates. An excellent fit for fans of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman Is in Trouble.


This audio will appeal to those seeking tense and twisted suspense with a chilling blend of heartwarming heroine and disconcerting depravity. Recommended for fans of Lisa Gardner and James Wade.

Lest She Forget

A fresh and surprising psychological thriller from a promising new author. Share with fans of Paula Hawkins and Clare Mackintosh.

Perfectly Nice Neighbors

This riveting thriller delivers plenty of twists alongside incisive social commentary. Great for book groups.


Both heart-wrenching and hopeful, this gripping production takes listeners on a nerve-wracking nautical odyssey. A suspenseful and scientifically accurate survival thriller further enhanced by the outstanding audio experience.

Looking Glass Sound

With an abundance of moving parts, Ward’s multilayered tale is a delightful challenge for anyone who loves reverse-engineering their thrillers.

The Quickening: Creation and Community at the Ends of the Earth

An elegantly narrated, fully fleshed account of a singular trip to an imperiled place. Listeners and readers of Margaret Lowman’s The Arbornaut or Naira de Gracia’s The Last Cold Place will love this.

The Dead Take the A Train

Fans of urban fantasy, cosmic weirdness, and tough-as-nails protagonists should enjoy this work that’s the best of both authors.

Fit for the Gods: Greek Mythology Reimagined

Highly recommended to those who loved Madeline Miller’s Circe, Natalie Haynes’s Stone Blind, or Genevieve Gornichec’s The Witch’s Heart for giving voices to the ignored and maligned.


Brimming with Brown’s cinematically described action and complex, layered characters, this audiobook will appeal to science fiction fans on a scale that matches Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.


A winning satire, sure to please fans of Christopher Moore’s zaniness, Grady Hendrix’s grim humor, and the sentiment behind the slogan “eat the rich.”

With Love, from Cold World

Although Dorcus offers a pleasant performance, this isn’t enough to make this audio an essential purchase. Best where Thompson’s titles are in high demand or where contemporary romances fly off the shelves.

Labyrinth’s Heart

Recommended for those who enjoy fantasy in the vein of Lee Bardugo’s Six of Crows, Foz Meadows’s “Tithenai Chronicles,” or E.E. Holmes’s “Riftmagic Saga” series.

Beastly: The 40,000-Year Story of Animals and Us

Carew’s study makes a strong case for balanced ecosystems to support all Earth’s animals, including people, while sharing the often shameful history of humans’ lack of consideration for other species’ inherent rights. A natural selection for listeners who loved Ed Yong’s An Immense World.

The Possibilities

Goldstein-Love delivers an inventive and satisfying blend of genres and narrative elements exploring the anxieties of parenthood alongside quantum physics. Recommended for fans of fiction integrating science in a manner similar to Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time or Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred.

Burn the Negative

One doesn’t need a Needle Man to poke holes in the plot, but Winning has created an immersive love letter to late-20th-century horror cinema that will draw fans of supernatural slashers like flies to corpses.

The Last Applicant

Fast-paced, layered suspense with shocking reveals listeners won’t see coming.

Dream Town: Shaker Heights and the Quest for Racial Equity

This portrait of one community’s struggle to achieve racial equity should appeal to those interested in social justice, education reform, and civil rights.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

An engaging production of Raspe’s outlandish work. Recommended for any audio classics collection.

The Collector

With stolen paintings, the threat of nuclear disaster, and a beloved protagonist, Silva’s latest mystery/thriller will satisfy Gabriel Allon fans.

American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15

Listeners won’t want to miss this informative and troubling look into the creation and ramifications of an iconic weapon.

Misfit: Growing Up Awkward in the ’80s

Gulman’s profession as a performer translates into an excellent audiobook. This is unmissable and highly recommended for all audio memoir collections.

Last Call at Coogan’s: The Life and Death of a Neighborhood Bar

This well-researched narrative history is a delightful listen and a reminder of the power and importance of community.

I Wish We Weren’t Related

A dramatically delightful tale, full of British Indian cultural details and enhanced by top-notch narration.

Girl Among Crows

A captivating listen, just the thing for thriller readers seeking supernatural scares. The twists come fast, and the characters’ decisions lead to brutal consequences. Share with fans of Stephen King and Riley Sager.

The Great Transition

This hopeful and intriguing climate fiction debut makes an impact.

To Catch a Storm

Recommend to readers of fast-paced domestic thrillers.


Listeners who don’t mind unappealing characters or messy plots may want to check this out, but it’s an otherwise optional purchase for most libraries.

Genealogy of a Murder: Four Generations, Three Families, One Fateful Night

A deeply affecting look at a tragedy involving three families. True crime fans will be enthralled and deeply moved by this impeccably researched account.

Democracy Awakening: Notes on the State of America

Richardson’s judicious approach makes complex political issues understandable. Readers of political history and current political affairs should find this book most informative.

Woke Up Like This

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a hilarious, coming-of-age contemporary romance about living in the moment. Recommended for fans of Sarah Adams, Sarah Jost, and Allison Winn Scotch.

Love at 350°

A perfect listen for fans of The Great British Bake Off and those craving a satisfying foodie romance.

You, Again

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an opposites-attract, enemies-to-lovers rom-com full of New York City nuance. Recommended for fans of Emily Henry, Tessa Bailey, and Amanda Aksel.

The Black Angels: The Untold Story of the Nurses Who Helped Cure Tuberculosis

Meticulous research paired with exceptional narration makes this timely account of a public health emergency, labor shortage, and enduring discrimination an essential addition to all nonfiction collections.

Strip Tees: A Memoir of Millennial Los Angeles

Flannery relives the nostalgia of early aughts Los Angeles with her revealing memoir. This disturbing look at the inner workings of American Apparel intrigues, though listeners shouldn’t expect a tidy conclusion.

Happiness Falls

Although the novel is marketed as a mystery, this lushly atmospheric listen will have broad appeal. Share with fans of Celeste Ng and those who appreciate layered family drama that explores race, language, and neurodivergence.

The President’s Wife

Listeners will find actual history embedded in this novel. Share with fans of Marie Benedict and Fiona Davis.

Between Two Moons

Gawad’s powerful debut novel is a complex story of love, prejudice, and coming of age. Listeners won’t want to miss it.

Abbey Road: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Famous Recording Studio

Music lovers will be enthralled by this rewarding look at the history of recording at Abbey Road, arguably the most famous studio of them all.

To Have and to Heist

Desai’s novel will draw listeners seeking a hilarious heist rom-com full of engaging entrapments and action-packed antics. A good pick for fans of Alisha Rai, Christina Lauren, and Ally Carter.

Lost on Me

A treasure for those not bothered by the lack of a plot or deep character development. Listeners will be enthralled by Brentan’s bellissima narration, which fully embraces Raimo’s glorious humor.

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