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Happy Sugar Life. Vol. 1

Labeled a psychological thriller, this sadistic, eerie tale is anything but sugary or happy, dealing with difficult issues such as rape, stalking, Stockholm syndrome, and murder. Geared toward mature audiences, this certainly isn’t for everyone, but it will likely still appeal to fans of the genre.

Livewire. Vol. 1: Fugitive

Overall, an intriguing story that will appeal to fans of the Valiant Event “Harbinger Wars,” who will enjoy the breakout treatment of Livewire. However, newcomers will struggle to follow along, and background reading is necessary to grasping the larger narrative arc.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor; The Many Lives of Doctor Who

Fans of the BBC TV show will delight in the new short stories of each Doctor, and while newcomers will be intrigued, they'll likely need a bit more background to get the full effect. Overall, highly enjoyable for any age group.

Prism Stalker

Overall, this story is highly enjoyable visually, but the plot falls flat. One hopes future volumes will reel readers back in and offer more in the way of a big picture.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. Vol. 1: Dog Men

Butcher's many fans will not be disappointed with the action, and readers need no prior familiarity with "The Dresden Files" to enjoy this first volume in a stand-alone graphic series (collects six single issues). Highly recommended for older teens and adults.

The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York

With just the right balance of history and drama, this very well-done work keeps readers intrigued right to the end. The overall tension of what Washington and his family experience leaves an intense roller coaster of emotions at the end. Highly recommended. [See "Editors' Spring Picks," p. 31.—Ed.]


The beginning of Snowfall will draw many readers in; however, once there, it is hard to discern what is driving the overall narrative. A flawed story line and unlikable characters make this a difficult and oftentimes confusing read.

House of Women

Goldstein (The Oven) offers readers much to reflect on in this sexually visceral tour de force, filled with intense black-and-white imagery and exploring what it means to "civilize" people without first weighing the consequences. Highly recommended for book groups and all adult graphic novels collections. Explicit sexual content makes this an adult-only read.

A.D. After Death

A highly thought-provoking story that is both enjoyable and slightly depressing, in essence, very similar to real life. A must for core graphic novel collections.

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