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Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories

This masterly selection of gothic horror, contemporary sensibility, and dark humor is a standout anthology, and Niffenegger's enlightened introductions elevate each story. Fans of ghost stories of all types will savor.

Pretty Girls

Slaughter's (Cop Town) stand-alone novel packs a heck of a wallop, and while it's a powerful thriller, it's also a deft look into a family forced to confront horrific tragedy. Slaughter's longtime fans will be thrilled. New readers will be hooked on this twisted tale from page one.

Concrete Angel

Abbott alternates the narrative between Christine's voice and a third-person point of view that follows Eve and her relationships. The author perfectly captures not only the life of a girl whose adoration of her mother morphs into mistrust and loathing but sets the story in 1970s Philadelphia when gender roles were taking on new definitions and alternative ways of treating the mentally ill were gaining traction. It's a potent and at times poignant combination. Those who enjoy suspenseful, atmospheric family drama will find much to love here.

The Teller

Stone's (Moving Day) plotting is tight as a drum, and his writing lean, with short, staccato sentences that create an immediate and immersive experience. Fans of Stone's other suspense titles will be thrilled, and newcomers will scramble for more.

You Can Trust Me

McKenzie keeps the pace mostly brisk, yet Livy's frequent emotional breakdowns are just annoying in the light of the risks she's willing to take, and some of the introspection seems forced. Red herrings abound and repetitive language bogs down the prose. However, the diary entries from the killer that are interspersed throughout are quite creepy. Ultimately, the mystery is intriguing, and readers will be eager to discover the murderer's identity. Fans of the first book will want to check this one out, but it probably won't win over any new ones. [Library marketing.]


This high-on-thrills, low-on-gore thriller from Shamus Award winner Swierczynski (Fun & Games; Hell & Gone) is really a family story at heart and is told in large part through Sarie's diarylike letters written to her deceased mother. This gives the novel a poignant edge, while showcasing Sarie's dry wit and original voice. Her herculean efforts to keep her father and younger brother from becoming suspicious while her life spirals out of control are a joy for any fan of clever, edgy thrillers populated with quirky characters.

Monday's Lie

Mason's superb and characteristically offbeat second novel (after Three Graves Full) delivers an irresistible and complex protagonist who, in spite of a carefully crafted life, finds herself longing for something more. A marriage in peril, a mother's unconventional legacy, and, of course, spycraft are all elements of a suspenseful and tense narrative that will entrance readers from page one. Sly, poignant, and beautifully written, this should especially satisfy fans of thrillers like Chris Pavone's The Expats.

The Voices

Tallis (The Sleep Room) sets his stand-alone psychological thriller during a time when traditional gender roles were being challenged and cleverly uses the supernatural to underscore the claustrophobia of an increasingly fractious marriage. The eerie voices, the heat, and the oppression that Laura feels, as well as Chris's frustration with his career and a wife who is no longer his ideal, all come together to create an insidious, creeping dread in this subtle yet ultimately terrifying yarn. Recommended for fans of thrillers in the gothic tradition, such as Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby and Shirley Jackson's work. Readers who enjoyed Sophie Hannah's The Orphan Choir might also want to consider this title.

Fifty Mice

Screenwriter and author Pyne (Twentynine Palms) weaves a smart, exceedingly clever, and unusual tale with a horrible secret at its center, which is as much a late coming-of-age story as it is a thriller. Fans of brainy noir will find much to love in this highly satisfying, big-screen-ready book. [See Prepub Alert, 6/16/14.]

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