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A Distance Too Grand

Set against the backdrop of an expanding American West, this first in a new series from Scott (Never Doubt a Duke) will satisfy readers looking for a gentle love story and a gumption-filled heroine ready to explore the world.

His Frontier Christmas Family

A pastor struggling to make up for his errant past and a young woman who needs to learn to trust find forgiveness, acceptance, and love. This family-rich, faith-infused Christmastime read is perfect for series fans and newcomers alike. Scott (Mail-Order Marriage Promise) lives in Tacoma.

The Bride's Matchmaking Triplets

A reunion twist on the classic marriage-of-convenience infuses the next installment in this faith-based continuation series. While the mystery remains, the chemistry and cute children make this a rewarding read; well done. Scott (A Convenient Christmas Wedding) lives in Tacoma.

A Convenient Christmas Wedding

Tender yet laced with humor, this well-researched, faith-suffused Christmas romance should please both inspirational and sweet historical fans; a worthy addition to this popular series. Scott (A Rancher of Convenience) lives in Tacoma.

Instant Frontier Family

With likable protagonists, a pair of sometimes difficult youngsters, a vivid setting, and an appealing dash of mystery, this sweetly inspirational romance sees an independent frontier woman and a love-wary Irishman find happiness despite the odds. Scott (Frontier Engagement) lives in Tacoma.

Frontier Engagement

Absorbing, touching, and heartwarming, this lively, gently humorous faith-based frontier adventure is a refreshing addition to Scott's latest series and should appeal to readers of both inspirational and sweet historical romance. Scott (Would-Be Wilderness Wife) lives in Tacoma.

Would-Be Wilderness Wife

Marriage-minded relatives, reluctant protagonists, and a vicious, greedy foe spark the plot of this vividly descriptive romance that gives readers a strong sense of time and place, with just a dash of woodland danger. Sweet, funny, and gently faith-based, Scott's genre-bridging charmer will satisfy fans of wholesome historical romances. Scott (The Bride Ship) lives in Tacoma.

The Husband Campaign

A heroine determined to be a good wife, a hero who must learn to trust again, and a marvelous supporting cast (an outspoken, meddling maid and a malicious, widowed sister-in-law are especially well drawn) make this romantic tale a delightful diversion that should please inspirational fans and Regency purists alike. Scott (The Wife Campaign) lives in Kennewick, WA.

The Wife Campaign

A smart, outspoken heroine and a down-to-earth, admirable nobleman find love despite their preconceived notions and a villain who has deadly ideas. This engaging, witty inspirational Regency nicely continues Scott's appealing upstairs/downstairs series. Scott (The Courting Campaign) lives in southeastern Washington State.

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