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Donoghue (Room) nestles a quiet mystery in the growing relationship between two different family members as Noah sees through Michael’s tough kid act and Michael (and readers) learn what the French in Nazi-occupied Nice had to endure. Readers interested in World War II or family drama will find this a fascinating read

Life and Other Inconveniences

Slowly revealing secrets from the past and adding a mysterious disappearance and people who need love but can’t express it properly, Higgins (Good Luck with That) hits it out of the park with her trademark depth, emotion, and dash of humor. Her fans will love this book, which will attract a wide new readership of family fiction. 

The Rosie Result

Simsion's intriguing look into the mind of a person with autism follows Don as he moves through a changing life. As always, his lighthearted humor and wonderful group of friends add a great touch, and the story will give readers a lot to think about when regarding autism in their communities. Highly recommended.

The Perfect Alibi

Margolin introduces so many players so quickly it's difficult to keep track of everyone. Short chapters made to keep the story moving only lead to more confusion. An interesting mystery, but a miss for Margolin. Purchase only where Margolin fans clamor for more. [See Prepub Alert, 9/10/18.]


Pseudonymous author Barry spins a great tale using familiar tropes but adding a surprising amount of heart to the mystery showing the fierce bond between mother and daughter. [See Prepub Alert, 7/2/18.]—Brooke Bolton, Boonville-Warrick Cty. P.L., IN

House of Rose

Purchase where real world-meets-fantasy titles are in demand.

City of Broken Magic

Described as The Hurt Locker with magic, this fascinating debut includes a handful of battles, and in between depicts the strange land and way of life Laura faces in Amicae. Readers will be antsy for the next installment.

The Lost Carousel of Provence

Recommended for readers who enjoy family sagas spanning generations.

Good Luck with That

Highly recommended for all popular women's fiction collections. [See Prepub Alert, 2/19/18.]

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