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Say You're Sorry

Chilling and remarkably complex, this is a thriller that, for all its length, will keep minds sharp and nightlights burning. An excellent series start. Rose (Death Is Not Enough) lives in Florida. [See Prepub Alert 8/10/18; previewed in Kathryn Howe's "Love Changes Everything," LJ 10/15/18.]

Death Is Not Enough

With flair and precision, Rose delivers another taut, vividly detailed, and violent thriller that will keep readers enthralled. The core story stands on its own, but owing to the ongoing character relationships, readers may benefit from experiencing the series in order. Rose (Edge of Darkness) lives in Florida.

Edge of Darkness

Never one to shy away from gut-wrenching topics, Rose delves into the gruesome horrors of crimes against children, including teen prostitution, the monsters who perpetuate and profit from it, and the devastating effects on those who bring them to justice. Another bone-chiller that will keep the night-lights burning. Rose (Monster in the Closet) lives in Florida.

Slay Bells Ring: A Caprice de Luca Home Staging Mystery

This Christmas cozy with Catholic undertones occasionally becomes more preoccupied with the protagonist's chastity than the mystery, making it an optional read.

The Monster in the Closet

Touching, warmly loving, and steeped in terrifying fears no child should ever know, this heart-stopping thriller delivers on all counts. Rose (Every Dark Corner) lives in Florida.

Every Dark Corner

Gritty, dark, and occasionally uncomfortable, Rose's latest foray into the abyss of human depravity and deception is another page-turning thriller. Note: This story is complete in itself, but owing to the complex interpersonal relationships among the characters, new readers may want to start the series in order. Rose (Alone in the Dark) lives in Florida.

Staged to Death: A Caprice De Luca Mystery

Prolific series author Smith (Marrying Dr. Maverick) shows her romance chops with her debut cozy mystery set in small-town Pennsylvania. Her mystery plot leaves readers in the dark for a few too many pages, though, leading to a sudden, abrupt ending. That said, the ensemble cast is charming.

Did You Miss Me?

Rose's (No One Left To Tell) fast-paced tale of surprises and suspense is highly recommended for all thriller/mystery collections. [The Signet pb was a New York Times best seller.—Ed.]

Twins Under His Tree

Overflowing with babies, family, and characters you'd like to count as friends, this touchingly sensual romance, lightly dusted with holiday charm, brings healing and love to a deserving pair who are finally ready to move on. Smith (From Daddy) is a best-selling author of more than 70 books; she lives in Hanover, PA.

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