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Food52 Dynamite Chicken: 60 Never-Boring Recipes for Your Favorite Bird; A Cookbook

For anyone tired of the same old chicken recipes, home cooks interested in a new take on an old favorite, or those looking to get started on an easily accessible ingredient.

POK POK Noodles: Recipes from Thailand and Beyond

A stunning work of culinary art that will catch the interest of readers interested in Thai cuisine, food history, or even simply noodles. Advanced cooks eager to learn new techniques and cuisines will also appreciate.


Classic: Delicious, No-Fuss Recipes from Mary’s New BBC Series

This book will appeal to anglophiles, lovers and dabblers of British cuisine, and home cooks looking for some added elegance in their stir-fry.


Gourmet Cooking for One or Two: Incredible Meals That Are Small in Size but Big on Flavor

Readers looking to have an elegant cooking-for-one experience will appreciate this book. The single cook looking to broaden their repertoire will also want to take a look.

Gennaro's Fast Cook Italian

Home cooks will be inspired by the quick, easy-to-prepare meals. Readers interested in better appreciating day-to-day Italian cuisine will savor, as will fans of Jamie Oliver's Food Tube channel.—Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, Oregon Inst. of Technology, Portland

How To Love the Universe: A Scientist's Odes to the Hidden Beauty Behind the Visible World

Klein sets forth to share the poetry of the universe and succeeds, offering a grounding in the science and beauty that comprises the world around us. The text is easily attainable to casual readers and scientists alike, and will help both to understand the universe better.

Quintessential Filipino Cooking: 75 Authentic and Classic Recipes of the Philippines

A solid introduction to Filipino cuisine for those wanting to try something new, or possibly be reminded of their roots. Similar to the author's blog, the straightforward recipes allow for novice cooks to follow along easily.

The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds

This dramatic picture of wildlife both flourishing and defending its very existence in the city will appeal to naturalists, urban dwellers, environmentalists, city planners, and those who enjoy good writing.

At Least Know This: Essential Science To Enhance Your Life

Readers seeking a greater understanding of the world around them, who aren't looking to caught up in too much scientific detail, will find this book both accessible and compelling.

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