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Right or Wrong, Media Impressions Matter in Higher Education | From the Bell Tower

Those of us working at a college or university have a considerably different perspective on higher education than our fellow citizens who learn about it from the media. How might higher education deliver a better message?


Embracing Social Justice as a Library Leader | Leading From the Library

Library core values can align with contemporary social justice issues. Library leaders who find it difficult to grasp the social justice movement need to think about how they should use their leadership to understand, if not embrace, social justice issues and the staff who support them.


Get It Right: Responding to Social Media Complaints | From the Bell Tower

Social media platforms serve as a virtual complaint window for angry consumers. Higher ed is no different when community members share concerns and voice anger in online public spaces. Academic librarians need to know how to handle these situations.


How Do You Want to Be Remembered as a Leader? | Leading from the Library

What type of leader are you? What is your purpose, and who do you serve? Some new research about leaders’ mindsets examines assumptions and beliefs about the nature and purpose of leadership—and how to make the most of it.


Higher Ed Must Innovate Its Way Out of the Student Debt Crisis | From the Bell Tower

To solve the student debt crisis, higher education will need some serious change. So far there is limited effort in that direction, and those who can least afford high tuition will continue to bear the brunt of student debt, too often with little to show for it.


How About a Little Kindness for Library Leaders? | Leading From the Library

One of our profession’s most popular pastimes is beating up on the boss. Are library leaders just lousy at leadership and management, or is there something particularly anti-authority about people who work in libraryland? Maybe it’s time to show the boss a little love.


Higher Education Promotes the Student Experience | From the Bell Tower

Utter the phrase “student experience” to a higher education audience and the reaction, depending on the crowd, could be visceral—as in, “education, not experience.” Yet academic librarians could benefit from and contribute to the growing interest in student experience.


Sports As a Model for Library Leadership Learning | Leading from the Library

Sports and librarianship rarely come up in the same conversation, but when it comes to learning about leadership there may be common ground between the two.


What’s Next for Design Thinking in Librarianship | From the Bell Tower

Librarians having been talking about design thinking for at least ten years. With growing interest surfacing in higher education and libraries, will we see broader adoption in academic libraries?

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