Prepub Alert: The Complete List | November 2024 Titles

All the November 2024 Prepub Alerts in one place, plus a downloadable spreadsheet of all titles from every post.

All the November 2024 Prepub Alerts in one place, plus a downloadable spreadsheet of all titles from every post.


Pop Fiction







Evans, Richard Paul. Christmas in Bethel. Gallery. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668014882. 224p. $19.99. FICTION

Bestselling Evans (The Christmas Promise) returns with his signature Christmas novel in time for the holiday season.

Grey, Emma. Pictures of You. Zibby. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781958506462. pbk. 352p. $17.99. FICTION

Grey follows her buzzy and bestselling debut The Last Love Note with a second-chance love story about Evie, who wakes up in a hospital after surviving a crash that killed her husband. Now she cannot remember him and thinks she is in high school. How to re-find a lost life? With a 100K-copy first printing.

Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Rolling Toward Clear Skies. Lake Union. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781662504464. pbk. 300p. $16.99. FICTION

In bestselling Hyde’s (A Different Kind of Gone) latest, divorced mother and doctor Maggie Blount travels to Louisiana to help in the aftermath of a hurricane and encounters two orphaned sisters. Maggie brings them back to her home in California, where her teenage daughters and the sisters struggle to adjust to their new blended family.

Kim, Juhea. City of Night Birds. Ecco. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063394759. 320p. $30. FICTION

Ballerina Natalia Leonova returns home to Russia after an accident derails her career. When given the chance to dance again, she must decide if should return to that cutthroat world—or walk away from it forever. Kim’s debut, Beasts of a Little Land, was a LibraryReads pick and a finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. With a 75K-copy first printing.

Meacham, Leila. April Storm. Harper. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063323100. 320p. $30. FICTION

While there aren’t many details, this posthumous novel from bestselling Meacham (Dragonfly) features a suburban housewife who’s being tracked by a private detective—and a murderer.

Steel, Danielle. Trial by Fire. Delacorte. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593498583. 304p. $29. FICTION

In bestselling Steel’s (Never Too Late) new novel, Dahlia de Beaumont, the 56-year-old owner and CEO of a Paris-based perfume business, is on a business trip to San Francisco when wildfires engulf Napa Valley and strand her there. Amid the devastation and danger, she forges new connections and has a fresh chance at love.

Williams, Niall. Time of the Child. Bloomsbury. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781639734207. 304p. $28.99. FICTION

Williams, author of the Booker-longlisted History of the Rain, returns to the small Irish town of Faha (the setting of This Is Happiness). During the Christmas season of 1962, Dr. Jack Troy and his daughter Ronnie have their lives upended when a baby is left in their care. With a 125K-copy first printing.

Literary Fiction







Chambers, Clare. Shy Creatures. Mariner. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063258228. 400p. $30. LITERARY FICTION

Chambers (Small Pleasures, longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction) offers a touch of the gothic in this novel set in postwar Britain, where Helen, an art therapist working in a psychiatric hospital, is having an affair with a married colleague. When a mysterious man is discovered living in a derelict Victorian house and becomes Helen’s patient, her life begins to unravel.

De La Pava, Sergio. Every Arc Bends Its Radian. S&S. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668056707. 288p. $27.99. LITERARY FICTION

De La Pava (author of the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Award–winning A Naked Singularity) writes a literary and existential detective novel. Riv goes to Colombia, hoping for a break. Instead, he is asked to find the missing daughter of a family friend, but it is clear that the cops do not want the girl found and are in the pocket of a very dangerous man.

Moschovakis, Anna. An Earthquake Is A Shaking of the Surface of the Earth. Soft Skull. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781593767839. pbk. NAp. $16.95. LITERARY FICTION

Booker Prize winner for translation and James Laughlin Award winner for poetry, Moschovakis (Participation) writes a hallucinatory dystopian novel set on Earth after seismic activity upends the world. An unnamed narrator, obsessed with her housemate, feels the impulse to kill and travels across the alienated landscape.

Murakami, Haruki. The City and Its Uncertain Walls. tr. from Japanese by Philip Gabriel. Knopf. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593801970. 432p. $35. LITERARY FICTION

Bestselling and multi-award-winning Murakami, who most recently won the Cino Del Duca World Prize, offers his first novel in six years. It revisits the otherworld known as the City, which was first introduced in Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World. The story is being described as a quest, a parable, and an ode to books and libraries.

Newlands, Tom. Only Here, Only Now. HarperVia. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063393455. 368p. $28.99. LITERARY FICTION

Newland sets his debut in postindustrial Scotland, where teenager Cora Mowat comes of age. Wandering and at loose ends, she wants more than the city of Fife offers. When family strife resolves into grief, her yearnings will resolve into her future—if only she can find it.

Peace, David. Munichs. Norton. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781324086260. 480p. $29.99. LITERARY FICTION

Peace, winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize, offers a new work centered on a 1958 plane crash that killed 23 passengers, including eight players and three officials on the Manchester United soccer team. Peace explores the traumatizing event and its impact on Britain, the city of Manchester, the team, and beyond.

Price, Richard. Lazarus Man. Farrar. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780374168155. 352p. $29. LITERARY FICTION

Price, a novelist (Lush Life) and screenwriter (The Outsider), sets his newest in 2008 East Harlem. When a tenement building collapses, residents of the community are dead, injured, and missing. The novel unfolds through a range of characters, including a survivor, a witness, a funeral home owner, and a detective.

Roy, Nayantara. The Magnificent Ruins. Algonquin. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781643755847. 448p. $29. LITERARY FICTION

Lila travels back to India from the United States when she inherits her huge ancestral home—which is still filled with her relatives, who resent her return. Layered upon her home coming, she navigates romance, faces a lawsuit, and deals with deep conflict, past and present. Playwright and short story writer Roy (author of the prize-winning “8C”) debuts as a novelist.

Wood, Naomi. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Mariner. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063399723. 256p. $28. LITERARY FICTION

Wood (Mrs. Hemingway), who has garnered award attention and won the BBC Short Story Prize for “Comorbidities,” includes that story among the others in this collection. The stories explore women who break the bounds of societal expectations and refuse to comply, including an ex-wife who intentionally introduces stress during her ex-husband’s wedding.

Yoshimoto, Banana. Mittens and Pity: Stories. tr. from Japanese by Asa Yoneda. Counterpoint. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781640096516. NAp. $27. LITERARY FICTION

Multi-award-winner Yoshimoto (Dead-End Memories) offers a six-story collection centered on loss and realization. In one story, a couple goes on their honeymoon following the death of both of their mothers. In another, a daughter who took care of her mother goes on a trip after her mother dies, where she finds solace.

Yun, Jungyeun. The Marigold Mind Laundry. tr. from Korean by Shanna Tan. Dial. Oct. 2024. ISBN 9780593733936. 272p. $22. LITERARY FICTION

A huge bestseller in Korea, Yun writes a work of healing fiction about a magical laundromat that can wash away painful memories, one created by the mysteriously talented Jieun. When she accidentally causes her family to vanish, she vows to keep living until she can fix it, only to learn that what will bring her solace is helping others.








Benoit, Deborah J. The Gardener’s Plot. Minotaur. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250334978. 336p. $28. MYSTERY

Benoit won the Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition for this cozy debut set in the Berkshires, starring amateur sleuth Maggie Walker. She volunteers to work in the community garden, but on opening day, more is found in the garden than plants—a body has been buried. Maggie digs in and investigates.

Connally, Celeste. All’s Fair in Love and Treachery. (Lady Petra Inquires, bk. 2). Minotaur. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250867605. 304p. $28. MYSTERY

Agatha Award nominee Connally’s second in her Regency England “Lady Petra Inquires” series sees Queen Charlotte asking Petra to investigate the death of a worker at the Asylum for Female Orphans. In so doing, Petra also stumbles across a plot to overthrow the monarchy.

Day, Maddie. Deadly Crush. (Cece Barton Mysteries, bk. 2). Kensington Cozies. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781496742339. 288p. $27. MYSTERY

Agatha Award–winning Day (who also writes as Edith Maxwell) offers the second in Cece Barton mystery, set in California’s wine country. Wine bar manager Cece investigates the death of an abusive man with help from her twin sister, who runs a B&B. There are plenty of suspects, but also kittens, wine, and scenery.

Johnson, Craig. Tooth and Claw: A Longmire Story. (A Longmire Mystery). Viking. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593834169. 208p. $25. MYSTERY

Bestseller Johnson (the “Longmire” series; also adapted on Netflix) offers a short holiday novel set in Alaska, featuring a baby polar bear and a young Walt and Henry, who are looking for work after returning home from the Vietnam War. They find it with an oil company, but there is danger on the tundra.

Laurie, Victoria. A Trinket for the Taking. Kensington Cozies. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781496742490. 304p. $27. MYSTERY

Psychic Laurie (author of the “Psychic Eye,” “Ghost Hunter,” and “Life Coach” series) offers a new cozy witch mystery featuring 200-year-old Dovey Van Dalen, whose job is retrieving magical artifacts from the human world. Her newest mission puts her in the path of the sexy FBI agent Gib Barlow.

Lynch, Christina. Pony Confidential. Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593640364. 384p. $28. MYSTERY

Lynch, a former editor at the Harvard Lampoon and the author of several historicals and thrillers, pens a cozy in which a pony serves as both narrator and detective when his former owner is accused of murder. The horse uses his smart and devious mind (and his cuteness) to identify the real killer.

Morita, Jennifer K. Ghosts of Waikiki. Crooked Lane. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781639109395. 288p. $29.99. MYSTERY

Morita, a former reporter for the Sacramento Bee, debuts with a mystery set in Hawai‘i, featuring Maya Wong, an out-of-work journalist, and her ex, Koa Yamada, a homicide detective. Maya has agreed to ghostwrite the biography of a land developer, only for him to die under suspicious circumstances. She is drawn into the case, facing assailants and finding clues.

Pham, Jacquie. Those Opulent Days. Atlantic Monthly. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780802163806. 304p. $27. MYSTERY

Pham’s debut is set in 1920s French-occupied Vietnam and puts colonialism and wealth disparity on the suspect list. Best friends since childhood, Duy, Phong, Minh, and Edmond each now head their family’s businesses. They gather for an indulgent evening, but one of them does not live through the night—and any of the surviving three could be a killer.

Rowell, D. M. Silent Are the Dead. (Mud Sawpole, Bk. 2). Crooked Lane. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781639104994. 320p. $29.99. MYSTERY

Kiowa author and Mary Higgins Clark Award finalist Rowell offers a sequel to Never Name the Dead. On Kiowa tribal land, Mud Sawpole discovers an illegal fracking operation, a murder, and the theft of artifacts. She and her cousin Denny investigate, trying to figure it out before more people are killed, all while Mud tries to stay alive.

Straley, John. Big Breath In. Soho Crime. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781641296540. 198,765p. $28.95. MYSTERY

Shamus Award winner Straley (“Cecil Younger” series) writes an off-kilter standalone set across the Pacific Northwest. Retired marine biologist Delphine is facing her end when she sees a woman and child victimized and later discovers that the woman has disappeared. Delphine decides to mount a rescue with the help of friends and a queer biker gang.

WIlliams, Beatriz & others. The Author’s Guide to Murder. Morrow. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063259867. 416p. $30. MYSTERY

Bestselling novelists Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White team up to pen a locked-room literary satire mystery set in a Scottish castle. American Brett Saffron Presley, author extraordinaire, bought the castle to promote his brand and lure other writers there to partake of its glamour. When Presley ends up dead in the castle’s study, the suspects are three authors.

Forthcoming Series Titles

Bowen, Rhys. We Three Queens. (Royal Spyness Mystery, bk. 18). Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593641361. 384p. $28. MYSTERY

Connelly, Michael. The Waiting. (A Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch Novel, bk. 6). Little, Brown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316563796. 400p. $30. MYSTERY

Driscoll, Sara. Summit’s Edge. (An FBI K-9 Novel, bk. 9). Kensington. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781496744005. 304p. $28. MYSTERY

Evanovich, Janet. Now or Never. (Stephanie Plum, bk. 31). Atria. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668003138. 320p. $29.99. MYSTERY

Frost, Jacqueline. I’ll Be Home for Mischief. (A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery, bk. 5). Crooked Lane. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781639109067. 288p. $29.99. MYSTERY

Goldenbaum, Sally. The Herringbone Harbor Mystery. (Seaside Knitters Society, bk. 7). Crooked Lane. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781496747181. 304p. $27. MYSTERY

Lupica, Mike. Robert B. Parker’s Hot Property. (Spencer, bk. 52). Putnam. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593716137. 352p. $30. MYSTERY

Manansala, Mia P. Guilt and Ginataan. (Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery, bk. 5). Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593549186. pbk. 304p. $19. MYSTERY

Reyes, Raquel V. Dominoes, Danzón, and Death. (A Caribbean Kitchen Mystery, bk. 4). Crooked Lane. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781639109043. 320p. $29.99. MYSTERY

Simpson, Rosemary. Death Takes the Lead. (A Gilded Age Mystery, bk. 9). Kensington. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781496741073. 304p. $27. MYSTERY








Burr, Shelley. Murder Town. Morrow. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063235267. pbk. 352p. $18.99. THRILLER

Bestselling Burr (WAKE) offers an atmospheric thriller set in a small town in the Australian Outback. Gemma Guillory has lived in Murder Town, the site of a triple murder by a serial killer, her entire life. When a copycat killer comes to town, Gemma gets caught up in the investigation. With a 100K-copy first printing.

Cook, Emma. You Can’t Hurt Me. Hanover Square. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781335430489. pbk. 320p. $18.99. THRILLER

Journalist Cook’s domestic suspense debut features a toxic marriage and unreliable narration. Eva Reid, who could not feel pain, is found dead inside the home she shared with her husband, a famous scientist who runs the Pain Laboratory. Journalist Anna Tate becomes obsessed with Eva’s death and inserts herself into the couple’s lives and secrets.

Idov, Michael. The Collaborators. Scribner. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668055571. 272p. $28.99. THRILLER

Idov (Ground Up) writes a spy thriller featuring Ari Falk, a CIA agent, and Maya Chou, an heiress whose billionaire Russian American father has disappeared. Together they travel the world trying to unravel a conspiracy that pits Russia against both the CIA and MI5.

Margolin, Phillip. An Insignificant Case. Minotaur. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250885821. 304p. $29. THRILLER

Bestselling Margolin (Gone But Not Forgotten) offers a stand-alone legal thriller. Charlie Webb, a two-bit lawyer, is appointed to represent an artist/burglar who has stolen, among other things, a USB drive filled with deadly secrets. As the bodies pile up, Webb is in the thick of it but trying to get out. With a 75K-copy first printing.

Urszenyi, Steve. Out in the Cold. (Special Agent Alexandra Martel, bk. 2). Minotaur. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250879141. 368p. $29. THRILLER

The second in Urszenyi’s spy series (following Perfect Shot) sees Alex on board the mega yacht Aurora when it is besieged by assailants. Also sailing with her are high-profile political players, and it soon becomes clear that someone wants to throw the NATO alliance into chaos. Only Alex stands in the way. With a 75K-copy first printing.

Forthcoming Series Titles

Baldacci, David. David Baldacci November 2024. (6:20 Man, bk. 3). Grand Central. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781538757901. 416p. $30. THRILLER

Brown, Graham. Clive Cussler Untitled NUMA 21. (The NUMA Files, bk. 21). Putnam. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593719206. 432p. $32. THRILLER

Isaka, Kotaro. Hotel Lucky Seven. (The Assassins, bk. 4). Overlook. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781419777035. 272p. $27. THRILLER

Patterson, James. The House of Cross. (Alex Cross, bk. 30). Little, Brown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316402682. 416p. $30. THRILLER








Cochrane, Kate. Wake Up, Nat & Darcy. Carina Adores. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781335953742. pbk. 352p. $18.99. LGBTQIA+ ROMANCE

Law librarian and former Division I hockey player Cochrane debuts with a sapphic sports rom-com. Two former Olympic rivals—and exes—team up to host a morning show and discover that they still have a lot of chemistry. They are going to have to work together to make it all work, on and off the air.

Cousens, Sophie. Is She Really Going Out with Him? Putnam. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593718902. pbk. 368p. $19. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Bestselling Cousens (author of the GMA pick This Time Next Year) offers a trope-filled rom-com (enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, workplace romance, and more) featuring a columnist who, in fear of losing her job, agrees to go on seven dates chosen by her children. They pick the mail carrier, a waiter, and even her celebrity crush.

DeWitt, Tarah. The Co-op. St. Martin’s Griffin. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250329387. pbk. 352p. $18. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

DeWitt (Savor It) pens a marriage-of-convenience rom-com about home reno. LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds had a fling as teens. Ten years later, they inherit shared ownership of a building that they will join forces to fix. The building is not the only thing being restored—so is their love interest. With a 100K-copy first printing.

Donovan, Bryn. Her Knight at the Museum. Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593816592. pbk. 352p. $19. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Donovan (Sunrise Cabin) offers a unique rom-com premise. Sir Griffin de Beauford has been cursed to appear as a stone statue. Emily Porter works at the Art Institute of Chicago and is restoring Beauford when she breaks the curse. A medieval knight alive in the 21st century could be what HEAs are made of.

Eden, Lucy. Love in Bloom. Forever. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781538756973. pbk. 384p. $17.99. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Emmaline Walter inherits a farm that she knows nothing about—particularly not the fact that it secretly is a marijuana grow site. She has much to discuss with the hot farm manager Dan in this small-town rom-com from Eden, who is making the move from self-publishing to a big publisher.

Long, Ilana. Pickleballers. Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593642238. pbk. 384p. $19. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Pickleball takes center court in this sports and enemies-to-lovers rom-com from Long, making her adult debut. Meg Bloomberg escapes her ex for a pickleball outing on Bainbridge Island, only to meet Ethan Fine. As the two cross paths and paddles, it is game, set, and maybe match.

Rea, Kerry. The Jewel of the Isle. Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593815649. pbk. 336p. $19. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

A grumpy-meets-sunshine adventure rom-com sees two indoorsy characters coping with the great outdoors, on the run from villains, trying to survive in a national park, and risking a whole lot more than just twisted ankles and getting lost—their hearts are on the line too.

Riley, Lia. Puck and Prejudice. Avon. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063412323. pbk. 320p. $18.99. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Riley (Mister Hockey) blends sports romance, marriage-of-convenience, and time travel as hockey goalie Tucker visits his sister in England and jumps back in time to 1812. There he meets Lizzy, who yearns to be a widow for all the freedoms that status affords. A husband who might vanish into the future could be even better. With a 75K-copy first printing.

Smith, Tiana. Mr. Nice Spy. Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593550328. pbk. 352p. $19. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Smith’s sequel to her debut The Spy and I is an adventure rom-com featuring fake dating. Andee Paxton, the daughter of an arms dealer, is kidnapped, along with agent Adam Chan. They must pretend to be together as they launch a global effort to stop Andee’s dad from blowing up the world.

Sullivan, Emily. Duchess Material. Forever. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781538742341. pbk. 336p. $17.99. HISTORICAL ROMANCE

Award-winning Sullivan (The League of Scoundrels) moves from mass-market to trade paperback with this expected series starter featuring three sisters, each wealthy and unwilling to follow Victorian society’s rules. Phoebe is a bluestocking, content to be a teacher, until one of her students vanishes. She turns to her old crush, the Duke of Ellis, for help.

Ward, J. R. A Bloom in Winter. Gallery. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781982180287. 432p. $26. PARANORMAL ROMANCE

Bestselling Ward offers a new Black Dagger Brotherhood holiday spinoff story. The vampire’s training center has reopened, and Callum (from The Viper) decides to become a soldier. Apex knows how much he has suffered and signs up to keep an eye on him. As the two train together, Callum faces a choice: accept love or give into his rage.

Wesley, Jamie. A Legend in the Baking. St. Martin’s Griffin. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250801876. pbk. 336p. $18. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Wesley (Fake It Till You Bake It) offers a baking rom-com about football player August Hodges, a silent partner in Sugar Blitz Cupcakes. When he goes viral and becomes the hottest date in town, he and the cupcakes are front and center. He hires his best friend’s sister to help manage the attention, setting up a long-simmering sugar rush.

Forthcoming Series Titles

Matthews, Mimi. The Muse of Maiden Lane. (Belles of London, bk. 4). Berkley. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593639276. pbk. 384p. $19. HISTORICAL ROMANCE

Sage, Lyla. Lost and Lassoed. (Rebel Blue Ranch, bk. 3). Dial. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593732458. pbk. 320p. $17.99. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE








Hawley, Sarah. Servant of Earth. (The Shards of Magic, bk. 1). Ace. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593819791. 416p. $29. ROMANTASY

Set in a faerie kingdom rife with rebellion, the latest from Hawley (A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon) features a cruel Fae court where a human servant, Kenna Heron, is set against grueling trials. She must survive or she will be killed. Complicating matters greatly are her growing feelings for the rebellion’s leader.

Kim, Suji. Under the Oak Tree. (Under the Oak Tree, bk. 1). Random. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593871195. 496p. $30. ROMANTASY

The first of a planned 10 volumes, this award-winning webcomic is coming to print as a novel in a specially designed package with sprayed edges, foil stamping, and more. The story, about a duke’s daughter who is married to a warrior, blends magic and politics—and a woman finding her power.

Pearson, Mary E. The Courting of Bristol Keats. (The Courting of Bristol Keats, bk. 1). Flatiron. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250367570. 560p. $30.99. ROMANTASY

Bestselling Pearson moves from books for young readers to adult romantasy in this series starter. Bristol is pulled into the secret of her family: that there is a realm inhabited by magic. Searching for her father, she finds the fae leader Tyghan and makes a pact with him—one that comes with both danger and romance.

Roberts, Nora. The Mirror. (The Lost Bride Trilogy, bk. 2). St. Martin’s. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250288776. 448p. $30. ROMANTASY

Bestselling Roberts gets a million-copy first printing for the second in her “The Lost Bride” trilogy. Sonya MacTavish has inherited a haunted house, but that is not the end of her troubles. She also slips through a mirror and witnesses the start of a curse that she must end, of a bride murdered on her wedding day.

Robinson, Rebecca. The Serpent and the Wolf. Saga. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668052488. 352p. $28.99. ROMANTASY

Robinson debuts with an enemies-to-lovers story featuring Vaasa Kozár, the sister of a merciless ruler who craves her death. He marries her off to his enemy, but Reid of Mireh knows about the magic pressing on Vaasa and makes a deal with her—he will help her with magic, if she will help him gain power.

Science Fiction & Fantasy







Broaddus, Maurice. Breath of Oblivion. (Astra Black, bk. 2). Tor. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250265128. 400p. $30.99. SCIENCE FICTION

Broaddus launched his Afrofuturist political space opera trilogy with Sweep of Stars, introducing the Muungano empire, which left Old Earth to create a better future for themselves on Mars and then Titan after enduring endless wars and oppression on their home planet. This sequel explores the struggles of the empire as it faces a new series of threats.

Caruso, Melissa. The Last Hour Between Worlds. (The Echo Archives, bk. 1). Orbit. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316303477. pbk. 432p. $19.99. FANTASY

Caruso (The Ivory Tomb) launches a new fantasy series featuring reality-bending magic and a sapphic romance. Kembral Thorne finds herself accidentally involved with dangerous Echo games while attending the year-turning ball. As the ancient Echo lords plunge them into deadly realities, it will be up to Kem and her nemesis, burglar Rika Nonesuch, to stop them.

Glover, Nicole. The Improvisers. Harper Voyager. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063293595. pbk. 464p. $19.99. FANTASY

Glover’s new stand-alone, set in the world of her “Murder and Magic” series, takes place in the United States in the 1930s, during Prohibition. Velma Frye is a pilot and wielder of celestial magic who also investigates arcane oddities. Her latest case involves dangerous magical artifacts that manipulate people. Meanwhile, journalist Dillon Harris hounds her and provides more complications.

Hackwith, A. J. Toto. Ace. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593546574. pbk. 368p. $19. FANTASY

Hackwith (“Hell’s Library” trilogy) reimagines L. Frank Baum’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from the perspective of Toto the dog. He knows something stinks in Oz and that the Wizard and the witches reek of it; this little dog is going to get to the bottom of the question.

Leong, Julie. The Teller of Small Fortunes. Ace. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593815915. pbk. 336p. $19. FANTASY

Leong debuts with a cozy fantasy featuring a fortune teller and her found family. Tao travels from village to village, telling small fortunes. One of those fortunes sets her on a new adventure when a former thief and an ex-mercenary ask her to help find a lost child; they’re soon joined by a baker and a slightly magical cat.

Simone, Gail. Red Sonja: Consumed. Orbit. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316475679. 480p. $30. FANTASY

Award-winning comics writer Simone reinvented the sword-wielding Red Sonja character (created 50 years ago as a companion for Conan) in comics and now writes an original prose tale featuring the iconic heroine. Unknown horrors have emerged in her homeland, and she must return home to help—and face her past.

Spector, Elijah Kinch. Kalyna the Cutthroat. (Failures of Four Kingdoms, bk. 2). Erewhon. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781645660903. 480p. $29. FANTASY

Spector’s debut, Kalyna the Soothsayer, earned her a British Fantasy Awards nomination for Best Newcomer. In this second book in the “Failures of Four Kingdoms” epic fantasy duology, Radiant Basket of Rainbow Shells, a scholar of curses and magical history, finds himself in need of escape and turns to mercenary and ex-soothsayer Kalyna Aljosanova for help.

Wees, Alyssa. We Shall Be Monsters. Del Rey. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593357521. pbk. 320p. $18.99. FANTASY

Wees (Nocturne) returns with a fairy-tale fantasy. Gemma lives in an antiques shop with her mother, Virginia, near the woods, which conceal an enchanted gateway to fairyland. Her mother has warned her never to enter the woods, but when a witch takes Virginia, Gemma will have to enter fairyland to rescue her and break the witch’s curse.

Wellington, David. Revenant-X. (Red Space, bk. 2). Orbit. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316569347. pbk. 684p. $21.99. SCIENCE FICTION

In Wellington’s book Paradise-1, the crew of the Artemis survived an attack and broke through the blockade around Earth’s deep space colony. Now, in the second entry in the “Red Space” trilogy, the team investigates why the colony went silent. It seems deserted, but some of the colonists remain—and are no longer human.

Forthcoming Series Titles

Broadbent, Carissa. The Songbird & the Heart of Stone. (Crowns of Nyaxia, bk. 3). Bramble. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250367785. 448p. $29.99. FANTASY

Dewes, J. S. The Relentless Legion. (The Divide, bk. 3). Tor. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250851253. pbk. 512p. $19.99. SCIENCE FICTION

Huchu, T. L. The Legacy of Arniston House. (Edinburgh Nights, bk. 4). Tor. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250883094. 240p. $29.99. FANTASY

McDonald, Ed. Witch Queen of Redwinter. (The Redwinter Chronicles, bk. 3). Tor. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250811967. 400p. $30.99. FANTASY

Modesitt Jr., L. E. Overcaptain. (Saga of Recluce, bk. 24). Tor. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250902900. 496p. $31.99. FANTASY

Suri, Tasha. The Lotus Empire. (The Burning Kingdoms, bk. 3). Orbit. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316538602. pbk. 512p. $19.99. FANTASY

Tuli, Nisha J. Tale of the Heart Queen. (Artefacts of Ouranos, bk. 4). Forever. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781538767696. pbk. 656p. $18.99. FANTASY

Wagers, K. B. And the Mighty Will Fall. (NeoG, bk. 4). Harper Voyager. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063115248. pbk. 464p. $19.99. SCIENCE FICTION

Williams, Tad. The Navigator’s Children. (Last King of Osten Ard, bk. 4). Astra/DAW. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780756418557. 768p. $32. FANTASY

Historical Fiction







Chenault-Kilgore, Monica. The Jewel of the Blues. Graydon House. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781525805066. pbk. 336p. $18.99. HISTORICAL FICTION

Chenault-Kilgore’s debut, Long Gone, Come Home, was frequently named a most-anticipated read. Her latest is set during the 1920s jazz era. Lucille Arnetta Love, a performer with Miss Lucille’s Black Troubadours, chases her dream of singing on Broadway. But her family secrets follow her when robbers from her father’s past seek revenge.

DeLozier, Elizabeth. Eleanore of Avignon. Dutton. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593475034. 320p. $29. HISTORICAL FICTION

DeLozier’s debut takes place in 14th-century Provence, where midwife and herbalist Eleanore Blanchet becomes an apprentice to the pope’s physician. Her work is soon much more urgent and challenging when the plague descends on Europe and the pregnant Queen Joanna of Naples arrives in Avignon to stand trial for her husband’s murder.

Morelli, Laura. The Keeper of Lost Art. Morrow Paperbacks. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063206014. pbk. 384p. $18.99. HISTORICAL FICTION

Bestselling Morelli (The Last Masterpiece) tells a coming-of-age World War II story based on true events. In 1942, as bombs hit her city, Stella Costa is sent to Tuscany to stay with relatives, who are responsible for hiding hundreds of Florentine priceless masterpieces. Soon German troops arrive and requisition their villa, putting the family, refugees, and art at risk.

Rhine, A. D. Daughters of Bronze: A Novel of Troy. Dutton. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593474808. pbk. 512p. $20. HISTORICAL FICTION

Rhine (pseudonym for Ashlee Cowles and Danielle Stinson) follows up Horses of Fire with the epic conclusion of their Trojan War retelling from the perspectives of Andromache, Rhea, Helen, and Cassandra. These four fierce women band together to protect Hector and Andromache’s newborn son and save Troy from treachery within the city.

Salazar, Noelle. The Lies We Leave Behind. MIRA. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780778369615. pbk. 400p. $18.99. HISTORICAL FICTION

Bestselling Salazar (The Roaring Days of Zora Lily) returns with a World War II tale of love and bravery. Nurse Kate Campbell flies to the front to rescue wounded soldiers. When she unexpectedly falls in love with one of her patients, she’ll have difficult choices to make. With a 100K-copy first printing.


Biography & Memoir







Anolik, Lili. Didion & Babitz. Scribner. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668065488. 352p. $29.99. BIOGRAPHY

Anolik (Hollywood’s Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A.), contributing editor at Vanity Fair, delves into the complicated friendship between writers Joan Didion and Eve Babitz. After Babitz’s death, sealed boxes of letters were found in her apartment. Anolik mines these to depict the women’s time in 1960s and ’70s Hollywood and to paint a fuller portrait of Didion.

Brolin, Josh. From Under the Truck: A Memoir. Harper. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063382183. 336p. $32. MEMOIR

Drawing upon journals he started as a teenager and continues with now, actor Brolin recounts his life, from growing up on a ranch in Paso Robles, California to his long-running acting career that began with a role in The Goonies. With a 100K-copy first printing.

Choi, Anne Soon. L.A. Coroner: Thomas Noguchi and Death in Hollywood. Third State. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9798890130075. 304p. $29.95. BIOGRAPHY

Choi (interdisciplinary studies, California State Univ., Dominguez Hills) expands her prize-winning essay into this book about Thomas Noguchi, known as the “coroner to the stars,” who performed the autopsies of Marilyn Monroe, Robert F. Kennedy, and Natalie Wood. Delving into details about these high-profile cases, Choi blends Asian American and Los Angeles history with Hollywood true crime.

Clinton, Bill. Citizen: My Life After the White House. Knopf. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780525521440. 464p. $38. MEMOIR

Twenty years ago, in the bestselling My Life, Clinton shared the story of his life leading up to and during the eight years he served as president of the United States. Here, he details life after the presidency, from his philanthropic efforts after establishing the Clinton Foundation to thoughts on significant world events like 9/11 and the pandemic.

Gordon, Meryl. The Woman Who Knew Everyone: The Power of Perle Mesta, Washington’s Most Famous Hostess. Grand Central. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781538751244. 512p. $34. BIOGRAPHY

Bestselling author and journalist Gordon (Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend) chronicles the life of Perle Mesta, a wealthy socialite famous during the mid-20th century. Best known for hosting parties featuring politicians and celebrities, she also served as the U.S. envoy to Luxembourg and inspired a hit Broadway musical by Irving Berlin.

Matheson, Tim. Damn Glad To Meet You: My Seven Decades in the Hollywood Trenches. Hachette. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780306832932. 384p. $30. MEMOIR

Actor Matheson has appeared in several TV shows and movies over the years, from Leave It to Beaver and National Lampoon’s Animal House to the role of vice president on The West Wing and currently as Doc Mullins in the Netflix show Virgin River. In his debut memoir, he details his career and offers plenty of celebrity anecdotes.

Mayer, Youngmi. I’m Laughing Because I’m Crying: A Memoir. Little, Brown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316569231. 256p. $29. MEMOIR

Recounting her childhood in Saipan and her present life in New York City as a single mom, comedian and podcaster Mayer writes a memoir laced with humor and history. She interrogates race, gender, and sexuality while also sharing the traumatic repercussions of colonialism and war that her Korean family experienced. With a 75K-copy first printing.

Merkel, Angela. Freedom: Memories 1954–2021. St. Martin’s. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250319906. 752p. $40. MEMOIR

Merkel, the first woman chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (from 2005 to 2021), pens a memoir about the 16 years she led the country and shaped world events. She also considers her life when Germany was divided, her childhood, academic life, the moment the wall fell, and what the concept of freedom means. With a 750K-copy first printing.

Munson, Richard. Ingenious: A Biography of Benjamin Franklin, Scientist. Norton. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780393882230. 288p. $29.99. BIOGRAPHY

In this biography, Munson (Tesla: Inventor of the Modern) focuses on Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s scientific creativity rather than his political and diplomatic achievements, illuminating his research on electricity, heat, ocean currents, and weather patterns. Munson shows Franklin as an experimenter and innovator who still has modern relevance.

Palmer, Keke. Master of Me: A Memoir. Flatiron. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250372512. 256p. $27.99. MEMOIR

Emmy Award–winning Palmer has starred on Broadway and in the movie Nope and hosted a talk show and game show. Sharing the challenges she’s endured in her life and career, she writes about how she has used these experiences to find power and purpose. With a 500K-copy first printing.

Somerset, Anne. Queen Victoria and Her Prime Ministers: Her Life, the Imperial Ideal, and the Politics and Turmoil That Shaped Her Extraordinary Reign. Knopf. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781101875575. 640p. $45. BIOGRAPHY

Historian Somerset, author of the award-winning Queen Anne, draws on material from the Royal Archives and never-before-seen prime ministerial papers to depict the life of Queen Victoria, focusing on her involvement in state affairs, especially her interactions with the 10 British prime ministers who served during her 63-year reign.

Sutherland, Donald. Made Up, But Still True. Crown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593728789. 384p. $35. MEMOIR

Award-winning actor Sutherland, whose film career spans decades, including roles in M*A*S*H and The Hunger Games, pens his debut memoir, chronicling his personal life, offering behind-the-scenes stories about the movies he’s starred in, and sharing his career journey.

White, Jaleel. Growing Up Urkel: A Memoir. S&S. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668068892. 288p. $28.99. MEMOIR

Known for playing the nerdy Steve Urkel in the hit ’90s sitcom Family Matters, White relates the highs and lows of fame and fortune, from winning that unexpected hit role as a 12-year-old to trying to forge a new image as an adult.

Zehme, Bill. Carson the Magnificent. S&S. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781451645279. 384p. $30. BIOGRAPHY

Zehme (author of the bestselling The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin’) began writing this biography in 2005. After Zehme’s death in 2023, journalist Mike Thomas (You Might Remember Me) completed this much-anticipated book about iconic entertainer Johnny Carson, host of The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992.








Clavin, Tom. Bandit Heaven: The Hole-in-the-Wall Gangs and the Final Chapter of the Wild West. St. Martin’s. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250282408. 304p. $30. HISTORY

Bestselling Clavin (Wild Bill) explores the bandit hideouts in Wyoming and Utah that provided shelter to robbers, thieves, and others with a bounty on their head. These lawless locales housed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, among others. Clavin’s work ranges across the 1880s and ’90s. With a 200K-copy first printing.

DiMeo, Nate. The Memory Palace: True Short Stories of the Past. Random. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593446157. 320p. $33. HISTORY

DiMeo, the creator and host of The Memory Palace podcast and coauthor of Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America, which was a finalist for the Thurber Prize, offers a collection of stories from history. In addition to the stories, the work is particularly designed to showcase images as well.

French, Paul. Her Lotus Year: China, the Roaring Twenties, and the Making of Wallis Simpson. St. Martin’s. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250287472. 320p. $30. HISTORY

Edgar and Dagger Award–winner French (Midnight in Peking) considers the year Wallis Simpson lived in China while married to a naval aviator. Her time there shaped her aesthetic, forged friendships, and may have allowed her to help the U.S. through undercover diplomatic work. It also served to supply fodder for those who opposed her marriage to the king of England.

Gorton, Stephanie. The Icon and the Idealist: Margaret Sanger, Mary Ware Dennett, and the Rivalry That Brought Birth Control to America. Ecco. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063036291. 304p. $32. HISTORY

Gorton, who has written for and The Millions and worked in publishing, writes a history of two leading reproductive rights pioneers, Margaret Sanger and Mary Dennett. She traces their rivalry, political differences, and explores how their struggle and actions affected generations.

Hamilton, Nigel. Lincoln vs. Davis: The War of the Presidents. Little, Brown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316564632. 800p. $38. HISTORY

Bestselling Hamilton (JFK: Reckless Youth), who has been longlisted for the National Book Award, turns to the American Civil War. He considers Abraham Lincoln’s role as commander-in-chief facing off against Jefferson Davis, who, unlike Lincoln, entered the war with battle experience. The new biography mines the papers of Lincoln’s aides and generals as well as the collected archives of both Lincoln and Davis.

Light, Daniel. The White Ladder: Triumph and Tragedy at the Dawn of Mountaineering. Norton. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781324066217. 496p. $32.50. HISTORY

A climber for decades, Light debuts with a history of mountaineering that is focused on pre-1921 summits. The book spans mountain ranges across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Light particularly highlights the contributions of Indigenous climbers and local guides.

Mahnke, Aaron, with Harry Marks. Cabinet of Curiosities: A Historical Tour of the Unbelievable, the Unsettling, and the Bizarre. St. Martin’s. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781250291202. 336p. $32. HISTORY

Mahnke, along with Marks, adapts his hit podcast into this book filled with astounding, strange, and curious stories from history. Collected from the show, these are the tales that resonate with Mahnke, who is also known for his podcast Lore. With a 150K-copy first printing.

Paranque, Estelle. Thorns, Lust, and Glory: The Betrayal of Anne Boleyn. Hachette. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780306835933. 400p. $32.50. HISTORY

Historian Paranque (Northeastern Univ. London and Univ. of Warwick), the author of the buzzy Blood, Fire, & Gold, offers a new biography of Anne Boleyn, focused particularly on her time within the French royal court and the world she was forced to navigate.

Shears, John & Nico Vincent. Endurance: The Discovery of Shackleton’s Legendary Ship. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781426223839. 256p. $50. HISTORY

This highly visual account, a tie-in to the forthcoming feature film and traveling exhibition, traces the mission of the Endurance22, the expedition team that found the wreck of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance. The team leader, John Shears, and the subsea manager, Nico Vincent, cowrite the text of this large-scale book, with full-spread presentations.








Kimmerer, Robin Wall. The Serviceberry: Abundance and Reciprocity in the Natural World. Scribner. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668072240. 112p. $20. NATURE

Kimmerer, an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and author of the bestselling Braiding Sweetgrass, offers lessons and inspiration from Indigenous wisdom and the plant world as she considers the serviceberry, which embodies reciprocity, interconnectedness, and gratitude. She posits that the serviceberry symbolizes a better way to live, in contrast to an economy based on scarcity, competition, and hoarding of resources.

Lightman, Alan. The Miraculous from the Material: Understanding the Wonders of Nature. Pantheon. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593701485. 208p. $36. NATURE

Lightman, a physicist, bestselling author, and host of the PBS TV show Searching: Our Quest for Meaning in the Age of Science, pens essays about the universe’s fascinating natural phenomena. Accompanied by full-color photos, the essays explore the science of the natural world and answer questions such as why rainbows make an arc and how hummingbirds fly.

Montgomery, Sy. What the Chicken Knows: A New Appreciation of the World’s Most Familiar Bird. Atria. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781668047361. 96p. $21.99. NATURE

Author of the bestselling Of Time and Turtles, Montgomery focuses on chickens in her latest. She’s kept a flock of chickens in her backyard for years, and in this short book, with a mix of narrative and science, she shares what makes these birds so remarkable.

Oakes, Lauren E. Treekeepers: The Race for a Forested Future. Basic. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9781541603349. 336p. $30. NATURE

Conservation scientist Oakes (author of the multi-best-booked In Search of the Canary Tree) considers climate change and forests. Wondering about the impacts of tree-planting efforts, Oakes travels the world to meet with scientists, innovators, and locals to better understand the role of forests in the fight against a warming world.

Rundell, Katherine. Vanishing Treasures: A Bestiary of Extraordinary Endangered Creatures. Doubleday. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780385550826. 224p. $26. NATURE

In this illustrated book of essays, originally published in the UK as The Golden Mole, bestselling and award-winning Rundell (Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne) showcases 23 amazing endangered animals from across the world, from the seahorse to the American wood frog to the lemur.








Hersey, Tricia. We Will Rest!: The Art of Escape. Little, Brown Spark. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316365550. 160p. $24. SELF-HELP

Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, sought to push back against capitalism and white supremacy with her bestselling manifesto Rest Is Resistance. She returns with a book of healing meditations, poetry, and stories that encourage people to find healing and justice through rest. With an 80K-copy first printing.

Masuno, Shunmyo. How To Let Things Go: 99 Tips from a Zen Buddhist Monk To Relinquish Control and Free Yourself Up for What Matters. tr. from Japanese by Allison Markin Powell. Penguin Life. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780143138136. 224p. $26. SELF-HELP

For those feeling overwhelmed, internationally bestselling Buddhist monk Masuno (The Art of Simple Living) offers a guide for stepping away from the demands of everyday life and prioritizing what really matters. Already a bestseller in Japan, this book offers lessons and practical tips for creating a calmer, more fulfilling life.

Suhyun, Kim. I Decided To Live as Me: An Illustrated Checklist for How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others So You Can Learn To Love Yourself. tr. from Korean by Anton Hur. Penguin Life. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780143138228. 288p. $28. SELF-HELP

Full of charming illustrations, words of comfort, and practical advice, Suhyun’s life guide, which has sold over a million copies in South Korea, encourages readers to break free from other people’s expectations and the unrealistic standards of social media and be themselves.

Current Events

Beiser, Vince. Power Metal: The Race for the Resources That Will Shape the Future. Riverhead. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780593541708. 288p. $32. SCIENCE

Award-winning journalist and author Beiser (The World in a Grain) explores the increasing demand for the rare elements, such as lithium and cobalt, that power modern-day technology, from the internet and cell phones to electric cars and solar panels. Finding and mining these metals and minerals is increasingly challenging, even as their use becomes ever more essential.

Kissinger, Henry A. & others. Genesis: Artificial Intelligence, Hope, and the Human Spirit. Little, Brown. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780316581295. 176p. $30. TECHNOLOGY

Started by Kissinger (The Age of AI, with Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher) and finished by Schmidt and Craig Mundie after his death, this book contemplates the future of AI, arguing that humans cannot regulate it and discussing its potential for creating a utopian world. With a 100K-copy first printing.

Sheffield, Rob. Heartbreak Is the National Anthem: How Taylor Swift Reinvented Pop Music. Dey Street. Nov. 2024. ISBN 9780063351318. 288p. $27.99. MUSIC

Music journalist Sheffield (Dreaming the Beatles) considers pop icon Taylor Swift’s life and the cultural impact of her music. As a Rolling Stone contributor, Sheffield has covered Swift’s career from the beginning, giving him unique insight into her history, songs, and fans. With a 100K-copy first printing.

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