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The Furies

Drugs, sex, magic, and murder infuse this quick-paced read that will entertain teen and adult readers alike, weaving multiple layers of deception. While the characters are not quite fully developed, the relationship dynamics help form a solid story.

Mrs. Everything

Not as strong as some of Weiner's previous works, this title struggles with continuity through its expansive time line. Readers may have trouble keeping up with the gaps. Nonetheless, it's a fascinating read that emphasizes the moments that define who you are. [See Prepub Alert, 12/17/18.]

I Owe You One

Predictable throughout, with characters that are ingratiatingly simplistic, this title disappoints. Fixie's inner monologs have the maturity of a young teenager, while the negative traits of other characters are all-pervasive. Mostly for Kinsella's fans, it's a passable beach read.


While the plot is predictable and almost hackneyed, the social commentary of a person's looks being tied to sin is compelling. Tarkoff's (Arrow) screenwriter background may result in some interest from YA dystopian lovers in this title reminiscent of the "Divergent" series.

An Easy Death

Best-selling author Harris's ("Sookie Stackhouse" and "Midnight Crossroad" series) latest thriller combines the supernatural elements she's known for with a dose of Western flair. It's a slow starter but an intriguing genre blend resulting in a mostly seamless read. Her fans won't be disappointed.

Alternative Remedies for Loss

Cantor's debut novel has a clunky quality that makes it tough to get through. The plot never takes off, and the characters (of which there are many rotating in and out) seem basic and lacking depth.

Into the Black Nowhere

Gardiner's chilling follow-up to UNSUB puts readers into the mind of a Ted Bundy-type murderer. With the series being turned into a television show, the title is sure to be a hit among readers who aren't squeamish. [See Prepub Alert, 7/24/17.]

Fake Plastic Love

A painfully accurate portrayal of the disillusionment and disappointment that many twentysomethings experience after college, this is a classic coming-of-age story.


McMahon (The Winter People) weaves another twisted story of murder and psychological thrills with a dash of the supernatural. After a slow start with a hefty backstory introducing a slew of complex characters, the novel redeems itself in the end with an intriguing mystery that will delight reading groups. [See Prepub Alert 11/26/16.]

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