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A New Clan

The large cast of characters and multiple points of view might be off-putting to those who want to spend all their time with Stephanie and Climbs Quickly, but the story flows smoothly, the already remarkably established world holds wide appeal, and there is plenty of fast-paced drama and trauma. All fans of this crossover YA series will appreciate the ongoing bonds between the humans and treecats.

Hell's Foundations Quiver

Series fans will find this rewarding reading a reminder that Weber's series continues to be lively. Newcomers should start with the first volume, Off Armageddon Reef; the time it takes to read this 8,000-page (so far) epic is completely worth it.

The Sword of the South

Weber returns to his epic fantasy world last depicted in War Maid's Choice with a fresh subseries featuring Kenhodan, a man with lots of violent skills and no memory of his past...

A Call to Arms

Honorverse fans will see the upcoming crisis points, but Zahn and Weber (and coauthor Tom Pope) do a strong job foreshadowing for newcomers. Although the second in the series, this title will work well as an entry point for new readers, pleasing longtime followers. With an enjoyable mix of action and exposition, this volume has less of the detail and worldbuilding found in Weber's solo works, yet the groundwork is clearly laid for at least one sequel.

Like a Mighty Army

A huge cast of confusingly named characters, action that jumps frequently among battle sites, and a slew of complicated political relationships mean that those not well versed in the Safehold series and its worldbuilding will make frequent use of the maps and character listings. But this series has a loyal fanbase that will cheer the arrival of another meaty military tale.

How Firm a Foundation

With each installment in this epic sf/fantasy blend, Weber sharpens his storytelling skills. The sixth volume (after Out of the Dark) creates a unique world in which medieval trappings serve as a buffer against an alien threat and generations live in blissful ignorance of the danger than lurks beyond the stars. Series readers and the author's wide fan base will want this.

Out of the Dark

With likable characters and plenty of military detail, this should appeal to Weber's ("Honor Harrington" series) large fan base as well as followers of the military sf of John Ringo and Eric Flint.

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