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Good Eats: 32 Writers on Eating Ethically

This collection will entertain and enlighten readers interested in food writing, environmental issues, and BIPOC experiences.

The Sweet Polish Kitchen: A Celebration of Home Baking and Nostalgic Treats

Infused with all the warmth and charm of a babcia, Behan’s excellent introduction to the best of classic and modern Polish baking is a true delight.


The Heirloomed Kitchen: Made-from-Scratch Recipes To Gather Around for Generations

Fans of Ree Drummond’s “Pioneer Woman” culinary brand and Jill Winger’s “Prairie Homestead” books will find Schoenith’s charming debut to be an equally beguiling introduction to cooking good old-fashioned food and living a simpler life.

Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts: Stories and Recipes from Five Generations of Black Country Cooks

Cookbook readers will delight in the beautiful exploration of ancestry, homeland, and food that Wilkinson weaves and relish bringing these foodways of Black Appalachians into their own homes.

Anything’s Pastable: 81 Inventive Pasta Recipes for Saucy People

An excellent guide to saucy noodles by the delightfully zany and brilliantly insightful Pashman.

Come Hungry: Salads, Meals, and Sweets for People Who Live To Eat

This fresh, flavor-packed cookbook makes it easy to load up on vegetable-focused meals.

Cooking in Real Life: Delicious & Doable Recipes for Every Day

Heuck’s excellent debut cookbook is recommended for all public libraries.

Code Noir: Afro-Caribbean Stories and Recipes

Informative and full of big flavors, this is a delicious and accessible introduction to Caribbean food for novices; will be a welcome addition to library shelves.

Dinner Tonight: 100 Simple, Healthy Recipes for Every Night of the Week

An excellent choice for home cooks looking for deliciously uncomplicated weeknight meals that can also be impressive enough for company.

Jane’s Patisserie: Deliciously Customizable Cakes, Bakes, and Treats

While there is no dearth of cookbooks dedicated to the yummy treats of Great Britain (the books by contestants and judges on the Great British Bake Off alone would fill a small-sized library), beginning bakers, especially fans of Dunn’s blog, will appreciate her approachable writing style and easy-to-follow recipes.

Ăn Chua?: Simple Vietnamese Recipes That Taste Like Home

Step-by-step recipes and beautiful photos pair with Trân’s engaging teaching style to make delicious Vietnamese cuisine easy for even beginner home cooks.

Maydān: Recipes from Lebanon and Beyond

Adventurous home cooks will enjoy the plethora of enticing, cross-cultural delights dished up in this engagingly and gracefully written culinary guide.

Every Cocktail Has a Twist: Master 25 Classic Drinks and Craft More Than 200 Variations

The perfectly crafted cocktail construction instruction provided in this book and way it teaches readers to riff on flavors will transform any home bartender into a mixologist, making this a sure-to-be-loved addition to entertaining and mixology shelves.

The Cookie That Changed My Life: And More Than 100 Other Classic Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, and Pies That Will Change Yours

There’s no shortage of excellent baking books available, including Dorie Greenspan’s Baking with Dorie and Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Baking Bible, but home bakers trying to up their dessert game will find that Silverton’s superbly written guide hits the sweet spot.

Sam’s Eats: Let’s Do Some Cooking

Way serves up a solid selection of tasty recipes, delivered in an engaging Jamie Oliver style, for fans of Nick DiGiovanni’s Knife Drop or millennial and Gen Z cooks starting out in the kitchen.

One Pan Chicken: 70 All-in-One Chicken Recipes for Simple Meals, Every Day

Purchase where one-pot cookbooks are popular.

Danni’s Juke Joint Comfort Food Cookbook: Modern-Day Recipes, Ole Skool Flavas

This is a splendid collection of recipes for truly flavorful, down-home Southern cooking.

Frontières: The Food of France’s Borderlands

Home cooks probably won’t turn to this for an easy dinner (the pasta and chickpea soup calls for first making homemade pasta), and vegans will find little they can adapt (seek out the minestrone al pesto). But those who love to read cookbooks, even armchair travelers, will find a treasure here, spiked with Jackson’s evocative writing.

Oodles and Oodles of Vegan Noodles: Soba, Ramen, Udon & More

Khachame successfully creates delicious vegan versions of Asian noodle favorites, but ultimately, she reminds readers that cooking is fun and inspires them to enjoy time in the kitchen.

Bruno’s Cookbook: Recipes and Traditions from a French Country Kitchen

Written with a generous measure of culinary joie de vivre and a keen appreciation for the people and culture of Périgord, this captivating cookbook will charm fans of Walker’s long-running series as well as any cook wishing to explore the bountiful riches of French country cooking.

Snacking Bakes: Simple Recipes for Cookies, Bars, Brownies, Cakes, and More

With tantalizing, approachable recipes that are often quick and use the minimum of bowls, this will be a go-to book for bakers of all levels.

Sweet and Easy Japanese Desserts: Matcha, Mochi and More! A Complete Guide to Recipes, Ingredients and Techniques

An engaging entry into the world of Japanese sweets. This user-friendly volume will enliven any cookbook collection.

The Migrant Chef: The Life and Times of Lalo García

Tillman’s spellbinding story of this extraordinary chef and his journey is not to be missed. For fans of uplifting biographies highlighting food, culture, and history.

Islas: A Celebration of Tropical Cooking

Like The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner and other recent books that delve into the intertwined acts of eating with place in mind while understanding the cultures that shape global cuisines, this is highly recommended for changing up mealtimes and sprinkling a strong sense of community into each bite.

Mr. Lyan’s Cocktails at Home: Good Things To Drink with Friends

With recipes ranging from simple to a bit more complex and time-consuming, this inventive guide is ideal for readers who want to become the go-to person for fun and creative cocktails.

Basics with Babish: Recipes for Screwing Up, Trying Again, and Hitting It Out of the Park

Fans of the Babish Culinary Universe, a YouTube channel that currently boasts 10 million subscribers, will enjoy this latest addition, although it may not be basic enough for true beginners.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: 140 Super-Easy, Everyday Recipes and Techniques

This is a great cookbook for those who are just getting into the air-fryer trend and for air fryer intermediates who want a diverse assortment of easy-to-follow recipes and tips.

Familia: 125 Foolproof Mexican Recipes To Feed Your People

A delicious title for libraries looking to add to their collection of Mexican cookbooks.

Dragtails: Fierce Cocktails Inspired by Drag Royalty

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will appreciate this collection, featuring cocktails as fun, stylish, and over-the-top as the queens who inspired them.

Gennaro’s Cucina: Hearty Money-Saving Meals from an Italian Kitchen

A wonderful and welcome addition to the canon of Italian cuisine, filled with gorgeous photography.

The Video Game Chef: 76 Iconic Foods from Pac-Man to Elden Ring

Video game lovers, foodies, and fans of the Geeky Chef will enjoy.

Good Soup: 52 Colorful Recipes for Year-Round Comfort

The recipes are not overly complicated, offering wide appeal and making the book accessible for less-experienced cooks.

The Party Shirt Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Next-Level Eats

Recommended for TikTokers ready to whip up bacon-wrapped pickles, this book will inspire its own viral posts based on the recipes and the ethos of the Party Shirt guys, one rainbow-dyed ravioli noodle at a time.

Natasha’s Kitchen: 100+ Easy Family-Favorite Recipes You’ll Make Again and Again

Kravchuk’s large social media presence and her easy recipes, perfect for busy weekdays, should make this book popular.

The Unofficial Minecraft Cookbook: 30 Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Video Game

This could be the cookbook to inspire young gamers to put down the controller and head into the kitchen; libraries will want to have it on hand for aspiring chefs.

Kung Food: Chinese American Recipes from a Third-Culture Kitchen

Vivid photos, a clear layout, and a complete index make this a welcome package and good addition for libraries.

Chili Crisp: 50+ Recipes To Satisfy Your Spicy, Crunchy, Garlicky Cravings

Original yet approachable, Park’s first cookbook is required reading for cooks already in love with chili oils, along with those ready to up their spice game.

The Food I Love: A New Edition

A guide filled with fresh dishes, both classic and inventive, that readers will want to make again and again.

The Chutney Life: 100 Easy-To-Make Indian-Inspired Recipes

While aimed at fans of Patel’s blog, this is accessible to all readers and a good choice for home cooks wanting to dip their toes into Patel’s style of Indian American cooking.

Authentic Brazilian Home Cooking: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Classic Latin American Flavors

Readers will appreciate this celebration of Brazilian cuisine through delicious and vibrant recipes.

Bake Your Heart Out: Foolproof Recipes To Level Up Your Home Baking

A delightful cookbook that fulfills its promise of helping bakers of various levels advance their skills, without skimping on the fun.

Epic Outdoor Pizza Oven Cookbook: Masterpiece Recipes for All Kinds of Pizza

In his first cookbook, Schuhrke does, as his title suggests, take readers on epic adventures in eating that will get them outside and save them the drive to their nearest pizzeria.

Protein Power Smoothies: 75 High-Protein, Low-Carb Smoothies That Ditch the Sugar, Support Muscle-Building, and Optimize Your Metabolism

DiBiasi’s first book is an easy-to-follow guide for filling and tasty, protein-packed smoothies. Libraries will want to strongly consider.

The Thrifty Baker: Shop, Bake & Eat on a Budget

Fans of The Great British Bake Off will appreciate Dossou’s guide to baking on a budget.

More Daily Veg: No Fuss or Frills, Just Great Vegetarian Food

This will resonate with both Anglophiles and vegetarians and is recommended for larger collections.

Budget Air-Fryer Cookbook: Creative & Money-Saving Recipes for Your Air Fryer

These recipes expand beyond most air fryer recipes that permeate the world of cookbooks and may be a nice change of pace for those looking to break out of a rut and try something new. Buy where air fryer cookbooks are in demand.

Homemade Simple: Effortless Dishes for a Busy Life

Novice cooks will find many tempting recipes to try.

Beautiful Bread: Create & Bake Artful Masterpieces for Any Occasion

Readers who want to elevate their focaccia bread-making skills will definitely want to read this, but the step-by-step instructions also make it accessible to novices.

Tiny Bakes: Delicious Mini Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Brownies, and More

Beginner bakers may feel intimated by the level of detail required to make these goodies, but experienced bakers will welcome the challenge of creating Ziemons’s fun treats.

Mostly Plant-Based Platters & Boards: Gorgeous Spreads for Clean Eating and Great Gatherings

With a mostly plant-based selection of ingredients, these boards are a fresh spin for snacking, grazing, and light meals with friends. Full of creative pairings that will impress, Dixon’s cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants inspiration for hosting their next event.

Manju’s Cookbook: Vegetarian Gujarati Indian Recipes from a Much-Loved Family Restaurant

A delightful addition to public library cookbook collections; it will circulate well.

Piecemeal: A Meal-Planning Repertoire with 120 Recipes To Make in 5+, 15+, or 30+ Minutes

For people tired of meal prep that seems uninspired yet also overwhelming, Pauline’s concept of batch cooking and recipe stitching offers an equally budget- and time-friendly solution that still has space for transforming leftovers, combining components in new ways for a second or third meal, and awakening cooks to the freedom that comes from more flexible meal planning, by cooking a few items at a time rather than dedicating an entire day to meal prep.

Cooking with the CrunchBros: Casual and Fun Korean- and Japanese-Inspired Recipes from Our Kitchen to Yours

Those wanting to expand their repertoire and learn a little more about Japanese and Korean culture in the process will appreciate this excellent guide; would be great for any cookbook collection.

The Plain Cake Appreciation Society: 52 Weeks of Cake

Pamment offers mouth-watering cake recipes for every week of the year.

Every Night of the Week Veg: Meat-Free Beyond Monday; A Zero-Tolerance Approach to Bland

Colorful images and Tweed’s humor make this a fun read, but some recipes may need a protein boost to be more balanced.

ScheckEats—Cooking Smarter: Friendly Recipes with a Side of Science

Beginning cooks and fans of Scheck’s social media channels will enjoy this collection of tasty recipes.

Slavic Kitchen Alchemy: Nourishing Herbal Remedies, Magical Recipes & Folk Wisdom

A timely guide for anyone who needs some practical magic in their life.

Milk Street Simple

This book checks all the boxes for simple and delicious food and will appeal to experienced cooks and beginners alike; a must for library collections.

Latinísimo: Home Recipes from the Twenty-One Countries of Latin America

A key title for all collections. Try bori-bori, a corn dumpling soup, go all in making tortillas or arepas, or bake the pastel de quinoa, almendra y zanahoria, an almond, carrot, and quinoa cake served in the afternoon in Bolivia.

Korean Home Cooking: 100 Authentic Everyday Recipes, from Bulgogi to Bibimbap

Making and eating the beautiful and delicious recipes featured in this book will be an enjoyable culinary journey for home cooks.

Eat Smarter Family Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes To Transform Your Health, Happiness, and Connection

Offering simple, healthy foods with some creative flair, this cookbook is sure to appeal to readers interested in adding some new nutritional powerhouse meals to their weekly rotation and will be especially valuable for busy families.

Pie Is Messy: Recipes from the Pie Hole

A wonderful introduction to baking pies, recommended for advanced-beginner to intermediate bakers.

Pistachio: Savory & Sweet Recipes Inspired by World Cuisines

Recommended for cooks who want to explore the many delicious uses of the pistachio beyond eating them out of hand.

Every Season Is Soup Season: 85+ Souper-Adaptable Recipes To Batch, Share, Reinvent, and Enjoy

Libraries with extensive cookbook collections will still find something new here, and readers looking to make a change to lighter, more vegetable-forward fare will enjoy these recipes.

Seafood Simple: A Cookbook

Ripert and Parry introduce seafood dishes with glamour and sophistication, while also showing how easy they can be to prepare, and that makes this a great cookbook.

The Butcher’s Table: Techniques and Recipes To Make the Most of Your Meat

Highly approachable, easy-to-follow, and careful instructions make this a wonderful addition to the bookshelf. Best for serious cooks.

My Everyday Lagos: Nigerian Cooking at Home and in the Diaspora

This cookbook is a must for libraries that support a Nigerian community and for those with cooks and readers who enjoy exploring global cuisine and a chef’s personal journey.

A Booze & Vinyl Christmas: Merry Music-and-Drink Pairings To Celebrate the Season

This colorful holiday book will appeal to cocktail lovers.


Diner: Day for Night

A fond homage to an iconic restaurant and the creative team behind it.

Maman and Me: Recipes from Our Iranian American Family

An enjoyable introduction to a family and their recipes, steeped in love, tradition, and tons of delicious food.

Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook

With the focus just as much on the techniques as the recipes, this cookbook will be invaluable for readers who are getting started cooking. The recipes will motivate them to get in the kitchen, but experienced cooks and bakers will relish the abundance of information and interesting recipes too.

Veg-Table: Recipes, Techniques, and Plant Science for Big-Flavored, Vegetable-Focused Meals

Offering new takes on a wide variety of vegetable dishes, this cookbook is recommended for vegetarian and international collections.

Lidia’s from Our Family Table to Yours: More Than 100 Recipes Made with Love for All Occasions

Will appeal to the home cook who entertains or just has a group of hungry people ready to devour delicious food; ideal for readers who want a reason to get together and share food family-style.

Jacques Pépin Cooking My Way: Recipes and Techniques for Economical Cooking

After 30 cookbooks and more than eight decades spent in kitchens both in Europe and the States, Pépin (Jacques Pépin Art of the Chicken) proves he still knows how to educate and engage home cooks.

Comfort and Joy: Irresistible Pleasures from a Vegetarian Kitchen

Full of savory vegetarian recipes with an Indian flavor profile that are perfect for flavor-seeking foodies.

The Secret of Cooking: Recipes for an Easier Life in the Kitchen

While best for cookbook readers, Wilson’s book provides plenty to learn for all levels of home cooks who have the desire to indulge in the contemplation and wisdom she provides.

The Complete Book of French Cooking: Classic Recipes and Techniques

While there is the occasional lost-in-culinary-translation moment (French cheese straws are nothing like their American or British appetizer equivalent), this exhaustive, authoritative guide to classic French cuisine is an excellent starting point for anyone hoping to master the art of French cooking.

Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking: Memories and Stories from My Family’s Kitchen

This beautifully designed book will be welcomed by readers looking for authentic Japanese recipes.

How To Forage for Wild Foods Without Dying: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Identifying 40 Edible Wild Plants

This handsome book has real utility as a field companion for safe, wild plant hunts.

The Simple Art of Rice: Recipes from Around the World for the Heart of Your Table

Rich text, illustration, and photography highlight the importance of rice throughout the world and bring those delicious traditions to the home kitchen.

Butter, Flour, Sugar, Joy: Simple Sweet Desserts for Everyone

Kartes offers a refreshing and relaxed approach that is especially suitable for medium-level bakers. Both the decadent recipes and heartfelt stories about their origins will entice fans of Paula Deen and Taste of Home magazine.

The Chocolate Spoon: Italian Sweets from the Silver Spoon

There is no dearth of excellent works dedicated to chocolate cookery, including Alice Medrich’s groundbreaking Bittersweet and Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Bible, but this book earns its own well-deserved spot on cookbook shelves in homes and libraries.

Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice: Cocktails from Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks

Tipton-Martin’s dedication to researching African American foodways is unparalleled; paired with her glorious cocktail recipes, this is a perfect mix for the home bar.

More Is More: Get Loose in the Kitchen

Baz delivers fresh, approachable, and delectable recipes that provide plenty of instruction for beginners and spunky flair and big flavor for all kitchens.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Celebrate Every Day: A Year’s Worth of Favorite Recipes for Festive Occasions, Big and Small

Fans of the bakery will be excited about this latest offering, and bakers will appreciate their delicious takes on seasonal offerings.

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals To Share

This is as pretty to look at as it is useful to read.

Colorful Palate: A Flavorful Journey Through a Mixed American Experience

A heartfelt memoir. The author’s ability to follow his passions and find his place in the world will resonate with many readers, especially those interested in multicultural narratives.

Dinner with the President: Food, Politics, and a History of Breaking Bread at the White House

A delectable listen. Share with listeners interested in food and its intersection with politics and history.

Chími Nu’am: Native California Foodways for the Contemporary Kitchen

This cookbook designed to uplift Indigenous California foods will delight foragers, adventurous home cooks, and those looking to connect with Native roots. It’s a valuable addition to library shelves that will connect Native and non-Native Americans to the earth and its abundant gift of ingredients.

Italian Wine: The History, Regions, and Grapes of an Iconic Wine Country

Whether one is traveling to Italy or just to the local wine shop, this guide offers endless resources for choosing and enjoying Italian wines.

The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope

Andrés peels back the curtain and reveals how World Central Kitchen feeds the hungry and displaced around the world and shares the recipes that will also provide comfort in one’s own kitchen.

Let’s Eat: 101 Recipes To Fill Your Heart & Home

Just as practical as it is delectable, this cookbook successfully conveys the author’s love of his family and cooking so that home cooks can bring his passion to their table.

Noon: Simple Recipes for Scrumptious Midday Meals and More

Perfect for experienced cooks, who will relish Peters’s imaginative takes on classic dishes as well as her inspired original culinary creations, and those new to the kitchen, who will feel empowered by the clear, easy-to-follow format and welcoming tone of the recipes.

Shabbat: Recipes and Rituals from My Table to Yours

Slowing down, breaking bread, and giving thanks are hallmarks of the Shabbat tradition, and here Sussman shares the recipes and beauty for cooks to create their own traditions.

L.A. Son

A deep and delightful chef memoir full of true love for L.A. and its food, charismatically narrated by the author.

Eater: 100 Essential Restaurant Recipes from the Authority on Where To Eat and Why It Matters

A book for true foodies, but one that will be appreciated by anyone looking to elevate their home cooking to restaurant-worthy status.

The Prairie Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Wholesome Heartland Recipes for Every Season

Purchase where the author is popular or comfort-food cookbooks circulate well.

Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths

Sano has delivered an introduction to this ever-popular and consistently flexible Japanese dish, with a balance of traditional and distinctive flavors.

Vegan Vietnamese: Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes To Enjoy Every Day

A welcome contribution to the increasing number of global vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, with options that won’t leave meat-eaters longing for that fish sauce flavor.

Coastal Kitchen: Nourishing Seafood Recipes for Everyday Cooking

This is a must-purchase for coastal libraries or those with access to fresh seafood.


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