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The Fire Opal Mechanism

This engaging stand-alone sequel to The Jewel and Her Lapidary highlights Wilde’s deft prose and fantastical imagination. Readers will enjoy the intersection of knowledge and freedom to learn twisted into something darker.

The Lesson

A compelling tale of invasive occupation and emotional uprising, Turnbull’s debut is complex and enthralling. It’s a must for all libraries, and the writer, who crafts speculative stories with black characters on par with Octavia Butler, is definitely one to watch.

Upon a Burning Throne

Banker (Awaken) launches a new epic fantasy series set in a vivid world inspired by India and the Middle East, mythology and monarchy, filled with enticing narration and action.


Continuing a series that has enchanted readers, Mehrotra delivers another epic, action-packed fantasy in a desert world with a past full of secrets, in which every chapter reveals layered worldbuilding. [See Prepub Alert, 10/1/18.]

The Book of Flora

Combining a grim, futuristic world, fascinating character relationships, and a deep exploration of gender roles and identity, the last of Elison's "Road to Nowhere" trilogy (after The Book of Etta) offers a sound and satisfying conclusion.

Air Logic

Marks (Water Logic) draws a satisfying conclusion to this quartet of novels perfect for readers of K. Arsenault Rivera and previous fans of the series. Newcomers will want to start with book one.

Ancestral Night

Hugo Award winner Bear's (Karen Memory) foray back into space introduces an immersive setting and characters. Readers will be captivated by the creative prose.

Perfunctory Affection

Harrison ("Hollows" series) presents a twisty blend of psychological suspense and fantasy, blurring the edges of what is real, and to whom.

The Old Drift

This stunning cross-genre debut draws on Zambian history and is twisted with inverted stereotypes and explicit racist language that only reinforces the far-flung exploration of humanity. [See Prepub Alert, 9/24/18.]

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