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Imaginary Numbers

The ninth “InCryptid”novel is recommended for most collections. While not a good starting point for the series, it centers on series favorite Sarah and dives into a cryptid angle that fans have been waiting for with the Johrlac. Also included is the novella “Follow the Lady,” about Antinomy Price’s journey home after That Ain’t Witchcraft.

Come Tumbling Down

The fifth volume of the “Wayward Children” series (after In an Absent Dream) gives readers the epic ending (is it really the end?) of Jack and Jill’s story line. Once again, McGuire gives readers a starkly poignant tale of longing, love, and belonging.

The Unkindest Tide

The 13th outing for Daye is just as fresh and exciting as the first. McGuire has built a complex world, where seemingly loose ends are woven tightly into the series. Highly recommended.


McGuire sets a high bar for alchemy-based stories in this new stand-alone, twisting themes of time and space as seen through the eyes of children. Note that some painful scenes feature self-harm and violence. Overall this singular work keeps readers thinking long after the final page.

That Ain't Witchcraft

With delightful worldbuilding and enjoyable characters, this follow-up to Tricks for Free is another solid entry in a great urban fantasy series.

In An Absent Dream

McGuire's fourth in the "Wayward Children" series takes the concepts of fairness and common sense and twists them through the doorways of a portal fantasy with an amazing landscape and characters. Lyrical prose cuts with an honesty of losing childhood innocence that eases the heartache that sometimes accompanies coming of age.

Night and Silence

McGuire's latest tale of the changeling knight (after The Brightest Fell) weaves myriad storylines, paving a course to the forthcoming The Unkindest Tide. Urban fantasy enthusiasts should find this a must-read series, brimming with masterly characters, setting, and plots.

Beneath the Sugar Sky

This third stand-alone volume in McGuire's highly popular novella series (after Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones) pulls bits from the other titles, but no more than is needed as a bridge among the books. Elegant prose strengthens this inviting portal fantasy.

Deadlands: Boneyard

In depicting a mysterious and unsettled land, McGuire ("Toby Daye" series) brings her witty, dynamic prose style to this third novel based on the Weird West role-playing game Deadlands, following Jonathan Maberry's Deadlands: Ghost Walkers and Jeffrey Mariotte's Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising.

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