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All Scot and Bothered

Byrne crafts a smoldering romance that combines an enticing, well-matched couple with an original storyline about the underbelly of Victorian society that keeps readers guessing. Fans will clamor to pick up the first in the series (How To Love a Duke in Ten Days) if they haven’t already.

The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo

A hero so lost he fears he'll never be found and a heroine who won't give up on him reclaim their love in a bold, lyrical tale that brings the darker side of the Victorian Age into sharp relief; another winner in a stellar series. Byrne (The Scot Beds His Wife) lives at the base of the Rockies.

The Highlander

A fiercely protective, emotionally damaged hero and a heroine living in fear for her life find strength and healing in an intense story rife with chilling evil, brutal violence, and heart-melting sensuality that has issues of trust and honesty at its core. Another hit from the phenomenal Byrne (The Hunter); she lives at the base of the Rockies.

The Hunter

Formulating a lyrical style, sterling character development, and a palpable sense of time and place, Byrne pens another fascinating romance that delves deeply into the darker and decadent side of Victorian London. A stellar addition to a truly mesmerizing series that highlights dangerous heroes who flout the law and the women who love them. Byrne (The Highwayman) lives at the base of the Rockies.

The Highwayman

An undying youthful love comes to fruition in a sensual, soul-searing story readers won't want to see end. Fortunately, this is the first in a new linked series featuring men who live by their wits and the canny women who are strong and fearless enough to teach them to love. Brilliantly done. Byrne (Invoked) lives at the base of the Rockies.

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