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Forever and a Duke

The passion is strong in Burrowes’s latest entry in this new series. Yet with the Wentworths, who were central to the first book, playing a smaller part and a rather convoluted financial mystery, this may be in less demand by all but Burrowes’s devoted fans. The bonus novella from Kelly Bowen is a delight.

When a Duchess Says I Do

Graced with beautifully matched protagonists, a memorable supporting cast, effective use of multiple viewpoints, and a plot that unfolds with exquisite care, Burrowes's newest work delivers. Burrowes (My One and Only Duke) lives in rural Maryland.

My One and Only Duke

Skillfully crafted and exquisitely written (the classical allusions are delightful), Burrowes's latest is pure gold; a brilliant launch to a promising series. Burrowes (A Rogue of Her Own) lives in rural Maryland.

A Rogue of Her Own

With flawless prose, delicious wit, and an unerring ability to bring complex characters to life, Burrowes revisits the engaging Windhams and delivers another winner; pure reading gold. Burrowes (No Other Duke Will Do) lives in rural Maryland. [See "Spring Editors' Picks," LJ 2/1/18, p. 31.]

No Other Duke Will Do

Compelling, sympathetic characters and a rare blend of passion and humor result in another exquisite gem from a master of the genre. Gorgeously done. Burrowes (Too Scot To Handle) lives in rural Maryland.

Too Scot To Handle

The Windhams have been popular with readers since Burrowes released The Heir (2010)...

The Trouble with Dukes

Gorgeously written and thoroughly delightful, this is a wonderful start to a new (but in some ways, continuing) series and a must-buy for most romance collections. Burrowes (Will's True Wish) lives in rural Maryland.

Will's True Wish

A brainy bluestocking with an aversion to dogs and an earl's second son who is passionate about them are thrown together in this intelligent, insightful, deliciously sensual escapade that is marked by an abundance of delightful canines, a villain most vile, and a memorable purple parasol. A refreshingly enjoyable read with the serious topic of bullying at its core. Burrowes (Daniel's True Love) lives in rural Maryland.

Daniel's True Desire

Beautifully wrought characters, both good and stunningly wicked, interact with a knotty plot that will keep readers enmeshed. The tidy resolution and elegant compromise nicely set the stage for the next in the series. Touching and intense. Burrowes (Matthew) lives in rural Maryland.

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