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What We Keep: Advice from Artists and Designers on Living with the Things You Love

A mix of coffee-table book, art guide, and home decorating title, the audience for this most naturally makes it a fit for larger collections and universities supporting design programs.

The Savage Style: The Savage Lifestyle

This book is filled with beautiful images of commendable but expensive designs.

The Design of a Country Estate: Purple Cherry Architects & Interiors

This enjoyable coffee-table book, great for perusing and adding to collection displays, is a diverting read for a quick trip to a beautiful home and surrounding buildings. In some ways, this book is a more in-depth and expansive version of an enjoyable TV show about luxury homes without the nitty-gritty construction details.

A Flower Garden for Pollinators

Readers will treasure the suggested plants, deeply enjoy the writing, and be charmed with the entire package. Don’t miss this.

Outside In: A Year of Growing & Displaying

An attractive, inspiring book that shows that beautiful floral arrangements, from the simple to the exuberant, are within reach of all gardeners.

A Year Full of Pots: Container Flowers for All Seasons

A feast for the eyes and blooming with inspiration, Raven’s text will please armchair gardeners and aid those looking to craft flower-filled delights.

For the Love of Renovating: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration for Creating Your Dream Home

A comprehensive and highly enjoyable guide to restoring old homes; while the coveted Brooklyn brownstone might not be accessible to all, the fundamental ideas can apply to any project.

Good Housekeeping Organize Your Life

With its daily and weekly home maintenance checklists, bright photographs, and handy list of organizational dos and don’ts, this book is a great resource for paring down and efficiently storing items so that they’re accessible and tidy.

House Love: A Joyful Guide to Cleaning, Organizing, and Loving the Home You’re In

Richardson’s playfulness and good humor shine in this book; he makes cleaning fun and provides excellent tips to refresh the whole house.

Do Just One Thing: 365 Ideas for a Better You, Life, and Planet

Fans of Seo will enjoy this book filled with life-hacks and ideas to help them reduce their environmental impact.

How To Train Your Human: A Cat’s Guide

This is a funny, witty title that would be a good addition to the humor section of a library as well as the pet care section.

The Layered Edible Garden: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Productive Food Garden Layer by Layer

Thanks to its enthusiastic, engaging narrator and vibrant color photographs, this informative book will appeal to vegetable gardeners who want to explore new methods and unexpected choices in their edible gardens.

Medicinal Perennials To Know and Grow

This book reads more like an expanded seed catalogue, with just one chapter focused on how to harvest, dry, and store medicinal perennials. A highlight of the book is Alice’s beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Pets and the City: True Tales of a Manhattan House Call Veterinarian

A sure hit for pet lovers and anyone looking to peek into the lives and homes of the Manhattan elite.

Growing Bulbs in the Natural Garden

This gorgeous book expertly gives both experienced and novice gardeners the tools and inspiration they need to start or enhance their gardens.

Container Gardening—the Permaculture Way: Sustainably Grow Vegetables and More in Your Small Space

This work is an excellent book to hand to beginner gardeners and to include in collections that need more titles about container gardening.

Welcoming Your Puppy from Planet Dog: How To Go Beyond Training and Raise Your Best Friend

With ample advice on everything from vet visits to nail trimming, as well as recommendations for toys, supplies, and additional training resources, Callahan’s book is an excellent guide that puts puppy welfare front and center.

Outside In: Interiors Born from Nature

A book heavy on interior design images and light on words highlights the beauty that comes from bringing the outdoors into a home.

Four Thousand Paws: Caring for the Dogs of the Iditarod; A Veterinarian’s Story

Dog lovers and sports fans will enjoy the down-to-earth writing style of this behind-the-scenes perspective of the 1,049-mile-long “last great race on Earth.”

Elise’s Home Kitchen: Eat Dessert First

Thomas’s debut cookbook is a simple yet satisfying collection of recipes tailor-made for fans of the Cookie Co. franchise.

Live Natural: A Relaxed Approach to Creating Healthy Homes

Readers who want to construct a new home, remodel an existing one, or learn how to design healthier spaces in their home will find this book delightfully resourceful.

Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts: Includes 51 Culinary Herbs, 25 Recipes, and 18 Crafts

An excellent, beautifully illustrated choice for beginning herb growers seeking ideas for how to use their harvest, but it does not specify specific herbs to use for wellness.

The Tulip Garden: Growing and Collecting Species, Rare and Annual Varieties

Aspiring gardeners will savor this title that combines a gardening manual with an art book, thanks to Montgomery’s visually lush and stylistic photographs.

The Resilient Farm and Homestead, Revised and Expanded Edition: 20 Years of Permaculture and Whole Systems Design

A practical guide to creating a sustainable homesteading lifestyle. Can also be used as a thorough case study.

The New French Look

A comprehensive and beautiful guide that will have aspiring designers incorporating French styles into their homes with confidence and ease.

All the Presidents’ Gardens: Madison’s Cabbages to Kennedy’s Roses—How the White House Grounds Have Grown with America

A lighthearted survey of the White House gardens, entertaining if occasionally insubstantial.

How To Train Your Dog: Transform Your Dog’s Behavior and Strengthen Your Bond Forever

Spivey’s blunt style may not suit all readers, but his book offers plenty of solid advice and compassion for both dogs and their owners.

Ornament Is Not a Crime: Contemporary Interiors with a Postmodern Twist

A useful and well-illustrated survey of contemporary practitioners and examples of postmodern design.

The Flower Yard in Containers & Pots: Creating Paradise Season by Season

Parkinson’s love for plants, gardening, and wildlife shines through in this conversational, lovely book. Most useful for intermediate or advanced gardeners.

The Encyclopedia of Cut Flowers: What Flowers To Buy, When To Buy Them, and How To Keep Them Alive Longer

A distinctive ready reference that will provide an abundance of positive takeaways and tips for both novices and the most seasoned florists.

Foraging as a Way of Life: A Year-Round Field Guide to Wild Plants

A great, first-rate title for readers looking to foraging to connect with nature in a new and deeper way.

Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East, Revised and Expanded Ed

A fascinating, well-researched discussion of indigenous plants and garden design, including options for Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States.

Container and Small-Space Gardening for the South: How To Grow Flowers and Food No Matter Where You Live

A detailed guide with hands-on techniques for starting and maintaining a garden in small spaces.

Houseplants for Beginners: A Simple Guide for New Plant Parents for Making Houseplants Thrive

An excellent choice for beginning and intermediate houseplant growers. The instructions are thorough and easy to understand, and the accompanying photographs complement them. The browsable “Plant Profiles” sections include a host of interesting choices.

The Fragrant Flower Garden: Growing, Arranging & Preserving Natural Scents

Floral arrangers and gardeners interested in adding scented plants to their gardens will relish this title. Readers wishing to delve more deeply into this subject may also enjoy The Scentual Garden by Ken Druse and photographer Ellen Hoverkamp.

Private Gardens of Philadelphia

Recommended for larger collections, especially those in mid-Atlantic states.

Barking Up the Right Tree: The Science and Practice of Positive Dog Training

A worthwhile, easy guide that will offer readers aid and entertainment.

Surf Style at Home

A guide as easy and laid-back as the surfer style that inspired it. Will make readers want to add intriguing beachy design features into their own homes.

Veranda Simply Chic: Modern Interior Design

With stunning photographs and immaculate styling, this book is a recommended pick for browsing and finding simple and chic design inspiration and ideas.

Quiet Spaces

A great guide for readers with some interior design knowledge who are on the hunt for inspiration.

ADUs: The Perfect Housing Solution

A beautiful book for readers researching affordable options for chic yet environmentally friendly ADU construction.

Rightsize Today To Create Your Best Life Tomorrow: A Motivational Guide for Those Seeking Their Ideal Home Later in Life

An excellent resource that helps people ages 50 and older reevaluate their lives and homes.

A Happy Move: Everything You Need To Know Before and After the Boxes Are Packed

This useful guide to moving is best for readers who’ve never planned a move before.

Imperfect Environmentalist: How To Reduce Waste and Create Change for a Better Planet

This is the book to read when the world’s pollution problem becomes too overwhelming. Adding this title will round out collections containing only “how-to” sustainable life guides by providing an alternative slower transition that can still affect ecological change.

Edible: 70 Sustainable Plants That Are Changing How We Eat

This book will appeal to readers interested in foraging and the multitude of edible plants.

House + Love = Home: Creating Warm, Intentional Spaces for a Beautiful Life

Fixer to Fabulous fans will relish this book, heavily illustrated with examples of the Marrs family’s design and renovation ideas.

Shut the Front Door: Make Any Space Feel Bigger, Better, and More Beautiful Without Going Broke

Best for readers who want to make their spaces look expensive for less. A great addition to any DIY collection, with the potential to fly off the shelf.

Midcentury Modern Style: An Approachable Guide to Inspired Rooms

Lovely and delightful. This will be a sought-after title.

The Style Thesaurus: A Definitive, Gender-Neutral Guide to the Meaning of Style and an Essential Wardrobe Companion for All Fashion Lovers

A well-written and fascinating volume that keeps readers engrossed. Best for fashion mavens and those who work in the industry.

Living Bright

A fun, functional, and vibrant guide that teaches readers how to bring color into spaces in easy and creative ways.

Sense of Place: Design Inspired by Where We Live

This might work well as inspiration for aspiring interior designers with a healthy budget but not as a guide for general readers.

Succulents for Your Home and Garden: A Guide to Growing 187 Beautiful Varieties & 18 Step-by-Step Crafts and Arrangements

An inventive guide that combines succulent insight with craft ideas. Best for readers who are familiar with succulents or skilled in creating crafty projects.

Beauty & Mischief: The Design Alchemy of Blackman Cruz

Blackman and Cruz’s particular style isn’t affordable for everyone, but this book is good inspiration nonetheless for readers craving the modern gothic look. Best suited for rounding out collections that include brighter, minimalist interior design books.

The Spirited Homes of Hunt Slonem

Newcomers and dedicated fans of Slonem will enjoy. Great for university libraries with art programs for students to see the versatility their art forms can take.

Iconic Home: Interiors, Advice, and Stories from 50 Amazing Black Designers

A stunning celebration of Black designers, their work, and their passions.

Happy Plants, Happy You: A Plant-Care & Self-Care Guide for the Modern Houseplant Parent

A fun, inventive, and worthwhile addition to any library and for all sorts of plant parents. This is much more than a book about caring for houseplants.

Houseplant Hookups: All the Dirt You Need To Find the Perfect Match

Isabel, who hails from three generations of plant-loving family members, shares her expertise and knowledge of houseplants in this amusing, informative book, best for neophyte horticulturists who might not yet have a green thumb.

Maximalism: Bold, Bedazzled, Gold, and Tasseled Interiors

Readers will enjoy this look into eclectic and colorful maximalist style. A good addition to interior design collections that span a wide range of eras.

Garden: Exploring the Horticultural World

A feast for the eyes and the imagination for every type of gardener. A great addition to any gardening or art collection.

Small Spaces, Big Appeal: The Luxury of Less in Under 1,200 Square Feet

A smart purchase for libraries serving patrons who want to make a small home appealing and inviting.

Glass Houses

Aspiring architects, architecture fans, nature and design buffs, and readers looking for inspiration for their home will all find something to love inside this book.

The Home Style Handbook: How To Make a Home Your Own

A highly detailed book that offers a multitude of tips for turning a house into a home by applying practical painting and styling principles.

The English Gardener’s Garden

A must-have title for gardeners and for those who love viewing the natural beauty that others have primed, nurtured, and developed. A likely favorite in every gardening section.

Mothering Earth: The Busy Family’s Guide to Saving the Planet

Readers familiar with sustainable practices will already know many of this book’s concepts, but it’s great to have a wealth of information and advice in one place.

Moon Garden: A Guide to Creating an Evening Oasis

Best suited for either proficient gardeners or novices who want to create a special space outside. The book will also please readers interested in lunar cycles or following the ebb and flow of nature and the ecosystem.

Create Your Own Cozy: 100 Practical Ways To Love Your Home and Life

Great for public libraries. May be a good title for patrons to read in a crafts/home-design book group.

French Country Cottage Christmas

Purchase where Allison’s works are popular and where Christmas titles circulate well.

Artists at Home

As resplendent and visually sumptuous as readers might expect, this would make a lovely gift for fans of art museums and design. Best for general readers interested in the material worlds and creative influences of artists.

Design Mixology: The Interiors of Tineke Triggs

A welcoming and insightful tour of homes that encourages readers to envision their interiors as comfortable places for expressing their personal stories and backgrounds.

Farrow and Ball: Recipes for Decorating, 2nd Ed

An excellent, updated resource for readers ready to take concrete steps in their decorating journey.

Designing Rooms with Joie de Vivre: A Fresh Take on Classic Style

Features attractive photos and solid ideas, but doesn’t offer many fresh takes on design.

Under the Henfluence: Inside the World of Backyard Chickens and the People Who Love Them

An informative and enjoyable listen, interweaving Danovich’s personal experiences with entertaining details about historical and current issues in the world of chickens.

The Purest Bond: Understanding the Human-Canine Connection

An excellent addition to the field of canine cognition and emotional connection that is inclusive and easily digested.

The Wisdom of Flowers: Essential Life Lessons for Joy and Wellbeing

This delightful, gorgeously illustrated, browsable book is a quick read for those who want to learn facts and tidbits about a range of flowering plants. Readers can also discover how they may embody their best characteristics.

Who’s a Good Dog?: And How To Be a Better Human

This authoritative work asks how owners can provide their dogs with an environment to which comfortable, fulfilling adaptation is possible. Highly recommended for most collections.

Gotcha Day! Adoption Tales of Remarkable Rescue Dogs

This title may be best for collections with generous budgets or a demanding audience, and it would make a thoughtful gift for dog owners and would-be adopters.

Our Little Farm: Adventures in Sustainable Living

Most likely of interest to only the readers who have already embarked on self-sufficient farming and want detailed information.

Planting for Pollinators: Creating a Garden Haven

For serious gardeners who understand the specifics of their region and want to improve their gardens to attract pollinators throughout the year.

Edible Houseplants: Grow Your Own Citrus, Coffee, Vanilla, and 43 Other Tasty Tropical Plants

This is an extraordinarily helpful guide for indoor plant enthusiasts of all levels. Highly recommended.

Zen in the Garden: The Japanese Art of Peaceful Gardening

Detailed and graceful descriptions will likely delight and inspire avid gardeners to look at their garden from a different perspective. Best for larger botanical collections.

White and Faded: Restoring Beauty in Your Home and Life

The author cleverly explores the restoration of the home and the spirit, making this a unique title in the interior design genre. Antique lovers, photographers, and those who repurpose home goods will want to check this out.

Find Yourself at Home: A Conscious Approach to Shaping Your Space and Your Life

While much of the design advice feels familiar, readers with an interest in feng shui will likely enjoy this book.

The Brooklyn Home: Modern Havens in the City

This book is a high-end, Pinterest-worthy home design trip to Brooklyn that does not disappoint.

The Garden Maker’s Book of Wonder: 162 Recipes, Crafts, Tips, Techniques, and Plants to Inspire You in Every Season

This is an excellent resource for all levels of gardeners to use to create their own dream grounds. An indispensable title for gardening collections.

Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home

Fans of Home Town will relish this insightful look at the cohosts’ dream home and memories. This title will also likely appeal to readers who enjoy interior design and personalizing their own living spaces to create a homey feel.

The Love Language of Flowers: Floriography and Elevated, Achievable, Vintage-Style Arrangements

A thorough and well-executed title about floriography for modern times. This book is filled with beautiful photography and inspiration for general readers to create their own sentimental bouquets.

Barndominiums: Your Guide to a Perfect, Inexpensive Dream Home

A great introductory book for readers who love home design or DIY books or are interested in learning more about the growing demand and popularity of barndominiums.

New York Green: Discovering the City’s Most Treasured Parks and Gardens

Recommended for libraries in or near New York City. This book would also be useful as a travel guide or a resource on the history of public green spaces and options to explore.

Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind

Best for fans of Queer Eye, but this book may also appeal to readers who are looking for some design inspiration.

The Green Gardening Handbook: Grow, Eat and Enjoy

Not ideal for beginners, but there are plenty of tips for seasoned gardeners and lots of charm for armchair gardeners.

Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener

An excellent guide that includes resources to cultivate gardens all over the world. A fantastic choice to add to gardening collections.

House Plants for Every Space: A Concise Guide to Selecting, Designing and Maintaining Plants in Any Indoor Space

A lovely, browsable book for houseplant enthusiasts. It’s useful for identifying new plant species and decorating with them. Readers who need instructions about how to grow these plants, however, will need to look elsewhere.

Still Life

Suitable for a wide range of readers, including art and design professionals, flower lovers, art students, and those searching for a bold coffee-table book that serves as a conversation starter.

Organized Living: Solutions and Inspiration for Your Home

A fresh take on home organization that will likely serve as catnip for readers wanting peeks of the experts’ homes and instructions on how to achieve it themselves.

Victorian Modern: A Design Bible for the Victorian Home

An educational read. Purchase where Victorian decorating titles are requested or needed.

Homegrown Flax and Cotton: DIY Guide To Growing, Processing, Spinning & Weaving Fiber to Cloth

This book takes readers through the process, from start to finish, of making cotton and linen clothing. Many crafters and readers interested in sustainability will likely enjoy this one.


The Home Edit: Stay Organized; The Ultimate Guide to Making Systems Stick

An easy-to-read, judgment-free book for readers who want to tackle intimidating home organization projects.

The Little Book of Dog Care: Expert Advice on Giving Your Dog Their Best Life

Ratcliff displays their knowledge, professionalism, and love of canines in this must-have book for first-time dog owners or any dog lover.

Call It Home: The Details That Matter

Gorgeous to thumb through, this illuminating title will do well in libraries with strong circulating interior design collections.

Fifty Places To Travel with Your Dog Before You Die: Dog Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations

This book is a worthy addition to libraries with well-circulating travel or pet sections.

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