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A Little Light Mischief

Sebastian crafts another enormously fun, sexy romp that is also touching, with two heroines who make each other better together than they were alone. This latest entry in the “Turner” series (after The Ruin of a Rake) stands on its own and will make readers wish for more about the winsome duo. Highly recommended.


Despite its fantasy elements, this remains a romance at heart, revolving around Rory’s and Ace’s growing feelings for each other. Rory’s personality shifts drastically toward the end, creating a noticeable character inconsistency, but an exciting plot paired with fascinating magic makes this a solid and enjoyable start to the series.

The Work of Art

In her sixth historical romance, Matthews (The Pug Who Bit Napoleon; A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty) weaves suspense and mystery within an absorbing love story. Readers will be hard put to set this one down before the end. Highly recommended to historical romance and/or mystery buffs and especially animal lovers.

Appetites & Vices

Debut author Grossman doesn't shy away from tough topics—detailing anti-Semitic prejudices of Early American high society as well as drug addiction without overshadowing the romance and humor at the center of the relationship between Ursula and Jay; their chemistry is undeniable. This page-turner is highly recommended for all romance aficionados.

Joanna's Highlander

Greyson (Sadie's Highlander) never quite manages to partner convincingly Joanna's tough and independent nature with Grant's need for control and outdated macho dominance. Readers willing to overlook this flaw and withstand numerous ludicrous scenarios should have plenty of fun with this steamy romance.

A Kiss in the Sunlight

Patrick (A Kiss in the Morning Mist) ensures that the story remains more humorous than suspenseful with Ryleigh's perpetual clumsiness, but readers will find both Teague and Ryleigh endearing, with their kind natures. A sweet and satisfying ending to the "MacDermott Brothers" series.

My Fair Baron

The alternating scenes showcasing the pair's bumbling efforts in society coupled with sincere, tender displays of affection make My Fair Baron a fun and heartening read despite a few hiccups.

The Ruin of a Rake

Sebastian (The Lawrence Browne Affair) might use the well-worn opposites-attract trope to get her lovers together, but her mastery of conflict, tension, and timing along with flawless characterization and sexual attraction turn The Ruin of a Rake into a unique and entrancing romance that touches the heart deeper than most.

Sets Appeal

Taylor (Starling) crafts a believable opposites-attract romance between rich Vix and self-made Jay Dee by building their relationship on what they have in common: theater work and a love of design. With a South Australia setting, the book's realistic Aussie dialog will transport readers to this distant locale while making Sets Appeal a fun, lighthearted departure from standard romance fare.

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