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Read-Alikes for ‘End of Story' by A.J. Finn | LibraryReads

‘A Lonesome Place for Dying’ by Nolan Chase | Mystery Pick of the Month

Thrillers | Prepub Alert, August 2024 Titles

Mystery | Prepub Alert, August 2024 Titles


The Exclusive

Fans who enjoy journalist sleuths, likable stars, and the novels of Michael Connelly and Hank Phillippi Ryan will find this hard to put down.

Smoke Kings

In this story with an impassioned plotline and an assortment of complex characters, Mayfield approaches an often controversial subject with nuance, ushering in an array of perspectives from his dramatis personae. A brilliant debut from a promising talent.

The Sight

A bleak but thrilling listen, providing an atmospheric glimpse into the inner workings and superstitions of carnival life. Share with listeners seeking character-driven, supernatural suspense.

Seed on the Wind

One of the most ingenious plotters ever, Stout keeps readers guessing in this compelling saga, a curious forerunner to Ross Macdonald.

A Deadly Walk in Devon

A fresh concept for a new series that offers readers the chance to see the English countryside. Those who enjoy Steve Burrows’s birding mysteries may want to try this nature-heavy cozy.

A Lonesome Place for Dying

Chase (author of the Dave Wakeland detective novels under the name Sam Wiebe) debuts his lonesome, reflective lawman with this well-written, complex case. Fans of Craig Johnson’s Longmire will enjoy.

The Innocents

The sequel to The Tumbling Girl is another entertaining, well-researched historical mystery, good for fans of Masterpiece Mystery’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke. As before, the working people behind the scenes at the music hall are the stars.

To Slip the Bonds of Earth

Fans of Flower’s Agatha Award–winning mystery featuring Emily Dickinson, Because I Could Not Stop for Death, will appreciate the details in her new slow-paced novel featuring a strong, often-overlooked historical figure.

Cold to the Touch

Alaska in the winter and a likable protagonist come to life in this excellent, fast-paced police procedural. Suggest for fans of Harlan Coben or Lissa Marie Redmond.

Blood Red Summer

The intriguing sequel to Something Bad Wrong utilizes dual timelines and three voices that contrast styles of crime coverage in a Southern noir story of violence, corruption, and racism. For fans of true-crime podcasts or S.A. Cosby.


This would make a great movie, and fans of the Bond tales and special-ops action novels should add this to their reading lists

Twice the Trouble

Fans of antiheroes and flawed characters will enjoy this action-packed, nonstop adventure.

A Midnight Puzzle

This locked-room mystery is a fun read for cozy fans, especially those who have kept up with Pandian’s series.

She Left

Unreliable narrator Brewer bases her knowledge of the case on her memories as a teen in this novel by Grey (author of A Dismal Harvest under the name Daisy Bateman). Good for fans of Rachel Howzell Hall, Ruth Ware, and Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

A Murder Most French

Wonderfully set, characterized, and paced, this is another winner in a delightful series. Add it to sure-bet lists and suggest to readers wanting to sink into a good story.

Death in the Details

Inspired by the real-life mother of forensic science, Frances Glessner Lee, this fascinating, solid debut will appeal to historical mystery readers who enjoy novels based on actual people. Suggest for fans of Michael Oren’s Swann’s War.

The Silver Bone

A winning offbeat crime novel that begs for a sequel.

The Hunter’s Daughter

A mix of Karen Dionne’s The Marsh King’s Daughter and Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs, this impressive novel spotlights the difficulty of escaping a troubling past. Add some supernatural elements, and the result is a tale to remember.

Pay Dirt

History buffs will appreciate Paretsky’s exploration of Kansas’s violent past, while V.I. fans will be eager to read the latest in the award-winning series (after Overboard).

The Rumor Game

Attractive characters, plenty of action, and a solid grasp of history make this a superior thriller and also a snapshot of a particularly shameful moment in the history of the United States.

Read-Alikes for ‘Random in Death’ by J.D. Robb | LibraryReads


Last Word to the Wise

The second “Christie Bookshop” novel, after Dead and Gondola, is a delightful escape to a Colorado mountainside, featuring fun family exploits and a delightful scene-stealing cat.

Fatal First Edition

Fans of McKinlay’s library-themed series may wish for more scenes set in a library, but returning characters still manage to show up in this 14th series entry, after The Plot and the Pendulum.

The Excitements

An unconventional mystery with heart and wit, perfect for readers who love historical fiction, heists, and cunning elderly protagonists.

The Hunter

With quicksilver dialogue and deep characterizations, French portrays the Ardnakelty villagers’ “gift of gab” and the roiling emotions beneath the banter splendidly. A few plot points strain credulity, but it’s a treat for French’s many fans and for readers who prefer realistic Irish characters and settings.

A Killer Romance

A slightly more serious cozy mystery from Blackburn (Once Upon a Seaside Murder), touching on family issues and illegal drugs, but with all of the warm hometown setting and entertaining supporting characters that cozy readers enjoy.

Read-Alikes for ‘The Fury’ by Alex Michaelides | LibraryReads

Mystery | Prepub Alert, July 2024 Titles

Thrillers | Prepub Alert, July 2024 Titles


Confessions of an Antichrist

Extra sharp and disgustingly hilarious; you’d be hard pressed to find a reader not offended by it.

The Clinic

Readers who enjoy suspense stories with characters who “go inside” institutions to investigate, such as Helen Fields’s The Institution, will enjoy this title.

Murder Road

St. James’s (The Book of Cold Cases) intricate plot skillfully mixes gumshoe detective work with unexpected supernatural chills, not to mention winning characters that easily earn readers’ affection. This highly recommended title will thrill fans of St. James’s work and earn new ones along the way.

Read-Alikes for ‘The Heiress’ by Rachel Hawkins | LibraryReads

‘The Unquiet Bones’ by Loreth Anne White | Mystery Pick of the Month


At the Edge of the Woods

The mystery is slight in this follow-up to Hidden in the Pines. However, fans will appreciate the emphasis on the Northwoods and the peace and tranquility of fly-fishing.

Watch Where They Hide

While Hall’s fans might be satisfied, seasoned suspense readers will find the journey from beginning to end a bit disappointing.

The Mistress of Bhatia House

A delicately rendered, multifaceted novel for those seeking a historical mystery that addresses larger societal issues. Share with fans of Vaseem Khan’s “Malabar House” series or Abir Mukherjee’s A Rising Man.

Poisoned Prose

Will appeal to listeners seeking a cozy paranormal mystery full of wit, whimsy, and witches. Recommended for fans of Tamara Berry, Casey Daniels, and Carol J. Perry.

The Long Ago

Crime and Western writer McGarrity’s latest is different but no less compelling than his usual fare. For readers of Jane Harper, Meghan Miranda, and C.J. Tudor.

The Young of Other Animals

Suggest to readers who aren’t squeamish about violence toward animals and those who appreciate a mother’s redemption arc.

Off the Air

Fans of journalistic mysteries will appreciate Estes’s debut, which draws favorable comparisons to Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Jane Ryland series.

The Unquiet Bones

Fans of Louise Penny should try this gripping story from White (The Maid’s Diary) that combines the best elements of a cold-case investigation with a well-developed suspense novel.

Village in the Dark

The sequel to City Under One Roof is compelling story, perfect for readers of crime novels set in isolated areas or those that feature strong, independent characters forced to fight for their lives.

At Any Cost

The sequel to One Last Chance has scenes of breakneck action along with long technological discussions of the metaverse and AI. Fans of Siger’s gorgeous descriptions of Greece and the returning cast of supporting characters are the best audience for the latest in this atmospheric series.

The Last Word

This cozy debut features an unusual job for an amateur sleuth and a likable cast of characters to rival those of Jenn McKinlay’s cozies.

She’s Not Sorry

Highly recommended to any libraries serving thrill-seeking readers who enjoy a good medical mystery that turns sinister.

The Mayfair Dagger

Readers who enjoyed the humor of Alison Goodman’s The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies will relish the madhouse courtroom scene in this historical mystery.

Union Station

This twisty le Carré–like spy novel will please fans of the genre.

Calypso Down

Fans of James Bond and the MacGyver TV series will adore this fast-paced, undersea thriller featuring a dynamic duo-type relationship.

The Teacher

Told from the alternating viewpoints of Eve and Addie, this dark page-turner from McFadden (“The Housemaid” series) has an unexpected, brilliantly executed twist at the end. It’s a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers.

Leave No Trace

High-octane action fuels the story, which is nicely bookended with factoids about the parks and landmarks it features. This must-read thriller is addictive and engaging and will please National Parks enthusiasts and fans of action stories.

Nosy Neighbors

The mystery is slight, but readers of Sampson’s The Lost Ticket or The Last Chance Library will appreciate this story of misunderstandings, guilty secrets, and forgiveness.

The Murder of Mr. Ma

Fans of the Sherlock Holmes canon will appreciate this fast-paced, exciting novel.

Murder at an Irish Chipper

The sequel to Murder at an Irish Bakery will appeal to cozy series fans who appreciate Irish village settings, the large O’Sullivan family, and eccentric characters.

The Running Grave

Galbraith/Rowling is a master storyteller, and these detective mysteries continue to enthrall with compelling puzzlers.

Thrillers | Prepub Alert, June 2024 Titles

Read-Alikes for ‘Butcher & Blackbird’ by Brynne Weaver | LibraryReads

Display Shelf | Cozy Mysteries

‘A Grave Robbery’ by Deanna Raybourn | Mystery Pick of the Month

Best Crime Fiction of 2023

The Expectant Detectives

Readers of Darci Hannah will enjoy Helen’s spotlight in this series. The humor is akin to Elle Cosimano’s Finlay Donovan series, and the relationship between Joe and Alice is reminiscent of Jules Capshaw’s romantic endeavors in Ellie Alexander’s “Bakeshop Mysteries.”

These Still Black Waters

An auspicious start to a captivating new series. Mystery/crime fans will be delighted.

The Stolen Coast

Petkoff’s narration elevates this tale to unforgettable heights, making it a solid recommendation for any crime fiction collection.

Mister Magic

Fans of Stephen King’s It and other stories that dissect precious childhood memories will want to get acquainted with Mister Magic and the Circle.

Happiness Falls

Although the novel is marketed as a mystery, this lushly atmospheric listen will have broad appeal. Share with fans of Celeste Ng and those who appreciate layered family drama that explores race, language, and neurodivergence.

An Honest Man

Recommend to fans of the author and fast-paced thrillers.

The Last Dance

Audiences will love the complex Declan, whose intense grief cannot repress his innate sarcasm. There is a lot going on in this thriller, all of which is brilliantly knit together by the author and a very talented narrator.

The Wonder State

Recommend to fans of speculative mysteries and coming-of-age tales, as well as to readers of Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen.

The Mystery Writer

Recommended for Gentill’s fans and readers who enjoy mysteries from Riley Sager, Ruth Ware, or Louise Penny.

The Busy Body

Fans of David Handler’s equally entertaining Stewart Hoag series or those in search of a modern take on classic crime fiction will snap up this stellar mystery debut, which delivers an addictive mix of Dorothy Parker’s waspish wit and Agatha Christie’s deft hand at ingenious plotting.

Murder by Lamplight

Fans of Victorian mysteries, medical mysteries, and detective duos will appreciate this historical suspense. Suggest for fans of Andrea Penrose or Ritu Mukerji’s debut.

The Night of the Storm

While explicating Jia’s struggles with her Indian culture and as an immigrant, this locked-room mystery’s strength is its setting and the atmospheric tension created by the hurricane.

Murder in Masquerade

The follow-up to Murder in Postscript emphasizes Victorian social customs and society. Fans of Dianne Freeman’s “Countess of Harleigh” mysteries will enjoy.

The Stars Turned Inside Out

Readers who like mixing science and detection may find this book appealing, but it’s a mixed bag.

California Bear

Compelling not for its solution but for the act of solving, with modern cultural references and screen-worthy action. Readers who enjoy redemption and comeuppance dispensed by smartly written characters will enjoy.

The Silence in Her Eyes

This slow-build suspense novel keeps the tension rising as readers are drawn ever deeper into Leah’s claustrophobic world. And while the ending feels a bit rushed, the twists are enjoyable.

The Fortune Seller

Sophisticated with just the right dose of sinister, this coming-of-age story doesn’t shy from the grisly power dynamics of privilege.

A Grave Robbery

The ninth Veronica Speedwell book, following A Sinister Revenge, spins off Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s possibly the best in the series, with Raybourn’s trademark banter, innuendo, and outstanding lead characters, along with a fascinating plot and supporting cast.


The latest from the author of Murder Book offers little character development, but it’s a fast-paced thriller for those who like novels in which antagonists attempt to outsmart each other.

Dream Town

Fans of fast-paced police procedurals will enjoy Goldberg’s trademark humor and his insight into the entertainment world in his latest Eve Ronin novel (following Movieland).

What Mother Won’t Tell Me

Will delight readers of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn, as well as fans of psychological thrillers.

The Guests

Readers who enjoy James Patterson novels or fast-paced thrillers will enjoy.

The Princess of Las Vegas

While this novel doesn’t quite deliver much suspense as might be expected, Crissy and Betsy are interesting enough to keep readers engaged. Bohjalian (The Lioness) has written numerous best-sellers, so purchase accordingly to meet demand.

One of the Boys

Listeners will be riveted by this complicated family drama that wrestles with the ethical implications of profiling and experimental medical treatments. Share with fans of Delilah S. Dawson’s The Violence or Naomi Alderman’s The Power.

The Murder Wheel

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an atmospheric historical mystery, fast-paced and full of detail, that culminates in a delightful denouement to rival Poirot. Recommended for fans of Martin Edwards, Fiona Davis, and Sophie Hannah.

The Last Applicant

Fast-paced, layered suspense with shocking reveals listeners won’t see coming.

The Hunt

An absorbing, suspense-filled novel for true crime and podcast fans. Share with fans of S.A. Cosby, Eli Cranor, and Megan Abbott.

The Secret Hours

Fans of Herron’s “Slough House” series and Apple TV’s adaptation, Slow Horses, will race for this audio.

Murder and Mamon

Manansala and Cabanela excel at creating a welcoming community that mystery lovers will want to visit again and again.

The Graveyard Shift

Despite the predictable ending, Lewis’s (Mockingbird) latest should appeal to horror film fans and suspense and romance readers who don’t mind a bit of gore.

Sleeping with Friends

This audio will appeal to cinephiles seeking a fast-paced amateur-sleuth mystery full of flawed characters and their sinister secrets. Recommended for fans of Tarryn Fisher, Lisa Scottoline, and Colleen Hoover.

I Did It For You

A good pick for those seeking engaging suspense about small towns, sisterhood, and unsettling secrets. Recommended for fans of Ruth Ware, Kate Robards, and Kelly J. Ford.

Broadway Butterfly

Readers of true crime will be hooked by this intriguing and atmospheric tale. A winner for fans of Beatriz Williams’s The Wicked City and Kate Belli’s Deception by Gaslight.

Good Bad Girl

Feeney’s fans and first-time listeners alike will enjoy seeing the pieces of this twisty thriller come together. Share with those seeking a fast-paced page-turner layered with insights into family dynamics and mother-daughter relationships.

To Catch a Storm

Recommend to readers of fast-paced domestic thrillers.

The Sunset Years of Agnes Sharp

Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy this outlandish yet heartfelt mystery set in a quiet English village.

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