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Supervolcano: Things Fall Apart

Turtledove has a knack for creating well-rounded characters who epitomize the time he describes, whether in works of alternative history or speculative fiction. Series fans and readers who clamor for "disaster" novels should enjoy this ongoing chronicle of a possible future.

The Forever Engine

The author of How Dark the World Becomes and designer of role-playing games has brought to life a darkly imaginative steampunk future populated by intriguing characters, including a lovely and brilliant spy for the French Commune and a British officer who seems to shirk his duties but who may be more than he appears. Alternate versions of historical characters mingle with Chadwick's fictional personae in a brilliant sf adventure that will leave the reader hoping for further outings for Fargo and his companions.

Knight of Flame

Eder's historical fantasy debut provides a fresh take on knights and "holy" orders in a tale that provides plenty of action, both magical and physical. The author's characters shine, and he is a rising talent to watch.

Beyond the Rift

This is a good choice for fans of the author or those who appreciate a good sf short story.

Kicking It: All-New Tales of Murder, Magic, and Manolos

Though the theme of this collection might seem trivial, these entries succeed in pleasing fans of urban fantasy.


Gwynne's debut epic fantasy launches a series that promises the same degree of complexity and depth found in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" books and George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The author skillfully juggles many plot threads, and his worldbuilding is richly detailed and filled with characters who evoke the reader's interest and sympathy.

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs: A Weird West Tale

The latest entry in Resnick's steampunk series (The Doctor and the Rough Rider) featuring historical figures of America's Old West continues to showcase the author's grasp of the art of storytelling, particularly of the tall tale. Throw in some shamanic magic, zombies, and dinosaurs, and the result is a rollicking steampunk adventure for fans of American history and Westerns.

The Grendel Affair

When a sickle-bearing serial killer descended from the monster Grendel stalks New York's subway tunnels, agent Makenna Fraser, a seer for Supernatural Protection & Investigations, springs into action in this new urban fantasy series...

Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age

Fans of sf should enjoy this stylistically varied homage to a genre as old as the fiction of E.E. "Doc" Smith and as classic as the stories based on the "Star Wars" films.

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