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The Power in the Room: Radical Education Through Youth Organizing and Employment

Readers interested in the intersection of political activism, economics, community, and education will find ample food for thought in Gillen’s insightful call for action.

Teaching U.S. History Through Sports

General readers and educators will find much to spark their imaginations in this thoughtful work, from lists of resources to ways of connecting athletic history to larger social and cultural issues

Indebted: How Families Make College Work at Any Cost

Zaloom provides a clear-sighted and timely analysis of this issue. Recommended for readers interested in the cultural and economic implications of the current student debt crisis

The Handy Accounting Answer Book

Anyone interested in learning more about personal or corporate accounting will find useful information here.


The College Dropout Scandal

Kirp's in-depth assessment is recommended for readers interested in student retention, student services and support, and academic culture.

Inside Academia: Professors, Politics, and Policies

Cahn is deeply familiar with the workings of academia and clearly and concisely provides useful perspective. For readers working within or interested in higher education.

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