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The Master of Dreams

Fast-paced action and numerous drops into familiar tales will please readers who enjoy Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" series.

The Prison in Antares

With the tone of Ocean's Eleven in space, and the devil-may-care attitude of Firefly, this story will have a wide-ranging appeal, from sf enthusiasts to those who enjoy a good caper story with an attractive gang of misfit characters who don't stick to the usual rules.

The Fortress in Orion

This series opener establishes characters with potential; however, future volumes will need to ratchet up the peril in order to satisfy fans.

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof: An Eli Paxton Mystery

Cincinnati's sarcastic PI is back in his third engrossing animal-related case (after The Trojan Colt)...

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs: A Weird West Tale

The latest entry in Resnick's steampunk series (The Doctor and the Rough Rider) featuring historical figures of America's Old West continues to showcase the author's grasp of the art of storytelling, particularly of the tall tale. Throw in some shamanic magic, zombies, and dinosaurs, and the result is a rollicking steampunk adventure for fans of American history and Westerns.

The Cassandra Project

Veteran sf authors McDevitt (Nebula) and Resnick (see his The Doctor and the Rough Rider, reviewed below) combine their considerable talents to tell a tale of conspiracies, of hope and despair, and of individual courage. Their near-future sf thriller should appeal to a wide audience and deserves to cross over into the adventure/suspense mainstream. [Previewed in LJ 8/15 Genre Fiction Spotlight Feature, "Hungry for SF," by Kristi Chadwick

The Doctor and the Rough Rider

The third novel in Resnick's Weird West series (The Buntline Special; The Doctor and the Kid) continues to rewrite the history of the Old West in magical style, reinventing famous characters while remaining true to the spirit of the individuals involved. Lovers of the Old West, alternate history, cowboy steampunk, and fantasy in general should flock to this title and to its series predecessors.

Dog in the Manger: An Eli Paxton Mystery

Told in an amiable first-person narrative dripping with sarcasm, Resnick’s engrossing puzzler (originally published in 1995) captures the essence of the antiheroic PI. Resnick, a noted science fiction author (five Hugo awards) writes with a speculative tone that translates well to the detective genre. May there be more!

The Buntline Special

Resnick's followers and fans of the Old West will appreciate the author's humorous take on both the Western and steampunk genres.

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