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Colton’s Ultimate Test

Readers who have gotten this far in the series will appreciate the everyone-lives-happily-ever-after-with-a-wedding epilogue they’ve been waiting for, but the story itself, with implausible investigative work and a lukewarm romance, doesn’t have too much to recommend it to newcomers.

Danger in Big Sky Country

Van Meter (Colton’s Amnesia Target) starts her “Big Sky Justice” series off on a strong note. Relatable characters and a solid mystery combine with a nicely paced romance to make this a book fans of the genre are sure to appreciate, and the unanswered questions at the end about Luna’s family history will ensure that they come back for future series installments.

Secret Alaskan Hideaway

Unfortunately, neither the dynamics of village life nor the threats to the protagonists’ lives feel particularly grounded in reality here, and the romance between the two leads lacks substance.

Booked To Kill

Ultimately, this stand-alone romantic suspense story winds up being fairly forgettable. The speed with which Jack goes from suspicion of to fascination with Olivia strains credulity, and though readers may initially be drawn into the mystery, the final reveal of an almost cartoonish villain fails to satisfy in the end.

To Trust a Colton Cowboy

Nuzzio’s latest is the penultimate book in the multi-author “Coltons of Colorado” series (after Shielding Colton’s Witness by Linda O. Johnston) and is fairly weak in terms of suspense. The book’s main antagonist is quietly dispatched behind the scenes, and the series bad guy once again makes only the briefest of appearances. The story’s romance is also fairly lackluster, making this an all-around forgettable read.

Texas Law: Undercover Justice

This is the first in a new miniseries from Bokal (Colton’s Rogue Investigation). The villains are a bit one-dimensional, but the main characters are likable and a desire to find out what happens next will keep readers turning pages all the way through to the epilogue, and chances are they’ll be keeping an eye out for the next series book as well.

Hotshot Heroes Under Threat

Readers looking forward to uncovering the source of the ongoing threat to the team will be disappointed again in the seventh book of Child’s “Hotshot Heroes” series, after Hotshot Hero on the Edge, and this, in part, creates a reading experience that is ultimately more frustrating than it is satisfying. The first four books in this series were part of Harlequin’s now-defunct Blaze line, and it’s possible the author was much better at writing sexy contemporaries than she is romantic suspense.

In the Arms of the Law

Fans of Mello’s “To Serve and Seduce” series won’t want to miss its fifth and latest installment, after Stalked by Secrets. Those who haven’t read the rest of the series will still appreciate this well-paced romantic suspense page-turner.

Reunion at Greystone Manor

Unfortunately, this stand-alone novel from Vanek (Rescue from Darkness) has a convoluted plot and a rather unconvincing second-chance romance.

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