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Interesting Facts About Space

Austin’s (Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead) layered novel reveals resilience in the face of trauma and the possibility of connecting with others while coming to terms with one’s own differences.

Late Bloomer

Great for libraries with a large base of contemporary romance fans, especially those looking to feature LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent characters.

The Year of Living Constitutionally: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Constitution’s Original Meaning

Jacobs’s narration may not be perfect, but his likability and unique firsthand experiences more than compensate. This entertaining and informative audiobook will appeal to a broad audience of listeners who enjoy memoirs, history, or civics.


Godfrey’s (Campfire Macabre) latest blends horror, myth, and thriller in an unputdownable listen. A winner for fans of dread-filled novels like Christina Henry’s The Ghost Tree or Cassandra Khaw’s Nothing but Blackened Teeth.

The Mayfair Dagger

Will appeal to listeners seeking a cozy historical mystery about a lock-picking lady and her eclectic crew. Recommended for fans of Mary Winters, Kate Saunders, and Dianne Freeman.


A haunting, kaleidoscopic portrait of a family whose ever-deepening faultlines threaten their tenuous bonds. Min is a writer to watch.

Trust and Safety

A clever yet thoughtful look at the insidious power of social media and consumerism.

A History of the World in Twelve Shipwrecks

While the book’s content is fascinating, the narration does not do it justice. Listeners might seek out the print version instead.

Looking for Love in All the Haunted Places

This layered paranormal romance entertains with ghostly thrills even as it offers a thoughtful portrait of asexuality, friendship, and found families. A heartwarming rom-com for fans of Jenna Levine, April Asher, and Sarah Hogle.

New Nigeria County

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a wild, witty work of fiction that highlights how backward social norms can be. Recommended for fans of Justin Simien’s Dear White People.

The House That Horror Built

Henry’s novel draws readers in not by being terrifying but by being both fun and frightening. Perfect for horror fans who prefer playful eeriness over gore.


With bells, whistles, and dynamic, perfectly timed narration, this audiobook original makes full use of its medium. Fans of military aviation thrillers such as Dale Brown’s Eagle Station will be over the moon.

The Backyard Bird Chronicles

A quiet ode to the simple joy of paying attention that will inspire readers to pick up a pair of binoculars.

Someone You Can Build a Nest In

A grimly funny blend of fantasy, romance, and horror, perfect for fans of Christopher Moore.

The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club

Charming historical fiction, recommended for listeners with an interest in the era or in courageous, rule-breaking women.

H Is for Hope: Climate Change from A to Z

Kolbert has written a quick but meticulously researched guide to the many sides and faces of the climate crisis. While D may be for “Despair,” H is for “Hope,” and Y is for “You.”

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

Le’s stunning poetry debut is not to be missed, but the print edition is preferable to the audio.


A luminous tale of forgiveness, love, and hope that views a complicated relationship in the wake of tragedy.

The Duchess

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a richly detailed Regency romance about scandal and self-reliance. Recommended for fans of J.J. McAvoy, Martha Waters, and Joanna Lowell.

The Blues Brothers: An Epic Friendship, the Rise of Improv, and the Making of an American Film Classic

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an in-depth but accessible behind-the-scenes look at the intersection of rhythm and blues music and the rock and roll lifestyle. Recommended for fans of engaging arts and entertainment exposés, such as Nick de Semlyen’s Wild and Crazy Guys.

Broken: Transforming Child Protective Services—Notes of a Former Caseworker

A thoughtful debut account, revealing troubling inequities within the U.S. child welfare system.

There’s Going To Be Trouble

A well-plotted, character-driven novel that thrusts listeners into the emotionally fraught landscape of antiwar and antiestablishment protests. The dual star-crossed lovers add another level of enjoyment, making this a solid recommendation for listeners seeking literary fiction blended with politics, romance, and intrigue.

The Unvanquished: The Untold Story of Lincoln’s Special Forces, the Manhunt for Mosby’s Rangers, and the Shadow War That Forged America’s Special Operations

A ground-breaking addition to Civil War history and a timely update to The Secret War for the Union by Edwin C. Fishel and Mosby’s Confederacy by Thomas J. Evans and James M. Moyer.



While this title may appeal to fans of 2034, the sequel doesn’t quite live up to the hype. An optional purchase for most libraries.

Wild and Distant Seas

The quest for family is deep-rooted. Listeners will enjoy this tale of the search for the elusive Ishmael.

The Alternatives

A haunting and timely novel, deftly exploring the intersection of family dynamics, environmental politics, and a love of the land.

Funny Story

An essential purchase and a must-listen for all contemporary rom-com fans.

The Murder of Mr. Ma

A fast-paced, vibrantly narrated novel, offering a cracking-good mystery and a thought-provoking glimpse into the challenges experienced by Chinese immigrants in 1920s London.

Bad Animals

An intriguing look at one woman’s psyche as her once-secure life goes off the rails. Listeners who enjoy drama and relational conflict with books and libraries sprinkled in will not want to miss this.

Innocent When You Dream

Narasaki’s sensitive play about Japanese Americans seeking to understand the past resonates with humor and insight. An excellent pairing with Narasaki’s No-No Boy or Phillip Kan Gotanda’s Sisters Matsumoto, both available through L.A. Theatre Works.

Redwood Court

A heartwarming, kaleidoscopic portrait of a Black American family.

The Garden

Beam’s (The Illness Lesson) latest is an unsettling psychological novel about motherhood, childbirth, and bodily autonomy. Rooted in carefully considered historical and social contexts, this slow-burn includes a tinge of surrealism and will entice listeners who enjoy stories that are left open to the audience’s interpretation.

The Three-Body Problem

From philosophy to science to history, this winning audio has it all. Sci-fi fans and audiences of the Netflix series will devour this.

Here We Go Again

Much more than a romance or a summer road trip tale, Cochrun’s latest is a testament to the importance of family, whether blood or chosen, and living life to the fullest. Joyful and unforgettable.

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Listeners seeking a layered portrait of war and soldiering won’t want to miss veteran and former war correspondent Gallagher’s (Empire City) affecting latest.

The Risk It Takes To Bloom: On Life and Liberation

This dynamic memoir is a transformative read about the importance of being true to oneself. Recommended for listeners seeking a voice to guide them through adversity and come out stronger on the other side.

What’s Not Mine

Contemporary fiction readers looking for equal parts grit and heart will enjoy this one.

Audio In Depth June 2024


Those Beyond the Wall

This thrilling sequel exploring justice and change would enhance any audio sci-fi collection.

Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany

This comprehensive, gripping account of WWII’s brutal and deadly air war is highly recommended for military and WWII history buffs as well as those who enjoyed the Apple TV series. Harrowing, fascinating, and insightful.

The Lace Widow

A layered and satisfying historical mystery.

These Things Happen

A heartfelt novel, detailing the costs of addiction while keeping the ever-present possibility of recovery at the forefront. Recommended for listeners seeking a hopeful take on breaking free from harmful cycles of addiction and abuse.

Just for the Summer

A perfect beach listen, sure to please Jimenez’s many fans. Share with listeners seeking a contemporary romance that offers some playfulness even as it addresses issues including mental health, family instability, and PTSD.

The Lily of Ludgate Hill

Fans of the “Bridgerton” series and Regency romances will be charmed.


Winding, intriguing, and acute, this novel is less a retelling than a reinvestigation of Twain’s classic, made possible by Everett’s incisive prose and Hoffman’s absorbing narration.

The Great Divide

Henríquez’s many fans and readers of historical fiction will be enthralled by this affecting and thoughtfully narrated novel.


A unique take on the star-crossed lovers trope. Listeners who enjoy fun and funny paranormal romances, such as those by Molly Harper, will be delighted with this production.

What Feasts at Night

Fans of gothic horror and Kingfisher’s unique blend of horror and humor will enjoy this frightfully fun slice of Gallacian folklore.

A True Account: Hannah Masury’s Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself

A swashbuckling and captivatingly told pirate story. Howe’s fierce women protagonists delight.

Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel

A unique and absorbing literary endeavor, skillfully realized in audio.

The Black Box: Writing the Race

Listeners who seek to engage in today’s debates about school curricula, inclusive perspectives on U.S. history, and forming a shared national culture will find this powerfully argued and narrated work an invaluable resource.

Chasing Beauty: The Life of Isabella Stewart Gardner

Reed’s elegant delivery and diction enhance Dykstra’s delightful portrait of a visionary Gilded Age art collector. Recommended for art history buffs and those who enjoyed Douglass Shand-Tucci’s The Art of Scandal.

The Glutton

Blakemore’s highly recommended sophomore novel illuminates the complexities behind an infamous historical figure and is devastating and compassionate in equal measure.

woke up no light: poems

Clocking in at just over 90 minutes, this brief collection of poems speaks volumes and merits much relistening. Poetry is meant to be heard, and Mottley’s voice resonates.

Aid State: Elite Panic, Disaster Capitalism, and the Battle To Control Haiti

While heartbreaking and discouraging, Johnston’s indictment of the aid industrial complex is essential listening, critically important when considering future responses to natural disasters.

The Wharton Plot

Listeners will be captivated by the elegant setting and the inclusion of real details and people from Edith Wharton’s life. A winning historical mystery.

The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

Miller’s debut is a delightful adventure mystery for lovers of expert, emotionally layered protagonists with a bit of humor, from Allison Montclair’s Sparks and Bainbridge to Elizabeth Peters’s Vicky Bliss.

Sylvia’s Second Act

Yablon’s debut is an uplifting and fun novel, reminding listeners that life can be embraced at any age. That is, at least, as long as one has a love of great clothes (especially shoes), steadfast friends, and a little Sex and the City pizzazz.

Nan and the Lower Body

Engagingly performed by a full cast, this energetically written play speaks to the comedy and drama underlying women’s most intimate organs and the relationships they inevitably affect. A strong choice for audio drama fans, with appeal for those interested in women-centered stories.

The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties

Recommended for all libraries. Sutanto’s third and final installment in the “Aunties” series will surely fill listeners with joy whether they’re fans of the series or just getting started.

The Witch of New York: The Trials of Polly Bodine and the Creation of Tabloid Justice in America

A winning recommendation for listeners interested in true crime or the intricacies of the legal system. This account of the devastating power of rumors and hearsay is both fascinating and chilling.

Loaded: The Life (and Afterlife) of the Velvet Underground

A captivating audio, following the evolution and devolution of a seminal rock band. It is a must-listen for fans of the Velvets and for those who are just becoming acquainted with the band’s groundbreaking surge of sound.

Broken: The Suspicious Death of Alydar and the End of Horse Racing’s Golden Age

Recommended for lovers of unconventional true crime such as The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser and In Vino Duplicitas by Peter Hellman.

Wait Softly Brother

A gracefully drawn story about memory and family truths, recommended for fans of Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons.

The House of Last Resort

Terrifying, uncomfortable, and unputdownable. Fans of Danielle Trussoni’s The Ancestor will want to pick this up.

Dark Woods, Deep Water

A must-listen for fans of folklore and fantasy with an Eastern European bent. Tense and captivating.


Mournful meets ominous in this genre-bender, perfect for fans of gothic surrealism or the New Weird and narrated with compelling intimacy.★

Never Blow a Kiss

Lovise’s debut historical mystery romance is sizzling, gritty, and lots of fun. Recommend to listeners who also enjoy Manda Collins.

Village in the Dark

Riveting crime fiction, full of twists, turns, and hidden dangers, is enhanced by the remote Alaskan setting. A surprise ending will leave listeners anxiously awaiting the next installment in this compelling series.

A Surgeon and a Maverick: The Life and Pioneering Work of Magdi Yacoub

A remarkable biography of a gifted surgeon whose professional journey took off at a time when many his age were already looking back on their careers. Yacoub’s story embodies what one determined individual can do by pushing boundaries and advocating for those in need.

Three-Inch Teeth

Newbies and series fans will be on the edge of their seats.

The Heartbreak Years: A Memoir

Listeners will relate to the sticky situations the author gets into, as well as the moments when she realizes she’s fallen short and must work to redeem herself.


A perfect narrator and a deeply felt romance make this a definitive version of a Hall favorite.

The Survivors of the Clotilda: The Lost Stories of the Last Captives of the American Slave Trade

An intriguing, meticulously researched look at the legacy of the Clotilda with a focus on the descendants’ experiences in postbellum America.

The Book of Doors

A complex, deftly plotted novel full of brutal violence and great joy, the bonds of friendship, and unique magic. Highly recommended.

Convergence Problems

A collection of entertaining, thought-provoking speculative fiction that will send listeners searching for Talabi’s other works.

Mistress of Life and Death: The Dark Journey of Maria Mandl, Head Overseer of the Women’s Camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau

An unflinching, focused story of the Holocaust, seen through the lens of Mandl’s brutal actions and subsequent trial and execution. Devastating but worth every minute.

The Waters

National Book Award finalist Campbell (American Salvage), a Michigander, has done the research necessary to make this story realistic and compelling.

Big Heart Little Stove: Bringing Home Meals & Moments from the Lost Kitchen

This delightful audio cookbook is a must-listen for foodies everywhere.

The Fetishist

Min’s sharp, poignant story and her characters refuse apology and demand recognition as they are. Compelling storytelling and narration make this an unforgettable listen.

Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice

Revisiting Finlay, as performed by Dawe, is an iconic experience.

Rental Person Who Does Nothing: A Memoir

Morimoto’s quirky debut perfectly captures the idea that what may be nothing to one person could be full of meaning for another. A charming, tender memoir.

At First Spite

Dade is able to explore serious feelings and emotions in characters whom readers can connect with in this fun and witty enemies-to-lovers romance.


Although this novel is brief, it makes an impact, showcasing the nuances of conversations, the complexity of relationships, and hauntingly beautiful writing.

Trailer Park Parable: A Memoir of How Three Brothers Strove To Rise Above Their Broken Past, Find Forgiveness, and Forge a Hopeful Future

A tale of perseverance and resilience, Zed’s memoir will resonate deeply with fans of his other work, offering a compelling glimpse into the human spirit’s capacity for growth and redemption amid adversity.

Womb City

Speculative, dystopian fiction blending Botswanan mythology with considerations of family, technology, and autonomy. Share with fans of Nnedi Okorafor, Temi Oh, and Octavia Butler.

The Hunter

French’s slow-burn mystery about small-town insularity, loyalty, and vengeance captivates. French’s many fans will have this on their lists, but it’s a great fit for fans of Gillian Flynn and Jane Harper, too.

Barbacoa, Bomba, and Betrayal

A fun and vibrant mystery, perfect for enjoying at the beach or on vacation.

Not Your Crush’s Cauldron

A charming supernatural romance. Listeners who enjoyed Johnson’s performance in the first two books in the series will be equally delighted by the latest.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

A unique Christie classic is given its due thanks to the engaging talents of veteran radio actor Jones. Broadly recommended and a must-listen for fans of Christie, detective fiction, English manor house mysteries, and Jones’s earlier audio work.

Rangikura: Poems

Tibble’s collection is at once sensual, playful, and contemplative. This can’t-miss audio fairly glows.


Cold Victory

Recommended for those who love the tense action of Matthew Quirk’s The Night Agent and Stella Rimington’s The Devil’s Bargain.

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