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Flip It Like This!

Some conservative churchgoers might protest that they are being misrepresented by Hayward’s comics. However, pastors, readers sympathetic to a broader Christianity, and many people who have been hurt or excluded by conservative Christianity will recognize the ring of truth and find a hilarious, brutally honest ally in Hayward and his work.

The Amazing Screw-On Head

Nothing that will disappoint Mignola fans, but nothing to overly excite them either. Not recommended, except for serious Mignola completists.


While Christmas’s (Tartarus) narrative and character development could have used more page-space to breathe, this paranormal lesbian romance (a digital graphic novel that’s collected here in print for the first time) is nevertheless a promising choice for libraries with a strong graphic novel readership.


This volume, which collects issues 1 through 4 of the “Parasomnia” series, is highly recommended for fans of Bunn, Mutti, stories of parents seeking their missing children, or parallel worlds.

Vampire Hunter D: Omnibus Book One

Fantasy, science fiction, and western elements seamlessly come together in a compelling and rich world filled with vivid characters. It recalls the blending of western and science fiction tropes in the Firefly/Serenity universe, creating a fresh experience for readers.

Run on Your New Legs, Vol. 1

Midori (Kuchikake Ryu no Keiyakusha) has created a sports-themed manga that will really entice fans of similar titles like Haikyu!!, where naturally talented protagonists learn a sport from the bottom up. This manga will especially appeal to readers looking for a sports manga with realist emotions (with downs as well as ups), whose protagonist recovers from a major trauma and navigates life with disability.

Worth 1,000 Words | Graphic Novel Preview

An Interview with Talia Dutton | 'M Is for Monster'


Fear Case

Kindt (Mind MGMT) amps up the cursed object concept, taking a police procedural approach to horror and centering the relationship between Winters and Mitchum. Tyler and Hilary Jenkins’s art is unsettling, presenting both eerie, dreamlike imagery and macabre depictions of death. Overall, this is a satisfying one-shot evoking a nihilistic worldview.
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