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The Colonel’s Wife

Some readers may find it hard to stomach the violence inflicted on our heroine and others by the Colonel. Many will also find her political views appalling. And a further caveat: this slim but engaging work, seamlessly translated, is quite sexually explicit in places. Recommended especially for readers curious about life in an era and culture other than their own.

The Siege of Troy

Kallifatides mirrors events of that great conflict in the daily lives of the villagers, for example, portraying the cruelty of the warrior Achilles as akin to that of the German soldiers. Who would have imagined that the immense original could be rendered simply and compellingly in so few pages? This translation is highly recommended to all readers with a healthy curiosity.


The Ventriloquists

The narrative is periodically interspersed with an interview in the present between Eliza (Scrivener) and Helene, who was Gamin. Athough readers may occasionally find this complex tale tricky to follow because the development is presented from different perspectives of the principal characters, their persistence will be rewarded. Highly recommended for readers who appreciate fine fiction grounded in history. [See Prepub Alert, 2/4/19.]

New Russian Drama: An Anthology

Extensive coverage of controversial topics such as sex, drug use, and violence could offend those with a general interest in drama. Moreover, the experimental nature of some of these works will be an obstacle for many readers. Recommended for scholars, theater makers, and readers with a serious interest in world theater.

How To Self-Publish Your Book: A Complete Guide to Writing, Editing, Marketing & Selling Your Own Book

With self-publishing an increasingly common option for writers today, it would be hard to imagine a more useful and easy-to-follow guide than this comprehensive volume. Highly recommended to everyone hoping to self-publish a book that won’t look self-published.


Handel in London: A Genius and His Craft

Recommended for readers who wish to know more about Handel as an empresario for his own works.

The Prisoner

Though some readers may prefer the flow and sound of the earlier work and find certain changes gratuitous, this work will be of considerable interest to readers who enjoy great literature, whether they wish to compare to previous translations or are discovering Proust for their time.

Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages

There's little consistency of presentation in this work from one section to the next, and grammatical terms are often not defined. Readers with a nonacademic interest in global languages might enjoy this buffet. Bon appétit!

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