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The Most Human Right: Why Free Speech Is Everything

Best suited for a niche audience of human rights, philosophy, and legal experts who are engaged in high-level work on the topic.

When Hope and History Rhyme: Natural Law and Human Rights from Ancient Greece to Modern America

Though Burgess does mention non-Western perspectives in passing, the book could have benefitted from a broader global viewpoint. However, as a text on Western natural law, it is accessible enough for those new to the topic yet will still satisfy those with expertise in the subject.

The Walls Around Opportunity: The Failure of Colorblind Policy for Higher Education

This work finds clear directions within a complex issue and makes a robust case for centering race in higher education policy.

Pleading Out: How Plea Bargaining Creates a Permanent Criminal Class

Written clearly and persuasively, with compassion and expertise, Canon’s work is an essential read, especially for those who interact with or are interested in policing, incarceration, and the justice system.

Bodies on the Line: At the Front Lines of the Fight To Protect Abortion in America

This sweeping history will leave readers wanting to learn more. It is both a celebration of devoted volunteer clinic escorts and a call to action to improve the circumstances under which people seek health care.

37 Words: Title IX and Fifty Years of Fighting Sex Discrimination

Readers will finish this book with a clearer understanding of Title IX’s impact, its shortcomings, and the continued threats faced by female students as they seek access to educational opportunities.

Art & Crime: The Fight Against Looters, Forgers, and Fraudsters in the High-Stakes Art World

Readers interested in the art trade will benefit most from Koldehoff and Timm’s work. Those seeking a true crime experience can find more engaging works elsewhere.

The Unwritten Book

Without an overarching narrative to hold the many fragments of this work together, it can be challenging to stay invested in the book, despite Hunt’s beautiful writing. But anyone seeking an exceptionally unusual, thought-provoking reading experience will find it here.

The Con and the FBI Agent: An Unlikely Alliance

An insider perspective on law enforcement that may appeal to readers who are particularly interested in the life and career of an FBI agent.



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