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The Restorative Library | Editorial

Taking the Helm at Urban Libraries Council: Q&A with Brooks Rainwater

Q&A with Lauren Comito, Urban Librarians Unite Executive Director

Standing Up to Bullies | Editorial

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Best Practices for Academic Librarians and Faculty

On Critical Cataloging: Q&A with Treshani Perera | Equity

Connecting at Scale | Editorial

Politics as Unusual | Editorial

Movers by Year

Movers & Shakers 2022

Q & A with Nichelle Hayes, Indianapolis Public Library Interim CEO

Libraries in a Time of Conflict | Peer to Peer Review

Dear Library Trustees | Editorial

Q&A with Amy Schneider, 40-Game Jeopardy! Champ | PLA 2022

Mid Continent Public Library’s Steven Potter on the Digital Shift, Partisanship, and Retirement

The Long Game | Editorial

Appointments at North Carolina, New Mexico, and UMass; New Executive Director at NYLA; DEI Officer at IndyPL; and More People News

Missing Books | Editorial

LJ Talks with Nikesha Elise Williams, Winner of 2021 BCALA EBook Literary Award in Fiction

Honoring the Core | Editorial

Q&A with Andi Cloud, Madison Public Library’s First Native American Storyteller-in-Residence

Climate Action Now | Sustainability

LJ Star Libraries 2021: Star Libraries and the Pandemic

Opera Expert | Cool Library Jobs

Challenging Times | Editorial

Amandeep Kochar on Buying Baker & Taylor

Disney Archivist | Cool Library Jobs

Fine-Free: It's Time | Editorial

Catherine Sheldrick Ross | Remembrances

Think Locally | Editorial

New Maryland State Archivist, LibraryLinkNJ Director, Broward County Director, and More Library People News

Nancy Pearl Receives National Book Foundation’s 2021 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service

Mask Up | Editorial

Interlibrary Advisory | Editorial

Schomburg Center Director Joy Bivins on Collecting, Serving the Public, and the Importance of Access

Counting on Equity | Editorial

TODAY’S MLIS: Prepared for Change

Moving Examples | Editorial

Ozy Aloziem | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Todd Deck | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Kelly Passek | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Millie Plotkin | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Nini Beegan | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Bridget B. Striker | Movers & Shakers 2021–Innovators

Movers & Shakers 2021

Amanda Jones | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Dustin Hensley | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Eileen Rhodes | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Heather De Forest | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Marzena Ermler | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Jennifer Sturge | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Christopher Stewart | Movers & Shakers 2021–Educators

Shaneé Yvette Murrain | Movers & Shakers 2021–Digital Developers

Zeineb Yousif | Movers & Shakers 2021–Digital Developers

Bryan Benilous | Movers & Shakers 2021–Digital Developers

Emma Molls | Movers & Shakers 2021–Digital Developers

Makiba Foster | Movers & Shakers 2021–Digital Developers

Callan Bignoli | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Stacy Collins | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Jennifer Pearson | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Claudia Șerbănuță | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Shannon Jones | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Shawna Sherman | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Dominic Davis, Jody Mohrbacher, and Yesianne Ramírez-Madera | Movers & Shakers 2021–Change Agents

Krissy Wick | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Alison Williams | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Klem-Marí Cajigas | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

M. Ramin Naderi | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Amy DelPo | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

David Kelsey | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Lindsey Vien | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Allison Waukau | Movers & Shakers 2021–Community Builders

Christina Jupp Grove | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Nichelle Hayes | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Carmi Parker | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Christina Fuller-Gregory | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Brenda Johnson-Perkins | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Amber Gregory | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Emily Dowie | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Arlene Laverde | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Maegen Rose | Movers & Shakers 2021–Advocates

Movers and Shakers 2021

DeLa Dos on the Equity Work Ahead for ARL

Helping Small and Rural Libraries Frame the Future | Backtalk

Ready for Action | Editorial

Former New York Public Library President Vartan Gregorian Dies

Dean Betsy Wilson Reflects on 20 Years Leading UW Libraries

Keynoter Tressie McMillan Cottom Talks Human-Centered Data Rights and Pragmatic Hope | ACRL 2021

Jerry Kline Community Impact Prize Guidelines

The Importance of Being Seen | Trans + Script

Broadening Broadband | Editorial

What We Miss About Misinformation: Q&A with Dr. Nicole Cooke

Califa’s Veronda Pitchford on Libraries as Second Responders

Changes at Las Vegas–Clark County, New Jersey State Library, University of Oklahoma, and More Library People News

Science for Everyone | Editorial

University of Saskatchewan Pilots First Indigenous Storyteller-in-Residence

Remembering Seoud Makram Matta

Dear President Biden | Editorial

“Never Forget That What You’re Doing Matters”: Dr. Jill Biden Closes Midwinter with Encouragement for Library Workers | ALA Midwinter 2021

Battling the Infodemic: LJ's 2021 Librarians of the Year


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