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Senate Postpones Vote on Independently Nominated Copyright Head

VHS Preservation Project Announces Founding Members

Controlled Digital Lending Concept Gains Ground

Marrakesh Treaty Bill Introduced

April M. Hathcock | Movers & Shakers 2018 – Advocates

LC Launches Web Cultures, Webcomics Archives

New Bills Would Let President, not Librarian of Congress, Name Copyright Register

Impactstory Launches Browser Extension for OA Discovery

New Mexico Librarians Use Lyric Analysis To Examine Indigenous Hip-Hop

Urban Librarians Unite Conference Proposes Advocacy, Activism

Library Experts Weigh in On Next Register of Copyrights

VHS Copyright and Due Diligence | Field Reports

EU Court: Treat Ebooks like Print Books

Hayden, Marx in Conversation at NYPL

The Right to Link is Challenged Under EU Law

Pallante Resignation May Indicate New Approach at Copyright Office

Harvard Report: One Step Closer to Low-Risk OA Orphan Works?

Sci-Hub Controversy Triggers Publishers’ Critique of Librarian

The Difference between Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism—and Why It Matters | Peer to Peer Review

Keep Copyright at LC | Blatant Berry

GSU e-Reserves Decision | Peer to Peer Review

Catching Up on Copyright with Kyle Courtney | Not Dead Yet

Librarian of Congress James Billington Announces Upcoming Retirement

Library Associations Spearhead New Copyright Coalition

Can We Strengthen Our Fragile Public Domain? | Peer to Peer Review

Copyright Incentives in the GSU Appeals Court Ruling | Peer to Peer Review

Court Reverses Ruling on Publishers vs. Georgia State E-Reserve Case

Hard Cases Make Bad Law | Peer to Peer Review

Asserting Rights We Don't Have: Libraries and "Permission To Publish" | Peer to Peer Review

Harvard’s Copyright First Responders to the Rescue

Appeals Court Upholds Wins for Fair Use in HathiTrust Case

Of Bundles, Bindings, and the Next Great Copyright Law | Peer to Peer Review

Authors Guild Appeals Dismissal of Google Books Lawsuit

Kevin Gorman: Berkeley’s Wikipedian-in-Residence

What Rights Come with That Movie? | Backtalk

Digital Firsts

Judge Dismisses Authors’ Lawsuit Against Google Books

Department of Commerce Seeks Input on Digital First Sale

In Higher Ed Some Intellectual Property Counts More Than Others | From the Bell Tower

A Circuitous Journey with Black Elk and Ezra Pound | Peer to Peer Review

MIT, JSTOR Filings Delay Release of Swartz FOIA Documents

Swets Launches Open Access Payment Management Service

We Have a Treaty! Now What? | Peer to Peer Review

DCWG Shifts Focus as Ebook Landscape Evolves | ALA 2013

Authors Guild Loses Class Action Status

AcademicPub Course Packs to Add Library Licensing

HathiTrust Doubles DPLA Collection with More Than Three Million Books

By the Time You Read This, Some People May Have an Easier Time Reading | Peer to Peer Review

If You Can Buy It, You Can’t Borrow It? | Backtalk

SIPX Launches Content, Copyright Service

Massive Open Opportunity: Supporting MOOCs in Public and Academic Libraries

Selling Used Digital Files: A Setback, But Not the End of the Story

Six Questions with Damon Jaggars, former JLA Editor in Chief

Sounds of Copyright Reform | Editorial

Q&A: Dan Cohen on His Role as the Founding Executive Director of DPLA

Why We Miss the First Sale Doctrine in Digital Libraries

Metadata and Copyright | Peer to Peer Review

Copyright and Libraries – Help! | Not Dead Yet

UK Debuts Copyright Center

Can You Explain First Sale Using Only the Ten-Hundred Most Common Words?

Making MOOCs Easier | Peer to Peer Review

The Opportune Moment: Why and How To Leverage Unexpected Events | Peer to Peer Review

Jo Budler: LJ's 2013 Librarian of the Year

How to Talk to Lawmakers | Peer to Peer Review

Ebooks and the Candlemaker’s Petition | Peer to Peer Review

Posting A Parody Video? Read This First.

The Fight for Free Information: Liberate Our Cultural Assets from Economic Prisons | Blatant Berry

HathiTrust Verdict Could Transform University Access for the Blind

Publisher Plaintiffs Post GSU Court Costs, To Be Held Pending Appeal

Library Associations Brace for First Sale Fight with Owners’ Rights Lobby Effort

Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks | LJ Insider

Steering an Elephant | Peer to Peer Review

Judge’s Ruling a Win for Fair Use in Authors Guild v. HathiTrust Case

Plaintiffs Must Pay Almost $3 Million in GSU Legal Fees

Swartz Faces Additional Charges in Alleged JSTOR Theft

Interlibrary Loan and Stockholm Syndrome | Peer to Peer Review

First Book Comes Unglued

GSU Ereserves Plaintiffs File Appeal

Eyes Wide Open? | Peer to Peer Review

GSU Injunction Rejected; Plaintiffs Must Pay Legal Fees

Google Allowed to Appeal Class Action Status of Authors Guild Case

Amazon Forces To Suspend Crowdfunding Operations

Appeals Court: Librarian of Congress Must Be Able To Fire Copyright Judges

Library Associations Defend Right to Lend Books Printed Abroad in Supreme Court Filing

Creating a Copyright Team | ALA Annual 2012

Fair Use Panel Cautions Against Adopting Georgia State Ruling as Definitive | ALA Annual 2012

Google Appeals Class Action Certification

Open Access Petition Passes 25,000 Threshold

GSU Ereserves Plaintiffs Propose Injunction

Authors Guild vs. Google Books Now a Class Action Lawsuit

Does It Pay To Sue Libraries? | Peer to Peer Review

Ebook Crowdfunding Platform Launched

Georgia State Copyright Case: What You Need To Know—and What It Means for E-Reserves

Complexity, Copyright, and Fairness | Peer to Peer Review

Google, Author’s Guild Clash Over Class Action and Standing

Hathi Trust, Library Associations Dispute Author’s Guild Motion

Canadian Universities Make Copyright Compromise

Supreme Court to Hear Case on First Sale of Imported Textbooks

Library Advocate Opposes ACTA Before European Parliament

Darnton Makes the Case for DPLA at Columbia Law


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