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A Highlander Walks into a Bar

Trentham (“Cottonbloom” series) opens this new series with a delightful comedy where all good intentions go wrong but the banter is just right.

Then He Kissed Me

Appealing protagonists, a heartwarming relationship, and descriptions so vivid one can feel the steamy heat and the river mud between their toes make this a perfect, lazy summer read. Trentham (Kiss Me That Way) lives in South Carolina.

Melting into You

This third installment in the "Falcon Football" series (after Slow and Steady Rush and Caught up in the Touch) wastes no time getting down to business. Steamy scenes and Southern charm help foster a tender story with high-stakes risks and delightful drama. Recommended for fans of down-to-earth romances in which mistrust and miscommunication must be overcome.

An Indecent Invitation

Danger, intrigue, and passionate love—what more could a Regency romance lover want? The first in Trentham's (Slow and Steady Rush) "Spies and Lovers" series is a well-written, engaging, and very steamy delight.

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