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All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me

Bringley brings emotional depth to his experiences, struggling to heal from his brother’s death and immersing himself in the museum’s beauty. Despite minor quibbles, this audio should find a welcome home in most audio collections.

Bang Bang Crash: A Memoir

Recommended for fans of Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller or Carrie Brownstein’s Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.

The Forgotten Girls: A Memoir of Friendship and Lost Promise in Rural America

Potts’s compassionate and sensitively read memoir is a challenging but timely listen, illuminating a little-known side of rural America.

Windfall: The Prairie Woman Who Lost Her Way and the Great-Granddaughter Who Found Her

Share with listeners interested in history, climate change, feminism, and narrative nonfiction. The intriguing plot, homesteading history, and insights into climate change make this a winner.

Thirty-Thousand Steps: A Memoir of Sprinting Toward Life After Loss

This heartfelt and honest book about life after loss is a must-listen for anyone looking to feel seen in their grief. Those who enjoy memoirs, stories of persistence through hard times, and those looking to learn more about America’s opioid crisis will want to listen.

The Critic’s Daughter: A Memoir

Even if listeners aren’t familiar with Gilman or her parents, listeners will likely enjoy this rich, well-written memoir about flawed relationships and the lasting trauma of divorce.

A Heart That Works

Delaney’s visceral memoir and love letter to his child will leave listeners’ hearts aching. A powerful audio that communicates the wholly personal yet terribly unifying experience of grief.

Fieldwork: A Forager’s Memoir

This memoir detailing Regan’s relationship with her body, her family, and the world around her resonates with sincerity and passion.

Starter Dog: My Path to Joy, Belonging and Loving This World

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an upbeat and honest animal lover autobiography, as much about people as it is about pets.

Sink: A Memoir

Stunningly written and eloquent in its despair, this book is unforgettable; Thomas’s expressive narration elevates his story into a work of art.

Same Ground: Chasing Family Down the California Gold Rush Trail

Armchair travelers and history buffs interested in political and social issues, including immigration, civil rights, and environmental justice will appreciate this unique, solidly narrated title.

Forager: Field Notes for Surviving a Family Cult

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a lyrical life story about faith and foraging. Recommended for fans of honest, inspiring memoirs.

The Best Strangers in the World: Stories from a Life Spent Listening

A must-listen for fans of Shapiro’s work on NPR and journalism memoirs. Purchase multiple copies (perhaps even forgoing the print), and put in the hands of sure-to-be-delighted patrons.

Token Black Girl: A Memoir

A unique exposé of fashion media that is recommended for fans of Kenya Hunt’s Girl Gurl Grrrl or Tressie McMillan Cottom’s Thick.

My Road from Damascus: A Memoir

This riveting memoir of a Syrian dissident, featuring an outstanding, often musical performance, deserves comparisons to Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning in its ability to find the beauty of human connection in utterly inhumane conditions.

B.F.F.: A Memoir of Friendship Lost and Found

Listeners will relate to the disasters and triumphs of Tate’s friendships and will likely respond to her transparent, often humorous delivery.

Hillbilly Queer: A Memoir

A timely and compassionate memoir that will appeal to anyone looking for connections and trying to bridge their own chasms.

Happily: A Personal History—with Fairy Tales

The audiobook’s hybrid of truth and tale may give some listeners pause. Give to those who enjoy eccentric, lyrical nonfiction.

Hijab Butch Blues

While this memoir addresses weighty and sometimes painful topics, the essays shine with hope for a better future and deeper understanding. Listeners will end up hoping for more from this trailblazing writer.

Feral: Losing Myself and Finding My Way in America’s National Parks

Listeners who enjoy memoirs about self-discovery will enjoy Pennington’s candid debut. Suggest to fans of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

Listen to My Heart: Life, Love & Roxette

Fredriksson’s honesty about her often abrasive past behavior, her frustration at being discounted in the men-dominated music industry, and her attempts to find alternative lifesaving treatments makes for an engaging read. Most poignant is her vulnerability as she opens her closets and photo albums that showcase a life well lived.

From Princess to Porn Star: A Real-Life Cinderella Story

Neither an excoriation of the sex industry nor a reclamation of it as a source of empowerment, this memoir adds a needed complexity to the conversation about both.

A Place for Us: A Memoir

A good and recommended addition to memoir collections.

This Is Reggae: My Life in Jamaican Music, from Zap Pow to Bob Marley and the Wailers

Of particular interest to reggae fans; a good addition to large music collections.

The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight

This informative and engaging memoir will appeal to readers who like to be entertained as they broaden their awareness of disability and others’ lives.

Owner of a Lonely Heart: A Memoir

Nguyen’s honesty and vulnerability will captivate readers instantly. Highly recommended for all libraries.

Sufferah: The Memoir of a Brixton Reggae-Head

Readers will be drawn to Wheatle’s exquisite prose, and lovers of music will appreciate how reggae brings light during difficult times.

Memoir Preview | Titles and Trends


Knocked Down: A High-Risk Memoir

A candid account of marriage and motherhood, and an excellent choice for book groups.

American Ramble: A Walk of Memory and Renewal

A remarkable addition for all libraries.

Reach: Hard Lessons and Learned Truths from a Lifetime in Television

Readers looking for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of television production, as well as those searching for inspiration and motivation to pursue their own dreams, will enjoy this memoir. It’s a great addition to a collection looking to round out its entertainment section.

More Than I Imagined: What a Black Man Discovered About the White Mother He Never Knew

Blake’s message of empathetic compassion and coming together as a community is a balm for a divided country that leans on sensationalism, hate, and scare tactics. An essential purchase for all libraries, especially those with DEI collections. It will likely appeal to readers who enjoyed How To Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.

The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell & The Fate of the Artist

Campbell merges memoir and hardboiled mystery to create a fascinating and revealing portrait of how world events impact an individual’s sense of self and creative drive.

Into the Void: From Birth to Black Sabbath—and Beyond

Metalhead library users will enjoy this addition to rock star memoirs.

Speak Up: Breaking the Glass Ceiling at CBS News

This book ranks as a powerful reminder of the resilience it takes for women to rise professionally in spaces traditionally reserved for men.

Burnt: A Memoir of Fighting Fire

Suitable for career collections and all that support fire science, environmental programs, and women’s studies.

She Rides: Chasing Dreams Across California and Mexico

Vrecek’s passion for her ride goes far toward offering a fresh take on traveling the difficult road to self-actualization.

To Name the Bigger Lie: A Memoir in Two Stories

A poignant musing on the changing nature of truth.

Love Across Borders: Passports, Papers, and Romance in a Divided World

This is an impassioned nonfiction narrative that interweaves the author’s personal and professional lives to relate the hostile environment of a global migration crisis.

Making the Low Notes: A Life in Music

While exploring a life in music, this book also outlines trying to fit in, finding and retaining a job, and adjusting to fellow workers, all experiences that many readers may find to be universally relatable.

Don’t Call Me Home: A Memoir

With humor, love, and some giddiness, Auder tells her singular survival story.

When the World Didn’t End: A Memoir

Will have wide appeal for general audiences, particularly those who enjoyed memoirs such as Tara Westover’s Educated and Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodox.

The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up

This fast and breezy diary reveals a man who is happiest not on camera but when he’s curled up in bed reading picture books to his children.

Soul Survivor: The Autobiography

A story of survival with a bird’s-eye view of Swinging Radio England that pop music aficionados will likely enjoy.

Diva 2.0: 12 Life Lessons from Me for You!

Fans will enjoy Ralph’s stories of courage and perseverance and her positive messages for future divas.

Flash Point: A Firefighter’s Journey Through PTSD

Warren’s insightful memoir brings readers vividly into the work and mindset of first responders. This is a vital resource for readers facing or supporting someone with similar stressors and situations or considering this career. This book also offers insight into the effects of PTSD.

Glimmer: A Story of Survival, Hope, and Healing

Recommended for memoir lovers and for those who are searching for the path to healing after a traumatic experience.

The Twenty: One Woman’s Trek Across Corsica on the GR20 Trail

Could complement an adventure collection primarily, and an illness-narratives section secondarily.

The T Guide: Our Trans Experiences and a Celebration of Gender Expression—Man, Woman, Nonbinary, and Beyond

An important addition to any library, this book is an excellent educational guide to topics surrounding the transgender experience. It will be helpful to readers looking for guidance along their own journeys and to those looking to support trans people.

Napier Bell’s Music Memories | Performing Arts Memoirs


We Are Too Many: A Memoir [Kind of]

Recommended for readers who enjoy memoirs that deal with personal relationships and the journey of discovering oneself.

We Can Be Heroes: A Survivor’s Story

Recommended for public and academic libraries.

Underwater Daughter: A Memoir of Survival and Healing

This debut author’s writing style, experimental and intimate, enables her to effectively put words to wounds that seem unspeakable. Memoir fans will find much to like in this one.

Floppy: Tales of a Genetic Freak of Nature at the End of the World

This book is recommended for those interested in memoirs, connective tissue and cell disorders, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and also for people living with disabilities.

Too Late To Stop Now: More Rock ’n’ Roll War Stories

Jones turns it up to 11 with his latest collection. These are captivating and absolutely delightful tales of rock’s wonder and power.

Uncle of the Year: & Other Debatable Triumphs

A candid and thoroughly enjoyable read.

I’m Coming To Take You to Lunch: A Fantastic Tale of Boys, Booze and How Wham! Were Sold to China

A breezy but insightful snapshot of an era implausible even to those who lived it. For fans of Wham! and pop culture aficionados.

Gentleman of Jazz: A Life in Music

Lewis provides a straightforward, candid, and lively account of his more than 60-year-long musical journey that will appeal to general readers and jazz fans.

Washed Ashore: Family, Fatherhood, and Finding Home on Martha’s Vineyard

The author’s journey will be a familiar one to many readers who struggle to find meaning in their day-to-day existence and their ability to conquer any threats against it.

Tell Me Everything: A Memoir

Use caution when recommending this particular celebrity memoir. It should come with a trigger warning, considering its cover-to-cover instances of abuse, neglect, drug use, violence, and trauma.

Black Vinyl White Powder: The Real Story of the British Music Industry

Napier-Bell’s racy but shrewd look at the British music scene will fly off library shelves.

Walking with Sam: A Father, a Son, and Five Hundred Miles Across Spain

A sweet gem of a tale that will appeal to McCarthy fans and those who appreciate a challenging journey.

Getting Lost

An interesting choice for libraries where patrons are looking for more of Ernaux’s work, but an optional purchase for most.


An irresistible and supremely eloquent look inside the British royal family by the son who was forced to escape its stranglehold.

Soil: The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden

A poignant portrait of life and its challenges, told through the beauty of nature.


Brown Boy: A Memoir

A memorable memoir with relatable themes of race, religion, identity, and family.

Choosing Family: A Memoir of Queer Motherhood and Black Resistance

At times poignant, this memoir is an intimate look at the adoption process and life after adoption; will resonate with parents and guardians.

Life in Lashes: The Story of a Drag Superstar

A smooth and energetic read about the making of one of Aotearoa’s most prominent drag queens. Recommended for readers who enjoy getting a peek behind-the-scenes of reality television and entertainment culture.

The Elephants of Thula Thula

Malby-Anthony brings Thula Thula and its inhabitants--humans and animals--to the forefront in this beautifully descriptive work that demonstrates the importance of protecting wildlife and their natural habitats while sharing their space with tourists.

Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love (and Banana Pudding)

Generously illustrated with family photos, this book will be a treat for fans of celebrity memoirs.

Top Billin’: Stories of Laughter, Lessons, and Triumph

Anachronistic tales throughout and Bellamy’s sometimes overly simplistic lessons and advice take away from the book’s allure. This title is best to give to his fans, especially those who grew up watching him.

Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You: A Memoir

Honest and raw, this book serves a slice of an inspiring life that reminds readers to keep trying. Williams’s story will likely appeal to readers interested in music, poetry, literature, or mental health.

Twist: An American Girl

Bertei’s childhood is harrowing, and her memoir does not hold back on the details, which are horrific at times. But the author sounds her voice loudly in this book, and her sense of self is captured throughout the pages. The end result is likely to captivate readers.

Welcome to the Circus of Baseball: A Story of the Perfect Summer at the Perfect Ballpark at the Perfect Time

Will likely appeal to and attract many sports fans and general readers. Highly recommended for public libraries and collections with a sports emphasis.

Once Upon a Tome: The Misadventures of a Rare Bookseller

A funny and witty memoir about life in the antiquarian book trade. Avid readers will love it.

Bad Mormon: A Memoir

Recommended for fans of the show, of course. This memoir will also appeal to readers who enjoy reading about women successfully navigating adulthood and motherhood.

My Man in Antibes: Getting To Know Graham Greene

Mewshaw’s account, especially of Greene’s last years, is moving and perceptive. This lovely book can be read alongside Richard Greene’s The Unquiet Englishman: A Life of Graham Greene.

Third Girl from the Left

A deeply personal, emotionally wrenching memoir and eyewitness account of the AIDS pandemic.

All of Us Together in the End

A post-pandemic voyage for the spiritually adventuresome.

Paris: The Memoir

Hilton’s fans and supporters, along with readers interested in pop culture and books by celebrities, might request this one.

No One Crosses the Wolf: A Memoir

Nikolidakis’s story is difficult to hear, but she leaves listeners with a message of positivity and redemption. An uplifting story that speaks to her bravery while providing hope that it is possible to find strength in oneself without turning to self-destructive coping mechanisms.

The In-Betweens: A Lyrical Memoir

Ideal for those interested in descriptive, insightful stories about what it is like to not quite fit in anywhere, to inhabit many spaces at once, and to be challenged with the formation of one’s own identity in a sometimes chaotic and contradictory environment.

The Worst Thing We’ve Ever Done: One Juror’s Reckoning with Racial Injustice

Recommended for readers interested in criminal-justice reform.

The Male Gazed: On Hunks, Heartthrobs, and What Pop Culture Taught Me About (Desiring) Men

Readers seeking an honest portrayal of one gay man’s voyage in the masculine imaginary will find a rich source of companionship.

Bibi: My Story

Patrons interested in modern Middle Eastern history, the back channels of diplomacy and negotiations, and the life of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister will be riveted by this audio presentation.

Women Like Us: A Memoir

An uplifting and humorous memoir that should resonate with patrons. Share with fans of Delia Ephron’s Left on Tenth or Kelsey Miller’s Big Girl.

Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life

This title will appeal to activists but is also recommended for anyone who values making spaces and life more inclusive. Wong’s memoir, which so effectively highlights the need for accessibility, is an essential audio purchase.

Drinking Games: A Memoir

A deeply personal, highly relevant memoir that details the challenges and hard-won success of a woman who has chosen sobriety.

Stay True: A Memoir

A deeply emotional memoir and an elegant tribute to an enduring friendship that was brutally cut short. Hsu’s narration shines just ahead of his brilliant writing. Recommended for public libraries.

The Things I Came Here With: A Memoir

A heartfelt memoir that addresses the importance of artistic expression and never taking life for granted. This work will have wide appeal, not just for those who love tattooing and the arts.

The Fight of Our Lives: My Time with Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s Battle for Democracy, and What It Means for the World

Providing background and insight into Ukraine’s current struggles, this timely work will be a winner for patrons interested in current events.

Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Midlife Mayhem

This wickedly fun look at the adventures of aging should appeal to Notaro’s many fans and to readers who enjoy Jen Mann, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Jessi Klein.

The Family Outing: A Memoir

Beautifully written, this thoughtful and unique literary memoir may appeal to audiences interested in LGBTQIA+ studies. Share with readers who appreciated the works of authors Putsata Reang, Dani Shapiro, and Carmen Rita Wong.

Local: A Memoir

A moving portrait of a woman navigating culture and identity, elevated by the use of beautiful Hawaiian language. A good addition to round out any audio memoir collection.

A Girlhood: Letter to My Transgender Daughter

An essential purchase. This powerful work speaks eloquently to the importance of advocating for trans people’s rights and promoting understanding of gender as a social construct.

README.txt: A Memoir

An essential purchase in modern military history, U.S. history, and LGBTQIA+ history. Recommended for readers of activist memoirs and LGBTQIA+ memoirs and history.

Fatty Fatty Boom Boom: A Memoir of Food, Fat, and Family

Recommended for fans of memoirs that combine food and culture like Michelle Zauner’s Crying in H Mart and Michael W. Twitty’s The Cooking Gene.

The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times

Obama’s candid narration adds a level of intimacy between the book and the listener. This engaging performance should be available to all public library patrons.

Dinners with Ruth: A Memoir of Friendship

Listeners will feel the joy, pain, and love in Totenberg’s voice as she weaves her way through decades of intimate and large-scale gatherings, revealing a powerful and ever-evolving friendship. This superb audio is an essential purchase.

Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family

A strong work from a gifted writer; recommended for medium to large public libraries or for communities.

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