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Cemetery Beach

Ellis (The Wild Storm, Vol. 3) and Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man: Complete Collection) deliver what might be the single most fast-paced, action-packed graphic novel of all time, with nearly every page featuring either an explosion, gunfight, or leap from something either very high up or moving extremely fast. This collection of the seven-issue miniseries is a total blast

The Wild Storm

Ellis and Davis-Hunt kick off the series with a fast-paced story that will attract all sf fans. Coarse language and violence may keep this out of the hands of younger readers.

Ocean/Orbiter: The Deluxe Edition

This combination of two excellent stories in a single volume should be a first choice for all libraries collecting graphic novels, whether they own the original paperbacks or not.

Avengers: Endless Wartime

This slim volume is well designed, but the slight story cannot justify the presentation or the price. Not recommended.


As part of its "New 52" universewide reboot, DC resurrected StormWatch, but the two series are very different. This collection is interesting mainly for what came after—following this run, Ellis goes on dexterously to write another, but self-created, superhero team book, Planetary, illustrated by John Cassady. Since StormWatch, Raney's art has dramatically improved and Hitch has become a specialist in drawing similarly thoughtful, character-driven team comics. For those uninterested in following these creators' careers, however, this volume is not recommended.

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