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An Inconvenient Duke

Action, suspense, seduction, and two determined lovers fighting for what is right provide a host of reasons to read well into the night. Danielle is an extremely compelling heroine who is willing to forgo her own prospects to correct wrongdoing. When combined with Marcus’s conviction and refusal to abandon those he cares about, they make a perfect pair to kick off Harrington's (How I Married a Marquess) latest Regency series.

How I Married a Marquess

Harrington (Dukes Are Forever; Along Came a Rogue) smoothly creates gripping suspense between intensely passionate scenes. The protagonists are simultaneously vulnerable and brave. Regrettably, Josie can also appear thoughtless owing to inconsistencies between her actions and her demeanor. As a result, plausibility suffers, but established fans of the series, in addition to readers who are prepared to overlook a few discrepancies, will enjoy this exciting tale of intrigue.

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