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Frog Day: A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Amphibian Lives

Biology students and armchair travelers alike will enjoy this chance to explore the remarkably varied ecology of frogs and toads.

Bad Jew: A Family’s Quest from the Minsk Ghetto to Netanyahu’s Israel

A poignant, engaging, important, and personal perspective of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in which Smolar cleverly combines political and historical aspects with elements of memoir.

The Bonus Family Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Co-Parenting and Creating Stronger Families

This definitive practical guide addresses nearly every situation that bonus families might experience.

Born To Rule: The Making and Remaking of the British Elite

Based on numerous interviews of an intriguing demographic, this engaging book is a deep-dive analysis of the British elite. Highly recommended for most collections on Britain.

The Murmuring Grief of the Americas

Borzutzky remains one of contemporary poetry’s most incisive surveyors of cultural and institutional rot, but a slightly scattershot style leaves his latest collection feeling occasionally disjunctive.

What Goes with What: 100 Recipes, 20 Charts, Endless Possibilities

The world will never have enough practical weeknight cookbooks, but what will make this one fly off the shelves is Turshen’s unique cooking philosophy and wonderfully tasty results.

The Green Ages: Medieval Innovations in Sustainability

This title demonstrates that historically, people have changed their way of life when called on. More narratives like this are needed.

Steadfast Parenting: How To Raise Children of Character

This character-development book will appeal to not only parents and guardians but educators as well.

Wonders from Your Law: Nexus Passages and the Promise of an Exegetical Intertextual Old Testament Theology

A valuable resource for Old Testament scholars and readers searching for Biblical coherence.

Midnight in Moscow: A Memoir from the Front Lines of Russia’s War Against the West

A distinguished insider’s view of United States–Russia relations and what a diplomatic role entails personally and politically, especially in wartime.

Becoming Elizabeth Arden: The Woman Behind the Global Beauty Empire

This well-researched biography is recommended for business history collections. A fun related read, Louise Claire Johnson’s Behind the Red Door, offers insight from an Arden intern who worked there in the early 2000s.

Amish Pies: Traditional Fruit, Nut, Cream, and Custard Pies

Novice pie bakers who need a bit more pastry hand-holding may be better served by Kate Lebo’s Pie School or Allison Kave’s First Prize Pies, but more experienced pie makers will find Lapp’s book to be a good initiation into the world of Amish pies.

Passionate Work: Choreographing a Dance Career

Dancers past and present might be gratified by having their experiences validated, but this book mostly makes the case for discouraging aspirants from pursuing a career in dance.

The Year of Living Constitutionally: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Constitution’s Original Meaning

Jacobs’s narration may not be perfect, but his likability and unique firsthand experiences more than compensate. This entertaining and informative audiobook will appeal to a broad audience of listeners who enjoy memoirs, history, or civics.

The Cake Bible, 35th Anniversary Edition

Owners of the original will want to read this new edition for its updates and additions, while novice bakers could not ask for a better introduction to the art and science of cake baking.

Moments of Happiness: A Wisconsin Band Story

A joyous memoir by a band leader with a storied, impactful career.

Does This Taste Funny?: Recipes Our Family Loves

A solid, well-thought-out cookbook sure to have wide appeal to cooks and Colbert fans.

The Road Is Good: How a Mother’s Strength Became a Daughter’s Purpose

Poignant and well-written, this memoir not only celebrates the achievements and talents of its author but also grounds readers in the customs of Nigeria. It is a must-have for fans of Aduba or Orange Is the New Black and for those wanting to read about the African diaspora.

The Black Utopians: Searching for Paradise and the Promised Land in America

This enticing mix of personal and general history of Black utopian safe spaces promises to engage readers interested in reckoning with the past and present of Black American experiences and milestones.

To Gaze upon God: The Beatific Vision in Doctrine, Tradition, and Practice

An informative, helpful book that will attract readers curious about beatific vision. It’s also a good pick for readers who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Christian theology and religious experiences.

New York Mets Firsts: The Players, Moments, and Records That Were First in Team History

A delightful, entertaining, and fun book about one of baseball’s most valuable franchises. Baseball fans will enjoy this title even if they aren’t devotees of the Mets.

Pat Metheny: Stories Beyond Words

Recommended for both jazz enthusiasts and readers exploring any of the music genres that have evolved from jazz over the past six decades.

Cocaine and Rhinestones: A History of George Jones and Tammy Wynette

This volume includes fascinating stories about Wynette and Jones, but fans might wish for more of those and fewer digressions in the first part of the book. For comprehensive country music collections.

The Air They Breathe: A Pediatrician on the Frontlines of Climate Change

This is a compelling, page-turning read on the perils of global environmental issues and a call to action for parents.

Bismillah, Let’s Eat!: Fresh and Vibrant Recipes from my Family to Yours

Librarians looking to add variety to their cookbook collections and readers who want to experiment with fusion recipes will find this a useful addition.

Math for English Majors: A Human Take on the Universal Language

Orlin’s lighthearted, informative, and engaging approach may encourage some math-averse readers to keep trying and could quell math-related anxiety as well. It makes a great complement to the multitude of available basic math texts.

Classic German Cooking: The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites, from Semmelknödel to Sauerbraten

Recommended for extensive international cooking collections.

Breaking into TV Writing: How To Get Your First Job, Build Your Network, and Claw Your Way Inside the Writers’ Room

College students and amateur writers will devour this book, filled with clear instructions, interesting tidbits, and insight on the workings of writers’ rooms. University libraries will most benefit from this purchase.

Belly Full: Exploring Caribbean Cuisine Through 11 Fundamental Ingredients and over 100 Recipes

Enston’s passion for recipe development and Caribbean foodways are reflected in both the book’s delicious dishes and its attention to detail throughout.

What Time Is Noon?: Hilarious Texts, Ridiculous Feedback, and Not-So-Subtle Advice from Teenagers

In a time when raising adolescents can feel more harrowing than humorous, TikTok sensation Leighton provides comedy and maybe a few insights into the world of teens.

Meet Me in the Middle: 8 Mother-Daughter Conversations About Life and Faith

An easy, Christian faith-based read that’s chock-full of practical ideas for meaningful mother-daughter time.

The Opt-Out Family: How To Give Your Kids What Technology Can’t

This volume is a must-have resource for parents. It’s jam-packed with ideas for getting offline, all in a highly accessible and readable format.

A Mom Like That: A Memoir of Postpartum Psychosis

This moving and heartbreaking memoir is a compelling tale about a woman who experienced postpartum psychosis twice. As a result, she calls for increased awareness about the condition and advocates for treating it like the medical emergency that it is.

Chaos Comes Calling: The Battle Against the Far-Right Takeover of Small-Town America

An unflinching, sobering, and essential read, filled with first-person narratives and reflections that offer an urgent warning about the fragility of democratic institutions in the face of rising extremism in the United States and around the world.

The Social Safety Net

Social justice enthusiasts will appreciate this book the most.

Moguls: The Lives and Times of Hollywood Film Pioneers Nicholas and Joseph Schenck

This illuminating book sheds light on brothers at least as influential as the Warners, but lesser known in cinematic popular culture.

And the Roots of Rhythm Remain: A Journey Through Global Music

Boyd’s treasure trove of information about the global impact of world music (particularly on the United States) is a tour de force that will fascinate music lovers.

Mindful with Me: Connecting with Your Child Through Daily Mindfulness

An action-oriented manual that makes mindfulness practice an easy addition to a daily routine; caregivers could easily read this book aloud to their children.

Blues Mamas and Broadway Belters: Black Women, Voice, and the Musical Stage

A deep dive offering a valuable perspective to readers interested in the history of Black women vocalists.

BLK MKT Vintage: Reclaiming Objects and Curiosities That Tell Black Stories

This one-of-a-kind monograph will inspire readers to cherish and curate their own collections.

Very Good Bread: The Science of Dough and the Art of Making Bread at Home

Weller’s greatest strength as a baker is her focus on learning, and this impeccably written guide to the art and science of bread making will inspire home bakers to embrace their own culinary curiosity as well.

A History of the World in Twelve Shipwrecks

While the book’s content is fascinating, the narration does not do it justice. Listeners might seek out the print version instead.

Too Tired To Fight: 13 Essential Conflicts Parents Must Have To Keep Their Relationship Strong

A meaty counseling session, presented in book form, that expertly dispels common misconceptions about conflicts between couples with children.

Bodega Bakes: Recipes for Sweets and Treats Inspired by My Corner Store

Full of personality and flavor, this book will be welcome in all collections.

Raising Securely Attached Kids: Using Connection-Focused Parenting To Create Confidence, Empathy, and Resilience

A digestible, practical resource for those trying to get to the root of issues in their household. Filled with sample scripts for discussions, charts, quotes from parents, and other tools designed to help readers form strong parent-child relationships, this book is ideal for reading in short bursts or to refer to as needed.

Frighten the Horses: A Memoir

Radclyffe’s riveting, moving memoir about his journey of self-discovery is a page-turner that reads like a novel.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: A Cultural History

Best for devoted and loyal MST3K fans.

An Improbable Life: My Father’s Escape from Soviet Russia

A fascinating story and firsthand view of life during the 20th century. It is a vivid tale of censorship and surveillance that would sit comfortably on a shelf with the other great narratives of life under Soviet oppression.

The Story of Perfume

Overflowing with fragrance facts, this accessible survey will delight perfume lovers on many levels.

Einstein’s Tutor: The Story of Emmy Noether and the Invention of Modern Physics

An intriguing title capturing the work of a brilliant mathematician who excelled despite obstacles she experienced simply because she was a woman. Best for students of physics, math, and gender studies.

The Backyard Bird Chronicles

A quiet ode to the simple joy of paying attention that will inspire readers to pick up a pair of binoculars.

I Love Romcoms and I Am a Feminist: A Manifesto in 100 Romcoms

A colorful, breezy collection that will give rom-com lovers a passel of new titles to check out while also encouraging them to take a closer look at the elements that make up their familiar favorites.

My Mexican Kitchen: 100 Recipes Rich with Tradition, Flavor, and Spice

Melding her heritage, her enthusiasm for history and food, and her travels, Longoria has created a rich collection of Mexican recipes that will make readers think of her as a chef first and actor second.

Tías and Primas: On Knowing and Loving the Women Who Raise Us

This welcome book (with illustrations) aptly deconstructs the labels often applied to Latinas.

Mary C. McCall Jr.: The Rise and Fall of Hollywood’s Most Powerful Screenwriter

Smyth deftly spotlights a sardonically witty woman and film pioneer whose contributions are little known. Film students and biography readers will be delighted.

Mind the Science: Saving Your Mental Health from the Wellness Industry

Rooted in science but written in accessible language, this highly informative book is an enlightening resource about mental-health misinformation and pseudoscience.

Bayou: Feasting Through the Seasons of a Cajun Life

Both armchair cooks and anyone seeking an introduction to Cajun cuisine will find that Martin’s latest eloquently and elegantly written book perfectly captures the culinary heart and soul of the bayou.

Witches Run Amok: The Oral History of Disney’s Hocus Pocus

This beguiling read is sure to put a spell on readers.

This Sweet Earth: Walking with Our Children in the Age of Climate Collapse

A helpful and page-turning guide to protecting the planet amid today’s climate change crisis.

The Year That Made the Musical: 1924 and the Glamour of Musical Theatre

Theater aficionados and historians will find much to applaud in this impeccably researched work.

The Third Gilmore Girl: A Memoir

A captivating narrative, engagingly told.

H Is for Hope: Climate Change from A to Z

Kolbert has written a quick but meticulously researched guide to the many sides and faces of the climate crisis. While D may be for “Despair,” H is for “Hope,” and Y is for “You.”

The Memory of Taste: Vietnamese American Recipes from Phú Quoc, Oakland, and the Spaces Between

A solid choice for combining family history with traditional and modern Vietnamese cuisine.

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

Le’s stunning poetry debut is not to be missed, but the print edition is preferable to the audio.

Food and Other Things I Love: More than 100 Italian American Recipes from My Family to Yours

A definite winner for those seeking an introduction to Italian American cuisine and for fans of the author.

Zahav Home: Cooking for Friends & Family

Home cooks will think they have struck culinary gold with this passionate guide to the bright, bold flavors of Israel.

Our South: Black Food Through My Lens

This important work should be on every library’s cookbook shelf.

The Hungry Ghost Bread Book: An Offbeat Bakery’s Guide to Crafting Sourdough Loaves, Flatbreads, Crackers, Scones, and More

Decidedly offbeat, this book is not designed for every home baker, but anyone seeking bread enlightenment (and who is willing to put in the time and work Stevens advocates) will be richly rewarded.

‘Pocket Guide to Crochet: Take-Along Information on Tools, Popular Stitches, Tips, and Tricks’ by Jen Lucas | LJ Review of the Day


Viewfinder: A Memoir of Seeing and Being Seen

Looking through a camera’s viewfinder, a director focuses in on the best shots to tell a movie’s story; with his filmmaker’s eye, it’s no surpise that Chu’s memoir (written with Jeremy McCarter) tells an effective story. Film students will relish his insight into filmmaking.

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

This brief, potent book offers a fresh understanding of diaspora; readers of contemporary poetry will seek it out.

Trouble in Censorville: The Far Right’s Assault on Public Education and the Teachers Who Are Fighting Back

A timely look at the current state of censorship in American schools and a few ideas to fight against it.

‘unalone’ by Jessica Jacobs | LJ Review of the Day

‘Decade of Disunion: How Massachusetts and South Carolina Led the Way to Civil War, 1849–1861’ by Robert W. Merry | LJ Review of the Day

Biography & Memoir | Prepub Alert, January 2025 Titles

‘The Piano Player of Budapest: A True Story of Survival, Hope, and Music’ by Roxanne de Bastion | LJ Review of the Day

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A Year of Granny Squares: 52 Grannies To Crochet, One for Every Week of the Year

This crochet book is a standout for its colorful seasonal designs that will bring out crafters’ creativity all year. An adorable purchase.

Pineapple Play Quilts & Projects: 18 Projects Using the Pineapple Trim Tool

Readers who are looking to learn this unique style of quilt block will find plenty of options in Wright’s book. Both beginners and more advanced quilters will be able to work their way through these projects, but all will be easier if they use the specialized ruler that the book calls for.

10 Step Drawing: Cute Animals

An easy-to-follow guide, best for the animal aficionado.

Cricut Celebrations: Digital Die-Cutting for Any Event

Digital die-cutting machines continue to grow in popularity, but there are few books on the topic. This title will inspire crafters interested in using a digital die-cutting machine to create a variety of decorative objects and party favors.

The Handmade Spa: Natural Soaps

An easily accessible guide to soap making, with color photographs that clearly show every step of the process. A must for DIYers.


Mad Hatter: Crazy, Colorful Crochet Designs To Hook and Show Off

This book’s customizable options and tiny accents are sure to compel crocheters to create distinctive pieces for themselves and for others.

Easy Acrylic Painting: Beginner Tutorials for Small Still Lifes

For readers ready to take on acrylic painting (a technique suitable for beginners, since it allows for easy corrections), this is a sound and highly informative guide.

My First Sewing Machine: 30 Fun Projects Kids Will Love To Make

This machine-sewing book is easy enough for beginners of all ages to follow, as long as they’re comfortable with metric measurements.

Crochet Monsters

A creative and detailed crochet guide for intermediate and experienced crocheters. The projects’ many options for personalization could make it particularly useful for leading group activities.

Colorful Crochet Cables: How To Crochet Celtic Cabled Designs in Vibrant Multicolored Hues

A unique approach to crocheting that’s backed by science. It’s suitable for advanced fiber artists who are ready to explore the magic that cablework and colors can add to their creations.

Peter Panda and Pals: 10 Sweet and Easy Amigurumi Designs To Crochet

Playful yet detailed, the 10 animal friends Vindevogel presents are sure to delight both the crocheter and the recipient of the fun, unfussy creatures, which come to life as easily on the crochet hook as they do in the book.

Brooklyn Tweed’s Knit and Crochet Blankets: Projects To Stitch for Home and Away

A cozy and welcoming collection of appealing knitting and crochet patterns with helpful instructions.

Pocket Guide to Crochet: Take-Along Information on Tools, Popular Stitches, Tips, and Tricks

An incredibly helpful guide for beginners, but readers who just want a refresher on crocheting techniques will appreciate this title too.

Shy by Design: 12 Timeless Principles To Quietly Stand Out

An encouraging read for anyone looking to hone their listening and observational skills while staying true to their own needs and abilities.

Good Grief

This title includes 40 new poems that supplement those found in Pastor’s self-published debut poetry collection of the same name. Recommended for anyone seeking encouragement, support, or commiseration when coping with grief, trauma, anxiety, and more.

80/20 Daily: Your Day-by-Day Guide to Happier, Healthier, Wealthier, and More Successful Living Using the 80/20 Principle

Koch empowers readers to improve their lives or mindsets by briefly reflecting on a daily concept. This book will appeal to all 80/20 adherents and anyone aspiring to better living.

Fighting for Our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women’s Relationships

After the isolation of the pandemic, many people want help making personal connections. This is a solid addition to self-help or psychology collections everywhere.

Dateable: Swiping Right, Hooking Up, and Settling Down While Chronically Ill and Disabled

With its mix of astute cultural analyses, quippy personal anecdotes, and deeper dives into sociopolitical and theoretical factors, this book does more than show disabled and chronically ill people that they belong. It also serves as a reminder that it matters how one shows up on dating apps and in relationships, in order to counteract the systems that try to render invisible the people whose bodies don’t conform to social norms.

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