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The Corner of Heartbreak and Forever

A truly heartwarming second-chance romance. Just as with Foster's Montgomerys of Oak Falls, the Cole versions are equally unforgettable. Readers come to Cole/Foster for solid family stories with sass, that touch of steam, and a country life that completes them.

Trails of Love

As far as a series go-to, Foster is a mainstay. That recognition can be comforting to readers, with characters about which to care and with which to stick. No one will feel lost in the middle of a series, and there is a natural ease for fans eager to continue the next book(s). With Morgyn and Graham, Foster never loses her ability to strike a balance between the fresh and the familiar.

Come Home to Me

While Talley's (All That Charm) latest features an overarching theme of unrequited love, there are some triggers that readers should be aware of, such as a death resulting from a car accident and a detailed date rape. Talley does an excellent job of making her flawed characters vastly more gray than black and white…which creates a story of unrequited lives, redeemed.

Ace of Hearts

The Cursed Ravens are all nice, protective guys, and this title is a fabulous choice for readers unsure of or hoping to discover the motorcycle club (MC) subgenre or "secret baby" tropes. A great start to Fernando's new series.

Approaching the Bench

Age means nothing to Callum and Trinity, and their story takes on a fast-paced romantic suspense vibe. They are a likable couple, and Fernando (Breaching the Contract) does a great job creating a believable push-pull in this sort of close proximity. Perfect novella fare for on-the-go readers who can devour these in an afternoon or evening.

Broken Protocol

While the foundation of the relationship between Dante and Luke is more-or-less brotherly in origin, their shared background makes it easier for them to complement each other. And once they get there, being together ends up being well worth the wait.

Down by Contact

Hassell is proving to be a go-to name for realistic M/M romances with an honesty that matches the determination of his leads to go the distance. The "Barons" series is one to watch.

Brave & Beautiful

This third installment in Varlet's "Sassy Boyz" series (after Dark & Dazzling) is less about the label of a male/male relationship and more about feelings, attraction, and letting the right person help heal one's pain through genuine intimacy.

Captured by Chocolate

While Holmes's (Charmed by Chocolate) latest installment in the series features much darker themes, her sentiments are explored with great care. Less about second chances than about another type of coming-of-age, this is a more grounded entry in the series.

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