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Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World

A timely exploration of an increasingly frequent natural disaster. The human-centric story at the center will keep less academically oriented listeners engaged and, perhaps, pondering how close they’ve come to recent fires.

Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwreck and Survival on America’s Deadliest Waterway

A fascinating examination of nautical history and poisonous masculinity that would have benefited from a more practiced narrator.

Period: The Real Story of Menstruation

This illuminating, explicitly feminist study will provide listeners with a more accurate understanding of the menstrual cycle, as well as ideas for improving menstrual health on a global scale.

And Then He Sang a Lullaby

Twenty-three-year-old Ani, who wrote his novel by hand and typed it into his cell phone, stuns with this emotional roller-coaster of a story about finding love in the worst possible circumstances.★

The Imposters

Topical, clever, and insightful. Rachman’s writing is first-rate, as is Fudge’s narration.

The Migrant Chef: The Life and Times of Lalo García

Tillman’s spellbinding story of this extraordinary chef and his journey is not to be missed. For fans of uplifting biographies highlighting food, culture, and history.

Ice: From Mixed Drinks to Skating Rinks—a Cool History of a Hot Commodity

Despite occasional problems with pacing and pronunciation, narrator Aquino brings so much passion to her reading of this expertly researched book that listeners won’t want to miss a minute.


Although the suspenseful elements of this book fall short, Dar’s portrait of a community captivates. For fans of Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer.

Silver Nitrate

This slow-burn horror thriller full of Mexican history and culture and laced with social commentary is perfect for fans of horror and film history and listeners looking for moody thrillers with supernatural elements. For listen-alikes about cursed media, suggest Josh Winning’s Burn the Negative, Clay McLeod Chapman’s The Remaking, or Kiersten White’s Mister Magic.

A Quitter’s Paradise

Chang’s delicate writing, enhanced by Lin’s expert narration, breathes life into Eleanor’s character, allowing listeners to connect deeply with her journey of self-discovery and healing.

After the Funeral and Other Stories

A gorgeously narrated collection of shimmering, quietly powerful stories. For fans of Lorrie Moore’s Collected Stories.

Broken Light

A tense, moving narrative centered on feminism, women’s rights, and one woman’s journey to reclaim herself. Fans of Stephen King’s Carrie, which depicts a more destructive but less nuanced rage, will find much to love here.

The Silmarillion

Though complex and intricate, this foundational history is a winner for listeners looking to learn more about the origins of Tolkien’s iconic worlds.

Bookshop Cinderella

Smart yet steamy, this historical romance is a treat for fans of Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, or Sophie Irwin.

It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs

A moving memoir with touching, humorous stories and expertly narrated insights on parenting and life.

Camp Damascus

Tingle’s foray into a new genre pays off. Share with horror fans looking for complex, multilayered characters and unexpected storylines or anyone seeking piercing commentary on faith, conversion therapy, and religious trauma.

I Didn’t Do It

Recommended for large collections of murder mysteries and where fiction about writers is popular.

The Late Americans

With its shifting cast of characters, this reads more like a series of interconnected stories than a novel. Share with readers who appreciate meandering character studies in the vein of Miaojin Qiu’s Notes of a Crocodile.

Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood

Highly recommended for listeners interested in social justice and entertainment equity. Offer to those who have devoured Kantor and Twohey’s She Said or Ronan Farrow’s Catch and Kill.

The Devil’s Dictionary

Despite the audiobook’s excellent quality and undeniable jocularity, this is a supplemental purchase; best where interest in historical satire, debate, and cutting humor is high.

Dead Man’s Pose

An engaging listen for those who enjoy quirky characters, intricate plots, and a strong sense of place. Share with fans of Sandra Winter-Dewhirst’s Rebecca Keith mysteries.

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The Hand of Ethelberta

An excellent addition to any audio classics collection.

We Have Never Lived on Earth

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking brief, beautiful stories about family, friendships, and their power to transform. Recommended for fans of Chelsea Bieker, Elizabeth Strout, and Zadie Smith.

The Cuban Heiress

Despite occasional plot missteps, the skilled narration and layered character portraits make for an enjoyable listen.

The Odyssey of Phillis Wheatley: A Poet’s Journeys Through American Slavery and Independence

Poetry, history, and politics make excellent bedfellows. This engrossing biography, engaging in audio, is a recommended purchase for all libraries.

All the Sinners Bleed

A novel that reveals the tension of upholding one’s principles even in the face of malevolence and depravity. A can’t-miss audio.

Save What’s Left

A perfect marriage of narrator and novel. Anyone who has ever lived in a small town or dealt with the realities of aging should find this production delightfully relatable.

Did I Ever Tell You This?

A storytelling masterpiece, this work will appeal to Neill’s fans and those interested in the film industry.

When I First Held You

This haunting and multilayered work, delivered by a talented narrating duo, should have wide appeal.

The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise

Oakley’s (The Invisible Husband of Frick Island) latest is a story with depth and heart, perfect for fans of Brooke Fossey’s The Big Finish or Sarah Morgan’s The Summer Seekers.

Lucien & Olivia

An exquisitely drawn story that comes to life through Baker’s exceptional narration. A recommended purchase for all libraries.


Delury offers a sensitive portrayal of real family struggles, balanced with a side of history and gardening.

Summer Reading

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a fresh, funny rom-com with a neurodivergent twist on a bookworm-meets-babe trope. Recommended for fans of Emily Henry, Ashley Winstead, and Elle Cook.

Single Dads Club

This title should have broad appeal, from listeners seeking a multilayered romance to those who appreciate stories about found families and new beginnings.

Emily of 83rd Street

Pressley’s on-point narration is a draw of this debut adaptation. Fans of Austenian retellings with contemporary settings should enjoy.

Charm City Rocks

DiMercurio’s depictions of Norman’s endearing characters, full of love for music and the people around them, strike exactly the right note. A satisfying, feel-good rom-com recommended for fans of Jonathan Topper and Richard Roper.

Jana Goes Wild

Heron’s (Kamila Knows Best) hilarious yet introspective second-chance romance is perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory and Talia Hibbert. Listeners will be charmed by its slow-burn relationship and enchanting happily-ever-after.

Vacation Wars

Although this tale is sexy and fun, the constant clashing among the women occasionally wears thin. Even so, this refreshing vacation read should appeal to fans of Jenn McKinlay, Sophie Kinsella, and Emily Henry.

Once More with Feeling

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a steamy pop-star rom-com about celebrity and second chances. Recommended for fans of Olivia Dade, Emily Henry, and Katherine Center.

The Dane of My Existence

Listeners who enjoyed the series’ previous title will enjoy the continuation. Buy where the first audiobook is popular.

Best Men

Although promoted as a romance, the audiobook is really an upbeat contemporary tale about Max’s life. Give to listeners who enjoy main characters with dry wit.

Double Decker Dreams

Though not likely to inspire an insatiable fandom, this audio will appeal to listeners seeking a chaste friends-to-lovers contemporary romance. Recommended for fans of Abby Jimenez and Emily Henry.

Love, Theoretically

Plummer’s stellar performance makes this audiobook a must-have for most popular collections.

Chef’s Choice

This queer fake-dating rom-com is recommended for all romance audio collections. Share with fans of Elena Armas’s The American Roommate Experiment or Taleen Voskuni’s Sorry, Bro.

Business or Pleasure

Lee’s performance amuses and entertains despite the slight variations in character voices.

You, With a View

Garcia’s entertaining and expressive performance is a delight. A great addition to any contemporary romance collection.

The True Love Experiment

A sexy, fun listen that will be welcomed by the author’s many fans.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes

Wilson’s skillful narration of Adler’s debut is sure to delight listeners, making this a must-have production.


Much Ado About Nada

Jalaluddin has mastered the art of retelling classics, offering a tale that will appeal to listeners searching for cultural sensitivity, romance, and the comfort of hearing a cherished story updated for modern times.

A Lady’s Guide to Scandal

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a heartwarming historical love triangle about finding strength and following one’s desires. Recommended for fans of Martha Waters and Sabrina Jeffries.

The Honeymoon Crashers

A thoroughly entertaining listen. Those who enjoyed Olive and Ethan’s love story in the previous novel will fall in love with Ami and Brody’s too.

Hello Stranger

Center’s signature wit and humor will delight current fans and those just discovering her. Share with those who like Abby Jimenez and Christina Lauren.

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat

Listeners looking for a diverting, relatable romance will find much to love. Share with fans of Sajni Patel’s First Love, Take Two, or Lillie Vale’s The Shaadi Set-Up.

Meet Me at the Lake

Though this story has all the tropes a romance fan might want, it also offers a gorgeous setting and tantalizing secrets that will keep listeners guessing.

Verity and the Forbidden Suitor

A historical romance full of misunderstandings and mutual pining. Series fans will likely enjoy the sequel, and new listeners may want to explore the first book too.

The Better Half

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking funny, feel-good fiction about facing challenges and finding joy. Recommended for fans of Terry McMillan and Alexa Martin.

Practice Makes Perfect

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a steamy contemporary romance about a ne’er-do-well newcomer and a small-town sweetheart. Recommended for fans of Amy Lea, Dylan Newton, and Lynn Painter.

Bear with Me Now

While the romance isn’t quite as convincing as that in some other books in the genre, romance fans should enjoy.

A Place for Us: A Memoir

An honest, profound memoir that speaks to the struggle of belonging and the power of finding community.

Seventy Times Seven: A True Story of Murder and Mercy

A compelling and moving book with excellent narration that captivates from beginning to end. For readers of Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy.

Birdgirl: Looking to the Skies in Search of a Better Future

Craig’s infectious passion for birding, racial equity, and environmental activism are conveyed with joy and sensitivity. An exuberant memoir that is recommended for all collections.

The Judas Blossom

Romance, friendship, violence, and supernatural powers permeate the tale, making this a great option for fantasy fans and new listeners alike. The real-world historical context of Aryan’s novel adds depth and will have listeners eagerly awaiting the next installment in this planned trilogy.

Winnie and Nelson: Portrait of a Marriage

A riveting account, depicting a troubled marriage and the growing pains of South Africa’s decades-long political struggle.

In Our Shoes: On Being a Young Black Woman in Not-So “Post-Racial” America

Reminiscent of Morgan Jerkins’s This Will Be My Undoing, Holt’s essays are a much needed addition to social justice collections.

Camera Girl: The Coming of Age of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy

This illuminating portrait of an American icon delves below the surface, bringing the young Jacqueline Bouvier to vivid life. An excellent choice for listeners who enjoy biographies.

The Combat Codes

Chang’s stellar performance and Darwin’s captivating story, mixing martial arts, dystopian science fiction, and fantasy, make for a top-notch listen. A thrilling series starter, highly recommended for fans of Pierce Brown’s “Red Rising” books.

The Magician’s Daughter

A surprising, heartwarming, and moving fantasy that should appeal to fans of Diana Wynne Jones, Naomi Novik, and Katherine Arden.

The Road to Roswell

Listeners will be over the moon with Hugo and Nebula Award winner Willis’s (Crosstalk) latest comedic gem, narrated by a voice actor at the top of her game.

Uncharted: A Couple’s Empty-Nest Adventure Sailing from One Life to Another

From excitement to curiosity to pensiveness, Seely captures the layered emotions of parents anticipating an empty nest and embarking on new experiences of their own. Recommended for readers of travel adventure.

Camp Zero

A fast-paced, timely sci-fi novel for fans of Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven or Sam J. Miller’s Blackfish City.

Lesbian Love Story: A Memoir in Archives

Possanza inspires with stories of found or chosen families, loving friendships, and hope even in disheartening times.

Mott Street: A Chinese American Family’s Story of Exclusion and Homecoming

Chin’s skillfully narrated account of her family and the history of Chinese Americans in the United States resonates with passion, wonder, and sorrow. An absorbing and timely work; highly recommended for any audio history collection.


A fun and fast-paced thriller that climbs high and more or less reaches the summit. Recommended for fans of speculative fiction and cinematic sci-fi-horror.

The White Mosque: A Memoir

A complex and inviting work with broad appeal. Part memoir, part travelogue, and part microhistory, as well as a discussion of religion, race, and identity, this is a welcome addition to any audio memoir or travel collection.

White House by the Sea: A Century of the Kennedys at Hyannis Port

A revealing, warmly narrated look at the private life of one of the United States’ most famous families. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the Kennedy lore.

Don’t Say a Thing: A Predator, a Pursuit, and the Women Who Persevered

Leitner speaks to the impact of sexual assault, describing the devastation wrought on survivors as well as their families and friends.

Brave the Wild River: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon

An amazing trip down an awe-inspiring river, and a powerful tribute to two pioneering women of science.

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge

Strong women characters and an innovative magic system make for a highly recommended listen.

The Earth Transformed: An Untold History

This thorough nonfiction title is recommended for those who have found works by Jared Diamond, Clive Ponting, or Brian Fagan to be enlightening. A hefty but significant addition to any library’s collection on science, climatology, or history.

Good Girls: A Study and Story of Anorexia

A brave and timely memoir, enhanced by the author’s authentic, heartfelt narration.

A Stranger in Your Own City: Travels in the Middle East’s Long War

A bleak yet sensitively told account that effectively captures the human and social impact of war. Recommended for all nonfiction audio collections.

Traffic: Genius, Rivalry, and Delusion in the Billion-Dollar Race To Go Viral

Ideal for internet-culture aficionados as well as listeners interested in insider peeks at dot-com businesses of the recent past.

The Carnivale of Curiosities

For listeners who enjoy magic, the supernatural, and explorations of found families. Share with fans of Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus or Constance Sayers’s The Ladies of the Secret Circus.

Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere: An American Story of Assimilation and Erasure

Share with listeners looking for a creative blend of memoir and fiction, grounded by humor and regret.

Never Trust a Sneaky Pony: And Other Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Vet School

While Seamans strives to make this book accessible to all readers, equine enthusiasts and horse owners will benefit most from its content.

The Trial of the Century

Listeners will likely find this story riveting, as it speaks to still relevant debates surrounding intellectual freedom, evolution, and the separation of church and state.

I Swear: Politics Is Messier Than My Minivan

Funny, honest, relatable, and smart, this audiobook will enhance any library’s political science or memoir collection.

Fractal Noise

This cinematic production pulls listeners into a character study of grief and religious zeal while making the most of the audio medium.

A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

Armchair explorers will savor this spirited woman’s journey, taken nearly 150 years ago.


A convoluted and intriguing story that asks big questions and delivers big action. For cyberpunk and hard-core science fiction fans.

The Deep Sky

Interstellar explosions don’t diminish the inclusive and human tone of this novel, which is perfect for fans of To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers.

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